Big Booty Girl Getting a BBL??? Miami, FL

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Hi I decided to share my experiences with you all...

Hi I decided to share my experiences with you all because this website has been an invaluable tool for me and my decision to have cosmetic surgery. I am a 45 year old mother of 3. My children are 26, 21 and 19. The oldest and youngest are both girls and I think that they are more excited than I am to see that the final results of this procedure will be. First let me say that I have always wanted to have bigger boobs. I was thinking BA but since I have gained weight due to health issues my stomach as really been poking out which was driving me crazy. It is not cool to have a big butt and a big stomach. I was originally just considering either liposuction or a MMO. Due to the experiences on this website and seeing the cost of the procedure in Atlanta versus Miami I decided to head to Miami. I was lead to vanity due to the stories and reviews that I had read on this site.
I called Vanity and spoke with Martha. Like many of you I have heard several different prices. I submitted my photos for review. The doctors that reviewed my photos were Dr. Osak and Dr. Fisher. They both said I could do the MMO but I would also need a lift. I was afraid of such and aggressive procedure and thought to myself. I am ok with my little boobs but this stomach is another story! She told me that they also said that I would be a good candidate for the BBL. I was thinking are these people crazy! I did not want a bigger but so I told Martha, no I am just not going to move forward. She then went on to explain to me that with the BBL they work to really contour the stomach, back and flanks. She said that they could even give my bottom a better shape and fill in my booty dimples (I kinda liked them). I told them that I wanted them to also to do lipo and get rid of my saddle bags. I told her that I feel like I just have a big butt, however if they can make it shaped better I would be ok with that but I was very much against having more fat injected in it. So I can say that I am not the traditional BBL candidate as I have searched this site high and low and could not find anyone like me having this procedure done. When I initially did not photo consultation I fudged the truth and told them that I weighed 205 when I really was 220. I was told that Dr. Fisher would do the procedure but I would need to get down to 190. I was already working on losing weigh but when I lose weight it, it starts from my head down. After I lost 15 lbs and started wearing waist trainer my stomach had begun to get much flatter.
I wanted to cancel my procedure because when I am my normal 170 I would have not even considered doing the procedure. I had already but down my $2000 deposit and was very skeptical. After looking at Dr. Fishers work, I decided what the hell, I am just going to go for it. My husband and I were planning to go on vacation to the Dominican Republic and I was concerned if I was going to up to it. I had my first surgery planned for Sept 28th but Martha called me with a cancellation and said that I could come on the 17th. I accepted that date, booked my ticket and then my youngest said she would come with me. I was excited to have her with me for company and also because I knew that she would do an excellent job documenting the process. I am planning to stay with Moni for a week at New Body Recovery. I have heard excellent reviews about her so I am excited that she was also willing to allow my daughter to come and stay with me on my adventure. I will post pics later today and will continue to update you as my process moves along I am only 11 day pre op and trying not to think about it much! Moni provided me with a list of things to purchase which included: Faga Vadette 929 which Dr. Fisher recommends, Arnica cream and tablets for swelling and bruising, bed pads, sanitary napkins for the drains, several sun dresses, hibiclense soap, tank tops, lipo foam and a lipo board. I have started packing my suitcase so I can add and not forget anything. I paid off my surgery which was $4500 for the BBL and an additional $450 to have my outer thighs liposuction. I went to have my labs done last week with my doctor and I am expecting them to be ready in a couple of days. I have requested to have my own copy along with my EKG that I can bring with me. I am doing this just in case they lose something. I also requested to have an invoice showing my procedure paid in full. I have just heard stories from others saying that they had problems just to keep confusion to a minimum. I will keep you all informed and up to date with my progress. Soon going to be a Fisher doll and I am so excited!

10 Days and Counting...

Ok, I wanted to make sure that I kept my word and posted my photos as promised. They honestly make me sick to look at these big unbalanced thighs. I am not the best photographer and never realized how hard it is to get a picture of your own behind. (LOL). I only share for all the wonderful women who share. Ironically I have been getting more accustomed to my fat and more determined to stay in the gym and keep working. I have always hated these saddle bags and tummy and I am looking forward to seeing the out come. I forgot to mention that you need lipo foam for after your procedure. I totally must have left it out of my cart when I ordered supplies so I am really hoping to have them before I leave out on the 16th.

I do have some concerns that I should mention. I received a call from my doctors office asking me to come in??? I am not sure why but it has to be something with my blood work. I tried to call but the office was closed today. I had checked my HGB because I was afraid it was going to be low but it came back good a week before at 13.4- I had them repeat all the test the doctor ordered so I am hoping that my PT/PTT is not off. I have been bruising pretty easy when I knock something. I am really hoping that nothing will get in my way of my sx. I have been excited just knowing I am in the month of September. Thanks to all the shows of support with just one day out. I will keep you all informed.

Almost in the Clear...

Today I received my lab results and my blood work is all good! I thank God for that. My urinalysis was questionable for a UTI. I did not give a clean catch specimen because I did not have too much pee! Shame on me because now I need to get another one done. I went to any lab test today and just paid for it so I would not have to take the time to go into my PCP's office. I kinda wish I did because it cost me $49. The one advantage is that that I should get my results in the morning and they will email them directly to me. Unless something comes back I will have to get on antibiotics asap but I am keeping me fingers crossed. I will be so happy to finally rid myself of these saddle bags that I have been carrying around for the past 45 years! I am happy and excited at the same time. I still have 10 pounds to lose so I have been doing a juice and vegetable fast. I am thinking if I come in 2 lbs over my goal weight they won't beat me up for that. Feeling encouraged, excited and happy all at the same time. Be blessed and I will check in soon.

Finally in the Clear!

I was so excited to hear back that my urine test was fine. I was thinking that it was and next time will be more mindful as I had to pay $49 to have it retaken on my own. My experience with Vanity has been very positive up to this point. The patient coordinator has always been very prompt with returning my calls and answering my emails. Martha my first contact via phone has been very personable and great to work with. I received a call today from Dr. Fishers nurse confirming my surgery next week and going over some questions. She told me to come direct from the airport to sign all of my paperwork and take pictures. I have been trying not to think about the surgery much and try to get my work done since I work for myself, I just don't want to get there and have to think about things back in the office. I am so happy that my daughter is coming with me to document this experience. My hope for this surgery is probably the exact opposite of someone having a BBL. I am really hoping to have a smooth hourglass outer hip contour to get rid of the saddle bags on my hips and the area of fat that comes for the upper part of my thigh to my waist. I also want him to remove as much lower back fat right above my buttocks. This area seems to poke out of my pants and drives me crazy. I am also hoping to get rid of as much torso fat as possible. I don't plan on going in with any wish pics but just letting Dr. Fisher do what's best. I will be in touch soon, and again would like to thank al you wonderful women for your support!

Today's the BIG day!

Here lying in bed at 2:40 AM. I am already a night owl but I think that I am in total denial that in about 7 hours I will be undergoing this process. I am staying at New Body Recovery with Moni and I have to say that from the time that I met her I have been extremely comfortable. I am here with my daughter and there is one lady that is checking out tomorrow and one who just came on today like me. She is having her surgery tomorrow with Dr. O so it will be nice to have someone who will share your pain {LOL}. Ironically I am not nervous, not excited, just in a contemplative thought process that this is really going to happen. I have been buying so many clothes for fall and I am almost sure none of them will fit when its all and done.

My daughter took some before pics today and I will upload them soon. She is going to document this as best as possible for me to share. I scrubbed down with some Hibicleanse antibacterial soap as instructed by the nurse. Now is just time, waiting for time to go by. Not sure what he will recommend for me but I go in with just positive thoughts and Gods grace and that for me is more than sufficient! I will see you all on the other side.

Quick 2 Week Update

Hi Guys,
I am sorry that I have not written but I have been really having a difficult time adjusting and trying to process this whole procedure. First let me say that recovery from any surgery is no joke and I was honestly not counting up the cost. I am used to being independent and handling myself and having to depend on others, not being able to drive and just being down has been mentally tough. I will be posting more in depth now that I am able to just stand and type. My body is very swollen as I am now currently 2 weeks post op. My legs and feet are swollen and painful to walk on and sleeping on my stomach is a bitch! I wanted to send some photos to share as I am sure that you are all very curious. Dr. Fisher is a great surgeon! He is down to earth and willing to be honest and up front. I was more concerned about getting my stomach as flat as possible and told him that if he could make my butt prettier go for it! I have to admit that he did just that, it is rounder with let bumps and dimples. He told me that I would not be a candidate for tummy tuck due to a large scar from a surgery when I was 19 years old. He said he did not understand why they would have left me with such a large scar but I have to admit that my stomach is a lot flatter. I am having issues with seromas all around my abdomen and looking to find someone who can help me drain them at home locally. I am having a professional lymphatic massage therapist come to the house every few days. This is helping with the extreme tightness in my torso and breaking up the scar tissue.
The best thing I could have ever done was book my recovery stay with Moni at New Body Recovery Services. I highly, highly recommend that you spend the extra money and get help. Moni made me feel at home from the time that she picked me and my daughter up from the hospital. She allowed my daughter to come and stay at no additional charge. She was very knowledgeable with Vanity so it helped expedite me being seen. She slept close by after my surgery and every time I pressed my button for help she was there. I will go into more detail about everything but I wanted to make sure that I posted something out there for you all considering this procedure. I don’t regret having it done but I also feel that I could have gone to the gym and worked out. I was not anticipating the pain, the downtime and the healing process. This is a major decision and should be treated as such. I will be very curious to see how my body continues to heal but there is a great difference in the 2 weeks photos. I can only imagine how things will come along when the swelling and healing are complete. I have not had a good night’s sleep since the surgery because I am so frustrated and uncomfortable sleeping on my stomach but I am pressing through. I will be in touch soon.
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