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I am presently 173 5/6 .I would like to get down...

I am presently 173 5/6 .I would like to get down to 163.I have loss volume in my butt and breast area .I would like to gain that volume without pounds in the wrong place.My legs are my problem area .I have been this site constantly for about a month now and I am going with Dr fisher.I called vanity my experience is typical Dr fisher busy have not look at my pics

Look for surgery buddy

Hello if anyone is looking to do surgery in june please inbox me.So while Dr fisher is my choice vanity is not good with getting back to their clients. I would like to thank all of you who post your experiences with vanity.I was prepare for the vanity run around so it is all good.

Tummy tuck

Hey doll feeling bad today.I got my quote back from Dr baez she said I need a tummy tuck.I do not feel like I need one .I am considering going to Dr fisher I feel like these Dominican Republic doctors trying to get all the can

Quick update

I am down to 167 so happy about that.still trying to see if dr Duran quote

Dr Duran qoute

Dr Duran qoute came through today 4200 she not not recommended the tt.she is the best waist gamer around .this is a great price I am so afraid of going overseas .you know what I am going to do

Hey dolls

So The Update On Diet I Am now eating backward .I Eat Dinner For Breakfast The Snack For Lunch two shakes for dinner .protein shakes help keep me full at night and I am running three days a week.I hate working out but got to do it the winter is hard for me

Late night eating

It is late and I want to eat something sugar free here i am eating these tropical Popsicles really good for curving cravings.goodnight dolls till the morning lunch already pack well breakfast


Hey dolls so I kind of told my mom I want to get bbl.She does like the idea at all but my life .I look at my goal weight and should be there soon.Gym action not in the mood today but I will force myself. I saw an amazing bbl by fisher yesterday .I think I am sold on him

Not so bad

Hey dolls looking at my before pics not so bad .I am OK with how I look my body is a working progress. It is so much better than where I started

Surgery buddy

Hey dolls I am looking for a surgery buddy my last of school is date is June but open to may I am going to fisher I hope .I have put my deposit down plan to at end of the month

This site

This site is so addicted. I am on here all the time .I seen some great bbl from Dr perry and some doctor in houston.some of the best work is coming out of the Dominican Republic. Almonte is really gpod with thick girls andon't Dr Melinda is really good the work I have seen.I seen work that fisher is on the 52 year old lady that made me sit up it was amazing. Waiting on my fisher dolls from cali to get there work done .

Dr melina

I know I been riding with Dr fisher from the jump well really fisher or Duran .Today I am team Dr melina right now her work is great she is honest professional. She told me it was my choice to have the to but my results in my tummy might not be as great.well guess what dolls I am going to hit sit ups hard so there


I am riding with Medina dolls.I am please with that decision .I feel like she will do an amazing job.I have some of the money together. I am thinking of getting boobs done with bbl.still not sure about tummy tuck but I am just ready for this journey


Hey dolls I started taking my iron pills today my hemo level was 12 today .I should be able to get it to a 14 by may.I now weight 165 my target but I am still lossing.I think my legs should have enough fat for what I want to do.School is going OK may cannot get here soon enough. I am so ready to be hopping into jeans with a big old butt

Ready to have this surgery

I hope in a month my he no levels can be at a 13.pills pills pills started hard this week .folic acid multiple vitamins and blood builder this shit is no joke.I am hoping Dr Medina can work wonders with me.No tummy for me right now just ass a lot of it

BBl or maybe not

Today is one of the days that I am just like forget. I am a recent single parent a lot on my mind and dealing with a teenager son is alot.I am also stressing because my hemo levels are low.I am just do stress about life and then I think at least I am living.I want this surgery but I think waiting till school is out is killing me.I am ready now and Dr Medina keeps talking about about a tummy tuck .if I need it I will get it round 2.Right I think my tummy will be just fine

Quick update

I am only going to get bbl no tummy tuck.if I need it round 2 it will be done .I am working on my hemo and I do not want the problems one of the other dolls had .After her surgery her hemo drop so low she had tummy tuck butt lift and liposuction on legs it was too much for her guys must laugh but .I believe God spoke to me one thing at a time . I hear you one thing at a time .


Today I weigh 162lbs taking my vitamins .I am at the gym everyday for 20 mins.I am going to have surgery in June with Dr medina.

Weight loss update

Hello dolls it has been a while .I now am down 157 I think I am going to delay my bbl.I am working on my master right now and it is very stressful. I am looking at like November right now

Fix my but Dr Medina

I hope she can fix this hot mess
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