BBLift & Chin 38 5'3 136 Hispanic 6/28/16 - Miami, FL

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Hi brave dolls! So I checked on BBL surgeries...

Hi brave dolls! So I checked on BBL surgeries about 5 years ago and made my mind that it wasn't for me. It looked like a lot of pain and that was it. Fast-forward 5 years and I gained more weigh and as always it went to the wrong places, Age didn't help either and now I have an old lady's but, which it wouldn't bother me that much if i was indeed old or had i found a husband already which did not happen either. Still, getting a BBL wasn't in my mind at all, until...a recently divorced friend called me to ask me where should she get a BBL. And man, she was 100% decided. It really motivated me and told her if she was to do so most likely I'd do it too and we could even do it together! So I called another friend to tell her about it and man, she was in with us! I was like yeay!!! Well, next day they both decided better not to. But I didn't care, I was in!!! And I'm still in. Back in February 2016 Vanity Cosmetics had a Valentine's promotion/special and I was able to see it just in time. I had to deposit $1,000 to get the promotion. $5,000 for the BBLift with the acclaimed Doctor Fisher, no faja or massages included and an additional $500 for my chin also with Doctor Fisher. My coordinator is Shirley and she goes to the point. I don't feel any warmness in her other than a professional, to the point demeanor/personality. I'm a little overwhelmed with all the arrangements, products to buy, recovery house etc. But thanks to other dolls that have walked the walk before me I was able to have a better idea about it all. So I'm very thankful to every person for their detailed journey and for sharing everything about the BB lift to make it easier for the ones walking the same path. The look and shape for my BBL I'm looking for is moderate, A/pear shape, small waist, curvy heaps and bubbly butt but not too big. Please follow me regardless if you have or haven't gotten it done yet. The more dolls can help me in case I need prompt advice the better. Also, forgive my miss spelling since English is my second language. Please don't leave me alone. In the meantime, happy journey you all!

$hopping li$t hurt$$$$$

Girl! This is my shopping list of items I purchased today from amazon with free shipping. The total amounts to $300.94 and it is a lot of money but it does include a nice vedette-350 faja.
Items are:
-Arnica Gel (to use by the massgae therapist)
-Arnica Pain Relief Tablets
-Liquid Iron Supplement (to recover from blood loss)
-Bromelain 500 mg (it is a pineapple enzine that reduces swollen and inflammation)
-Female Urination Device
-Stool softener
-6 Lipo Foams (to use 3 at a time i believe, I bought extra because they will get bloody and sweaty)
-Compression Socks- (Moderate Compression)
-Abdominal Lipo Board (Fajate 9002)
-Half Roller, high density (to help me out to sit)
-Faja Vedette-350 "Marcelle"!! This one was my favorite because I have back acne and this faja covers all my back.
Total $300.94
Things I still need to purchase are:
-A BBL pillow to sit
-Tylenol Maximum Extrengh (someone mentioned Arthritis Tylenol is effective)
-A chin garment post surgery
By the way, I'll be staying at Miami Escape and I paid an additional $60 for post surgery supplies like bandages, shapoo, soap, antibacterial and I'm not sure what else but most likely everything not included in this list in order to not carry so much stuff...
I have to add that my coordinator hasn't sent me any instructions so far!!! She said she does that closer to the date...but I can't wait last minute, you know...But Danny, the owner of Miami Escape already told me what I needed which is everything I purchased today. And she said everything else I could need she has at her home.

More $tuff...

I couldn't control the damage today. And I just wanted to be done with the mayor items expenses.
So this is the extras I just bought:
-The BBL pillow (from to seat avoiding pressure on my precious new butt . $99 but add taxes and I ended up paying $107.91 :(
-Salome Chin lipo Bandage size xl from Amazon, free shipping and no taxes, total $25 :)
-Enema bag that I actually bought for coffee enemas to treat my acne, but I saw other girls buying this enema bag to not put any pressure after the bbl surgery. So I'll take it with me just in case since i'll have it anyways. Price from Amazon $20
-Enema kit set (just extra tubes to keep it clean) from Amazon for $4.30
Okay, this extra items cost me $156.61 plus my previous shopping today for $300.94 I come to a total of $457.55 in mostly everything i need, or at least in all the mayor items I'll need. And I can say that it gives me some relief knowing I don't have to waste any more time looking or wandering what i need or how much i will spend.
My butt better comes out looking good ;)

1 day post op

Got surgery done one Tuesday 6/28/16 @4:30 pm. Left Vanity after 10pm. I remember myself on my knees in a couch wearing my faja and dress I removed right before surgery, and have no idea how I got there, to the couch I mean. I remember myself grading my cell phone and calling my caretaker and asking her when would she come get me since I was ready and it was late. I saw Vanity 's personal sweeping the floors and I could tell they were getting ready to finish the day. I complained to my caretaker to come get me that I was on my knees and I was tired. Everybody heard my caretaker with her loud voice and I didn't even had her on speaker. She said "why do they have you on your knees!!!" And "tell them to put you back to bed!!!" . Immediately the lady sweeping the floor helped me back to bed and covered me with a blanket and I rested about 30 more minutes. Yet, before jumping in bed I called my caretakers daughter that lives in Miami and told her to come get me since her mom was busy with another girl that got out of surgery right before me. I know, right out of surgery and having to arrange my ride. Thank God I was so conscious. Finally I was picked up and got out of bed just fine, walked to the car, into the front seat, back to my caretakers appartment, out of car just fine, walked into elevator, inside appartment and straight to bed just fine by myself. I guess although my body was a mess before and after surgery. I was looking for a moderate look and maybe my surgery wasn't as aggressive. Well, I also prayed a lot and had friends praying for me. I just thank God I was conscious after surgery. Fear of fainting was there but it never happened. I was put in bed about 11:4 pm, I remember checking the time right before laying down on my tummy.
The day after at around 10 am we were back for a post op consultation, barely hrs from surgery if you think about it. After post op that same day I got my first massage. Those are the pics I'm posting. Massage was not as painful the first day as they are now :( I think the massage therapist wasn't as tuff cause she knew it was all too recent.
The day after surg

6 days post op pics

*sorry I'm posting the same day, but I'm trying to catch up in order to be as honest as possible ;)
I'm not sure about my results because while butt size is understandably going down, my stomach is HUGE, and where are my hips? $#@!
Fisher told me right before surgery that results are not based on faja being tight but mainly on how surgery was performed. He also told me right before surgery that my lab results on blood were like I was ALMOST anemic. Yep, right before surgery. I wish he would have told someone to call me once I sent the lab results cause they emailed me and called me saying all was good...and now Dr Fisher tells me I may need a blood transfusion afterwards...great, just great.
Now, the faja I took with me was a size 36. They told me I needed bigger, and I thought they would give me a 38 since my 36 was tight on me. Nope, they gave me a 40 and I didn't question it. Sure enough, I feel my faja is too big, not enough compression and that's why my stomach is HUGE. Well, gossip I heard says Vanity is tired of girls calling with questions on faja/foam/board marks on stomack and they are now putting you in bigger fajas for that very reason and to avoid girls freaking out? Also, to avoid girls getting burns from the garment. And im going crazy because while my butt goes down my stomach doesn't have enough compression and is huge. Sorry, I don't buy the theory that garment size doesn't help on final results.
Vanity is trying to do things differently, for good I hope. But I need to spend some more $$right away or my body won't heal appropriately. The blood and fluid underneath the skin hardens if not compressed and you end up fat and results are not good, that's what a massage therapist told me.
*Recovery. Although I did well after surgery, and the day after, I feel weak. I force myself into eating even though it is only small size meals. I try not to throw out because really it is hard to eat. My stomach my be sensitive due to anesthesia medicine plus pain killer and antibiotic. Plus, I may be anemic. I'm drinking liquid iron and praying.
Today I put compression socks on my own, but it was tuff. I also washed my hair carefully first time after surgery. I shower every day since surgery with antibacterial soap, but I wasn't washing my hair. I was told one little tiny bit of hair going inside an incision could cause an infection. I have 13 stitches by the way. And a drain that will be removed 7 days after surgery, so next Tuesday, less than 2 more days.
I'll get one more massage tomorrow before the drain removal. Masage therapist told me the areas that will get hard about 7 days after drainage removal. She told me I will need inflammation and anti fibrosis masages after the drain is removed, no longer will they be limphatic massages as of now.
This surgery is very tuff. I wake up constantly at night to pee and because of my headaches at night due to my neck position. The headaches keep waking me up, it is horrible. Massage Therapist told me it happens to all girls because of the neck position :(
Oh, yes, after the limphatic massages you will pee noticeable more. I even started feeling the flavor of anesthesia back in my throat during the limphatic massage. That's how important the massages are. I'm getting only 5 massages before drain removal only but that's the most I was able to get.
Also, you use your arms SO MUCH it is crazy. I don't know how would I do it had I had arms or arm pit lipo. I'm thankful I didn't that's for sure.
Also, I have cute legs by nature but you can't tell because I have them so swollen. Wear your compression socks at all times to avoid a blood clog.
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