BBL W/Lipo of Full Back, Stomach(upper/lower),love Handles, Flanks! - Miami, FL

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I've been stalking RS for over 3 years! Love the...

I've been stalking RS for over 3 years! Love the honesty!! It's up to us to give real, genuine accounts of our experiences. We need to stick together. With that.. Here's my BBL Sx journey! Thank you to all the RS sisters that have gone before me and shared!! ??
I was always interested in getting a Tummy tuck and lipo. After 3 kids my stomach was shot. No matter how thin I got the skin was still kind of crepey.
I've been researching for over 3 years! Didn't want to go to DR. for fear of infection, dying. Just too far away.
So, I researched all over US. Settled in on Florida for the reviews and the pricing! So, I started with. TT , lipo. Then really wanted a BR too. Then , I started thinking about all the fat I had "just going to waste" (haha by taking it out and not using it! I'm a recycler!) I started entertaining the idea of a BBL. Just something natural. I've always been so "square" with boobs. lol.
I ended up choosing Dr. Alvarez through Imagenes. I bought a TTw/ lipo of back,sides, flanks and BBL. Right before I left for my Sx I had a consult with a local ps about a BR. Everything was submitted to my ins. Co before I left. ( we'll see what I hear when I get back)
Sx is so expensive on the west coast I couldn't afford to get much done or the way I liked it. I planned on arriving few days early so I could do a pre op appt with Dr. Alvarez. He's only at Imagenes on Monday and Wednesday. I flew in on Sunday.
I met with him on Tuesday evening. He was very nice and realistic with my expectations. (Advising me that you can only take out 1 liter of fat when a TT is done for safety reasons) He didn't think he could meet my expectations.( I showed him some "wish" pics on my phone). His recommendation was a BBL now with full back, love handles and stomach (upper&flower). I emphasized a "natural" bbl. ???? it was kind of challenging to wrap my head around no TT at first. Even if he did the TT. He wouldn't be able to lipo upper part so thT would still be kinda "thick" he said. I wouldn't be happy. So, after explaining he could get 4 liters of fat with a bbl and could come a lot closer to my expectations, I agreed to it.
He said I may or may not need a TT down the line depending on my skin elasticity. I was "border line". My age,etc. I liked his honesty and down to earth nature.


RH- The struggle is real!!

The hardest part about this process has been my RH. I choose Curvyangelsrecovery because Imagenes had referred me. Flying across the US for Sx is difficult enough. Trusting and taking someone at their word and signed contract should help right? I've researched for a couple years for Sx. RH was pretty new for me. My best friend had always planned on going with me. So when something came up with her son. I started looking at them. Every one of them had something negative written about them. After my coordinator Mercy recommended this "brand new RH". I said ok. I was sent a flyer listing the Grand opening specials. Spoke on the phone. She said everything right. -patient care was her priority, she herself had just gone through bbl Sx so she knew exactly how it feels, she would have a healthy food, healing environment, blah blah blah! First bad sign- She goes off to Miami Beach the night before my Sx. I was the first patient at 5:30 am. She didn't even show up at the RH to pick me up until 5:40am!! The surgery itself was not enough to make me anxious. I shot out to the car (which is also all smoky inside because they both smoke) and she's all pissed off and says "oh sorry there was traffic". That's it! No, "oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" I just sat there pissed and nervous! She walks me to the door of the clinic and says " good luck" turns around and leaves!! I was so anxious, nervous. Wanted to back out. -threatening to kick me out on 2nd day after Sx. I was getting super nauseas because she Es giving me 2 Percocet with no food in my stomach. I tried to tell her that I can't take anything without food. No biggie right? I was losing a lot of blood, could hardly eat, white as a ghost! A younger caregiver took me to the clinic to see the nurse. I could barely stand or walk! The nurse said it's absolutely the 2 Percocet that were doing this to me! She said only take one and with food! Easy peasey right? We head back and explain that to Vanessa. She gets all defensive acting like we are questioning her knowledge?? Wth? Caregiver explains that is what the nurse said. She says if I don't like what she's doing I can go to another RH!! ???? She said she's already called and is having them come pick me up! 2 days after Sx!!!! Can barely stand!! Are you kidding me??? She comes to her senses - I use that term loosely. Says I can stay. The rollercoaster continues daily with little things. Thank goodness I had my Roomie!! Although, get and I had both paid for a private room!! No refund or adjustment either! This is hard to write. I want to forget about it. I paid exactly what she told me. Then she raised her prices when I was there and said "too bad"". Who does this stuff!?? Girls be weary!! We are at their mercy!! Out of Sx, weak and away from home. Scary!! Will continue more later. So much to say. Sending love and hugs to all about to and going through this journey!!

Traveling po & Sleeping!!

Hey ladies,
This has been a challenge for me. I I'm pretty crafty so I designed something super cheap and helpful for traveling home and sitting! Super easy too!!
Supplies needed-
- $store pool noodle (maybe 2 depending on size of booty)
-very durable tape (I used clear packing tape- the whole roll!)
-piece of fabric (I used a piece of fleece I had at home)
-sharpie marker
This is what I did- put the noodle behind my thighs to measure how wide I would need it. Marked it then cut it into 3 equal parts. Line them up flat next to each other and start taping around them together. Once you've secured them really well put that aside and grab your fabric. I didn't measure mine and I had a pair of horribly dull scissors to work with. Optimally, with decent scissors you could attach fabric a number of ways. Like the "tie blankets? Sew? Or, if your limited on supplies, time or ability lol. I just wrapped my fleece and used the packing tape along the way to fold the corners under and then at the end "seal" with tape. Easy peasey! Cheap! This worked well for me traveling home. I used it everywhere! In the car, on the plane, waiting at flight gate, in the wheelchair! You could add a second "layer"'if you needed more height. I also used about 4 airline blankets to roll behind my back. Helped. I will post pictures in the morning. Happy to answer any questions! Tired. Will talk about sleeping after I get more! ????

BBL DIY seat helper

Here's the pictures of the simple and cheap help for sitting. I used this in the car, on the plane, at the gate, in the wheelchair! Any questions happy to answer!

Sleep is rough!

I'm now sleeping kind of in my side. More toward the front of my pelvis, thigh. With my leg crossed over in front on a pillow. Trying to sleep is one of the hardest parts about this. I've tried all kinds of " pillow Mtns" , different chairs with pillows. It's tough.

Picture added

No faja on. ????

15 days po

I'm a little swollen today. I'm noticing what might be a Seroma I my lower right abdomen. Hoping with the compression (I started using my ab board again) it will resolve. I've read contradicting things about it will or it won't.


Before & After photos

21 days po.

21 days po picture

Trying on clothes

24 day po with pics

Definitely still sore. My skin on my stomach, back (especially) and butt feel numb and also painful to touch. It's a strange combination. I guess it reminds me of my c-section scar. How it felt healing. Numb and pain? I've been sleeping on my sides. Trying to pull myself towards my front. I've definitely noticed my hips disappearing ???? I just can't sleep on my stomach every night!! Ugh! I do get super tired and sore still with much activity. It's weird my butt at the bottom feels really "tight" like my muscles need to be stretched out? Not sure if I should or shouldn't. The downside to going to a clinic instead of a "private practice office" and from out of town, is the lack of aftercare. I emailed Dr. Alvarez private practice with a question about a rash I got after Sx and didn't even get a response. I guess you get what you pay for right? ???? I'm very happy with my Sx don't get me wrong. It's kind of like at the clinic there's no "fluff" just the basics. Which is ok. Thank you Jesus I haven't had any complications. ????????????????????????. My skin hurts wearing clothes. I wa really bruised right under my breasts. I don't know if it was because of the lines on the faja? It felt like it. Anyway I wore a bra the other day for the first time. Ouch!!
I'm still "bigger" than I want to be. Wondering how much my waist will shrink?
Here's some measurements:
15 days po
Hip- 42 1/2
Bb - 31 1/2
Waist- 35. 1/2
Bra 34
22 days po
Hip 42
BB 30 1/4
waist 34 1/2
Bra 34 1/2
There's no way I can get into my size 6/8 skinny jeans. Even my thighs seem bigger still. Need to up my water and fine tune my eating. Also going to get a waist trainer soon. Still wearing my faja everyday. Not if I'm dressed normal and leave the house though. I put it on after I'm back home. Always with my lipo foam over my tank top. Always trying to keep it super straight with no wrinkles. I've definitely noticed some lumps and bumps on my stomach. Hoping as I massage with my Wahl massager/ heat it will flatten out. Noticing some dimpling in my butt as it gets smaller and not so full. I'm not expecting a "20 yr old perfect butt". I had dimpling before so no biggie. Looking back now I wish I would of got a faja that completely covered my upper back since I was lipid there. Feels a little puffy there. Hoping it will go down. Hope my sharing helps some of you. I found it invaluable when I was stalking RS! Big hugs!! ????

8 wks P/O picture!

Time has flown by. I'm 8 weeks post op. My butt still hurts some. My skin around my core still hurts and swells when I'm not wearing my compression garment. I usually don't wear it during the day. Only at night now. I'm loving my shape!! Still unreal how flat my stomach is and roundness of my booty!! Super happy.

Side by side

Updated pictures

Hey beautiful RS women!
Thought I would post a few updated pics.

Coming soon. Tired

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