BBL I Can't Wait... Took Me Awhile but Now I'm Ready to Start my Journey...Miami, FL

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Hello to all my BBL chicas. I have been following...

Hello to all my BBL chicas. I have been following a lot of you beautiful ladies but finally decided to post my own review.. Finally!!! I am a 29 year African American woman with no kids. I live in Atlanta **theheartofbigbooties** now it's my turn. Lol.. I have wanted this surgery for the last 3/4 years. One of my friends got a BBL from Dr. J in Atlanta a couple years back when he wasn't as popular and we have the same body style basically. Big boobs up top a low key wide frame flat butt at the top and forms at the bottom. (Hope I explained that correctly). I have been stalking this site for years. I appreciate all the ladies who created a profile and shared their journey with everyone. It takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication..
The reason I want a BbL is bc I do.. Lol no to be honest I do work out a lot. When I'm in the gym I'm in the gym heavy. When I fall off it's ok I just fall off. I used to be a vegetarian for a year and a half, decided to go back to eating what I want but in portions. My weight goes up and down but no matter what I do I will never have that perfect round butt by just going to the gym. I need that extra boost ???????????? yes that BBL boost. Over the years I maintained a weight of 130 but started creeping up. When the scale said 140 I was like ohhhh noooo then eventually I crept up to 150 lord jassssuuusss. I was pissed but I had to tell myself it's just numbers. So I stayed off the scale and stuck to toning and cardio. I still wear a size 6/7 in jeans so I was like ok cool. My biggest problem with my body is the fact that I have a fat back right above my butt I've always had that. Been wanting to get rid of it forrrrreeevvveerr... Well seems like it's not going anywhere. The top of my butt which I'm not sure exactly what that area is called is flat. I have no roundness which sucks. I have a form halfway down my butt. Weird. I'm just tired and ready to get my surgery. Over the years I have been doing a lot of research and looking at pictures and comparing different body styles. I haven't seen too many bodies shaped like mine. Been waiting to see how these ladies transformed. I basically just want something proportioned to my body style. I would love subtle hips and a round not huge ass. That's all. Welp enjoy your day ladies and I'm sooo happy to be here sharing my journey with u as you share yours with me. Ciao Bella's!!!! I will try and post more pics of me but I need to figure out how to bleep out my face.

BBL ON THE WAY!!!!! I Got my Date!!! - Miami, FL

OMG ladies.. Im soo excited.. Since my first initial post I was going back and forth between Ortega or Fisher.. I was very much soo indecisive.. So I called both for a consultation and Liz from Ortega's office was very nice and answered all my questions. Then I called Fisher's office and Ana who is very persistent made sure she did follow up calls and answered all my questions even when I wasn't sure she stayed on me.. I actually like that.. I was still doing research bc I was still uncertain.. I told her all the bad stuff I heard about Vanity and that I need everything in writing. I can honestly say she has been on top of her shit.. So TODAY I paid my deposit locked in a date.. I was suppose to go Aug 29 but someone cancelled and I'm going AUGUST 18th.. WOOOOOHHHHOOOOOO so happy I'm just ready to do this and get it over with.. So basically I'm paying 5k for surgery +1500 for RH (bc im out of state and I dont have time for all the back and forth crap)... Yaaay I'm soo happy I have been wanting this for sooo long that I can taste it.. so i officially gave up drinking until after my surgery bc I go innnnnnn when it comes to that and I wanna make sure everything is right when it comes to my health and blood work and all that extra stuff sooo i will be on struggle mode for a min.. So this is basically my 30th bday gift to SELF.. my bday is july 14th so this will definitely make it all worth it.. ok until next time...

Time Is Ticking... 28 Days and counting..

HEY my beautiful happy ladies.. its been a minute since i have posted anything.. I have been CELEBRATING MY 30TH BDAY (26 ON THE LOW), traveling like crazy and taking time for self and doing me... well the latest and greatest basically I ordered a bunch of stuff for my surgery..
Things i will need.. I ordered chux, pur-absorb(iron supplement) just to make sure my iron level is where it needs to be, mederma, bio oil, ted compression socks, abdominal board and lower back flattening board(from the pink room online store), gauze and tape, P ez but im still waiting for it in the mail actually, i also ordered from the recovery support program basically all the pills i need for a great recovery. there are 3 bottles of pills pre op and post op and some sinEcch, 2 pieces of lipo foam.. do i need more? Most of my things came from Amazon... Today i also ordered the boppy custom fit total Body pillow (from toyRus) just a little something etc.. I got all my dresses from TjMaxx they always have cute dresses for about 20$ i didn't want anything super expensive... hell its gonna get bloody anyways lol.. I also ordered this fitting lotion by juzo alps it helps with putting on your garments( I may not need it but I saw another RSelfer buy it so I wanted to try it.. I haven't purchased any extra garments I'm gonna wait until I get to miami to get mines from some girdles unlimited store.. I do get a free one from Vanity... I have seen 2 i want but I wanna make sure i can fit them.. Also I AM PAID IN FULL BITCHS WOOOOOOHOOOO... sooooo Vanity has had some issues with their RH what a fucking waste... I think the mini mansion flooded so they are putting us at the Extended Stay America... :( I really didnt wanna stay there but now I think it will be great bc my mother is going to come the 1st couple days then my cousin and my 2 besties soo its perfect that I'll be in a hotel.. I'm sooo happpy they are coming.. Loving my circle of friends, Thanking GOD for them for putting up with me and all my RS booty searching asses... they love me though... So I pray this hotel is not a dump.. I hope its clean and clean and clean thats all.. I'm excited ladies.. Im letting NO NEGATIVITY BOMBARD MY INNER PEACE.... no im not. . staying positive and praying to god that this is for me.. I am thanking him for his creation of me but asking just for a nice booty and a happy safe recovery. thats all sweet baby jesus.. thank you.. I did my lab work a little too early.. I just wanted to make sure everything was ok with me for my clearance.. I will do another one like a couple days before surgery either with vanity or my doctor.. I also booked my massages with Marian... I found her through alot of the ladies on RS.. I have read alot of reviews about Vanitys massages being not that great basically.. Marian has plenty of great reviews.. I know it may hurt but everyone says if you know what you are doing u will feel a whole lot better.. sooo im excited about that.. WeLP peace love and peace again.. back to watching Botched, i love this show and couch shopping I need a new comfy sofa bc I cant lay in bed all day.. Ciao Bellas...

Where Are My Fisher Dolls At???

If any of you ladies are going to Fisher or Vanity Aug17-24 reach out to me!!! I would love to meet u amazing ladies. We are all in this together. Just showing some love!!!

21 DAYS!!!!

I'm secretly counting but not really.. Trying not to think about it but I am everyday.. Last week I went to my pcp and basically got all my blood work taken care of.. I also got a clearance letter just to cover all basis.. Vanity cleared me for surgery and my clearance letter from my doctor will be faxed over tomorrow.. I'm ready!!!!! I really don't have alot to tell you guys besides im happy and ready for my surgery... I'm still stalking and dreaming about booties!!! So until then ladies be beautiful, bootyliscious, and BOLD.. Ciao Love you!!!


Hello my beautiful ladies!!! 1st I would like to say Thanks for all your support!! I truly appreciate it. This journey has been long and I'm ready to keep the ball rolling. This website has been amazing and I'm sooo happy I found it. Thanks god for u amazing ladies. Well I haven't updated much bc I've been busy working and doing last minute things for my Miami trip. So I skipped out on the RH. I initially booked up but then a Fisher doll posted that the extended stay wasn't grand and not the best soooo according to my standards I asked for a refund last week. Hopefully it takes 2 weeks like my PC Ana says. If not I'll take matters into my own hands. Thinking positive though. I went to and booked a condo downtown with all amenities and a rental car for a week and it's the same price as the recovery house. My mother and 3 bffs will be there so they can enjoy all the fab amenities. I felt more at peace with that versus the RH then the hotel. So yesterday I basically did my last minute shopping I have everything I need. I will pack everything tonight bc I travel for a living so I'll be on the road all week then off to Miami Sunday with my mother. She has never been to Miami so the 1st day is our day hope there isn't any rain. Quick question I already received my pre op instruction but did you guy really stop taking your vitamins? Just wondering. I'm going to post some last minute pics. Hope y'all enjoy!! Have a great Sunday!!! Good luck to those brave ladies who had sx or is awaiting sx. Love y'all and happy healing!!!
Ciao Bellas

Ladies make sure u get all your blood work done!!!

Welp I guess my doctor decided not to get a sample of blood for my PTT test. Ugggggh. So I had to go back to his office get blood drawn for one test. Oh well glad that's done. Happy vanity decided to give me a call earlier in the week and not wait until the last minute. Hope all you ladies are having a great day. No bumps in my road. Just staying positive. A really good guy friend called me today saying he really doesn't think I should get it. I'm like dude I'm paid in full a week away and all I need you to do is pray for me. If you feel yourself being negative pls turn it around with a positive. He said ok. Lol like a kid. I'm already nervous and scared. I've never had surgery before so just reading different bbl journeys keeps me in great spirits. I just wanna wake up that's all. And I will. :) well 7 more days till surgery and 6 more days till MiAMI. Can't wait. Ciao Bella's!!!


HEY ladies, hope all is well.. I am officially 2 days away from my sx date.. I can't wait.. Ive been taking all my VitaMeds... OMG i feel like Im taking 500 pills a day.. I started the Arnica Montana 3 pills 3 times a day.. I started the Bromelain today 2pills 3 times a day uuuggghh and I take the regular vitamins clinical support 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening.. Im officially a pill popper... well I finally got in touch with vanity after 2 days of calling and not being able to speak to my pc.. Anna she had surgery yesterday.. I'm sad I wont be able to meet her... So Yisel(giselle) has taken over.. So she finally told me that my last blood work the PTT/IRNA test came back good not sure what it shouldve been but as long as Im healthy and cleared for sx Im cool with that.. So Im going to go through my bag one more time and make sure I have everything.. My nerves are excited but Im not out of control with it.. Im literally ready to see the body the "booty gods" is going to give me.. I pray my waist is snatched to the gods.. I just want projection and roundness.. I dont want a low booty, I dont think it will look right on me.. I will have wish pics printed out for Dr. Fisher I want him to see exactly what I want.. Im really happy yall.. Also I would like to say ThankYOu to all the beautiful ladies that have supported me through my journey.. Thank yall honestly we need each other.. WE are all here for the same reason.. Im also sending prayers to all those ladies whose having sx this weekend and if you had your sx recently.. Happy Healing Stay blessed..


Hey ladies. I'm in Miami. Yaaaayyyy!!! My sx is at 6am. I'm 1st I was begging for that!!! Thank God!!! I got here earlier and I checked into my condo downtown me and my mom. We have been having fun all day. I just wanted to update you ladies and let you know how everything is falling I to place. Here are some pics of the condo I rented. If u ever wanna rent a condo anywhere just check out I'm headed to bed!!! I'm tired. See y'all on the other side. Pray for me as I'm praying for myself. Ciao!! No eating or drinking after midnight. I stopped at 10. Wanted my 8 hours!!!


Hey ladies I made it to the other side. Thank The Lord. When I woke up from surgery I didn't care what I looked like I thanked god for mr being alive. Sooo I'm gonna try and see if I can type all of this. Well I arrived at vanity at 6am on the morning of the 18th. No one was there then Yisel arrived and opened the door for us we went in and I signed my life away. Remind you I have not even thought about this sx bc it makes me nervous. So after doing that I got my baby blue shoes and compression socks(which vanity provided). Fisher came in full of life and energy... (Wait my mess r kicking in????????????... To sleep I go... I'll be back later

Day 1-3

Sooo I go to the back. Talk with the anesthesiologist and he tell me I'm gonna have some tequila and fisher said he was going to sell my organs and guess what I was out!!! The best sleep I've ever had in my life. I woke up and I was shaking really bad bc I was freezing. Then maciel(nurse) she finally put the faja on and turned me over. Can I say the worst pain. Omg the worst. So I was done with sx around 9/10 I wanna say. I ended up staying there until 11/12 bc everytime I got up to tinkle I felt sooo weak so they made me stay. Thank god my mom was there she went and got me some soup near vanity and when I tell you I murked that damn soup. It was sooooo good. She brought me gatorades. I love my mom. I started crying when I told my mom thanks for being there. The anesthesia reallly makes you emotional and very musty. I promise I smelt gross and I put on deo even though I wasn't suppose too. So when I got back to the condo I was staying at I slept off for I was exhausted and in pain. My pain level was 8 but the 2nd day I felt 10 bc everything was right and sore. Today I feel good. I've been up walking around. I've been taking my mess on time. My VJJ is swollen. Omg it's ugly. I put an ice pack on it. It hasn't went down. What do I do ladies. Fisher said it was normal. So today is day 3 I feel like a 6 still kinda sore. Everyday does get better. I'm just sooo thankful to not have had any major complications. I have my 1st massage today with Marion. I can't wait. I know it's gonna hurt. Oh well life goes on. To all those ladies having surgery good luck and happy healing be prepared. I don't have a lot of bruising and that's bc I took those Vitameds. The arnica and bromelain(not sure if I spelled it right) but they do work. Ladies invest in those vitamins. Ciao for now


Is going to be how many cc's... DRUMROLLS... 1205 in one cheek and 1210 in the other cheek did he give hips idk I forgot to ask yesterday. All I know is my waist is snatched and my ass is fat!!! And I'm thankful!!!!

4 days POST OP

Hey ladies!!! I'm doing well hope all you wonderful ladies are enjoying this journey you are on. Also if you ladies are looking for fajas in MIAMI pls go to lipo they have stores all over Miami. Also I had my 1st massage yesterday with Marion. Man it hurt but I felt sooo much better. I was very stuff and I have fluid in my abdomen area so she drained as much as she could for an hour.. I'm going back today for my 2nd massage. Can wait for that bc it hurts but I feel soo much better. Marion is really good at what she does. She is very knowledgeable and I like that. I don't want no dummies working on my body Idc what you are doing. I wish I could sit but I can't but oh well. Oh yea I had my 1st BM today. Man did that feel weird and it hurt. Oh well glad it's over. I've been eating healthy. Fish, chicken, and vegetables. Yea I'm not playing about this 5k body!!! I'm loving Miami. I wake up to the best view ever. If you ladies have any questions pls hit me up. Also I bought a faja with the butt out and Marion says you shouldn't wear those until you are at least 3/4 weeks in so I'll save it. I did have to buy an extra one from vanity when I did my follow up visit. Their fuckup as always. They put a med garment on me and they should've used a large so I told them the only way I'm buying it is if they give me a discount. Which was 80$ fine no worries.. Well I'll let u know about my 2nd massage. Ciao!!! For now

TGIF!!! Fisher Doll Feeling Good!!! 5 Days Post Op!!!!

Well I had my 2nd massage with Marion yesterday. It's definitely getting better day by day. The massages really do help. I just wish all this fluid would come out and go away. I love Miami and all but I can't party and back it up yet!!! So I started with a size 38 garment now I'm in my size 36 I'm gonna have to get my first garment altered. I did buy one with the butt out but Marion says she doesn't think I should wear it sooo soon welp in a min I'm not gonna have a choice. I haven't weighed myself nor have I taken measurements. I'm just trying to keep up with my vitamins and meds and my VJJ going down. When does that go down??? Damn it's annoying. Also someone commented on my page about taking a poop. Yea it is important or just helpful to give advice and tips so I appreciate her comment. When I was at vanity they made me go to the restroom so I could walk around so I had no choice but to sit on the toilet but I wasn't really sitting on my butt i was basically sitting on my thighs. I had to squat and open my legs wide and sit. I have enough cushion back there so it's been easy. I haven't even used that pez thing at all.
Also ladies who are pre op I didn't use half the things i purchased:
I basically used
-Tylenol extra strength
-pads (maybe 3/4 out the pack)
-ab board( front and back) vanity also made me one
-lipo foams
-boppy body pillow(this was the best esp when sleeping. Very comfortable for my tummy)
-ensure( helped a lot 25g protein)
-Gatorade ( I drank it almost everyday and I don't usually drink juice or soda)
-organic pineapple juice(once the bottle is done I won't buy anymore)
I think that's all. People pls don't waste a lot of money going out buying a lot of items. Really these are the necessities. I do have bio oil and mederma cream. That's all u really need. Your skin will be very dry so pls keep it moisturized. I haven't really oiled down my abdomen area bc it's really tender. I do have the itchs but I just think of other things. Most of this is mental. Anyways. It's FRIDAY and I'm going for my 3rd massage today. I can't wait.. Supposedly getting my drains out on Monday so I can go home Tuesday morning. Btw I go to bed hella early and wake up when the sun comes up. I'm just doing nothing. Looking around. Lol. Is anybody else doing the same thing??? Ok so maybe I'm 4 days post off(do I count the day of surgery?) if so I'm 5 days post op if not I'm 4 days post op. I guess it doesn't matter!!! Any new Fisher dolls crossing over???? I wanna follow your journey. Anyways enough talking for now. Enjoy ur Friday!!!

Long Time No Speak.. 1 week post op

Hey ladies.. omg... I have been hella busy and hella sore and tired.. well Let me start off where I left off.. Well my friday went well I enjoyed all my massages from Marion.. Me and cousin ordered the italian food from around the corner and when I say it was amazing.. It was.. All the pasta was made from scratch.. Yummy... Last day eating pasta.. Welp I woke up on Saturday and of course all i look forward to on a daily is my massages with marion.. Well I think her assistant messed up the times and according to the book I was officially late.. My appt was at 12 I showed up and no one was there.. So I called Marion and she thought my appt was at 11 and at this time she was away from the office.. I was pissed.. So me and my friend went to the airport to pick up my bff bc she was coming in town and I was happy to see her.. Other than that there goes the weekend.. Sunday rolls around and I needed a massage bad so i found this spot called sapphire therapy in miami lakes.. The lady did a good job but she wasnt marion.. I just needed hands on me bc i felts sooo stiff.. I know I have been doing everything right.. Wearing my garment, lipo foams, ab board, everything.. When is the pain going to go awwwwaaaayyyy.. so sore and the lumps in my stomach were unbearable.. I hate it.. Hopefully monday will be better.. Until then ladies chow.. To all you lovely ladies with upcoming sx good luck congrats welcome to bootttaaaayyland and get plenty of rest and drink tons of water.. Ciao!!!!

Drains Out Yessssssss!!!!

Marvelous Monday Ladies... So today I woke up extra early.. My drains are coming out today.. So to Vanity I go at 9am..... Get to Vanity.. wait a bit then met with Fisher...yaaaay drains out.. thank god sweet baby jesus.. he said everything is looking good.. Keep wearing my socks and garment... Yessss I am.. Ill be living in my garment with no panties on .. Helllo!!!!! lol.. so we leave there and go look for another garment... just so i can have a back up when I get home to the atl... welp didnt buy anything bc I already purchased 2 the other day with a squeem and i cant wait to wear those.. So I go for my last 2 massages at marions wow was I blown away.. Basically 2 hours of intense pain lol... She did what she needed to do.. She also taught me alot about the lymphatic massages. What to expect and why you need the massages and etc.. I didnt wanna leave miami or marion.. I wanted to kidnap her and bring her home with me.. She treated me like family and I felt it.. She is a genuine lady.. Welp... Wake up in Miami...... Sleep In Atlanta... I made it home YAAAAALLLLLLL.. YES!! I was so excited to be home.. I missed my place and everything about it and my space and my cleanliness...Oh wait let me back up I forgot to tell yall about my flight.. My flight was ok.. Im a flight attendant so I sat in the flight attendant jumpseat bc there were no seats and I had to do what I had to do to get home.. So basically I only had to sit for take off and landing.. I stood the majority of the flight.. Can I just say everything was swollen and ugghhh i couldnt wait to get off.. so we landed and i had to walk through the airport by the time i got home I was exhausted.. My BFF who is a guy picked me up and took me grocery shopping and he took care of me... yes he did all i can do is thank god for him.. I promise when you are at your lowest people disappear and wooooooo you really do figure out who your real friends are...


BACK TO BUSINESS so today i woke up at the crack of dawn 7am.. looking for a lymphatic massage therapist and I found someone who uses this cupping method...hmmmmm ill try it out she did a good job it was different bc she used glass or plastic cups with a vacuum pump to create a negative pressure on the skins surface... cups are then moved in various techniques while gently pulling up..I can honestly say I felt good after the massage.. no penguin walk helllo!!! Im sure it will be back later.. I didnt book another massage bc I wanted to test a couple of people out and see what they are going to do.. so tomorrow Im going to a plastic surgery place that gives lymphatic massages sooo I will definitely let you know how that goes.. Also after the massages you will have to urinate a ton and I can say yes that is true.. Anyways today I am on my own.. My friend has left for work and im solo dolo.. pray I dont go crazy in my house by myself.. I will be off till Sept 20thisssh I want my 6 weeks bc my job requires sitting and hey I need to be in tip top shape to deal with these passengers and my big ole donkey booty saaaaassshhhhaaayying down the aisle.. Ok Ciao ladies... Oh before I forget I forgot to tell you I purchased a lawn chair and boy am I laying out.. Yes life is sweet....



Quick Question???

How long do u ladies wear your ab board and lipo foam? I still wear mines everyday every night. Also sorry I haven't taken any pics but I'm still swollen and tender. I bought arnica gel or something last night I hope it works. My ass is still fat believe that!!!!


I know you ladies are visual!!! I am still swollen. I have some lumps and fluid in my belly so that's why I go everyday for massages and to get out the house. There is a pocket on my butt that looks like it needs some loving but I'm sure once everything fluffs and rounds out it will be fine. I'm happy I just want the recovery process to be over!!! It takes time and I guess I have a bunch of it!!! Ciao!!!

Thank Yous

Hey ladies i just wanna say thank you to all u sweet ladies who have wished me well. Thank u. I need it. This recovery can be lonely if you don't have anyone. I appreciate you ladies. I'll post more pics soon.


HEY LADIES!!!!! not sure if I even shared this info with you but they have fajas at a decent price $60-$100 depending on what brand you are lookiing for they are worth trying out.. I purchased 2 from them...i hope you can see the pic if not pm me and ill give you the number and address

Found a pocket of FLUID!!! Nooooo ????????????????

Hello ladies... GM my bootylicious ladies... Well just to do an update. I have been M I A... Not busy bc guess what I'm recovering and laying on my stomach 24 hours a day when I'm home. Ok so basically the reason I haven't post any pics is bc I found a little pocket near my belly button that had fluid. Yes it freaked the hell out. So I called vanity spoke to Priscilla and she told me I needed to come down to Florida as soon as I can. I'm like shit see y'all in 2 days. Lucky for me I can just hop on a plane and go. I stayed the night and was at vanity the next morning at 9. Saw fisher and he basically said it's bc out of state patients only stay 7 days and the drain needs to be in for about 10 days. Which I believe him. So I was the lucky candidate to be chosen. No problem. So LADIES If YOU LIVE OUT OF STATE PLS PLAN TO STAY LONGER. Put it in the budget. If fisher would've asked me to stay longer I would have. Anyways soooo he put a needle in my stomach screwed on a syringe and drained the fluid. It did not hurt but my stomach was instantly flat. He said I may have to come back a couple more times to make sure the fluid is completely out!!! :( welp shit happens. There is a little more fluid there and I probably will have to go back. It's a inconvenience but hell what else am I doing besides recovering. I'm not going back to work till the end of the month. Thank God!!! I'll definitely post pics I have some where the fluid is still in there but none since he drained it. Well be careful ladies stress free and keep those booties tight. I'm still loving my booty. It's still nice and big if it has gone down I can't tell bc it's still big. I'm still loosing inches bc my medium faja I have to retire it and get a smaller one but I'm just going to get it altered. I do have the butt out ones but everybody says to wait till u are 3 1/2 weeks post op to wear it. Sooo I'm waiting. I have started going to the gym. I've been going to the sauna for a bit walking on the treadmill and basically doing arm exercises with light weights. I love working out sooo I'm slowly but surely getting things back on track. I have gone out about 3 times and the attention is ok. I live in the A so they use to big booties. Lol. I wore heels for the first time in 2 weeks. Wowowowowow was that a process. I'm just making memories and having fun. Well if anyone has any questions pls feel free to ask.


Fisher told me to stop getting massages so I did!!!


Hey ladies did a little pic posting. None naked I wanted to see how I look with clothes on. I've been naked since sx... Hahahahaha. So here goes a lil something. Btw I have my garment on in all pics.

A Few Days Shy of 5 Weeks Post Op

Hey ladies I am doing very well. Loving my body. I haven't been taking many pics just been busy resting and having sex.. Oooop sorry it happened. It was fun. Lol. Oh everything is ok with my body. My abs and sides are still tender but they are coming along. Softening up. It's taking time. I'm still wearing my faja. Everyday 24 hours a day except for showering and pooping. I only wear my ab board at night for bed and when and if I'm home doing nothing. Any questions hit me up.. Ciao!!!

Almost 2 months POSTOP

Hey Ladies. How are you beautiful ladies doing? I'm well IM back to work so I have flying the friendly skies. I have to keep you ladies posted bf you all were apart of my journey and I appreciate you more than anything. I'm still loving my booty and body I have been working out like crazy and yes I am still wearing my faja no games here. My lipos areas have definitely softened up there are a couple of areas that are hard but I think my faja has something to do with that. The itchy is crazy ridiculous lord I hate it. My lower back where my slope is, its healing very well still tender and it itches too. Usually I am 30,000 ft and it really gets to me. I am 2 days shy of 2 month post op. Ok excited i don't know my measurements have measured and have not stepped on a scale. I have been doing me eating healthy and working out like stupid crazy. My 6 months pic will be absolutely amazing. Yall wait on it!!! Here are some pictures and videos for yall. If you have any questions pls feel free to hit me or inbox me. Love u ladies. Ciao!!! Stay beautiful!!!

4 months post Op FisherDoll

Hey ladies!!! I hope everyone is doing well. I'm 4 months post op and loving my body. I hope u girls are being bootiefied and loving it. I'm still wearing my faja its crazy that I do. I think it makes it look bigger. I want more booty but I'll wait until I have my 1st child. Hopefully in 5years lol. I'm happy overall. Everything is healing though and I feel hella weird without my faja. Enjoy and miss u ladies

Hey Ladies

Hey ladies it's been awhile. 2years post op and I'm doin well. I recently took my pictures down but some nice lady sent me a message and wanted to see more pics so I'll post a couple. Hope everybody is bootified and y'all are all happy with your surgeries.

Some Before Pics 2 years ago

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr. Fisher. He is everything everyone has said about him. He had the energy of a 5 year old. He answered all my questions and was 100% real. He told me what he could and couldn't do. I love my results. The only thing I don't like is I don't have direct access to him if something was to happen. Those PC just aren't reliable enough for my liking. I can't really speak about his bedside manner bc I never saw him after my sx was over. The follow up visit was nice. He said my results look really good and I agree with him. I honestly pray he leaves vanity cosmetics bc they are sooo unprofessional. Other than that I'm good and I'm having a happy recovery!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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