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So after an under impressive lipo procedure, I...

So after an under impressive lipo procedure, I have decided to get another procedure. Since I'll be having lipo again I decided that I might as well put that fat to great use. I have chosen Dr. Ortega and will be travelling to Miami on 1/23 with my cousin, who is also getting a BBL. Vivian has been my coordinator, and so far, she's been good. Somewhat annoying at first, because my emails would go unanswered for a while, but once she gave me her cell number, communication became effortless. I won't have my consultation until the day I arrive in Miami, but I am confident with Dr. Ortega.

My cousin and I decided to get this procedure last minute, so we have not finalized a recovery house. Unfortunately, Moni is booked solid, Kayla doesn't have any room at her home, but offered for us to stay with her Aunt, and Assistance for Life has space at the Homestead location. I was bummed that we couldn't stay with Moni, and slightly bothered at staying with Kayla's aunt because I don't have any information on her and she is not a nurse. Assistance for Life will most likely be our best bet, but its the most expensive, for the least amount of support. Do any of the BBL sisters have any recommendations? Are there any other recovery houses that I have not mentioned?

Other than housing, we are ready to go! Below is a list of supplies that I have compiled, so please use it as needed.

Recommended Items

arnica gel **
arnica tablets ** (start taking one week before and one week after)
baby wipes **
Dial soap
neosporin **
alcohol pads
gauze pads
medical tape
Boppy pillow **
2 medical compression garments **
epifoam **
protein shakes
ensure drinks
pads ** (I used pads instead of gauze to capture the fluid)
maxi dress **
slip- on shoes **
pineapple juice **
Juven **
compression socks **
female urinal **

(everything that is ** is a MUST HAVE)

Faja Store

6260 SW 8th St West Miami 33144.
Realself girl purchased the Belleza Femenina

Recovery House & BBL Pillow

After speaking with Keyla for a while, I became more comfortable with the situation and will be staying at her aunt's place. She is going to pick us up from the airport and take us to our consultation. Keyla is going to come by and check on us as well. The pictures of her aunt's place are really nice! We decided to stay elsewhere the night before sx to save money. It's $130 a night.

I ordered the Booty Buddy instead of using a boppy pillow. I just couldn't comprehend how the boppy pillow would work for me, and I think this is a better option since it is made for the BBL recovery process. I will definitely let you all know how it works.

As of now, I am going to use a massage therapist that was referred to me by Vivian at Spectrum. I have not talked to her yet, but Vivian said her prices are 3 for $100, which is great! For whatever reason, if I do not go with her, I am going to use Marian. Her prices are 3 for $150.

I am less than two weeks away, and so excited for this enhancement.

Returning to Work

I am going to take 2 weeks off and then return to work. Hopefully I will not get too many stares with the Booty Buddy in my chair. I am also ordering a Varidesk Standing Desk, and I am going to try to stand as much as possible. The desk is adjustable so you can stand or sit while utilizing it.

Do any Dolls have testimony about the return to work? Was the transition easy? How did you function if you sit most of the day?

Miami Recovery House Options

Below are the options that I explored when deciding which Recovery House to utilize. Many girls have utilized the following RHs, and I just wanted to post it here, and hopefully help another BBL sis with her planning. Let me know if you have any questions.

Assistance for Life - Maria
$700 for 4 nights (Says $850 on the website, but I would call and discuss)
2 meals, airport transportation, 24 hour nurse on first night, laundry

Keyla's Recovery House
$130 a night
786-518-1352,&authkey=!ACUjZAqRpKuJPx8 (Pictures of Home)
She knows a massage therapist who can come to the house and give massages for $60 a piece (includes ultrasound therapy)

Moni's Recovery House
4-10 Day Stay Options ranging from $600-$1300
Comes with various numbers of massages, 24 hour nursing, 3 meals, and transportation

For all options, you can initiate the conversation by texting and asking if they have availability, and then go from there.

Before Pics

Here are my before pics... I have a great shape, nice hips, and a lil projection back there. I don't NEED the procedure, but want the enhancement. My main goal is to get a super flat tummy, add projection, and fill in the indentations on my hips. I dont want to get any wider lol... No more hips for me!!

2 Days Away!

Its getting REAL... I'm anxious & nervous. Great thing is my cousin/bff is doing it with me, so I have a great support system. Labs came back great! I already had my period this month, so definitely not preggers. Packed and ready to go for the most part. Only things left to get is dial soap, Bromelain, and my damn Booty Buddy... URGH the stupid thing has been stuck in transit, but fortunately I met a great lady who works at the post office, who is going to overnight it to me, and I will just pay her back when I get back home. Praise Jah!

One thing thats irritating is that Vivian (coordinator) never sent me any pre-op instructions & I havent been able to reach her today. Do any girls have pre-op instructions from Spectrum? I just want to make sure that im doing EVERYTHING right. I have no room for mistakes. I have places to go and people to see within the next months.

Anyways... I will update you all after my consultation, and then after surgery! The wait is almost over....

Tomorrow is the Day!

Today, I had my pre-op at Spectrum. Nothing spectacular... Signed paperwork, took a pregnancy test, before pictures, etc. Everything went really smooth. The office is nice, clean, and everyone is very nice!

Pre-op Measurements:
BMI = 27
Bust = 36 1/2
Waist = 31
Hips = 45

SX is at 6:30am ... See you beauties on the other side. Muah!

And Im DONE!!

I'll go in depth prob tomorrow or the next day, but all is well! I'm very sore but not painful like I thought it would be. Pretty much self-sufficient, but that's because I have a high tolerance for pain. Surprisingly, my cousin is feeling good as well. The Pee Ez is a blessing from God! Please get one ladies. I'm draining like crazy too. Keyla's aunt and niece are AMAZING! Like everything my cousin and I need they are there at the drop of a dime. She is also an amazing cook. I'm falling in love with Cuban food. Best decision of my life to come to her house for recovery.

If you all have any questions before I post a more in depth summary of my day, let me know!

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. I couldn't have done it without your support! Besos...

Full Review of Pre & Post w/ Dr. Ortega

I arrived in Miami on the morning of Friday, 1/23. At first, we were going to depend on Uber, but last minute decided to rent a car for one day to run errands (drop/pick up meds, hit Target, get a nice fattening meal, check out a faja store, etc.) Since we weren’t going to need medical assistance the first night, we rented a nice condo from AirBnB.

The pre-op appointment consisted of taking a pregnancy test, filling out and signing paperwork, giving information about your medical history, taking before pics, etc. We did not see Dr. Ortega that morning, because it was going to be a 2 hour wait, and realistically, we already paid our money, so it doesn’t matter if we saw him then or right before SX. I was given a check in time at 6:30am and my cousin at 9:30am.

The day of surgery, I was picked up by Maida (Keyla’s counterpart) and Maida’s niece, Marianelly. From the moment I got to the car, I knew it would be perfect! They insisted on putting my bags in, and for me to do nothing but get comfy and prepared.

When I arrived at the clinic, an assistant took me to a room to get prepped in SX clothing. Dr. Ortega examined my body, looked at the incisions from a previous lipo procedure and informed me that he would be taking fat from my inner thighs as well, since I didn’t have much fat. Super excited and confident because that wasn’t included in the areas that I signed up for, but he wanted to make sure I was perfect! He asked me to look in the mirror and show him what I wanted changed. First, I said projection, and he immediately pointed on the dents that I have in my side butt, without me even finishing my sentence. At that point, I realized that he was the real deal and he knew exactly what I needed to have done.

I showed him a pic of Kim K, as something I DIDN’T want, and then proceeded to show him a pic of what I wanted. He agreed that the natural curve (pear shape booty), would be best because of my current shape. He reassured me that he would not give me a “rack shelf” booty, even though some women must request that. We literally laughed and joked about everything. From me being single, to marriage, to a movie he recommended I watched. He came in street clothes, and was TATTED UP! That was so funny to me. Great guy!

After speaking with Ortega for 20 minutes or so, the anesthesiologist, Sergio, came in and went over my medical history, asked questions about using drugs, etc. Then it was time! He placed the IV in my hand, I asked if he was starting to put the sedation meds in there, and then I was gone! Woke up in recovery, on my ass, which is surprising, but the assistant turned me over and put me into my garment, which was definitely not a pleasant experience. Ortega removed 2000CCs, and placed 1000CCs in each cheek.

Maida came back to pick me up, assisted me with peeing, I took meds, and fell asleep for a while. She has been cooking some of the most delicious Cuban meals. I wish I never have to leave. Literally, she has been here for my cousin and me for EVERYTHING. We try to be as self-sufficient as possible, and she yells at us for doing so. So freakin cute! Maida and Mari are tremendous. I would highly recommend them both.

Today, I am super sore, especially my stomach. I have been taking my meds (Percocet, Cephalexin, and a drug for nausea). I am also taking OTC zzzQuil to get some sleep at night, arnica pills to help with the bruising, Juven drink mix to help rebuild my immune system, and arnica gel.

I was leaking everywhere, while my cousin didn’t really leak at all. The pain is bearable. I am more stiff than anything. No pain, no gain, right? Taking a shower was EVERYTHING, but putting the garment back on was not so pleasant. Also, I guess because of all of the liquids that I’ve been drinking, I have pee’d so much. I definitely recommend the Pee Ez, because I can’t even imagine having to squat over the toilet.

Check out my pics that I attached. I am in love with everything already. Still extremely bruised and swollen, but I am beyond ecstatic to see my final results. I will update you all again after my follow up appointment and lymphatic massages.

If you have any questions, just let me know!

Post-Op Appt & Lymphatic Massage

I met with Dr. Ortega this morning and had my post-op appointment. It went really well! He said that my results are great so far, and my progression is great. Make sure you keep the little triangle under your garment to help with the swelling in your lower back. We are going to take our stitches out in about a week when we get back home. I also bought bioCorneum Advanced Scar Supervision, that I will start putting on my incisions in about two weeks.

After the Dr appt, we went to Keyla's house to get massages by Elsa. Although slightly painful, I felt so great after! It definitely loosened up the fluid and tightening in my sides. I am very pleased with the lymphatic massage.

In regards to the whole RH situations going on, I can only speak to my experiences with Maida. I was connected with Maida through Keyla and she has been AMAZING!! Literally helping with everything, every single day, cooking meals for us, helping with showers, putting garments and socks on. Anything you need, she is there for you. If you want more information about Maida, please send me a direct message.

Last Night in Miami

So I am 3 days post-op & feeling amazing!! I absolutely love Dr. Ortega and my results thus far. I have had the best experience and I thank God all day long for Mayda (RH) & Ortega. My RH experience was phenomenal! Like Mayda is literally my mom now lol... She says shes going to cry when I leave, and I know I will too. Ortega gave himself a pat on the back when he saw me yesterday. The massages have helped move fluid SOOOO MUCH! Ladies, dont skip them! Elsa is GREAT at them, and takes her time to penetrate the areas well.

I bought an extra faja and waist clincher from Mayda, because she has all of the connections! I am going to post her information on a forum so that other girls learn about this angel.

PLEASE LADIES... Although we are paying for women to help us recover, please be responsible for your own health. Come a day early and get your own PRESCRIPTIONS!! I myself had to go two diff pharmacies to find Percocet. So imagine someone else having to show your ID to get your narcotics. Its not as easy as you may think. We also picked up bottled water & fruit because we wanted to make sure we had basic things. All of the supplies should be bought before you arrive. I understand you're paying a fee, but if you stay at a hotel in Miami its going to cost $200+ a night, 2 star or below, and you won't have any help at all. Also, opt into the RH with food. How are you going to get food any other way? Please just plan ahead and your stay and recovery will be amazing.


Mayda's Recovery House Information

I searched high and low for the perfect RH, and was blessed to be connected with Mayda through another lady named Keyla. My experience has been phenomenal!! She is literally an angel. I thank God for her every day. I couldn't have received better recovery help from my own family members. Below is all of the information about Mayda's RH. Please message me if you have any questions about my experience.

Mayda's Information

• High Rise Apartment Building
• 2 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms
• Spacious!
• Amazing View of the City
• Convenient location to stores (Publix, CVS, Wendy’s, Restaurants, Bars, etc.)
• $130/ per day All-inclusive (3 cooked meals a day, transportation to and from Miami International Airport, transportation to Doctor appts)
• Washer & Dryer available in apartment
• Free Wifi & TV in all rooms
• Balcony access
• 24/7 help with showering/ garment changes
• Attentive & available all day
• Fluent in Spanish & English

Two Weeks Post Op

Today is two weeks post-op, and I am doing great! My butt is starting to soften up, I don’t really have pain in my butt. The lipo areas are still sore, especially my back. Bruising is almost gone, and the puncture wounds are healed. I bought bioCorneum cream from Spectrum, which was $120, but is really helping with the scars fade quick. I went back to work this past week, and the Booty Buddy has been a lifesaver! No one has asked what it is, because it looks like a therapeutic pillow. I just ordered a back support brace for my chair, so that I can lean back. I also use the Booty Buddy for my car. The only time it didn't work well was on the plane. The worst part about recovery is sleeping. My back and stomach gets so tight through the night, and I wake up in so much pain. But, no pain no gain! It’s all tolerable. My butt looks so natural, just what I asked for. If you have booty greed, I am not sure if this is the place to go. Ortega doesn't seem to make Nicki and Kim K booties, so beware! I am looking and feeling great! :)

One Year Post Op

Hey dolls!! Sorry I haven't updated in forever, but I just wanted to give you a one year post op update. I absolutely love my results and I am thankful that Ortega did my sx. I couldn't be more happy about my shape and the way my curves look. I would recommend Ortega a million times over! My butt fluffed out sooooo well and it's completely undetectable that I had sx. Love love love it!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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