Dr. and I think surgery would be best set for next year, Still having problems

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I am a mother of 4 children, my youngest being...

I am a mother of 4 children, my youngest being 6years old. I miss that small waist I had many years ago. I like my shape now, and my thing is that I look one way in clothes, but another without them on :( I am done having children 100% no more babies.

I am 35 years old and I want to do this for me. I have considered having the procedure done 2years now. I want my waist back small, more hips, and a fuller projecting backside. I have done my email consolation with Dr. Perry, and he suggested I have look of the abdomen, flanks, arms, inner thighs, and back. The transfer will be to the hips, and backside.

I just finished my phone consolation as I type. I feel more at ease after speaking with him..now I know he is a real doctor, who is educated, and experienced at what he does. He answered all my questions, and I had alot that I fired off, and one I think he may not have been asked before LOL. He answered them all honestly, and in a way that I know what I can expect the outcome to be. I know what to prepare for now, and am looking forward to scheduling my date this year hopefully in the next few months :) The reason I decided to go with Dr. Perry is the response I've read, and before/after pics. After listening to him I see no need in speaking with a second doctor. Now the hard part is to figure out how and what I can do in regards to my children for the time I'll be away.

After reading, so much information off the site, I...

After reading, so much information off the site, I have about 12 good questions for Dr. Perry. I have sent them to his email, and hope he gets to answer them next month. I really am going with Dr. P, i hope to take my vacation in Feb, and my big brother is flying in to take care of the children. They are going to love that, because he let's them have their way.. fingers crossed planing for mid Feb of this year.

I have been reading more, and more reviews on not...

I have been reading more, and more reviews on not sitting on your new booty for 10 days to more days. I am about to give myself a headache over this... I work in a office, sit at my desk 7-8 hours a day 5 days a week :( I have been standing up at my desk, and typing, and talking on the phone here and there to try an see if I can really make it through the work day sitting as less as possible. Taken that you can and will lose maybe 30% of the transfer. If I sit I will have nothing left. I plan on taking a total of 10 days of not working which includes the day of surgery and the weekends. Does anyone know or think that will be enough time to allow the blood supply to connect to take care of the transferred fat? Any ideas on what I could do at work to air but not sit 7-8 hours a day.

Ok ladies, I am now 157 lbs. I am 5"5' maybe a...

Ok ladies, I am now 157 lbs. I am 5"5' maybe a little taller Idk haven't kept up with my height. So I have posted pictures of what I look like. I once again have carried, and given birth to 4 children. I am in hopes of nice round projecting hips, and a fuller, even, really nice projecting bottom. I am also posting pics of what I would like to come close to if not looking like. I hope to be back up to 165 lbs by the time of my surgery date. What do you ladies think? I'm not a whimpering LOL I can take some constructive honest thoughts.

I just told a long term lover that i asm going to...

I just told a long term lover that i asm going to have lipo done, that i'm looking forward to thus because i've been thinking about this for a few years. I was told that i really sound crazy..now that seriosly i sdound crazy. That i'm just waisting money and that's crazy. I'm not married to this
person, we don't live together, and barely see each other. I don't know how i feel right now. My brother was like oh yea, what you plan on doing with your new body dance and we both laughed, but he said ok sis i hope everything goes well. He then said after you pay for this i hope you bill your acct back up from this. My lover just don't think i need it done, thinks it is waistong my money. Smh he likes to go see the stroppers but i van(t look how i want after giving life to 4 children?Non of wich are his.

Hi ladies, I have been going through it, I came...

Hi ladies, I have been going through it, I came down with a virus, then caught the flu all of which I think came from work. We who are mothers know howthis thing works...smh. Had to take my baby boy to the hospital :( my little big man, but he is fine now, I have two other children in the home who so far has not gotten sick. I still do not feel100% myself. I've been off work since last Friday. I want to say thank you to Bb, and butta for being kind, and taking time out to answer questions forme, and giving a little advice to me. Thank's Ladies, I will be emailing you later this month. I am going to become that little anoying sister you may wish you never had LOL just kidding!! Doing my research..

So I called the office today, and spoke with...

So I called the office today, and spoke with Norma, expressed my concern of losing about 6lbs. Also my date will be changing to next month. I have to be honest with my fellow Bbl sisters. I have really been thinking of not doing it... But I have always said that 2013 is my year to upgrade all areas of my life. So I figure I am apart of the upgrade, why not do it right, and be the woman that is inside of me. I can always make the money back wit a second job if I wanted it back fast. So I am really excited, and my gutt is more clear about this, than it is about my dating life. I'm all the way in.. time for a complete 2013 make over. I deserve it, when you look good, you feel good, and all things afterwards tend to fall in place :)

Spoke with Dr. Perry last again, now I'mready....

Spoke with Dr. Perry last again, now I'mready. Just paid off my surgery!!! Happy girl

Now that I am home, and have put the kids to bed I...

Now that I am home, and have put the kids to bed I can post the right way. I have spoken with Dr. Perry last night. I asked him if I was able to have the waist line, and hips of my wish pic with the person in the blk bra and panties. He said yes I will the size of the hips but it will be of right side, and that the waist may end up smaller than that of the pic. I have post some weight being sick, so I brought that up to him. He said not to worry because the fat cells aren't lost they have only gotten smaller. He said to stay healthy, start taking the iron pills, vita c, so I still have a lot of congestion chest, and nasal you can hear it when I speak. My focus now is to simply get 100% better, and stay healthy. I'm not shaking anyone's hands LOL.

I received my scripts, in the mail today, with the...

I received my scripts, in the mail today, with the list of what to do, and not to do. She also sent a copy of my receipt. I have started taking iron pills, and vita C taking this twice a day. Still very congested, and hope I will be able to be rid of this by next month, and not catch anything else.

I'm on antibiotics with potassium for 2 weeks. I'm...

I'm on antibiotics with potassium for 2 weeks. I'm not sure how or if this will effect my planned surgery date. Need to speak with Dr. Perry. I have mold in my apartment I think this has everything to do with it. I've been looking for a place to move into but no luck yet.

I have called, and left a msg on Dr.Perry's voice...

I have called, and left a msg on Dr.Perry's voice mail letting him know what's going on. Now to simply wait for his return call.

Dr. Perry called me this afternoon, I explained...

Dr. Perry called me this afternoon, I explained everything to him, and I must say I was shocked to hear what he had to say. In his exact words, he said to me in a tone that was that when a man speaks you better listen tone. You need to get your children and move the Hell out of that place right now! He did not stop their he asked what was the medication and dosage I was put on, what do I feel how long has this been going on, what type of infection did they tell me, I told him I was only told and upper infection. Yeah so not good enough say dr. P I need to find out what type it is. He said if I had of walked into an emergency room and he was the dr. he would have admitted me and did a culture knowing that I have been breathing in mold for so long now. He let me know to go to the ER and have them do a culture on the mucus that will not go away. He also let me know if my infection is due to this mold they have me taking the wrong meds. That it will not treat it, that if it shows it is the mold I will be taking meds for almost a good 6 weeks that it is hard to rid this out your body it takes time. He said that he will not do surgery if this is the case, but not to worry because we can always do the surgery two months down the road. But right now I need to get well, and stay well. Yes my children have infections too. I was told to move in with fam or get a hotel for a while until I can find a new place, not to stay here until I find one. He was kinda scolding me on the phone, then told me he didn't want to scare me, but he has to because this is nothing to drag my feet on. Glad he was honest, and kinda stepped in to tell me what to do because the doctor I saw didn't do a culture, and didn't go into detail of what type of infection it is. God works in many ways

Well I am still showing signs of the upper resp...

Well I am still showing signs of the upper resp infection, spoke with Dr. P. I, and he thinks it's best if I wait till next year to do the surgery. But I so want to have it done this year, expressed all my concerns, and what if's, and I decided that I will give myself a few more months to really be sure I do not have a bad infection. So new date will be in July of this year. sigh I wanted to have it done by my birthday this April but things happen for a reason right. On the positive side my children are fine :) and we have been living in our new condo :) they love it I do as well. So we have been breathing clean air for a month now, and everyone feels a lot better. I the mean time I signed back up for school to complete a B.A. in Business Administration, classes start This May.

Couunting Down the Months Ughh Next year new location, new Body So far away

Hi ladies, I know it's been some time from my last post. My children and I are doing a lot better now, I am in school making them grades :)

I have decided that I am ready to relocate next year, and guess to where... Miami or really close by. I want to work in a company that is larger than the one I work for now, I need to settle in some where I can build a 40lK, and have the chance of advancing in my career choice. I was told by two people in the company that there is no place for me there, that I will only have a fancy degree and will still be in the office that I'm in now not making much more than I do now. I have been with them 2 years now, and they promoted me within my first 8 months when I started out in the sales department to administration. I have been in the admin department now for 16 months, and they seem to promote people with out an education, and non blacks. I was called out on last Friday by the owner of the company because I took my lap top to work and I study and or reads while on my breaks I have three a day, I was told that do I think he is a stepping mat, I was lost on where this was coming from. I let him know that I study and read on my breaks, he then said so I see you are going to use me to gain your skills then move to a bigger better company. I think they have it out for me now.. So I hope I will continue to work there until Feb of next year so that I can find a job, and place in the MIA.

I have seen lots of you ladies results by dr. P and you all look great :) I have not given up on my journey to a better body, but first thing is first. I have kept in touch with dr. P as well, and he as we all know is a great man. He has given advice on staying healthy, and on the things that has happened health wise with my youngest son because of the mold exposer. My son now uses an inhaler to help his lungs, he all of sudden woke up a few weeks ago in the middle of the night crying said his heart hurt, and coughed a lot, it stopped took him to school the next day and had to leave work, he was not doing to good, took him to the children's hospital, and they said his upper muscles were inflamed, and that he was having a asthma attack but not the normal kind, he was having this because he was exposed to something he was breathing in for a long time. They don't know if this is going to be a life long thing or not only time will tell.

I am trying to stay positive and thankful that it isn't a lot worse. I can not sue because I was told it is so hard to prove that the mold caused all of us to get sick, and the recent thing with my son. Their will be to many test to do, and it cost money to do them and to sue. I did contact the complex and let them know, and told them that I will not pay them anything for breaking my lease due to the mold, and our health. They asked me what will make me happy, and that they will need to contact the district manager. Say the least I am ready to just live..so I think Miami will be what we need to just change up the pace and live a little.

Congrats to all you ladies who have reached your goals, and happy safe healing to you all.
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