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Okay... here goes nothing..... I started thinking...

Okay... here goes nothing..... I started thinking about getting butt implants years ago. After having a history of being slightly obese as a child and young adult, my friends and I often joked about wishing we could transfer fat from other places in our bodies and put it in our asses, lol. Well, now, I am 31 years old with three kids and finally have the means to do just that! I am a black woman, 5"4 about 127-130lbs., done having kids and feeling ready to go through with the whole journey of getting my sexy back! And technically I cant even say "get it back" because I got pregnant at such a young age I really never really had it to begin with. I wish I would have given my body a chance develop so that I could have enjoyed my girlish figure before popping out three kids. But it is what is and is now that has become my motivation to proceed with finally having the body I dream of. I am excited, nervous, fearful, somewhat hesitant and anxious all at the same damn time. I was so glad to find this site where I can share my experience. I've been reading others "blogs" and think its just what I need for support and encouragement on my journey. So, so far... I have done my research and decided on Vanity Cosmetics in Miami, FL. I'm going to Dr. Fisher, he is amazing and CONSISTENT! I've seen some horror stories but haven't seen or heard of him jacking anybody up yet. And most importantly he is affordable. There is so much on my mind I'm not quite sure where to start. I guess this intro will do for now and I will try to post pictures of my current situation a lil later. Until next time.... do what ya do!

My Booty Vision

Here's a brief idea of what I'm looking for. An hourglass figure, some nice curvy hips, a lil projection, not too round not too bubbly but firm and juicy all at the same damn time! Ya know!

Its crazy that RS makes you write more to post cause that's all I had to say. So blah blah blah blah blah bla

Alright coo...deposit?

I'm coming to realize that this site is starting to become more addicting than Facebook! I'm enjoying reading successful reviews and terrified from a few too. But I put my deposit down finally and was disappoited to learn that Fisher doesn't take CareCredit. I definitely think Vanity should clarify that on their website, because they give all these financing options but don't explain that not all the doctors take the same forms of payment (some bs). But I want this so bad y'all know I made it work! So now I guess I havd the option to get my breast lift done with my CareCredit card since I do have some time before my BBL. It was just a thought, but I dont know yet. I was told that as long as there is three months in-between procedures I'd be good. This whole idea of going through with these procedures is consuming me. I can honestly say I am caught up for real! Looking at pictures and making vision collages (boards) is hella addicting! Ive even been at work looking at asses! Like "yeah she got a phatty"- add to board (click)! My surgery date is Nov 14th so let the journey begin!


As reality is setting in I am getting more nervous. Make that terrified! I cant believe that I actually put my deposit down and have something scheduled! OMGEEEEEE! I'm scared.

Now I'm really trippin

So I get a call from my Vanity Coordinators this morning about my medical history and shortly thereafter I see another death at their other center Encore. Now Im officialy spooked. They're telling me that I need medical clearance from my oncologist first. Which is actually a good thing, that Dr. Fisher is through enough to even care to investigate my history. Thats a great look and makes me glad I chose Fisher for my procedure. Now, I'm just hoping that my oncologist is comfortable with the idea. I've been cancer free for two years now and haven't had any cancer treatments since my bone marrow/stem-cell transplant in 2014. Hopefully my Dr will understand after he's totally caught off guard first lol. I know he's going to be like what the hell?? This girl.... Lol.

We shall see.

Before Pics. Cant wait until after.

All I want is some hips and a perfect ass. Is that too much to ask? This is the first time ever in life that I have been eating to gain weight on purpose. I been eating good! My ass gonna be so PHAT!!!


So I finally got a call from Vanity today saying they received clearance from my oncology dr. I guess they're now just waiting for my medical records to be faxed over for Dr. Fisher's review. Not really sure what all that will entail. But I must say that I have been addicted to looking at butts all day everyday. I've even got my boyfriend looking at butts and sending me wish pics lol. On the other hand, in the meantime, Ive been coming across the worst reviews and horror stories! I'm starting to freak myself out and second guess dealing with Vanity all together. As bad as I want this, for a second, I was almost wishing that I hadn't got cleared. My boyfriend has been supportive, but he even told me that I am fine just the way I am. He'd love me from head to toe regardless. As much as he tries to make me smile and feel good about myself I just cant seem to be happy. I had to explain that this procedure wasn't for him. Its for me. I have plenty of time do my research so please pray for my peace of mind in-between time. I'm a firm believer in positivity and attitude being everything but sometimes you have to proceed with caution too. Lord what am I going to do with myself????.......


Ya know... I'm seriously considering changing surgeons. I love Dr. Fisher's work but I don't think I can handle dealing with Vanity's chaos and disorganization (as I've heard). I wish he had his own practice. I was willing to overlook those complaints directed towards Vanity until I started seeing a lot more complaints and unsatisfactory reviews on Dr. Fisher lately. Seems like these past couple of months FisherDolls are giving much different reviews than before, which is leading me to believe that he is being overworked and getting burnt out. I read one review that went as far as to say that it didn't even look like Dr. Fisher did her surgery! She suspected that he did a swap with another surgeon because he was so busy. And as crazy as that sounds I wouldn't put it past them, especially seeing as to how they've been overbooking and overworking him to the point to were he is doing surgeries back to back to back. Which common sense leads me to believe he's having to do a rush job on some of his patients. Its also logical to assume that his super high demand will/would start to effect his work eventually. And the consistent reviews of patients with complications and not being able to get in touch with Fisher also concerns me, especially being from out of town. In my opinion, the risks involved are starting to outweigh the pros. I want a surgeon that can take his time and follow-up with my aftercare without having to worry about getting pushed out the back door before I can even wake up or not being able to get in touch with him in the instance something goes wrong post-op. However, one thing I CAN honestly say though is that I HAVE NOT had the same horrible customer service experience so far (even after putting my deposit down). Everyone has been very responsive and professional. Its just these reviews! The more I am on here reading them, my gut is telling me to switch so I think that's what I am going to do. There's got to be another dr. out there with just as much experience within my price range that can deliver the results that I am looking for. So wish me luck! And if you have any suggestions please share.

To be continued......

Ass all day everyday

I'm just saying. Ima be obsessed until I get mine. That is all.

Calling all BBL VETS

I am currently looking for a recovery home in Miami close to Vanity. Please let me know of anyone you would highly recommend based on your own experience. I have read several posts in the past recommending RNs and recovery homes, but unfortunately there is no way to view your likes on here which I think is kind of silly. So to make this easier for me please drop a recommendation with any related information. Thanks in advance my beautiful RS sistahs!

And... I heard Hasan is back. Is this true?

I see came back just in enough time for me put my deposit down with Fisher. Id like to think that everything happens for a reason so I might just leave my appointment as it is even though Hasan was my first choice. The more time is passing the more I am starting to realize that I am really on my way to making this thing happen! I plan to start ordering my supplies soon because I am just not a last minute sort of person and it'll be just my luck that none of my garments will fit and I'll have to send them all back lol. Trying to nip the possibility of any last minute problems in the bud right now! ya heard me

Hasan is back!

So I called Vanity today just to be half nosey half interested in whether Hasan was back in business or not. Turns out the rumor is true and he's got appointment openings starting in July. However, he did go up in price too. The coordinator quoted me 6,000 which is 500 more than what I'm paying with Fisher. I know Fisher is great and I'll most likely stay with him, but Hasan's work if fire too. I know he had a death in one of his patients not too long ago so a lot of people are leery of him but I've seen his work first hand and he did an amazing job on a associate of mine. Her waist is snatched to the max and her ass is nice, round and full with perfect hip to ass ratio. For a couple of minutes I was actually considering paying the extra 500 and switching to a sooner date then suddenly realized the way my life is set up. Yeah it's not gonna happen. Right now November seems sooooo far away. It'll be here sooner than I know it though. I just ask that God grant me with some patience and discipline not to spend my BBL coins before then. Just thought I'd post for the aspiring Hasan Dolls out there.

Party time!

Please take this gut and give me a butt dear Lord.


Was feeling myself until I looked at this picture. Somethings gotta give. Seriously. I deserve a nice body. I'm in mission mommy makeover mode. Like for real. Time to get SNATCHED ya heard me! (And no I'm not pregnant - just fat)

Finally purchased my ticket

So I finally was able to purchase my flight and hotel. I'm glad I got that out the way! Now it really seems real. I can't believe I'm doing this. I just hope that I'll be okay with my horrible health history. Sometimes I feel like my insides are fried and may not be able to sustain such an aggressive surgery. My doctor cleared me though so we shall see what happens. Just pray for me y'all. I'm going to keep on marching though. And do everything I can to be as healthy for surgery as possible. I'm also concerned because I've gained so much weight for this surgery (still under BMI of 30) but not even sure if all that's necessary. Hopefully this weight gain won't have too bad of an impact on my capacity to have this surgery. Health wise, if that makes sense. I just want a fat ass!

Fucking Pissed!

So now that I'm paid in full Vanity is telling me that with my past medical history, Hasan is not comfortable performing my surgery. Like WTF! Reason being because I supposedly didn't divulge all of my medical history when I filled out the questionnaire which is bullshit. It was filled out truthfully and entirely. Maybe they should stop letting people that don't speak proper English prepare clinical paperwork. That way they can ask their questions more accurately. I'm too hot right now! So I guess I'm switching back to dr fisher if he'll take me back as a patient. I love how Hasan snatches waists but if he doesn't feel comfortable with himself doing my BBL because of one blood clot ten years ago due some foreign diet pills, then that makes me uncomfortable as well. So my coordinator is going to get in touch with Fisher and let me know what he says after he comes back from vacation. I'm a little upset but shit... having an ass ain't worth risking my life with someone who isn't confident about their own skills. Ya feel meh?! Oh well. If Fisher doesn't take me back then I guess I'll be looking for another BBL doctor and facility altogether.

Anyone there?

Seems I've been talking to my damn self on here but I'm hoping I get lucky this time and get a response. I'm looking for dolls that have had their BBL surgeries with doctors other than Fisher or Hasan. I can't seem to find any other surgeons more qualified than these two surgeons. I think they're both amazing but I'm not sure if Vanity will grant clearance for surgery so I need a plan B, C and D. I've already paid for all my travel expenses so I NEED to make this work. Please help RS!

Quick update

Since my last post not much has changed with Vanity getting on my damn nerves. So I was booked with Hassan. He decides he doesn't want to do it. Vanity has all my money paid in full and wants me to keep waiting around for Fisher to say yay or nay. I figured I'd just save them the headache and say nay for them and now these mf begging me to stay with Fisher. Like y'all need to make up yalls mf minds!!! Either put me on the schedule or give me my money back! While they bs'n around, I'm steady focused on Blinski doing his thing. This old ass white man has my attention for real!!! He's giving out some NICE fat ass asses! Like oooohwee! AND for my consultation he called me himself. That was impressive. Knowing that he cared enough to do it himself and he's that personable. I like that, and think that's what sold me.

In the meantime.... Fisher still thinking about it.....

Bye bye Vanity...Hello Blinski!

So it is now official. I request a refund form Vanity and switched to Blinski. With my medical history I decided not to play myself trying to be cheap. Blinski cost me an extra grand but I feel the care and attention he gives his patients is worth it. He explained that a BBL should not take only 1-2 hrs (Fisher), but 3-5 (Blinski), which is why Blinski only does one per day. That way he can give each patient the attention and results they desire without feeling rushed or pressured to get the next patient on the table. I'm coo with that. He calls the patients and speak to them personally which is also a BIG HUGE plus! I can't even count the number of times I've asked Vanity to have Fisher call me and still never heard from him. Not knocking Fisher or Vanity but being from out of state I just want to make sure I cover my ass. I'm confident in my decision and pray that it all works out.

Weight Gain Pics

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I've gained about 20 lbs! All for the sake of a fatter ass lol.

At the end of the day...

What I realized is that at the end of the day things might not always go as planned but one thing I do know is that you cannot put a price on peace of mind. I feel so much better and free since I got from up under Vanity's wing. I had to spend a little bit more but the peace of mind was well worth it. I know that I will be taking care of both before and after surgery. Any surgeon that is confident and cares enough to give you his personal cell number is a doctor I'd trust. Can't be playing with your life out here trying to be cheap. Can't wait to see Blinski in May 2017!!! I'm so happy he's my guy! Keeping it stress free round here.

So far I expect nothing but the best and will...

So far I expect nothing but the best and will accept nothing but the best. My goal is to have a smoking hot body by next summer. Ass, boobs, waist and all. I'm trying to undergo a total transformation people. Please follow me on my journey as I pray everything works out. This review is an outlet and support system for me and whatever it is to you. Either way we all in this together!

Booty Goals

Trying to narrow all these fabulous bootys down to one or two favorites is hard as hell! I need one official wish pic. I like em ALLL! Booty booty booty booty booty!!!!

Where are all the Blinski dolls????

My feed is full of Fisher dolls but Blinski is booked all the way through next Spring. Where are all his protégés???? I know y'all out there! Drop a line or sum'n!!! Oh yeah... And don't forget pics!

Where the hell is Dr. Blinski?

He went from 100 to 0 real quick. I haven't seen a Blinski babe in a minute. He closed is Instagram down... I can't find no recent reviews...I'm like wtf is really going on???? Like seriously.

Is it just me?

Is it just me, or do you hate when people start a review and don't finish or follow-through to post op. That shit irks me! Like why even start a review if your not going to show us your results and share the full experience??? I wonder about some of these chicks that post reviews all year long up until the day of the procedure and then nothing else. We hearing straight crickets in this mf. Like dang did she make it to the other side or what? Do I need to watch the news or something? What happened to her? Be like damn hope she's ok. But dang, if you made it let a Bitch know! Geesh

Do I really need a wish pic?

Lately I've been thinking of not presenting dr Blinski with a wish pic. Reason being, because we are all different shapes and sizes so no matter what wish picture I choose he's going to be trying to duplicate someone else's body on ME. I saw this meme that really made me think about it and I strongly agree. Why not give him the artistic freedom to do what he does best to create the best body for ME? Think about it....


A lot of dolls were telling me that all the Blinksi babes are on Instagram so my old dated ass got on Instagram and created me a page. My new IG name is vonjuan4837. Please follow me because I have no idea how to navigate IG whatsoever. I need an IG tutor because I'll I've ever used was Facebook and RS. Smh I need to get with the program cause watching me struggle with thing is freakin hilarious. Talk about comedy ????

Everybody gonna have an ass!

Before it's all said and done the whole world gonna have an ass! I had no idea that doctors was handing out asses like lollipops. This little secret society still blows my mind! I think it's awesome but at the same time makes you think if EVERYBODY got an ass mine won't be as special. "NOT! Where my ass at?! Come ere!"

Y'all wasn't lying

I found ALL the Blinski Babes, Barbies and Dolls! Just like y'all said, they're ALL on IG. I hope I created my profile correctly so that I can stay incognito. I used two separate names for my name and user name (neither being my real name). Secondly, I excluded my email address that's linked to my FB account but I did include my real phone number. Do you guys think will easily be able to find and/or recognize me? Oh yeah and my profile is also set to private. Figured that should do the trick.

Changing my flight

Omg changing my flights is a pain in the ass! If you've been following my journey you know that I was originally booked with Fisher in November. It wasn't until I had everything paid for that Vanity decided to throw me for a loop and then I decided to cancel and reschedule with Blinski. So now I've got to change my November flights to May 2017, but right now nothing is even flying out on the time and day that I need. It's looking like I'm going to have to buy two one way tickets to make sure that I get there on time flying out of a different airport an hour away and then buy a ticket to fly back into another airport that literally 5 mins from my house. I'm hoping that if I wait a few months they'll add some more flights for the airport closest to me. That war I can just make it a round trip. Ugh I'm so frustrated!

New Development Peeps!

So since my booty is being postponed until May, I decided to switch my procedures around and get my breast lift in November. I tried to start a separate review for that procedure but RS isn't approving it for some reason. So for now I'll just include it in my BBL review. Pics coming soon!

Too funny!

This meme had me dying yesterday but expresses exactly how I feel

If you feel like giving Vanity a Chance

Vanity Special

More wish pics

Vanity vs Miami Escape

Beware of the fuckery that goes on with Vanity.

What is going on?

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Blinski is so far super good in my book. He gives amazing results that look realistic and is the most personable plastic surgeon that I've met so far. Him calling me himself and giving his personal cell number is what got Fisher fired and Blinski hired. He is humble and straight to the point. I love that. He's all over taking care of his patients and being efficient. Plus, he only does one BBL per day which leaves less room for error due to a rush job.

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