Big Bootie or Bust!! Miami, FL

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Hello dolls! I've been reading reviews on BBL for...

hello dolls! I've been reading reviews on BBL for about a year and decided to open a account. I used to have a butt (not big but it was there) then I gained a lot of weight and it became flat ( dam near caved in)! I'm 36yo 5'8 and down to 225lbs (lost 52lbs) I've worked very hard at the gym and went on a diet (hate that word it has die in it and it feels you are it at first) so shall I say lifestyle change. So I got my weight down and managed to avoid (somewhat) lose skin and cellulite and stretch marks doing lots of yoga, cardio, light weights, and red light therapy . I would like to be a lot smaller (180lbs) but this is the only time I can take a month off of work to recover from my sx. I have one of those bodies that look like I have a big Butt from the front (big hips) then I turn around and a total disappointment! Its like guys will go crazy over me from the front falling over each other to talk or buy me a drink but then they see me from behind or as soon as I turn around they scatter like roaches when you turn on a light (lol). I will post before pics very soon dolls!

The horrible truth!!!!

please don't judge me ladies! I absolutely hate my body but I'm going to continue to try to improve it! like I said I wish I could get smaller but I don't have time because this is the only time I can take a whole month off for recovery....I don't know how I did this to myself! well maybe dr. O can make me a sexy BBW.


So i woke up at 3am this morning from a bad dream(wasn't that bad but it was my nightmare) so let me explain...I believe i can hear while im under anastasia( well not really its just when they're trying to wake me up i can hear but not respond) any whoo so dr. Omulepu and his team put me under and while they were working on me they were talking shit about my body (saying I was the fattest,had the wors body and butt that they ever seen) it was the worst!.... Just wanted to share


So ladies I'm experiencing some real anxiety! I am exactly 7 away from leaving 8 days until sx. I'm plagued with thoughts of my butt comming out flat and nothing looking the way I wanted ( seeing alot of recent reviews that dont look so good) Now im being realistic about my body I know I'm not going to end up with a washboard stomach and a video vixon ass. But plz I would love to be a curvy sexy sz12 with a waist snatched for the Gowds (the chubby/thick ones lol) and to be able to twirk ( not miley status). I just can't wait!...Good night dolls :)

I've been stuffing...LMAO

So ladies im afraid my garmet is going to be tight on my new punkin! for the last few days I've been putting a butt pat with a wife beater on each side to stretch out the butt part. I'm not worried about the hips being tight because im not getting any fat put in them....mabe Im nuts but this is a 1 shit deal for me!! Oh yea im down to 217lbs!! My sx is less than a week away ;)

Hard work and dedication!

At first I wasnt going to show my pics from 4 monthes ago when I decided to get a bbl but if this can help inspire anyone I'm all for it! So I started off at the end of April at 272lbs I started walking for a hour at 5am everydaythen going to work come home cook,clean go to gym for 1 1/2-2hours every night (cardio,yoga,strength training) I make ahakes with almond milk and fruit i drink them 1-2x per day I also eat chicken (I hate sea food/fish) I eat unlimited fruit and veggies and have a cheat meal every Saturday (what ever my heart desires) I do eat Hershey with almond ever night (chocolate addiction and not recommended) I still need to lose mor but I've come a long way in a short time....ladies please mke sure you do cardio and strength training and if possible yoga if you have alot of weight to lose it really helps keep everything tight and helps limit stretch marks and cellulite...we dont want to look like a melted candle now! are the pics(she takes a deep breath)

pictures didnt load

Here they are....ugggg

who pissed in your pancakes???

Ladies why make a review if you dont want to answer questions? Thats what we are hear for! Hello help and support! And if your going to come for someone atleast be able to tell the difference between a simple question (so they can mak an informative decision) and shade. Trust when and if I decide to throw shade you will feel it like a ton of bricks has been thrown at you! So with that being said when you snap at someone for no reason you come across as a angry, evil, bitter and ugly inside/and out MONSTER!! Because clearly you have far more issues than your body! know your not new to surgery but no matter how many times you fix your body its not going to help your mind and soul...recommendations: a great therapist and go to church because the Lord is truly the only on who can save you!!...NOW THATS SHADE!...(my rs sisters you will find the problem in my recent comments)

Snatched waist wishes & big bootie dreams !!

Tommrow is my big day dolls! Im at the recovery house with Magda and her daughter they are super friendly! Magda was at the airport within 3 mins of my arrival and greated me with a big hug! Then I asked could we go to walmart she said you must eat first...boy did she mean it! Rice,chicken,beans,salad (big portions) then we went to walmart then her house. I took a shower and now im in my room (very clean with fresh flowers and a nice firm bed great for sleeping on your stomach) I just pray everything runs smoothly tommrow (ive been eating like a pig for the last few days) Im having major anxiety something is going to go wrong tommrow (like some hidden coast,he refuses to work on me,,Im pregnant) not quite sure but something. Any ways dolls I will let you know when I make it to the othet side...Im not going to post pics until about 2 weeks post op. Because I dont want to go crazy over my butt changing daily...good night my sweets!

on the other side.. short and sweet!

I made it dolls!! Omulepu was a gem i wen in first hw spent 4 1/2 hours working on me. All staff was nice and prepared. Not really much pain just sore..threw up onee didnt take peds until 2 hours after sx. I cant see anything stuffed lika a thanksgiving turkey . Draining alot going to sleep! :)

Get ready for random babble!!

Hey my lovely dolls!! So let me start of by saying I truly luv yall (even the critical ones) im so blessed and so are yall I mean we woke up this morning and yall reading this crazy ass shit im writing!..I made a real friend off of hear our lives are so similar it like we are twins seprated at birth (I love that girl) I didnt expect it at all!! I thought all conversations would be about ass on here lol. In the wating room waiting for my sx i ment the most fabalous lady she was a lil older but she was a bad bitch and had the beautiful personality to boot (I think shes my idol) her daughter just turned 18 and is getting a bbl and got a new car woop woop! (shhiit For My 18th I got a trip to doctors for birth control and a old rusty 2 door honda that ony passanger door opened so I had to crawl threw to get to the drivers seat) we stay intouch! I had a bowel movement next day after sx (i roll up towel and lean on my thighs (thats a 1 purpose towel!!) I drink 1 1/2 gallon per day mixed with a quart on unsweetened pineapple juice and take 2 Bromelain pills (I pee every 15-20 mins) I dont look at my body at all both full length mirrors are covered from breast down my man or cousin wash and massage me daily (they both came to my 1st massage when I came home they recorded it and the lady explaned it in detail to them) when they are done washing me they stuff me (garment lipo foama all around ab board and trangle) I know yall think I nuts but I dont want to fall in love with Punkin (my new butt) while she's swollen and constantly changing! I read lots of reviews and Its a real emotional rollercoaster! I like butt in garment because it shapes great (might come out lil smaller than butt out but I want a nice full shape than a huge butt with not best shape. Having no pain is a blessing and curse..I sat on pumpkin 2x because I forgot she has been Kardashianed! My nails and hair are getting so long from all the vitimins (unfortunately hair is growing at a rapid rate every where) taking dranin out in days (its actually ready today but better safe than sorry) I havent taken pain meds in days but I will take 2 of them to cut the sutures and remove drain (well after cutting sutures) thats the end of my craziness if yall have questions ask away !!

Attention bbl vets(especially dr. Omulepu)

Hey dolls i tryed so hard not to look at my punkin but baby.....I was walking into Wal-Mart and caught a glimpse of her in the window...Ass Ass Ass and hips 4 weeks! (Not days) But I know its swelling so Im going to try not to pay ger any mind. But dolls let me tell you I had a tube dress with just a strapless waist trainer and panties (dam aunt flow ugggg) all eyes on me! I mean a man walked into a bin of school supplies and nearly fell in! And a young lady tapped her man and pointed and he was like damnn (smokey and craig voice)
Enought bout that the real reason im posting is Ot just dawned on me after I removed my drain is I still have sutures everywhere and its 1:32 Saturday morning so Spectrum is closed till monday and my ass was so doped up after my sx im not sure if they devolve or I should remove them? They are so itchy im going crazy! I know its a sign of healing but I dont want my skin to grow over them ....thanks my lovely ladies!

Enter my crazy mind!

Hello lovely ladies! So this is about all kinda randomness: so the stitches in the middle of you back kill from all the pressure from the faja and a few dolls told me theirs got infected...SOLUTION: CUT A 5x5 inch square of epifom and cut out middle and place hole over sore and it will relieve all the pressure on it so it wont hurt and heal fast i did mine yesterday and it feels great today! So I have a bad habit of peeling with the door open (with the pee eze) and my mans 4yo nephew walked by and said "auntie loliiipop (but my real name) are you a boy?" Omg I dodnt know what to do so I closed the door and when i came out i gave him a big piece of chocolate cake. He forgot all about it. So this might be tmi but that eveil bitch aunt flow came to visit and I cant wear tampons because i had toxic shock syndrome in my 20s so i was only wearing a waist tranner and panties for 5 days. So I put on a faja 2 days ago and as i suspected all that ass and hips was alot of swelling! Im happy it was because I was like a size 20 at the bottom and 8-10 at the top! Now l like how i look much better (no offense to those who like all that ass and attention) I still got a phatty and hips but not as crazy im like a 14 on the bottom and 8-10 on top. I hate to say it but sometimes i feel like drs. want extra $ because I was told I sould get a tt and Bbl and my stomach is flat with tight skin! so my i suggest get a bbl first and if skin doesnt tighten get a tt. One side of my waist is smaller than the other but i think its because one is more swolen. Swelling and the rate it subsides isnt always symmetrical. Ok thats enough of my shit...til tommrow dolls.?

father passed last night

Sorry dolls i know to wanted to see my results but i got the call at 3am my dad had a heart attack and didn't make it. I promise i will show them I just got alot on my plate and not in the mood to take pics....happy healing to all!

pictures/hurt feelings

Good morning dolls!...let me start out by thanking everyone for all the prayers and support!...with that being said I have been accused of faking my fathers death for attention on here for attention like people do on FB and IG. I don't do social media sights at all I joined RS for info on bbl and I made an account to "pay it foward". I have a mother, man, huge family and plenty of friends to get attention from!!!!! Im 36yo and wouldn't ever lie one the man who bought me into this world and raised me to be an independent, intelligent, strong woman that I am today! I took some pics this am for you dolls. I do have a small burn from my garnment (its healing) still swollen (more on left side) and have lil wrinkles on my skin from garnment/wife beater (hate that word) fyi i dodnt post pics earlier because i only was wearing a waist trainner for 5 days so my hips and butt were swollen and didn't want to give anyone false hope. Also I stuff my belly button with guaze so it won't end up a lil slit and stay round when Im all healed up.

oh another side pic of Punkin

Another pic of Punkin....I will post more in less than 2 weeks dolls when she turns a month old! I been feeding her alot I gainde 11 lbs gotta slow down! I came so for I definitely dont want to go back.....4 more weeks till gym and watching what I eat again but for now walks and cut down a lil on all the junk I eat.

cc per cheak answer...

Hey dolls I got 1200ccper cheek and hip..I already had some ass and hips plus I know if you dont over stuff the butt fat has a better chance of survival. Also changed my mind a few days before about the look I wanted. my man wanted more of a Beoynce shape than a nikki shape and I agreed I wanted to be extra curvy but natural so thats what it is ladies!

Realistic expectations

Hey dolls! So let me get to friend had her bbl 2 weeks ago from Dr. Omulepu and she is disappointed. She thought her shap should have been similar to mine if not better because she weights aprox. 20Lbs less than me.
Now like I told her she was extremely top heavy with no hips, ass and thights....I was more of a chubby hour glass(lol) so even though I weigh more her belly, flanks were twice the size of mine and they can only remove 4000cc of fat and could only replace healthy fat and as much as her skin can take. Unfortunately she will need atleast 2 rounds to achieve her goals. Not only that the girls in her wish pic were like a size 6. Its a big improvement from her pre sx body. So I dont want anyone to get discouraged we just have to be realistic to or body type what can be achieved (especially in Florida with the fat removal laws) I see alot of ladies wish pics that there no way on earth you could get in 1 round and without losing atleast 50lbs. So thats why if you see my wish pic ots something I can come close to so I dont set myself up for failure and feel down on myself!...just saying loves! ;)

General Bbl advice!

Good morning my lovely dolls! First off let me say thanks for all the love and support!
So let me get to it!...I didnt feel confortable giving advise until I was atleast 1 month p.o so from my experience and my aunt (4 month po) and my play aunt (3 years po) and my RS sister from another mr. Sophiaamber (2 monthes po),
Yes follow your Dr. Instructions but loosely because they are general instructions not really for each individual person so listen your body! Foams are really only needed for the first 2 weeks to fill loose space in your garnment and relieve pressure you can simply use a sock to relieve pressure wear a tang top or wife beater (inside out under your garnment and place foam between so they dont directly contact your skin (germs) shower atlease 1x per day 2x is better with dial soap (or any antibacterial of your liking) for 8 weeks and wear a clean garnment and tang top daily. Keep all incisions clean, antibiotic ointment, covered until completely healed. If you have any kind of burn (garnment or lipo) keep clean, use silver cream (rx or over the counter is a antimicrobial) and keep covered. lymphatic massages are good but If your on a budget make sure you get atleast 1x per week for first 6 weeks. You can also self massage or have a loved one help. You need atleast 2 garnments hand wash garnments in baby or gentle detergent place in zip lock bag and put in freezer once frozen place on counter until thawed then place on a dry clean towel to dry (maintains shape) I prefer maria e faja because it has 4 rows of hooks so it shrinks with your waist! if your garnment is only loose in the waist get it unaltered ($20) if you have 4 rows of hooks have it taken in 3-4 inches if not 2-3 inches. This way it saves $ and is a custom fit for your body! Dont pay so much attention to you butt because it changes daily and you will drive your self insane! when your butt starts to soften you will notice "flat spots" but they are the parts that still have swelling and will most likely get better (mines in the middle the rest is getting soft) stay active (or you will be stiff) dont lose any weight for 3 monthes (I feed Punkin so I gained a lil) Dr. Omulepu says you can sit @ 3 weeks Don't until atleast 6 weeks! Dont return to gym for 6-8 weeks! drive with yoga matt rolled under your thights and bloppy behind your back ( works great for plane ride home) Be very strict the first 2 weeks because thats when most of your fat is growing blood vessles and implainting. After that use common sense listen to your body because life happens and reality sets in!
Thanks for your time dolls and if you have any questions feel free to ask! I will post pics later today!

1 month po

Hey dolls my burn is healing (dr o said its garnment burn idk)

more pics

Oh yea my stomach is lumpy and swolen been outta my garnment for a few hours it usually looks much better!

Dr. Omulepu entered the room with a big smile and shook my hand. He listened to every question and concern I had. (He looks better and younger in person lol) he even joked with me because I told him I wanted a big ol disrespectful ass!..he laughed and said "Ima give you a Ignorant ass" lol. I said nosa I want you to focus most on my waistline and i want to look naturally curvy. I was told to arive at 8am I was being marked up by 8:30 then straight off to sx. When I woke my garment was on and I had 3 blankets (was still cold but thats part of it) he came and said hello gave me a high 5 and he would see me in 2 days. Follow ip day I had my massage (lil painful) wated 15 min chatted with other girls in waiting room then was called in. One agan he came in with a smile! I actually clapped when I saw him. We high 5 again then he looked over my body and admired his work of art (me hehe) he explained everything in detail told me I looked beautiful and went on his way. Oh yea his medical assistant Claudia was a doll!

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