5 weeks left / almost my time Dr Llorente Miami, FL

Hello I'm 35 years old I weight 172 and my height...

Hello I'm 35 years old I weight 172 and my height 5'4.
Finally I'm ready for this I gained 24 pounds for this surgery and I can't wait to get this fat transfer to the right place lol .i had gotten a tummy tuck 4 years ago
I'm from California and I will be flying to Miami
I haven't decided on a surgeon I have fisher in mind Dr Ghurani and Dr velilla. Well I will be doing a lil more research and decide , also I would like to get my surgery in November or early December 2016 . I'm waiting on work to see when I can take my vacation .
I'm thinking of staying at a room and Ima look for a massage person that can come to me , unless I'm able to get it included with the office I go with , anyhow if you can recommend a massage lady and a place to stay , no recovery home , I'm really trying to save $$$ lol k ladies thanks .

Pre op pics

Hello dolls., well today i wanted to uploads some pics of me so , like i said i gain 24 pounds for this surgery, its really been hard gaining this weight , ima tell you a lil about myself i have 2 children , i work full time and im a wellness health coach as well. so gaining this weight has been challenging specially the active/ gym lifestyle im use to living . i had to drop the barbell and pick up the burger lol. and i feel terrible helping others accomplish their weight loss goals while im gaining weight and lost alot of endurance in everything i do, I Slowly stopped my bootcampi have once a week for my clients its been hard so i cant wait to get this surgery, i have a descent tight body but i wanted always a bigger booty , So here i am , I feel like i gain enough, alot of my fat has gone to my mid section and my back , i had a tummy tuck 4 years ago and all im waiting is at work to get my vacation in 2 weeks i can submit it, im hoping to get my surgery done before December if i cant well its gonna have to wait to January after that all the Holidays will be gone . Im considering getting my arms as well lipo since they are huge too and maybe my inner thighs too.
in two weeks im hoping to make a decision
dr Fisher or Dr Velilla
i love both their work, and they sesem to go more aggresive on the back thats one thing im looking for, Projection and a full bublle butt k Dolls well ttly . good luck to everyone that is going through this journey

Pre op pics

I need to make a decision ! Time is ticking

Hello dolls ! Well I'm really feeling dr fisher , so I talked to a coordinator at vanity 3 weeks ago I got quoted 6,300 for bbl with 16 areas , I want my arms and inner thighs Lipo , I thought really good price . She also mention 2,000 down , at the momment I was unsure of the dr I wanted to go with , I just told her I'll get back to them .also not knowing what days I can get off at work I'm not about to leave a deposit until I get my dates first from work ,Btw 2000 down really ??? Some place it's more like a 500 anyways so after going back n forth I got a quote from dr velilla it was gonna be about 7gs for the bbl and not including the arms , I got quoted this ---
$4,620 Procedure under local anesthesia
-$5,620 Procedure under general anesthesia.
Fat Tranfer (BBL) would be $1,200 more
Over my budget and not included the arm n inner thigh Lipo
So I got off that boat real quick lol
Anyways going back n forth I decided dr fisher one thing I do t want to see any fat rolls in my back and I see him going agressive
So I called vanity and they want me to put a deposit by tomorw if I want to keep the 6,300 special but I just can't until I get a green light from work . She said after tomorw it's gonna be 6000 bbl 500 for every additional area . Smh
I'm not gonna jump on something I'm not sure of , so I feel I'm back to square one
I was thinking dr llorente or Alvarez but I don't see them going aggressive on the back Lipo , that's one of my main thing , I figured I didn't have it and gaining weight for this surgery I hope the dr I choose can get me right ,
Im just crossing my fingers cause my sx date I'm aiming for is December , 1st around there .

Dr Llorrente doll

Hello ladies so after going crazy over what dr , I decided to be a Llorente doll ,I went on his IG and I'm liking his work , it looks very consisting how he sculptures the ladies , so I reached out to Elena yesterday , Send in my pics and I will hear back from her next week , due to the hurricane in Florida she's gonna be a lil behind . I'm very excited too . I'm thinking maybe of staying at new life recovery house . Finally talked to my boss and told him I needed time off lol it was a lil shy but hey it's not like he's gonna not notice . He's very flexible and left it up to me to decide how long I wanna take off. So once I got the green light that's when contacted Elena she's the coordinator , well as for right now I just gotta sit back n wait once I hear from her and the price is right Ima pay in full and see what's the next step .
I requested dec 1-3 for surgery so let's see if I can get those dates .

finally set SX 12/9/16 Llorente Doll

Hello Dolls a little update , today i talked to my cordinator , she showed my pics to Dr LLorente and the dr said im a great candidate for the bbl
im also excited that i sent my wish pics. and the dr said i am gonna get good results, he can give me the hips and the booty i want, so that just made me feel more comfortable , i asked if i should gain more weigh, the cordinator said if i want a lil more dramatic, 5 more pounds, which i do lol .... so im 5'4 175 right now.
So i got so much to do. i will also will be staying at there recovery house. i will be getting my arms lipo and maybe inner thighs the dr will make that suggestion at pre op appointment.

Moved up my sx date Nov 30

Hello well I moved up my date , Nov 30 , which means I fly out the 29th .
Finally this day is getting closer , let me tell you ladies this sx is stressful just getting The mindset , so much going thinking . It's been hard for me , I been M.I A , I do t go nowhere just work to home oh and I'm a bachata/ salsa dancer and getting to class it's hard I feel so big and I hate how I look , I never been this heavy in my life , neither the less stopped working g out and eating very unhealthy . Ugggh i just cant wait to get this done and get back k to crossfit .
Aby how. My surgery is paid in Full as of yesterday . I received
The welcome email. With all the instructions , they asked to start Taking some of vitamin. C / iron etc. So I'm a start tomorrow and the first week, of november gotta go get my labs done/ I showed my friend the test I needed and SiNce she works as a surgical tech and they can do the test for me 230 is that a good price? Other than that the countdown begins for me. K ladies

Pre pics before the gain weight

Hello dolls I posted a pic me at 149 lbs before I gained the weight , as of today I stand 175 and I'm 5,4
I thought it was useful for any dolls that don't know how much to gain . Well as for me I like to be thick so as I kept gaining weight , I felt like it wasn't enough may I add I use to work out 4 days out of the week mostly Crossfit /maybe that's why i felt like even though I was gaining weight it wasn't enough , my body was still looking tight and compacted /also my butt has gotten a lil bigger . 3 months ago I stopped the activities and just let it be , theres no point of working out right now . I'm hoping to be a 26 inch waist as i was before with a big bubble butt . One thing I hate my face is so fat . I hope after surgery once I'm back to training , My face slims back I don't want to have a fat face lol

Anyhow I'm 5 weeks ago for my surgery . I'm real excited . And the outcome we'll see in a few weeks . Yey
Dr llorente

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