Starting BBL Journey - traveling to Miami

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Been on realself for over a year. Finally made the...

Been on realself for over a year. Finally made the decision to go with Dr Fisher. Made my deposit this week and I'm looking forward to a new and better outer me.
Over decided on the BBL + legs + arms and debating on a little bit around the chin/face area which would be another $500.
My biggest dilemma right now is deciding on hotel/hire a nurse for massages or go with one of the recovery houses. Seems there is such a huge range of opinions.
I'm pretty particular about my surroundings being clean organized etc and so I've been leaning towards hotel but the recovery houses seem to be a little less expensive.
on the fence still...


Anyone have surgery coming up or completed that have an opinion?
Do the RHs allow you to being your own food/drinks? Do they have nurses come in or do they take care of you?


K real question for anyone who has had a BBL or knows of anyone's experience.
What's the time frame of refraining from sex after the BBL?

Wish pics


Got quote for $1400-5 nights. Anyone stayed here or know someone who has?
Thinking about this place or New Recovery.


So I found a lot of condos on south beach pretty reasonable. About 25 mins from vanity. Cost of condo + one 24hr nurse the first night is still less than these recovery houses. Anyone hired an outside nurse and lyphmphatic massager independant from the houses. I'm considering the view and atmosphere might be much more cheery.

Anyone else in Miami in April??

SURGERY DATE IS APRIL 19TH...anyone else there that week?

Vadette? S queen? So confused!!

I keep seeing all these reviews about garmets and sizes and types and brands and ugh. I don't know what I need, how many, what size? And why a squeem too? On top of the Garmet?
I'm currently wearing
Size 38 bra
Size12 jeans/pants
I want the best compression because of all the lipo I'm getting but the best butt support too to get the crease and lift.
I'm getting my arms also but I've seen a seperate contraption for that so I think I'm good there.
Can anyone or everyone please help? :)

38 days til my surgery!

Booked my hotel. Reserved my massages. Found a company that I have hired a nurse to monitor me my first 24 hours and then everyday thereafter for several hours a day. Getting nervous and excited!

Labs next week. Lost about 4 lbs. would like to have 10 more by the time my surgery. Getting all my supplied this weeks. Whew. The preparation is feeling just a little overwelming.

**READ** Girl dies from BBL 5/17/16

Surgery was a success

DR Fisher was amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon. Great bedside manner. Super nice and funny. Definitely calmed my anxiety the day of surgery.
Will be posting pics and giving a full recovery review and Vanity review soon.
Still quite swollen...

3 MONTHS POST OP-loving it!!!

Dr Fisher was amazing.
Here's my day before surgery before.
My 2 week photo and my 12 week photo
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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