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Hello ladies and gents! I just got my bbl done on...

Hello ladies and gents!
I just got my bbl done on march 13th 2015. I would like to share my experience with you all and answer questions that I didnt get answered. I will tell you the ups and downs and things that you should and shouldnt do. So first things first I decided last year that I would use my tax money to fund this surgery so I had to eagerly wait for a year. When i got my tax returns I paid for my surgery in full. This allowed me to get my garmet included in the price. *heads up- find out whats included and whats not included because i later on found out that the massages are not included and u can pay $350 for 5 or $100 per massage.* I will tell you how that worked out for me later. Anyway here are some before pictures.
My body history:
*Top heavy all my life, even when I was skinny the top has always been bigger than my bottom
* I gave birth 4 times (from age 16 to age 23)
* I had loose skin and stretchmarks
*my height is 5'2 and weight average was about 165 but i gained alot of stress weight and got up to 172-175- which is overweight for my height.

so lets talk what actually happens on sutgery day

Ok Vanity Cosmetics seemed very unorganized and everything was either taking for ever or rushed. If you choose them have your mind set. They dont have time for people who are scared and unsure. So i didnt get to meet the doctor until the surgery. I had no time for showing wish pics and stuff. He tells you what your body needs and of course you chime in. Then he says "how big you want the butt?" lol
But anyway its surgery day: they call u back and have you sign a million papers. Then you get completely undressed and put on a paper gown. Then they have you put on compression socks. Then you wait. Eventually the anestesiologist comes and gives you something to help you relax and u will be a tad

continue of surgery day

Ok so after they give u something to make u relax they take tons of pictures from many angles and so does the doctor then you wait some more then you go to a surgey room down a hall of rooms.....I saw dr. Fisher on my way...hehe. They take you in the. FREEZING surgery room and take more pictures then they rub this FREEZING brown stuff on you (i will get the name later but used in most surgeries). they do you entire back side then you lay down on the table and they do your entire front side. Then they push some meds through your IV and you wont even remember falling asleep.


*Please be sure that your hotel is close to vanity. You dont want long drives.
*They dont tell you this but your massages are not included. They also dont tell you that you dont HAVE to have them.
*You will have an appointment but you will be waiting atleast an hour.
*If a friend or mate goes with you while you get your surgery they do not need to wait for for. They need to leave and come back because between surgery and recovery it will take 4-6 hours.
*You should really try to take your garmet off by morning of day two and start draining andcpushing fluid out immediately becase your incisions will heal in 1-3 days and the fluid will be trapped (it happened to me. If you want to know about that let me know).
*It will be 100% COMPLETELY akward taking your garnmet off. You will feel numbness, fluid rolling, heat, a little pain, and pressure.

more pics

Im just loving my results!

are you ladies ready?

Yall wanna see these side by side before and afters???

before and afters - side by side

Yooooo Dr. Hasan is the ish!!!
He did wonders on my body. I have worked out and loss weight but that does not give you curves....oh but Dr. Hasan did. OFFICIALLY HASANIFIED....YAAAAAY. GO TO HIM!

another side by side

So I found a picture of my tiny butt in this dress. I cant believe my transformation. My arm was covering my fat stomach and my back fat was hanging out of the side of the dress. So much more confident. Thank you Dr. Hasan.

more pics

More pics

trying on clothes yesterday

Hey ladies and gents,
Sooool last night i was tired of laying down so even though i am still very swollen i decided to try on some clothes. Man, it took me 10 min per clothing but i was so curious. Here are some pics. Enjoy!

more pics

Just pics

Today is Day 9 post surg. These pics are my body on day 7

Body status: Extremely bloated due to cycle. Just ate....fluid accumulated at the bottom of my stomach. These ARE NOT my surgery results, this is bloat, food, and fluid.

Day 10 pics !!! UPDATE

Hey ladies just dropping by with some pics

many questions about the saggy skin

Hey ladies. I have been getting many questions about my saggy/extra skin. I am going to post a few pics to show how much the skin retracted from healing and wearing my garment. Check it out

I can fit eveything in my closet

Ok so b4 my surgery I had alot of clothes but I got so fat that I couldnt fit any of them. I had 2 pair of jeans that I could barely get into and that was it. I wore those two jeans, t shirts and, pajamas for 3 years. Now today I can fit everything in my closet. I CANT BELIEVE THIS SHIT. I have no regrets with this surgery. Enjoy my fashion show....

just a reminder

Just reminder photos. My before pics are all the way at the begining. So this is to remind people how I looked before.

one more still addicted to RealSelf

One more. Let me know if im doing too much.


Oh yea if anyone was wondering...I had sex on day 9 with no problem (on top of course, cant kill those fat cells in my butt by laying on

Ass Ass Ass????

More pics. Sorry I keep posting so many pics. I just remember when i wanted my surgery i was always waiting for ppl to post and they always took forever so i dont want to leave you guys without updates.

date night without my garment on. PLUS THINGS NO ONE MENTIONS

Hey ladies. I am sorry I have not posted pics in a while. I have been busy and sick. Well first things first....NERVES.... When you are healing and the numbness starts leaving and your nerves start repairing....omg this shit burns. It kinda hurts. Like i said i didnt havr actual pain throyghout this entire ordeal until now. It burns when you start getting the feeling back. So prepare yourself for that. I am still extremely swollen and i still swell up like crazy when i take my garmet off. You will see in the pics....enjoy. I promise to post more pics in the next few days. Happy healing ladies.

Round 2 ???

Hey ladies quick 7am update. I am happy with my body. This surg changed my life completely. BUT.....I think I will be going for round 2 next year. Heres why....for 1 I now have booty greed and I want more. Also one of my cheeks is slightly bigger than the other. Also I want more hips and thighs. I chose to wait til next year because it will allow me to see my body completely healed, im gonna use my tax money, i want to try some skin tightening treatments on my stomach as well as stretch mark lightener and i want to do some squat challenges and work on these arms. If my armd are still fat I will lipo them mf
Enjoy the pics!

hey ladies!

Stopping by with pics

The close ups you've been asking for....

Hey ladies!

*New Pics*

Heeeeyyyyy giiiirrrllllsss!
I missed yall. I feel like I know yall. Lol

pics didnt load


keeping thing 100

Hey Ladies....I just wanted to say that I really appreciate each and eveyone person who liked, followed, and commented. I just wanted to tell yall that I love yall. I have gotten nothing but positive feedback. I decided to be a bit more personal with you ladies and give you a face pic so that you know who you are chatting with. Hope you guys enjoyed my journey so far. Hopefully i will be getting a breast lift by next summer. See ya!

IMPORTANT INFO + PIC I wanted to talk to you guys about laying and sitting. Ok so I was told by the doctor that I should not sit for 3 months and to only sleep on my stomach. So thats what i did directly after surgery. By day 9 my lower back hurt so much for constantly laying on my stomach. Mind you im laying more often because I cant sit and thats my only other option. Plus I am not working and all my kids are at school. (oh yea when i was tired of laying on my stomach or eating i would get on my knees and knewl over the side of the bed...dont eat laying down. Some times i would just stand.)
Ok then when i finally hit 1 month post i called vanity and asked if i could start sitting on the boppy pillow. They said wait 2 more weeks. So after 2 weeks i started sitting on the boppy pillow. This lasted for about 2 weeks. I couldnt carry that thing everywhere. I took it in the nail shop and felt so So i started sitting on my butt. I DO NOT ADVISE THIS! Now i have been sitting on my butt for about 1 month and its still huge. Way bigger than it looks in the picture. I also weighed 175 after surgery and I currently was 161. So lost 14 pounds and butt still big. Oh also it is not all the way healed. If i sit on a bed or couch i feel kinda normal. If i sit on something hard like a wood chair or a porch step i feel two place that feel funny like still numb and or hard-ish. Ok babbling....on to the proof.

New pics!!!

Hey ladies! Missed you. Sorry I been away so long. Im 3 months post yaaaaayyyyy. I can sit....lay how i more boppy more garment. Truth is I only followed those rules for about a month and a half....then i just did what I wanted.

Leaving rs

Hello ladies I regret to tell you that I will be breifly leaving realself. I will open a new one with better info in order. I will keep mu name as me 26. If thats taken I will be me ....something.


Hey ladies!
Missed previosly I was going to leave but the issue has been resolved soooo with that being said....enjoy!

New pics!

Hey anyone else who had a bbl still swelling or numb after month 3? Please let me know.

My new body

Hey loves, I will post pictures later today but I just wanted to stop by and say a few things. I wanted to talk about things that are new or different now that I have this new body.

*STILL I wake up every morning and run to the mirror to see if I'm still slim.

*I definitely lose weight easier after the surgery. Not sure why.

*my ass shakes like crazy without barely

*sex will be different. If you hate your body as much as I hated mine, sex will be different. I am so much more confident...especially on top. I know this is personal but I want to share what's real and true. Your rolls won't be rubbing on him. You won't be as hot. You can bend more. You will feel super sexy when he wraps his hands around your tiny ads

*you will now have the "space in the back of your jeans" problem. It is hard to find jeans that cover my butt crack.

*INCISION SCARS- I hate them. I guess it depends on your skin, but mine are dark and some are flat and some are like a small a tiny keloid. I have never been prone to keloid so not sure why. I can't wear certain things because the scars are clearly symmetrical and look like bbl scars.

*after the surgery my books sagged more but after I started losing weight the got a little smaller which gave a slight lift. Still want a boon job. But I want smaller perky blobs not I know I'm

Ok. I will tell u guys more stuff after I post the y'all.

quick rant while i get my pics ready....

Um surgery is sometimes necessary. FUCK what them haters talkin bout. I am so tired of hearing people say you can just eat right and work out. First of all the point i need to stress is exercise does not make curves!!! If you are shaped like a pear and then lose weight you will be a skinny pear shape. If you are shaped like spongebob...yea sure you can lose all the weight you want you just gonna be a skinny sponge bob.

EXAMPLE: if your waist is 40 inches and your buttand hips are 30 inches and you workout and lose 10 pounds and 2 inches from everywhere..... Now your waist is 38 inches and your butt and hips are 28 inches....IS YOUR WAIST STILL BIGGER THAN YOUR BUTT AND HIPS? HELL YESSS!!!

SO I go on to say again sometimes surgery is necessary. Even when I was skinny I was top heavy. I had a belly way before I had kids. Oh and another thing I keep hearing is that us girls who get our butts done are wrapped up in this big booty ywerking phase.????now let me just speak on this. First off when I was in grade school the girls with the butt were praised. Booty love aint nothin new. Also these doctores have been doing bbls for 10, 15, 20, w5 years. This is not new. We are just finally a culture that is not ashamed to nip and tuck. I feel that a bbl is natural. If you can take hair graphs from a persons leg to put on their head then you can move fat from a stomach to a butt and it be acceptable. If you can use skin graphs from a persons butt to correct a cleft lip then you can surely not call a bbl un natural. If a person gets implants because they want a ridiculous butt or they dont have enough fat then maybe but transferring my own fat back into my own body is natural. You do the same tjing with a damn blood transfusion and that shit be somebody elses blood....

Whew im ok yall pics coming

NEW comparison pics

I been ranting all day....imma shut


New comparison pic

This was feb 2014 before and after was last week.

Hey quick note

Ladies be sure to follow Hasandoll2be2014. She was my inpiration big time.

Frequently asked

You really dont need all that extra. I stayed in the days inn. In a room by the back door. On the first floor. It was like 100 something a night. I stayed 4 days because i thought i was gonna get massages. When i found out they were not included and like 300 to 500 i left. So if you not getting massages you can leave the next day and recover at home. I have a van so we took the seats out and he drove and i laid on the floor with a bunch of pillows. You just need someone to help you to get up go to bathroom change garment heat food stuff like that but rarely anything medical except maybe cleaning blood or something. I wore my garment without taking it off for the first 4 days and i noticed most people took theres off the next day. That could have made a diffence in how well my skin did but not sure. Dont quote me on that

Been really sick- NOT SURGERY RELATED

Het ladies I am sorry that I have been away. I have a cyclic vomitting disorder and i lost 15 pounds in like 4 day. So i think i may be getting another bbl before i get my breat aug. Here ate so pics from thanks giving.

Pics from thanksgiving

Pics from thanksgiving 2015. Beginning weight was 175. Weight in this photo 134 lbs
Miami Physician

Dr. Hasan is awesome! His work is amazing. I cant believe how flat he was able to get my stomach. You WILL NOT BE UPSET with his results. But dont expect to have appointments under 1 hours time and dont expect alot of time with any doctor there because its all pretty rushed.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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