BBL Hopefully Soon. Miami, FL

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I'm 27 years old looking to get my new booty ASAP...

I'm 27 years old looking to get my new booty ASAP but is having difficulty finding a company that will finance me with my credit score ????. The doctor that will do my surgery would be Fisher. So hopefully by March I will have the butt of my dreams and make a few guys mad at the same time lol. If anyone knows of any financing companies that will assist people with bad credit please let me know. Thanks in advance and may the butt get bigger and the stomach get flatter

Wish pics

Can't wait I'm soooooo excited

Good News Ladies

I've been searching the internet asking so many people on how to get financing with my credit and I lucked up with my co applicant and guess whattttttttt I Just got approved for financing yayyyyyy I'm super exited now. All I have to do is lose this weight any tips???? I need to lose this weight ASAP!!!!!!!! Looking to get this sx done in April.

BBL supplies???

I've been stalking real self and I see you ladies purchase a lot of things for the procedure. Can someone give me the specifics on what I will need so that I can start purchasing now. I know that I'm going to need the faja the boards and the bbl pillow but that's. Any recommendations ladies?

Dr Sergio Alvarez is my new doctor

So May 19th it is ladies and I can not wait!!!!!! I'm too hype and too excited. I'm going to make a lot of ppl mad for not fucking with me. Now all I need to know is what do I need to get for this journey? Anyone can tell me about the supplies that I will need. I would really appreciate it. Thanks dolls your all beautiful ????

Let the Countdown Begin

I'm soooooooo excited 10 more days until my big day. I can't wait. I'm anxious nervous happy scared feel like I'm about to faint. It's really happening. All I need to know is what will I need before and after surgery? I can't wait to meet Doctor Alvarez because I'm trying to be snatched to the gods ok!


Soooooo I'm omw to work work work work work lol and I get a phone call from a number I don't recognize. I NEVER ANSWER NUMBERS I DON'T KNOW!!!!! But I answered and it was Kristen from spectrum telling that Dr. Alvarez has changed his schedule. At first I thought it was going to be for a later date but she asked if I wanted to come in tomorrow (today 5/11) at 11:30 I said HELL YEA lol. I'm super duper excited yet nervous and anxious and ready to get it over with *sighs* I really can't believe it's happening now like wow man. All these years of research and debating and here I am. I wanna cry because this means so much to me. I can't wait to see my results because I'm coming for revenge ALL SUMMER 16,17,18,19 till infinity lmao. I will post pics regardless of the pain and I also have a IG sx acct @alvarezsnatchedme16. See you soon to be and future dolls in a few more hours smooches.

Another Call

So I'm literally just waking up around 8 and Alexa called me wanting me to come in now so y'all already know I'm ready. Getting ready to leave now.


So I went in Thursday 5/12 waited for a couple of hours got weighed and was told I had to reschedule. I was pissed but it worked out in my favor because it's next month 6/17 and that's when I take my vacation so I won't have to miss anymore days from work. I was already out for a month with an ankle injury so I'm kinda happy I got rescheduled. Other than that I will keep you ladies updated with EVERYTHING

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