I Am Beautiful, I Am Smart, I Am Talented and I Want a Phat Ass!!!

I am a mother of two beautiful kids, i been...

I am a mother of two beautiful kids, i been working my ass off at the gym and i cannot seem to be able to get rid of this extra baby pouch on my stomach i been stuck on the same weight for two years between 150 and 160. I love myself i love my body but i want to perfect it and i think this is the right way to go. I been watching a lot of women stories on here and i think I'm going to go with Dr.Fisher. I Do have one question for all my bootyfull women out there. How does the payment process work? you pay in payments until you are done paying then they schedule you? I'm already saving money I'm close to 2,000. I want to have the surgery this year. Please help!

99 is not 100.

So i live maybe two hours from L.A, I was gonna go to Florida with Dr. Fisher because of all the great reviews and i love his before and after pictures and of course the price!!! but i did the math traveling from Los Angeles plus stay and the surgery i would be spending almost the same as if i went here to l.a besides if i go to Florida it would be alone and i would have to find childcare for my kids so my husband can go to work. After my husband and i discussed it we decided to go to l.a i been emailing back and forth with the girls at Dr. Hazani's office and i called today to set up a virtual consultation. The cost for Dr. Hazani's bbl is 7,900. The cost of Dr. Fisher is 5,500 the cost of the stay is 1,500, that's already 7,000. Not including plane tickets, food, supplies, childcare ect.... I'm hoping the girls at Dr.Hazani's office call me back tomorrow so i can make my appointment. My husband by the way thinks I'm completely insane for doing this, in his eyes I'm perfect but my mind is made and I'm doing this!

Had my Consultation with Dr.Hazani today!

He called me right on time, looked at my pictures and told me exactly what i wanted to know. Talked to me about what's going to happen, down time, healing process, also told me his special is done! So i was one of the last lucky ones to get the special price from real self! :) I was happy about that! He told me to call tomorrow to lock in my date with Debbie and i will get an email with the price confirmation! I'm looking into booking end of august or beginning of September.

Made my Deposit! Officially booked for October 11.

It's now more real than ever! putting down that deposit made me realize that I'm truly doing this 100% sure! unfortunately I have no credit I have never owned a credit card in my entire adult life. I knew I wasn't responsible enough to have one so I never had one, until last month they gave me a 500 dollar limit lol so when I applied for credit care they said I don't have enough credit history. Oh well I have 3,000 dollars in the bank and almost 6 months to save the rest. I am also thinking about doing the arm lipo, if you have gotten it done please show me your before and after pics!

More Wish Pictures

My husband says that I look a booty now more than he does lol and that's saying a lot!

Before pics with clothes on.

The time is getting closer and closer and I'm getting more and more excited!!! I want to get rid of the love handles add more projection and hips, i feel like i have a huge dent on the side of my booty, back rolls have to go too.


1 month and 17 days to go!

All i do everyday is think about my procedure and what i have to buy, Im getting really exited about my surgery. I already booked my hotel room I will be staying at the Beverly Laurel Hotel is about 5 minutes from doctor hazanis office. I emailed debbie about scheduling my pre op and post op appointments and she had me call the office. My pre op is one day prior to my surgery Oct.10 at 4:30pm and my post op will be on friday October 14 at 1pm. I'm a little worried about the post op appointment since I live two and a half hours away from Beverly hills but we will see how I feel. I also wanted to get juvederm lip injections and I didnt know if they had them available there so I also asked Debbie about that and they do, she said Dr.Hazani can do them at the same time he's doing my bbl I was very happy to hear that since I will be completely asleep and won't feel the neddles going in my lips! Gary is supposed to send me a quote to let me know the price, I will update you girls on that if anybody else is interested. So far I have only bought some comfortabe sweats and matching crew neck sweatshirt at waltmart for like 12 bucks so freaking comfortable and warm, since I been reading that the doctors office is really cold and I get super cold very easily. Comment below your must haves for post op please!! :)

Before pics

One month to go. Already have all the $$$ I still need to order everything from amazon. Hopefully I will do that this week. Getting a little nervous.... I been reading all your story's I wish somebody would post more pics of how they managed in the car and at home like positions with pillows and stuff... I'm already planning on re doing my entire closet because I know nothing is going to fit me and I am not mad at it. Hubby is getting excited and I'm glad because he wasn't at first but he's been.amzingly supportive and so has my best friend they are the only two people in the world who know about this I don't think I need to tell anybody it's none of their business anyways lol I already have a big butt but I want mainly to fix my shape add hips and get rid of as much belly fat as possible I don't care about the loose skin I honestly don't think even if I have a lot left over that I would get a t.t the scar is just too scary for me although I have seen some girls look amazing after their tumm tuck oh well never say never only time will tell. Has anybody else had some intense dreams about the surgery? I had a dream I was completely botched no ass huge ugly tummy tuck scar and the doctor had left my back open like if I had wings of skin. I know scary!!!!! But thank God it was only a dream.

I ordered way too many chuck pads!!!

Payed my surgery in full today it feels unreal. I'm almost done buying everything online I order 200 chuck pads by mistake lol looks like I'm gonna have a few left over. Got ab board, peez thingy, arnica gel and pills, compression socks, sterile abdominal pads, bought a few comfy oversized pj's shirts. My labs came back normal yayyy! I was a little worried not going to lie. Only a few more weeks left it feels like time is flying by so damn fast.

Before measurements and better before pics.

So I wanted to measure myself before to see if there are some good changes after. I measured at 38, 34, 43 I'm 5'4 156 pounds. 26.8 BMI overweight :( ... only 19 days to go!!! I'm trying to lose 5 pounds before surgery just eating light and exercising a little more.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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