FUTURE SALAMAFIED 12-18-14 - Miami, FL

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Big fat booty = I'm loving her comment!!!! Girl...

Big fat booty = I'm loving her comment!!!! Girl there's thousands of Doctors not based on DR. Lol.... Check her page and all blogs speaking knowledge and educated " the truth" Ice Cream 4 months ago Quote: "Doctors should really make us all go through mental evaluations and speak with counselors before having this surgery, because a lot of people on this site are just mentally unstable or highly depressed", "If you want to fight every day just join the army!" LOVE IT AND SOO TRUE!!


Excited can wait to have my Surgury with MIAMI'S FINEST........ Moises Salama

DR. SALAMA Can't wait until 12-18-14

Hola!! I went to Dr. Salama as usual staff very nice and professional including Ruben gotta love him.... I was advised that over 1000 Surgeries a year and no problems ever. Again obviously this burn was not done intentionally or being reckless I'm totally Clear and totally confident with Dr.Salama and his Professional Staff. I'm still going forward with my Surgery 12-18-14 and all the girls that will be budding with me it's ON!!!!! Please send me a inbox message and after 2014 I will be creating a page for 2014 For Future SALAMAFIED Beauties!!!!! Again , If anyone have any further concerns about these burns etc please call or visit as they will gladly address everybody concerns due to the fact that Their patients come first and foremost ... I'm so glad that I'm clear and my concerns were all addressed. People lets not forget Surgury is a risk within itself ... Remember Doctor has no major infections or deaths and For sure is the Dr. in Miami. FYI: I'm sure your being taken care of and your burns will heal soon enough .. Happy healing

My wish pictures ( deep shelf and Bigbooty)

Looking forward to being SALAMFIED 2014

Moises Salama, MD Miami Plastic Surgeon

Moises Salama, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Negative Information ( REALNESS)

When I hear a negative or adverse outcome has occurred, the Doctors reputation is the least of my worries. This is what RS suppose to be for!! We should be providing accurate information, so that others may make fully informed decisions. Whatever/Whoever they choose, is solely up to the individual, but people need to stop being so protective of these doctors...(employees too) SOOO... UNREAL!!! I truly feel Doctors should be protecting their patients period. I'm a very honest person and Honesty is the Best Policy in My World. No punt intended but We must take the bad with the Good.

My Wish pictures

Dr. Salama "THE KING" :)
Not sure

Moises Salama, MD Miami Plastic Surgeon. I've decided to go with Doctor Salama ;) I've exhausted all my options and not to mention had over 50 Consultations in the United States and out of Countries for over 2 years but Honestly after all the research and cheapest prices ( not worth my life & risk) I've decided the Best thing to do is to go with my heart and whom I feel more comfortable with and have the degrees and history THE Dr. Salama and his Staff especially Cynthia were Professional and Caring ;) I gave my Deposit today and lock in my Price and Surgury date for 12/18/14 if God Permits. DR. Moises Salama credentials not to mention he's internationaly known and Patients bodies speaks for itself. SALAMAFIED transformations ;) I'm Sooo excited and can't wait to become as DR. Calls his sculptured perfection "SALAMAFIED " :) PS: LADIES PLEASE... DO YOUR RESEARCH WITH THESE THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES AND EVERYWHERE ELSE.... CHECK CREDENTIALS AND FOR MALPRACTICE ,INFECTIONS , BURNS and LAST BUT NOT LEAST DEATH :(. THERE'S NO LIFE AFTER DEATH PRAYERS & GOD BLESS TO ALL ;)

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