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So I am a 24 year old mother of a one year old...

So I am a 24 year old mother of a one year old looking to improve my body and bring my confidence back. My family isn't very supportive and do not want me to do it but are leaving the decision up to me. I am very very nervous and don't know what to expect and what to prepare for. My biggest fear is being put to sleep I have severe anxiety and I'm hoping this won't interfere with having the procedure done. I've done my research and I'm still not sure with Dr.hassan due to lack of reviews on his bbl work. Help ladies!! I'm new and extremely scared =/


So I have been in touch with Ana who is really nice and helpful but idk seems like lack of communication or just a front to get my money and that's it. I asked if hassan was available one date and was told he's open and ready than I hear from another rs girl that he's not even going to be there that day due to a meeting. I mean if that's the case let me know or atleast know your surgeons schedule before booking people it's not like I can just take off Work whenever and find a babysitter whenever. Smh tried contacting her and after having her contact me within minutes of me getting to her now I haven't heard back. Smh

wish pics

Wish for my body to look as fabulous as these girls

its official!!

So I made my decision and secured my price and date I will be going to Dr hasan.on a April 1 birthday present to myself my birthday is April 2 lol going to suck being in pain on my birthday but it'll be well worth it. It's finally becoming real and surprisingly my anxiety is easing down thank God!

my body

So here's some pics of me my body isn't a wreck I just have a belly and a flat ass


April 1st come already!!!

So as the time for my sx comes closer the more excited I become and the less nervous I am. I keep telling myself negative thoughts and vibes bring negative outcomes so I must stay positive and not worry myself so much. Still waiting on vanity to send the lab orders so I can see my own physician I would feel more at peace knowing ahead of time by my doctor that this is safe for me to be doing at this point and that I am healthy enough for it. I am also not sure what I need to bring like foam pads what is that for exactly? And what pre op vitamins should I take ? I need to make a list now to start buying everything I have less than a month to go =]

advice ?

Hey ladies! I'm here at Work searching around the web for a good compression girdle and have no idea what's good and what's not. I have a salome cincher already and love it but I've never tried there full body girdles.... any advice on what's the best girdle to use right after surgery??

16 days left!

I am so ready to do this already!! I go to my physician Wednesday for blood Work to get clearance hopefully everything is good and I'm well for this procedure. Time is flying and I still have to buy so much. I will be paying the rest of my Balance this week and then finish buyingeeverything next week to be all set. I'm ready and want to get this over with already now it's just a waiting game.


Today I'm going to see my physician to have blood Work done for clearance hopefully everything comes back good. Trying to prepare myself for April 1 since time is flying on by

bloodwork, weird dreams, and anxiety!

I had my bloodwork done the other day still waiting for the results and my physician was extremely upset about me getting this procedure she was doing everything in her power to change my mind. So bad that she made me have bad anxiety for the past couple of days I have been having horrible dreams that anything and everything was going wrong the day of sx. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time and everyone around me won't support me I definitely feel alone at this point it really sucks.


Went to Miami Tuesday for a relaxing day trip. I felt so big around those tiny girls in there bikinis lol

shit just got REAL

They sent my preop instructions! I'm excited!

3 more days !

I am scared. So scared lol it's so close and I cannot believe I'm really doing this, all I can do now is hope and pray everything goes well. I have to make it through this smoothly I have a family and my baby =/ like I've said before no family support on this so it really doesn't make it easy for me. Well I have to pack a few more things and I'm off to Florida! Thanks everyone for your support on here it's so nice knowing there's so many caring people out there that I don't even know but it's very comforting

at vanity as we speak!

So I flew into fll because That's where I am staying and had to drive maybe about 45 Minutes which seemed like forever. Im at Vanity now it's.....nice, I mean I've never been to a cosmetic surgery facility it kind of reminds me of a small clinic That's on a lower level of a house. It's spotless though which is good and smells clean so I'm just having jidders I guess and trying to look for something to tell me no. I'm here waiting do bloodwork I don't feel as nervous as I thought I would feel. Hopefully this will Work out and I have a good surgery tomorrow pray for me ladies!

tomorrows the day!

So I'm the first one in the morning with hasan 630am yikes! Super scared! Met him he had just came out of surgery didn't seem very interested tried to throw a tummy tuck in which I was like Yeah hell no guy...I'm still convinced he can give me what I want he said my body it wouldn't need much Work and my butt isn't bad just extra fat in my back that needs to be taken out. He really didn't like that I was an out of town patient I get the reason just still not comforting tolisten to. anyway wish me luck and pray

at vanity crying

My surgery was for 630 am and hasan refuses to touch me I woke up with my wisdom tooth swollen because it's pushing through but he is scared it can be an infection. I do understand better to be safe but I'm out of state and I don'thave my iinsurance card I have to find an emergency dentist to get clearance and then cone back tomorrow. This is all getting to me making me think maybe this all was a mistake so I'm sitting here crying waiting to be pick up since I'm staying and hour away. Horrible day and horrible birthday.

back at vanity !

So I literally walked to the dentist office closest to here which was probably about a mile or so wasnt that far but long enough. No infection just my wisdom tooth growing horizontal, literally.. how does that happen no idea but That's a surgery I'll need to do back home smh. I spoke to keyla (she's so adorable ) and just had to repeat blood Work so hasan could feel it's safe for me to continue sso as of now I am rescheduled for tomorrow unless God throws another sign at me and at that point I'm calling it quits.


I made it ladies!!! In recovery not in pain just sore as hell lol I'll update again later Thank you all for the prayers

healing sucks

So this is day two. Let's start off with I'm an hour away at a families place and the car broke down so I can't even see Dr hasan. I haven't been able to get my prescription because of this and due to emergency my man has to leave tonight to go back home with my child so I'm starting to feel completely hopeless right now . I'm waiting until about 4 where I'll have a car to go get my prescription. Now recovery sucks. It's uncomfortable very uncomfortable not much pain only sometimes and sleeping is horrible I wake up every two hours. My results are great he gave me a big butt and small waist so I'm happy. Now would I ever do a cosmetic surgery that is not at all necessary? Nope this was my first and last I don't think I would ever do this again it hasn't been a great experience.

picturesss !!

I wanted a natural look an overall better shape Nothing too ridiculous I just wanted to feel sexy but not look fake. I'm still swollen it's only been on day. I'm happy as of now and without the garment my body is banging I didn't take nudes only because getting that garment on and off is a BITCH! Lol


Today has been tiring sooo tiring. Soreness from 1-10 is a 8 if I lay for to long becomes very uncomfortable. Been dizzy as well so I'm trying to drink as much water and Gatorade as possible. Haven't been able to eat much just sticking to eating soups my throat still hurts from the tubes. I'm wondering if any of you ladies lost feeling on the tip of your tongue after surgery??? They told me it's because of the anesthesia but how long will this last it's worrying me I hope Nothing went wrong and I'll be like this =/

without garment !

I'm pretty bruised up and swollen. I have some lumps I've been massaging and trying to smooth over myself because I do not have a car to go get a massage. I am waiting until I return home to do it at a place by me Hopefully it won't be too late.

feeling great!

I woke up feeling so much better today, Thank God! I still feel very dizzy and can't be on my feet over ten Minutes without feeling faint I was told it's because I lost alot of blood and need to drink alot more fluids. To all you ladies planning on doing this procedure and you are determined and know for sure this is 100% what you want you must mentally prepare yourself for this it is not easy and in the beginning your going to feel helpless because the healing process sucks pretty bad. Keep your head up and make sure time take Care of yourself it'll get better.

handy dandy tips!!

Hello ladies! Let's start off with I am back. Home in NYC and so happy to be back. The swelling is still coming and going I have to order a new garment mines is fitting big around my belly area. The pain comes and goes, my incisions have closed which worries me because I feel fluid pockets still in my belly and back I really have no idea what happens now but I am going to see my physician to get fully checked out by her and fellow surgeon. I'm sure Dr hasan Did a great job because I already had a surgeon Check me out since I was unable to see him and she said he Did a great job and his incision work was well BUT I feel seeing my doctor will put me at ease make sure I'm healing the right way. Okay so now off to my tips ladies!
1. Laxatives - constipation is on another level after this surgery I learned the hardway and it HURT.
2. LOTS OF WATER - very important and if your like me who tends to dehydrate fast and likely to faint easy water will be your best friend!
3. Take all the help you can - this isn't time to be miss independent and prove you can do it alone, your body just went under major surgery and it's extremely stressed take all the help u need and rest rest rest.
4. Don't leave your garment off too long - that hour of feeling free isn't worth the swelling and pain after.
5. Keep your compression socks on - blood clots can form and kill you
6. Rubbing warm water on your skin after surgery once your able to bathe - it really soothes the skin and helps calm your nerves from the pain
7. Don't hold back on your pain meds - there great and relief you no need to try and deal with the pain.
8. Keep incisions clean - so easy for bacteria to get in since he doesn't stitch all of them only on your butt there closed.
9. Doggy pee pads for the bed - worked well when I was leaking no blood touched the bed or car seat.
10. Medical gauze - you go through themllike water for the first couple of days.
11. Rub your belly to ease the pain - don't wait for massages if you can do it yourself.

I hope my little tips helped I know I'm still in need of advice myself but just wanted to share some things that have been helpful.

help !

My garment is starting to become loose on my stomach and waist area and my belly is starting to swell up bad!! I don't know if I should get a smaller garment or buy a waist cincher to wear on top? I have a salome vest That's a large but it issuper ssuper tiny for some odd reason and it really hurts bad when I wear it. Advice helpppppp

more pics

Although in the picture my stomach doesn't look bad I do have a hard lump by my belly button my belly button kind of disappeared it's like a line down my stomach for some reason and the left side there's a huge bubble That's like full of fluid or something no idea what that is. I'm a bit worried because I'm only 9 days post op and I had to sit couple times already. I've used my donut pillow but it hurts to sit I just hope I don't lose alot of volume. I Don't feel I've lost volume in my butt the swelling went down but I feel it's still as big I would like it to stay this size but I know with time it will go down alittle.




@ my doctors

Since I've been back I have developed a bubble on the side of my stomach of fluid which has not gone down and now it is starting to hurt and really hurt when I lay on my stomach. So I'm waiting here to be seen and the nurse I know here is loving my results she wants to go to hassan as well lol. Hopefully my doctor can help me with this issue because half my stomach is flat and the other half has a bulge =/

update on doctor visit

My Doctor saw me and it is exactly what I thought, fluid buildup. So since I just don't have the time to fly back to Miami to sit at vanity for probably two hours to see the doctor to drain me I'm just going to see a general surgeon I was referred to by my house. The reason I feel the need to talk about this situation is because I am sure most of you ladies are out of state patients and if something like this happened I'm sure it's not easy to hop on a plane to see hasan and something like this can be a problem if left alone. So if any of you ladies feel like you may have fluid building up keep an eye on it if it gets worse and start hurting go to your doctor ASAP!

feelin myself lol

I am falling in love with my body now more than ever! I'm not as swollen anymore and my butt seems to be looking bigger yay!! Thank God the fluid build up disappeared and I finally got full feeling of my tongue yesterday (half my tongue was numb since the surgery due to anesthesia and the breathing tube ) here's some pics!

shade @ work

Alot of the girls compliment me and think I just lost alot of weight and I'm waist training, and apparently some old bitch at Work that runs her mouth all day got jealous and is spreading rumors about me that I must of went to a foreign country and got Work done and how I must of had ribs removed because my waist is to bitch...I've treated this women with respect I've backed her up at Work when people bash her and I always help her out...never again will I. I can be a very nasty person and confront her but I'm not even going to entertain her with that and risk getting a write up. It's a shame that some people will get so bothered with what you do in your life to make such a bif deal about it. The fact she's running her mouth saying things about me isn't even Why I'm mad It's how I've been a nice person and showed her the most respect in this damn place and she had to feel the need to try and embarrass me. It's a shame I hope you girls don't have any negative people around you.

So far my waist has become a Tad bit smaller my butt is the same size and It's getting soft and I think it.dropped nit sure seems like it because it seems Fuller now. Same size just more round and soft instead if hard high and stiff. I haven't been able to stop and measure been super busy with Work and moving out my old place but will try to this week andput it up with some new pics

more pics

time has flew by !

It's been awhile since I've been on. Well I feel good still sore in My back and alittle numb on My waist but everything else is alright. It's starting to get hott in NYC and for some reason I'm starting to swell alot in My stomach. I have that small fluid build up crap in the same spot as before It's irritating that it came back again I'm guessing I need tighter compression idk. I just started sitting alittle and It's kind of annoying still so I prefer to stand most of the time which is weird but I rather wait alittle while longer to sit. These pics are from this morning idk why My stomach looks so flawless in this pic but I do have small swelling and the tiny fluid pouch on My left side of the picture.

new update !

Hey ladies I just want to Thank each and everyone of you for following me through My journey, showing me love, and most of all giving me all the support that I need! If it wasn't for realself and all the wonderful people on it I wouldn't be who I am today, I would be that girl still hating her body and feeling disgusting all the time. Now to the update! Looking through all My pictures I've realized how much My body has transformed into something I couldn't even imagine. It's been over a month and I still have some soreness on My waist and back, it itches like hell too Lol. I still tend to swell and I get fluid build up on one spot in My stomach from time to time, it comes and Goes. I do not feel as If I lost weight I actually feel like I've gained but scale shows lower weight so *shrugs* I have been sitting without My pillow and it bothers alittle not so much so I try not to, sit for to long and when I do sit I lean forward so most of the pressure is on by thighs and lower butt. My butt looks and feels the same nothing different it may look bigger in some pics like HUGE but I think It's more of what thong I wear that makes it seem so juicy Lol.
Now I have something to share that I don't know If anyone has ever experienced or maybe this has nothing to do with the surgery and It's me (doubtit though) so on sSaturday I decided not to wear My compression suit but just My cincher to work since slowly here and there I let My body breath. I should of known better it was a dumb move on My part honestly because I work for an airline and I work about 14 hr shifts this particular day being a busy day. So around 12 hrs in I started to get these annoying cramps on My toes that wouldn't go away tried everything, and then I got on by knees to fix something and bam My legs started cramping and hurting bad to the point it was going numb and I was losing feeling. So I went home and the pain was worse it became unbearable I almost went to the er. Idk If anyone. would understand but the pain felt as If I didn't have any circulation going in in My legs it was such a bad pain from deep within. I put My compression suit and and alleviated My legs while rubbing. The pain just got worse and started feeling a tingling sensation from My toes up. I began walking around and slowly the pain died out so I went to bed. The next two days the pain isn't there I so feel that weird tingling sensation time to time and My legs do bother me alittle but not as bad as that day. I was worried about a possible blood clot so I made an appointment to see My doctor just to be safe. Any ladies experience anything weird with there legs??
Miami Physician

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