Now or Never!! BBL+Lipo. Miami, FL

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Started my process of picking a doctor. Let me say...

Started my process of picking a doctor. Let me say this is completely overwhelming!!! From trying to get an idea of costs all while balancing other obligations like work demand is crazy. As many others, I've stalked the heck out of this site and other sites for the best option for me. I've narrowed it down to two places. Both in miami and about the same price from what I can tell. I will be ready to book in a week but I am super nervous as to whether I am picking the right place for me. First is Dr. Fisher and the other is CG cosmetics. I've gotten as much info as I could for Dr. Fisher and his work is how I see what I would like. The other, CG, is still sort of up in the air simply because I just don't know too much. If Any one has done their surgery with either and would like to shed some much appreciated light on me, by all means please do! I will be posting my journey on here in its entirety since I feel like there aren't that many and if I could get advice and also help others make a more informed decision then hey, it's all good:) Oh and yes, I know my post isn't very informative about me but I'll get better at this sharing thing soon.

New doc

So I have a very specific time to do surgery due to my job. Originally I chose dr fisher but today I found out the earliest he had was late October. I was pretty down but I had researched another previously anyway during my search for a doc. I have chosen to go with Dr. Mcadoo. Got my questions answered via phone n pre eval via email today! I'm excited. Will be doing my deposit for an August surgery!!!! Super excited.

Date set!!!

So made my deposit and got my date locked in for August 31st, 2016. This is so nerve wrecking. Last night I didn't sleep well but I will say having a good coordinator helps. I must have called my coordinator, Shirley, numerous times. She answers every time and when email responses are needed she's on the money. SO now its a wait. I have so much to do and definitely not enough time to do it. Sheesh, my nerves are all over the place.


So much to do in so little time! 53 days to go but because of work I will be away for about 22 days of that 53..starting tomorrow. To say I'm nervous is an understatement. So basically I will be using a lot of data trying to find the best option for a rh. Rn I'm looking for an alternative to Miami escape since I like having a backup. Also I will be taking iron just in case so when my labs get done when I come back I should be good n no worries. Anyone with suggestions about a rh, please enlighten:) also I'm trying to figure out how the heck to find the right size faja as I heard vanity is expensive for just one. Again, so much to do. But.... I'm definitely happy this is happening.


So I've been away for work for almost a month. Just returned last night and saw that encore/vanity had been trying to reach me. So of course I call back and the news makes my heart drop. So i speak to pre-op and apparently mcadoo will not be with encore/vanity any longer. The staff was very open and told me he had too many complications with surgeries and the last on died! When I say my stomach turned, I mean it turned. Nonetheless I of course said, what now. I was given options for doctors and decided on hasan. Why? Because fisher is booked till Jan 2017 and I don't know the other doc they talked about. So my surgery date is the same(whew!). This date was important since I've already paid for a rental home to recover in and I have a short time to make this surgery happen because of work.
Now the process is in the works and I feel like I don't have time for anything! I still need supplies which I will be ordering via amazon. I will be posting my before pictures later today or tomorrow once I buffer out the tattoos :) I will say this, I feel as if this site is helpful to an extent. Most people have gone to ig or some other platform to get more info. I personally just don't want to create another social media account to converse with past, present or future dolls. I don't do Facebook, ig, snapchat or any of those. So here is where I will be and I will try to put as much info here since I'm back so that maybe others that don't or can't do the mentioned social media can find out info. Yes I am very new to this doll world but any help is appreciated. Less than a month to go....

So close!!!!!

So its getting closer to my sx date. Made the final payment today since it has to be paid two weeks prior to surgery. I still have to order some supplies..yes I'm taking forever lol. Tried to speak with my coordinator today but kept getting some other rude woman. That really got on my last nerve but i kept calm and will be trying to speak with her again tomorrow.

The time has come that I think every person on here has faced....the awful before pictures. So i have uploaded it. I had to blur out a lot since the tattoos were definitely noticeable in my undies. Even as I look at the picture I am reminded of why I want this surgery in the first place. Honestly I have been fine with my body for most of my life until the last 2 years. But now I will be even more happy than ever. I'm finally getting a chance to look physically how I feel internally, Freaking good!!! To all going into surgery and those just waiting, good luck and happy healing.

Here at Vanity....

So I'm here n for the last 24hrs I've been stressed. They said to have the labs faxed to them. 13 times it was faxed but they say they didn't get them. So what do I do? I called the lab n they emailed them to me n I forwarded it to vanity with the password to open it (medical docs have a password). Why vanity wait till I show up to say they can't open it. A simple pdf. Lawd help me. So I walked her thru how to open the darn pdf with the password. Waiting for the doc to look at them now.


Done with the paper signing. So the doc will see me before surgery in the morning for the pre-op. But all on schedule. Got my faja n Lipo boards n all the other stuff. Oh n no drains from what I was told today!!!

Made it

Made it to the other side ladies. Pain at an 8/10 now. Gunna rest n I'll post tomorrow

I'm happy!!

I didn't go all crazy with my butt wish. Just wanted it to be full n my waist snatched. I'm happy. No drains so I'm bleeding everywhere but thank goodness for for my caregiver n friend. Tomorrow I have my first massage at vanity. It was 5 for $350. So I'll be getting one every day till I leave. Dr Hasan was pretty good. Explained risks n all that good stuff. The staff at palmetto lakes was very good. I was nervous out my mind. The anesthesiologist was pretty funny. He was like oh it'll burn but you won't mind since it leaves quick and you will be knocked out. When I woke up I was cold n shaky, they covered me n took me off the bed. Dr hasan actually waited for me to fully wake up n first thing he said was your body is officially snatched lol. Got to the rental house n laid down. Took a little for meds to kick in but when they did I was out for hours. That's why I'm doing this before my next dose of unicorns (meds) cuz I will be out cold. More details tomorrow. Gn RS

1 day post op

Lawd the first day was something! Bleeding like I done sacrificed my uterus and ovaries lol. First night was messy with blood everywhere. Today was my first massage at vanity. The lady I had was very good n very nice. It felt gooooood lol. Tomorrow is my next one. Saw my body for the first time. I literally almost cried. My stomach was all loose but they said it's only day one n that I am fine. Now when I saw my hips n nice perfect Happy is an understatement. Dr Hasan hooked me up dolls!!!! I still look like me n it def looks natural. I love how Hasan worked with what I had and didn't have me looking like a nicki minaj barbie( no offense, just not my taste). Soon as I walked back into vanity Daniela was like damn girl Hasan did u right!!! Daniela was the girl who sized me for the faja. That girl had me laughing n most of all made me feel at ease before the whole thing.

Day 2 post op

Wheeeewww!! This pain something else! So all the anesthesia wore off n it's just me n the pain meds. They are just making me drowsy but that ok cuz when I'm sleep I don't feel pain. Got another massage today in a bit. Oh n the blood faucet has calmed down lol. Not much leaking.

Now for the little twitch that thought it was cute to say she doesn't see a difference: have a seat. Not everyone wants a drastic change. A little goes a long way. I'm happy with mine n that's what matters. Please keep the negative comments away. To the ladies that have supported me, thank you n I'm here if u need me.

Day 4 post op

Whew this itchy stuff is no joke. I'm getting daily massages and getting moisture in my skin. Using arnica gel n bio oil. But sheesh, the itch is real!! I change the faja everyday to keep things clean n fresh. But again the itchy skin drives me nuts! What's new? Hmmm. The itchy annoyance lol. Yesterday I was in crazy pain and had the first massage where the lady went a bit more aggressive on the tummy. Wheeew I almost wanted to punch the wall with that. Me n the lady laughed because she knew I was in pain because she had to go thru it herself. She's really nice. I'm walking around a lot. Couldn't do the rating on my belly stuff anymore n it kills my neck. I just put a pillow on the floor n kneel n eat at the coffee table n if I get tired I just lean in the table. Not trying to ruin this new body at all! I had tons of class work that needed to be done this week n of course doing this surgery it didn't happen. Well until yesterday. It actually kept my mind off of the pain a bit. Ohh speaking of that..the incision spots.. Lawd they are the itch that doesn't quit lol. N the stitches under my butt came off :) I'm getting better at putting the faja on quicker and getting ready on time. Still get drowsy here n there. But moving good n got to cook yesterday n cooking now. Yes!! Happy healing dolls

Going home tonight

Today was interesting. Went for my massage n they told me I had fluid building up. They had to drain it out with a needle. It hurt. Not the needle just the thought that more needed to happen. So they said I need more compression. They put the boards on today for the first time. They said they didn't put them before cuz I had a lot of inflammation. Anyway it's on now. I feel like a square, like spongebob. But I gotta do it. I fly home later tonight n I have a feeling of ahh damn. Nervous about flying like this. Worried about the no sitting. Got a boppy n a half noodle cushion. Damn bbl pillow still didn't come in.
Yesterday I had a bowel movement for the first time since surgery. Yes, tmi but watch u be the one googling and checkin this site for answers when it's ur turn lol.

8 days later..

So I'm home and made it safe from the flight. So much in two days I don't know where to begin. Let start with the flight. Sheesh that was tough, I wanted to just punch a wall. Ride home, knocked out from just plain ol' tiredness and pain. Mind you I had taken my last pain pill that morning at 2am. Had my last massage at vanity where I learned they had to drain me again :( So I landed a few mins before 11 pm and was beat. Get home n I was happy but that sleep was horrible! Next day, (7th) stood on the living room sofa almost all day. In pain like crazy. Took my first Tylenol extra strength n that's when I realized I had a new friend named Tylenol. I also had on lipo foams, an board, and lumbar foam under my garment. Talk about uncomfortable n painful. I just wanted to put as much compression on my tummy to prevent fluid build up again. Today I found a new trick. I took off the boards n foam n let myself breath without them (kept the garment on). That was the best I've felt since before surgery. I was actually able to take my daughter to her first day of 4th grade (hence why I flew back 2 days early). That was truly a high note for me. I'm using arnica gel and bio oil everyday. I'm still bruised but I knew I would be for awhile since I bruise easily anyway. So my little trick will be wearing all the foams and boards but giving myself an hour or two break. It worked so well I cooked dinner today and actually felt good instead of drained n tired. I'm still sore and stiff so I walk as much as I can. I do drink lots of water and Powerade. I also eat a lot of fruit. Tomorrow I will take some pics and posting. I love what I see! Hope all that are healing with me a speedy recovery. Night!

Day 9 pics

So definitely still swollen n bruised. Just got out the shower so forgive me lol. Yes my tummy is still not snapped back but compared to day 1 it has taken pretty well. Will put up some pics in clothes tomorrow. Tired n stiff n in pain.

Since when??

So I asked vanity for my entire medical record, since I need to also give that to my job, and they simply said they would email it. Mind you I asked this in person the day I was last there. Why I get an email and they are charging $1 for the first 25 pages, .25ยข every page after and $5 each photo? Ok photos I get, but my own medical record? I've never ever heard of something like this and I wanted to know has anyone else gone thru this? How is that legal to charge someone for their own paperwork being sent to them and not a third party?

Face palm..tactfully of course

So where does this humbug begin?! Well the last few days were fine. I started feeling great and even went out to eat. Fell in love with my results once seeing myself in normal clothing and not the garment. But of course my luck didn't last long. Guess what? I have a seroma. Fluid has built up in my lower stomach in the same area I was drained on the day I flew back home. So now I'm all puffy. Went to an urgent care today. They referred me to the ER that had a plastic surgeon. Get to the hospital n 7 hrs later they say "oh we aren't going to drain it but if u get a fever come back". Mind you they did not check to see how much, all they did was palpate the darn area. For those of you that are familiar with lipo and seromas, you know that it must be drained unless it can worsen n become hard and/or infected especially if it is a lot of fluid. So again, they didn't do it n said oh just wear the garment n give it a month. Ha! I said you must think I'd like to die or something right?! So guess what I'm doing. Calling vanity in the morning just to make sure they will have someone there in Friday cuz my butt will be flying back to Florida to get drained. While I am there I will buy a stage 2 garment n get this done. Not happy since money doesn't grow on trees but my health is not an option. I will be there for two days just to make sure it's drained and checked again the next day. Sheesh. Just when I got all happy about my new body. Don't get me wrong, I am still happy just a bit stressed now. Wish me luck.


Hey ladies! Landed in Orlando just now. Meeting up with a friend n we driving to Miami to vanity. Figured I'd have some peace and happiness and good laughs before I get drained. Will post the update later once the fluid is out. Oh n yes I will be getting my medical records since I'm down here.


Just left vanity. They were quick n drained the fluid out. Got a new garment but smaller size for better compression. Gunna give it a night before I say it works. If more fluid come in tomorrow I'm going to have it drsibed????????????????
Miami Physician

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