BBL W/ Dr. Hasan January 7th, 2016!! - Miami, FL

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Hey girls! So I am official! I have paid my...

Hey girls!

So I am official! I have paid my deposit ($2000) and locked in my surgery date with Dr. Hasan on January 7th and I am beyond excited! He is pumping out fat asses and tiny waists left and right lol. My coordinator at Vanity has been Anna and she has been so great. I am very controlling and ask a million questions about everything and she has been so patient and thorough and prompt. I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than 20 minutes for a response from her during business hours. I was a little concerned that once I paid my deposit she would disappear (as other people have said their Vanity coordinators do) but she has continued to be available and helpful. She emailed me my lab work requests (even though I don’t need to have them done until mid-December) as well as my pre and post-op instruction sheets. You can believe that I will be hanging onto the rest of my money until the last minute though lol. I could have actually paid in full when I made my deposit, but I’m not crazy lol! I want her to have at least SOME incentive to respond to my emails hahaha.

As for me, I am 29 years old, no kids, 5’7’’ and 145lbs. I recently lost about 40 lbs and my ass was the first thing to go lol. I literally have NOTHING back there. Anna said I will need to gain 5-8 lbs before the procedure and that will DEFINITELY not be a problem haha! My husband and I are actually going together for procedures! He’ll be having full abdominal/back (12 areas) liposuction on the 6th, and my BBL is on the 7th. My master plan is to drive him to his surgery, have my pre-op while I’m waiting, take him home, then hopefully he’ll be feeling well enough to drive me to my surgery the next day and he can have his post-op while he waits for me. That’s best case scenario obviously, if he’s not feeling up to it I’ll have to call an Uber or something.

I’ll just give a little rundown of what we have booked so far. We arrive in Miami on January 4th and will be renting a car to get around. We are staying until the 13th (9 days) because we live very far away (Canada) and I want to stay close to the doctor as long as possible in case of any complications. We rented a beautiful little vacation rental house and only paid $645 for the full 9 days! It’s a full unit with 1 bedroom, living room, kitchen, patio, yard. It has air conditioning, free wi/fi, cable TV, is near a pharmacy/grocery store and is only 7.5 miles from Vanity on top of that! For equal amenities in a hotel we would have paid close to $1700 probably so we are very happy with this deal. The owner has been super sweet and gave us a discount code for our rental car (Enterprise), and a HUGE email detailing all the stores/restaurants in the neighborhood and how to get to them (including his favorite dishes at each lol) , the nearest malls/shopping centers with directions and suggestions for touristy type activities and night life. Talk about helpful! He even goes as far as to explain what type of parking you can expect when you get to these places (i.e. on street, paid, free, valet, etc.). This is a really great option for accommodations if you have a care giver coming with you and won’t need a recovery house. 

I’m planning on buying exactly ZERO overpriced supplies from Vanity. The fajas, ab boards and lipo foams they use are readily available online for half their price. I prefer to have things in my hand ahead of time, but I’m worried about getting the right size garment so I think I’ll wait until I get to Miami and go shop for one the day before my surgery. I’ve been told by another girl that Marian sells really great ones, 2 for $150, as well as boards and foams so I’ll probably email her to ask about that.

Well I think this is a long enough post lol. I’ll keep updated about my spending and Vanity experience, hopefully it stays positive!


Hi again!

So I just got in contact with Marian and booked 3 massages each for my husband and myself. I also arranged to buy my garments, foams and board from her. She is going to allow me to come in when we get to Miami and try them on to make sure I get the right size. She seems so sweet, omg! We got 3 massages each for $165.

In other news, I've attached a picture that I found on Marian's facebook page!! That poor girl!! The caption on the photo said that THIS is why they don't recommend butt-out fajas after BBL, they can completely cut off the circulation to you butt! She said this girl had to be cut out of her garment and was left with a big ridge in her booty! Yikes! I guess this puts the butt in VS butt out debate to bed lol.

Ummmm what is going on here???

Hey all,

So just thought I'd mention that I got my Vanity Portal login and everything looks A-ok so far. Dates/doctor/procedure seem to all be correct. Hopefully things continue to run this smoothly!

That, however, is not the main reason for this review. There have been TWO RS Hasan dolls that have been hospitalized in the last few days with infection (cellulitis)!!! Now this really is freaking me out. I am not naïve, I know that this procedure is invasive and the recovery is hard, and I appreciate that some people are hospitalized for transfusions due to low hemo afterwards and I can accept that as a risk... but infections really freak me out. I don't want boils draining from my new butt, or the fat dying off because of it and giving me a weird lumpy result... or WORST OF ALL I do not want to die over this! I am completely rattled. I love Hasan's results and I haven't heard of him having any major infection issues recently, so what is happening? Does anyone with any medical knowledge know how these infections are contracted? Was it likely during surgery or afterwards? If it's afterwards, what can be done to reduce the risk of these infections? I am scared now, where before I was just excited. I'm suddenly glad that my date is a few months out, it will give me time to see more updates, see if anyone else is having issues and make a decision from there.



Well after my infection panic attack the other day I am SO glad to see that the 2 new Hasanified gorgeous ladies who were told they had infections are just fine! I am so relieved for them and also for everyone else who'll be going to Vanity! It's crazy that in a city like Miami where SO many people have plastic surgery that the ER doctors and nurses could be SO clueless.

And also, can anyone tell me HOW I am supposed to wait 130 more days for my surgery?!?!?! I literally spend all my time stalking this site and looking at ass... 130 days might as well be 5 years!


Okay okay... it's the moment we all dread the most... putting our sad before asses out there for all to see lol, so everybody come on down to No Ass Town! I definitely didn't want to post these but I don't think it would be fair if I didn't, seeing as how I've seen almost ALL of your guys' before pics lol.

As I said, my coordinator told me I have to gain 5-7 lbs, but I really feel like he'll have enough already... my love handle area is no joke, I've hated it my whole life. I feel like it contributes to my ass looking even smaller because there is no differentiation between where my fat back stops and my flat ass starts, ugh. More than any other area I want that lower back SCOOPED so I can have that beautiful S curve. I also hate my fat fat thighs... but my husband has strong feelings about them and insists they go nowhere lol. I'm thinking I'll maintain my weight and then tell the doc if he doesn't have enough fat for the ass I want to just take a little from the thighs to top it off lol.

Well, now that I am thoroughly ashamed I will leave it at that lol! Have a good day all!

Vanity Payments

Sorry for blowing up everybody's newsfeed today, but I have another question regarding payment. Did everybody else have to pay via wire transfer? Or what other options were you given? I made a wire transfer and everything went through fine and I got my invoices saying that they got the money, but I just really would prefer to pay by credit card or something over the phone. Was that offered as an option for anyone? It just freaks me out and I'd prefer not to do it again if there is another way. I feel like I'm just sending my money off into space not knowing where it's going or who's picking it up.

Thanks for any advice :D

No Doctor Drama

So I went to see my GP today to tell her what I was doing and to get my bloodwork. I know I'm WAY pre-op but, being the type A person that I am, I wanted to have it done now just incase something dramatic was wrong. This way I'll have time to try and fix any problems without a panic. You all KNOW I'm not even tryin to have my date pushed back. So I was prepared for the lecture that so many girls report getting, ready for her to tell me that it was dangerous and silly and I shouldn't be doing it. So I walked in with my head up and shoulders back and just layed it out...

She was SO cool about it! She wanted to know everything about it and how it works and actually even high fives me and told me I was gonna look awesome hahaha! So she wrote me up for my bloodwork and promised to get in touch with me if anything looked out of whack. She only made me promise to come see her as soon as I get home so she can check that I'm alright and monitor my health, I happily agreed to that!

Nothing else new right now... Went to GNC to try and get my iron supplement and OF COURSE these twits are sold out *eyeroll*.

Have a wonderful day beauties!

Lipo questions...

Hi ladies, I've got a couple of questions about my husbands lipo procedure. According to his vanity portal he is just scheduled for "liposculpture" (12 areas) but they do not identify what type of lipo he'll be having. According to the Vanity website there are several kinds of lipo, including Smart Lipo, which is less painful, and can generally be done under a local anesthesia. Also it looks like the recovery is much faster. I know this smart lipo can't be used in BBL because it kills and liquifys the fat, but since he is only having lipo is that what they would likely be doing? If it's safer and the recovery is easier then this is a much preferable way to go... but of course my deposit is paid so I can't get an answer from anybody over there.

Does anyone know if they actually DO smart lipo there as an option? Is it the same price? Any experience would be helpful thanks!

Resolving to Calm Down!

Okay so I think all the negative reviews of Vanity have really gotten into my head. Despite the fact that I've had nothing but GREAT back and forth with my coordinator (both before and after I made my deposit), my paranoia about the situation is over the top. If I email her and I don't hear back in an hour I'm already like "see, can't get a answer back for nothing!" Assuming she'll never get back to me and having a big fat attitude about it. Anna got back to me exactly 10 minutes after I posted my update this morning and made me feel like a big fat asshole for doubting her. Believe me, I do not doubt the horrible experiences that some have had with Vanity staff, my trust in those stories in absolute and it's making me see and assume negative crap about my coordinator with no basis for it. So I am now resolving to keep my damn mouth shut about negative Vanity stuff until they give me a REAL reason to scream about them (which, we all know, is bound to happen some time lol). Anna has been great to me and has been so sweet, so I'll leave it at that for now.

As for my previous question about the lipo if anyone was wondering, they will be doing the Smart Lipo on my husband under general anesthesia. I'm very glad for this because his work is VERY physically demanding and he can't take very much time off (lucky for me, I have enough banked time to take off a full 2 months after my procedure!) so I was hoping for something with a speedier recovery for him. Anna also said that sending in early labs was an excellent idea and that she would make sure someone looked at them as soon as they arrived and get back to me if anything needed my attention. I don't eat meat (haven't for about 6 years) so I'm a little concerned about my iron/hemo, but I ordered my supplements today from Amazon so I'll be popping them like crazy to keep everything up where it needs to be.

Have a wonderful day beauties!


Well, as I said before, I went and did some bloodwork. Even though I am still 4 months pre-op I wanted time to be able to correct any issues (if there were any) instead of finding out 2 weeks before surgery and having to reschedule.

So I got my results back today and my damn iron and hemo are low AF! Hemo is at 10.8 and iron saturation is at 14%. This is not good, clearly. My doctor recommended I start taking 300mg iron (ferrous sulphate) daily. Luckily, I have just ordered my iron supplements from Amazon a few days ago and got one that is 325mg daily so it will give me a little extra. Just waiting for it to arrived! Now that I know it's low, I'm having extreme anxiety about it. I had a feeling it might be low as I don't eat meat, but I didn't think it would be THAT low. SMH... well at least I can be thankful that I have a while to try and pick it up before I really need to be concerned.

Anyone that's got a lot of time before surgery, don't let that stop you from having preliminary labs done, as you can see, you never know!

Still Around...

Hey girls.

It's been a while since I posted so I just thought I'd give a quick update even though I really don't have any new information.

So my hemo was at 10.8 at last check so I've been killing it with my iron supplements. I asked my doctor how much I could safely take and I'm taking it every day, I'm not playing around here. I'm taking the Naturemade 325mg (equal to 65mg absorbed) 3 times per day (every 8 hours like an antibiotic to make sure it's always in my system) as well as the Floradix Liquid Iron with Vitamins 10ml twice per day (7.5mg of iron each - with my morning and bedtime iron pills).

I know this seems like a lot of iron, all together it's 210 mg a day. But according to my doctor, people with anemia need to take 2-5mg of iron per kg of body weight per day in order to correct it. So for me that would be between 140mg-350mg, so I'm actually on the low end of that. I'm going to get my hemo checked again in November to see if things are improving, if not I'll be looking into something more serious like IV iron infusions.

I was most concerned with the prospect of possible tummy troubles. Supposedly iron supplements are notorious for stomach upset, nausea, constipation, etc. But I've been on this regimen for almost 2 weeks now and I haven't had a single problem. I don't know if its the brand I'm taking or if my body just doesn't have an issue with it like some people's does.

On a silly and embarrassing note, my husband told me today that he told his MOM what I was doing!! Lol!! His parents live thousands of miles away from us so I won't have to face her anytime soon, but DAMN! Lol we agreed not to tell anyone what we were doing, I havn't even told my sister who is my BEST friend and I tell everything to hahaha, what a butthead! I was like oooommmggg whyyyy!!?!?!?!? And he's like well it's a really exciting thing for me and I'm not allowed to tell anyone around here so I had to tell someone lol. I would have been happy going to my grave without his mother knowing about my booty surgery but oh well lol. I guess she told him I should go ahead and if she was younger she'd be getting some boobs haha!

I am only planning on actually telling my one sister about it, but after I get home. Just because I know she'll be so excited for me and really supportive. I'm just gonna let everyone else draw whatever conclusions they want to. I'm taking almost 2 full months off of work so if anyone say's anything I'll just say I've been hitting the gym hard while I was off lol.

74 Days...

I've been doing my best to not obsess about my date. Trying to just focus on other things and let the time pass. But damn, it seems like SO many of you girls are going in right about now and coming out looking ammmaaazzziiinnnggg it's making it hard on me over here!

Honestly, I've never really hated my body. There are things I don't like about it, sure, but I've never had feelings like I hate it. Well people... I hate it now lol. The closer I am to getting the body I really want, the less I can stand to be in the body I have lol. I've got 74 days left and I feel like I can't stand to look this way another second. Really hoping all goes will with my blood re-check in a couple weeks and my hemo is going up. If I have to postpone it might actually kill me at this point lol.

Nothing really new to update on. Still taking iron like my life (and my booty) depend on it. All you girls that have been Hassanified recently are BANGIN right now and totally giving me life! You're all beautiful!

Getting Closer!!

Hey all, long time no update!

I've still been on every day checking up on all you dolls but haven't had much to update on for myself. So as I posted about earlier, I had bloodwork done in early September just to check things out and my hemo was low (10.8). I've been killing it with the iron supplements, taking those things on a strict schedule like my (booty) life depends on it. got my bloodwork re-done last week just to check how things were going and I'm up to 11.7!! Yaaaassss I am SO happy! I know I've been doing all the right things but I was really stressing that it wouldn't be enough. I know over 12 is ideal, but they said he will accept anything over 11.5 as long as you understand that there is an increased risk of needing a transfusion, so I'm good to go! I have 43 days left until surgery so I'm going to keep on with all my iron supplements and try to get it as high as I possibly can, but it sure is nice to have that pressure off my shoulders, I was steady dreaming about having too low hemo and not being able to get my surgery done lol.

As far as supplies go, I still have nothing. I didn't want to spend $120 on a Vanity garment when I can get them from Marian for $70, but I figured whatever, I'd rather have them fit me properly and not give me a hassle about having the wrong size. One girl I follow said she was in an XL the day of surgery, and needed a MEDIUM 3 days later. So my plan is to get my immediate post-op one from vanity and then get a smaller one from Marian before I leave Miami.

My husband and I arrive in Miami 2 days pre-op for me so I am not going to bring too much with me. Extra baggage fees are a bitch on the airline I'm flying. We will spend those 2 days shopping around, going to costco/walmart/drug stores and grabbing all the stuff we need, pre-cooking some healthy meals and getting the space ready in our rental house to make things as easy as possible. The one thing I AM going to bring is a half foam roll and back pillow for the flight home since I don't know where I would find those down there.

That's about it for now lovelies, 43 days to go!!!!


I forgot one more thing, I made an Instagram page (jess200016) to document my journey as well. I'll still be posting here also but I like the instagram community also, lots more pics and information. I don't have much on my page yet, obviously, besides my before pics, but come surgery time I'll be posting a lot of them. Follow me if you like :)


Hey dolls! I just wanted to drop a quick line and let you know that the Vedette website is having a MAJOR Black Friday Sale. Everything on the site is 50% off, and some items even more than that, PLUS free shipping! It's only on until Monday I think so if you're holding off on buying your garment, now is the time!

I got the Geraldine in Black - Regular $98 for only $48! I know Vanity used to use the Celeste and that's the one Medical Massage Professionals uses also, but I have tiny boobs so the boob covers on the Celeste would be baggy and weird under clothes. Also I have VERY fat thighs, I can't wear anything that's cut mid thigh cause I'll have the muffin thing going on and then I can't wear anything but long skirts cause it shows in all pants. The Geraldine is similar but it goes all the way to the knee.

I also got the Adora (Thong) in Black - Regular $81 for only $15! Pretty much all of the bodysuits are on for $15! I got this as more of a later on garment when my butt has already fluffed and mostly healed but I still need the compression on my lipo areas. I know that's looking far ahead, but damn how could I NOT buy it for $15 lol.

So get on over there if you need garments girls!

Taking Personal Pics Down

Hey all,

so I am definitely going to be continuing to post on here regarding my experience and giving updates, but I've removed my before pictures and I won't be posting many afters either. If you want to keep photo track of my progress please add me on instagram. One of the girls I follow on IG posted a pic of some weird creeper guy's profile on RS, making comments on a bunch of girl's pages about how good they're looking. Acting like RS is a damn dating site, smh. I'd rather keep all my personal pics in a place where I can specifically choose who gets to see them, and since RS doesn't allow you to make things private or block people, I'll be keeping all my pics over on IG. Creepy fucks have to ruin it for everyone!

In other news I am EXACTLY one month away today!! I'm telling you, this was the perfect time to schedule this thing. Between Christmas, New years, and a Family wedding I have had very little time to obsess over the surgery and how slow time is passing, if anything I feel like it will be here in no time! I go on the 15th to see my family doc to get my final check up and bloodwork to clear me for surgery. I'll keep you all posted!


Ladies I am freaking out!!

So I just got a call from Vanity. I am scheduled with Hasan on January 7th. They called and asked me if I wanted to switch my surgery to the 4th, and I said no sorry I can't, we only fly in that day there is no way I can. And she was like, oh okay no problem, we will leave you on the 7th then.

I have a REALLY bad feeling that they are trying to clear Hasan's day for some reason, like he said oh btw i need the 7th off can you move my surgeries? And I CANNOT reschedule, I am coming from so far away and have everything booked and paid for! I just saw a bunch of Fisher dolls go through this. They were scheduled January 5th, and somehow a rumor got out that Fisher wasn't in the office until January 7th. So a bunch of them called Vanity, and of course the girls they talked to said no no, he will for sure he here the 5th don't worry. Then one of the girls messaged Fisher HIMSELF on instagram, and Fisher said no that's right, I'm NOT in the office until the 7th!! So then they all called back and demanded new dates and to be told the truth!

So I do not trust this girls word AT ALL that everything is okay for the 7th!! Please if ANY of you are on the 7th with him, or the day before or after, please let me know if you have heard anything! I am going to be SICK over this for the next month now. I have a feeling I'm gonna get down there and they are gonna be like, oh sorry, Hasan can't do it, but you can have McAdoo and I'm going to lose my fucking mind. Please ladies, ANY info would help!!

We have contact...


So I was extremely freaked out about possibly getting my date moved on me when Vanity called the other day. That was the first phone contact I had had with them, and that's all she asked me and hung up when I said no.

Then today, they called again. I don't know if it was the same lady, but this time it was Roxana who identified herself as Hasan's medical assistant. She was really sweet and talked to me for a long time, asked me a lot of health questions, told me what to do regarding my vitamins, iron supplements, and told me that I need to get my labs done soon and send them over ASAP. So I was feeling MUCH less stressed after this conversation, it feels more like it's actually going to happen.

Now, for you other dolls, I don't know if anyone else is scheduled with Hasan on January 14th, but I saw a girl on Instagram who had that date with him booked since September, and they called her today and told her he would be out of town at a conference that day and rescheduled her to Jan 6th. She didn't say how long he would be gone or anything, but if your date is around the 14th I would maybe check just to make sure! Can't be too careful!

Other than that, I met with my PCP today to have my final bloodwork drawn! She said she should have the results by tomorrow, so I'll be sending them in as soon as I get them. She also wrote me a prescription for manual lymph drainage massages for when I get home. I am having 4 done at Medical Massage Professionals while I'm in Miami, but I know it's better if you have more. So I found a massage therapist in my city who specializes in post surgery MLD and now, because I got a prescription, I'll be able to get a lot more, and they will be covered by my work insurance. Lucky! All these aftercare expenses really add up, so that will take some pressure off. Also on that note of saving money, I also talked to my PCP about possible seromas when I come home and how some people can't find anyone to drain them by syringe and wind up having to pay hundreds to a plastic surgeon to do it. Luckily she said she would be happy to drain them for me, should I get any, unless they are really big and gross in which case she would send me to the hospital, but I wouldn't be waiting until they were huge to go get them drained so I should be alright. So THAT will definitely save me a bundle incase I get some of those nasty buggers.

That's it for now, I'll update regarding my lab results once I get them, fingers crossed that everything is up high enough!!

Labs good!

hey all, sorry for the late update but I've just been busy with the holiday season. I got my labs back and everything looks great! I also paid my remaining balance so I am all set! Now just to wait till Jan. 7th!!

Funny story, I haven't heard much from my coordinator or anyone for over a month, I mean it's not bad, they really had no reason to contact me in that time. All of a sudden on 15 days pre-op these girls are BLOWING up my phone and email. Where are you labs? Have you paid this balance? When are you getting to town? No joke FOUR different girls emailing me and giving me the business (Anna, Claudia, Roxana and Yisel). I was like damn okay I get it, I'll get my shit together lol! Since I sent in my labs, filled out all the questionnaires and paid them though they have left me mostly alone hahaha. I joke, they all seem really sweet. It was just kind of extra for all of them to be contacting me at the same time lol.

Anyways, I bought a few dresses for post op. Gonna go later this week for anti-bac soap, chux and dog pee pads and that's pretty much it. I already have a half foam roll and pillow worked out for sitting on the plane. I read a girl's review where she said basically that most of the stuff they tell you to buy is junk you won't use and a waste of money so I'm going bare basics. If I decide during recovery that something is necessary I'll send hubby out for it. I'd rather save my money.

Honestly I thought it would never come, but now that it's so close, time is FLYING! I have xmas, new years, my mom's wedding, then I fly out on January 4th!

I have arrived!

Hey dolls!!

I am in Miami and was at Vanity today for my preop bloodwork and to fill out the stacks of paperwork! Got my garment, foams and ab board from the little faja store near Vanity. Garment was 85, board was 20 and foams were 2 for 25. The only bad thing about this store is that it is NO refunds and NO exchanges. So if you buy the wrong size you are screwed.

Just an FYI there is a little kiosk in the Dolphin Mall (about 10-15 mins from Vanity). They sell all the Diane garments for the same price as the cheap store I got mine from, but you can try on and exchange if it doesn't fit. No refunds still, but at least you can exchange if you go a little too big or too small.

That's it for now! Surgery Thursday!!!!


Hey dolls, I made it! I was Hasan's first patient at 5:30 this morning. They were right on time. Hasan was very nice, I had spoken to him the day before when I was sitting in with my husband as he was marking him up so I told him he'd be seeing me tomorrow. He was like "Ah time for your turn!" He definitly doesn't seem like the jokey type. He was very nice though and chatted a lot about his family and mine, etc. spent probably 15 minutes with me and marked me up. The anesthesia guy is as funny as everyone says, made me feel very comfortable but MAN when they say its freezing back there, they are serious! My body was shaking uncontrollably to where he could barely start my IV lol.

A note, my husband had his surgery yesterday and had AWFUL nausea from the anesthesia. He could not keep anything down for almost a full 24 hours, it was so bad. So when I went in I told the anesthesiologist that I was scared of being like that and he said oh dont worry I can give you something for that. So I don't know what he put in my IV but I feel great. Not a touch of nausea at all. I've been eating and drinking like normal with no issues.

Pain is nowhere near as bad as I expected. Maybe a 1 or 2. Some soreness in the booty like I've been doing squats. Even getting in and out of bed isn't too bad. Hoping things dont get too bad once the anesthesia leaves my body.

My only complaint is that I am SWWWOOOLLLEN! My entire body is bloated like a puffer fish, all the way down to my fingers! Omg my face is almost unrecognizable, looks like I got beat by a boxer! Did anyone swell this bad immediately after surgery? Damn I don't have a scale but I guarantee there is at least 10-15 poinds of fluid in my body all over. It's not really uncomfortable i just look HUGE! Legs, arms, face, under my garment, like damn!

But I am thankful i made it through alive and that my pain is manageable!

Swell hell.

Well dolls I'm only 2 days post op so I don't even know if I'm ALLOWED to complain about swelling yet cause some of you girls deal with it for months but MAN this swelling is really too much!

Eyes were swollen shut again this morning, have to walk around and do a facial massage for over an hour so I can see anything. Then, went for my 2nd massage, drained like CRAZY, way more than my 1st one, and then came home to shower and wash my disgusting bloody garment. I was out of my garment for maybe an hour while I showered washed and dryed it and OMG!! My thighs are the size of tree trunks you guys, I'm not kidding! I am HUGE! I could barely stuff myself back into my garment and I can't even get drained tomorrow because my massage place is closed Sundays. Blah!

In any case, I'm still feeling fine. Was a little lightheaded after draining so much at my massage but a little food an extra iron helped that. I just do not know what I'm going to do with MONTHS of this swelling, it's unbelievable.

But with all that said, I am loving how my body looks. Hasan warned me that I didn't have much fat so he would do the best he could. I am literally sucked dry, there is ZERO fat left in my upper body. I feel like a skeleton lol. The size is a little big, but I know it will just take some getting used to because I've never seen myself like this. Also, once the damn swelling subsides and things soften up im sure I'll be even more in love with it.

That's it for now loves!

9 Days Post

Hey dolls!

I am 9 days post op today. Feelin really good. I'd say about 90% back to normal when I'm just standing around. Bein touched though is still very tender. Lower back and ribs/hips area are very sore to the touch but when I'm in my garment it doesn't bother me.

Swelling is finally starting I subside a little. Sill wake up with eyes swollen shut every day which is seriously getting old but overall it's diminishing. With the exception of my legs. They are so swole, as you can see in my pic, and I hate it! My garment feels good everywhere else but above my knee is like strangling lol. Oh well, just have to be patient I guess.

Have been getting MLD massages since I've been home which I'm sure is helping with my fluid. I have 3 left next week.

Recently switched from my XL Diane garment into my M vedette and it feels SO much better. I don't like wearing my foams because they leave dents all over me so the tighter garment is giving me life. I have a pretty large sermon in my lower abdomen that I'm massaging every day but I'm sure it will need to be drained by needle. Just waiting to make an appt with my doctor.

Other than that just trying to relax a lot, taking plenty of naps and letting my body heal!

12 Days Post

Hey dolls, so I am 12 days post op today and feeling pretty great. Lipod area are extremely tender to the touch, but honestly I feel almost normal walking around/cooking/doing chores/shovelling snow. I couldn't have imagined it would be going this well. The only problem I was having were 2 seromas. One above each hip bone. My PCP said she would be happy to drain them for me, but when I went to her office she tried an tried and couldn't get anything to come out. I was so frustrated! I called a plastic surgeon in the area and he said he would be happy to do it but it would be $299 per try!!! I was freaking out. If you don't have them drained, thy can turn into firm knots and then eventually they are just there forever unless you have them surgically removed. I have already had them almost 5 days so I was getting major anxiety about it.

Finally I just said whatever, went to the medical supply, bought needles and syringes and did it myself. It was seriously SO easy! I have no clue why my PCP couldn't get anything to come out, it literally almost was gushing out when I did it. Keyla told me what size needle to use (18 gauge) and I just got the biggest syringes they had (12 ml) and got some alcohol wipes, rubber gloves and went to town. Took all of 5 minutes and I am way more comfortable physically as well as my anxiety being lowered about 1000%. I will continues to drain them every day until they stop filling up. I'm concerned about infection of course but I was very careful and did way more to try and be sterile than my PCP did in her office. It is a BIG needle so I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself to everyone, but if you're in a pinch like me, it can definitly be done on your own!

4 Weeks Post

Hey dolls!

So today is 4 weeks since I was Hasanified. I am feeling almost totally back to normal except for the tender Lipo spots, but I'm expecting that to go on for months so no surprise there.

What I have noticed in the last few days is that, even though my butt is still quite firm, it feels like mine now. I used to be really aware of it, it felt like something stick to he back of me. When I walked it felt really unnatural. Now when I walk I don't get that feeling anymore. It just feels like my own body. I feel a few lumps and bumps in it but nothing major. A few twinges of soreness now and again. However, something I find interesting is that the fat grafts in my hips are very tender. My butt was never tender or sore. But my hips are extremely sensitive. I was worried that something was wrong with the fat but a lot of other dolls have experienced similar things so I'm not too concerned about it.

I am currently measuring 26" at the waist and 43.5" over the butt. Immediately after surgery I was 28" at he waist and 45" at the hips. Then the day after I flew home and was SOOOO swollen i actually measured 49" at the hips! I was practically in tears, it looked so rediculous! But that was a 1 day thing and ever since then things have been pretty stable. I'm sill taking water pills because I'm prone to retaining water, especially in my legs. They are helping but I still wake up with SWOLLEN face every morning. Like really bad, eyes almost all the way shut, can't see nothing. Usually it resolves by about noon but I am REALLY glad im still off work because I have no idea how I would explain my face!

My biggest challenge right now is clothing, mainly pants. I am obsessed with how my body looks naked or in yoga type pants, but in jeans or other regular pants it looks HUGE!! Like abnormally huge. It makes me really self conscious about my results. I know I'm just not used to seeing it and eventually it will grow on me but I am struggling right now for sure. I want to start wearing regular pants around the house more so that I get used to seeing myself in them and hopefully get over this kind of anxiety I feel now.

Well that's about it! Any questions, feel free!

5 weeks Post Op

Hey again dolls!

5 weeks post op today and feeling good. I finally feel like a vast majority of my swelling has resolved. Aside from the face swelling, which is just as bad as ever, I am otherwise fairly normal sized and not bloated anymore. Took long enough! I've been trying to spend some time out of my garment every day, just to try and gage how long I can be out of it before I start to balloon up. Today I was out of it for almost 2 hours and my measurements stayed the same, so no actual swelling, however, I do notice that after about 30 minutes with no compression i start getting very vey stiff and sore in the Lipo areas. In my garment moving feels fine and I can reach and stretch. I keep my compression very major, foams, triangle, board, 2 ace bandages, waist trainer, then faja over it all. Like so tight on my ribcage I can only take shallow breaths lol. But I love the feeling, and it makes me feel normal. After spending some time non-compressed i get so much aching and stiffness when I twist or reach, it's very unpleasant. I'm trying to train my body to not be so reliant on it though. So I'm gonna keep spending an hour or two out of it every day just to let my body breath and try to get used to feeling normal on its own.

Booty is getting softer all the time, but I would still call it firm-ish. Measuring 25.5 at the waist and 44" over the butt. Which is up 1/2" from last week so idk what that's about, too early for fluffing. Maybe I just measured wrong last week. But the waist keeps shrinking! I don't know how much smaller it can get, at his point it feels like skin over bone so I think this might be the smallest i go lol. But I am VERY satisfied with that number! Much smaller than I thought I would get!

Most of the little lumps and pains I had in my booty are totally gone but my hips are still a little tender but steadily improving day by day.

Any questions, feel free!

6 Weeks Post Op

Hey girls, quick 6 week update. Things have not changed a whole lot since last week. Waist has gone down another inch to 25" and booty still holding strong at 44". Lipo still stiff and sore, everything else feeling same as last week.

I still have not sat at all and am sleeping only on my stomach. I know they generally say it's okay to start sitting with a pillow at 3-4 weeks but I am really scared of flattening my butt or smooshing my hips lol. I'll probably not sit at all until I go back to work at 7 and 1/2 weeks just to be extra safe. I read one doll say she slept on her side and woke up with that hip all flat! I know it's not the same for everyone but this is what is working for me.

Any questions feel free!

7 Weeks Post Op

Another week of recovery down! Measurements the same, waist 25" and booty 44". Still haven't sat at all or slept on my sides or back. Very annoying but it gives me peace of mind.

I am finally going back to work next week, I'll be 7 and 1/2 weeks post. I'm not nervous about sitting because I'm alone for most of my shift and can basically do what I want so ill just be kneeling, but I am nervous about seeing everbody and if they are gonna be asking a bunch of questions. Oh well, not much I can do lol.

Still keeping up with the faja/compression game, as annoying as it is. I do prefer how my booty feels in my garment, I am still paranoid about losing volume and I feel like its more secure in my garment. I know lots of people switch to upper body compression only by now but I'm keeping it on a while longer. I am way too cheap to buy another garment so I have just been stuffing my waist trainer with more and more stuff lol trying to keep it tight

Started back working out when I hit 6 weeks. No lower body and NO cardio at all, but just back to my routine of weigt lifting for the upper body and back/shoulders. I love lifting weights and being fit so I would hate to not work out at all for 3-4 months and wind up with no muscle tone left and looking like a marshmallow. No thanks! It's been going great, no problems to report with that.

The Lipo stiffness is getting better all the time. It's still pretty real but nowhere near as bad as it was. I stretch a lot every day so idk if that's helping. Booty is softening but still quite firm. I'll be honest, I expected it to be much softer this far post op but it's not bothering me any. It does jiggle like crazy web im out of my garment though. I gett little pangs of pain in it every once in a whole but nothing major. My hips, however, remain quite sore. That's the main reason I'm not sleeping in my sides yet. Lots of girls say their hip grafts disappear after a whole and only the booty stays. I really want to keep my hips so im definitly not trying to squish them down util they stop hurting all the way. I figure if they're still sore they must not be healed yet.

That's about it for this week! I've said it before but people always ask me for pictures still. I explained in an earlier post that I won't be posting personal pics on here anymore due to privacy concerns. But my surgery instagram is full of my pics and videos so if you have a surgery instagram feel free to add me if you want to see how I'm coming along. My information is in a previous post.

8 Weeks Post Op

Finally made it to 8 weeks dolls! Still no sitting and no sleeping on sides or butt. I returned to work this week but I am alone for 99% of my shift so I don't have to answer any questions about why I'm standing all the time. I do have a family dinner next week which I will have to sit at, no one in my family knows, so that will be my first time. But after that I'm planning on staying off it totally till at least 12 weeks.

The most exciting thing to happen this week is that I am finally, as of yesterday, down to my surgery day weight. I take this to mean that my fluid situation has finally resolved and I'm no longer carrying extra water weight. YES it took 8 long, horrible weeks! The water, especially in my legs, just would NOT resolve. The last week I have been using my compression socks, knee braces (to cover the area between the top of my socks and bottom on my garment) and knee length faja over nights to try and squish all that fluid up and out. It had FINALLY worked and my legs at long last look and feel normal. I tell you, I had straight tree trunk thighs this entire time. Now I am not saying that the problem is solved and that it won't start pooling in my legs again, but as of this moment, with what I am doing, the fluid is gone. And I intend to keep up the leg compression probably for the full 3 months as well cause I do NOT want them to get huge again.

I am measuring 44" around the booty, same as since about 7 days post op so no change there. As of the last couple days my waist is now below 25"!! Not quite to 24.5" but we'll see if it gets there in time.

My hips are still tender but less so than they have ever been. And significantly less sore than even last week. Up util this week I didn't know if they would ever start feeling better. Booty is sitting really nice, still fairly firm but jiggles out of control when it isn't confined to my garment.

Also this week I have discovered that I am inLOVE with my body. Up until now I was really struggling with feeling like it was too big and wishing for it to go down quite a bit. I felt like clothes looked weird on me and was feeling very self conscious about how it looked. However, this week I have really accepted it and decided that it looks amazing on me. It helps that I got some new clothes that fit properly and got a bunch if pants tailored to for perfect. It has just taken time to get used to and now that I am, I am SO happy with it. It's funny, I spent the first 8 weeks wishing every day for it to shrink some, now I am terrified that it will lol!

Other than that no really big developments. Lipo areas are less and less tender all the time. Still lifting weigts (upper body only) and feeling good to be back at that.

That's it for this week!

Dr. Hasan

I'm sorry, but I just feel the need to write this. I am reading SO many annoying ass comments lately from people who don't have their facts straight and continue to spread rumors around without bothering to check their information. I will not address this again after this, I just feel the need to speak up.

First of all, this is NOT a defence of Vanity in any way. I would never defend that place, ever. They are SO messy and the way that they have been dealing with all these poor dolls scheduled with Hasan is completely unacceptable. I don't believe for ONE SECOND that they don't know exactly wtf is going on but just aren't telling anyone. It is SO immoral for them to continue scheduling girls with Hasan and then strong arming them into switching doctors. I just can't with that place. In all honesty I think they should be shut down for all their bullshit.

I will, however, defend Dr. Hasan. I am just going to address these things I've been reading over and over and over again since he went missing on us.

Yes. Everyone who has scheduled themselves with Dr. Hasan KNOWS that this man is not Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Please stop spreading this like it's news to anyone or like it is relevant in any way. He IS a board certified dermatologist and was certified in general cosmetic surgery by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery in 2002 and was recertified in 2012. Please feel free to confirm that on their website.

Further, I was in his office and saw his certifications with my own eyes. So PLEASE dispense with the petty bullshit and stop acting like this man is some random dude offering BBL's in a basement or back alley somewhere. This man is a doctor who has been performing cosmetic surgery procedures in Florida since 1999. He is not under investigation for doing cosmetic surgery without being a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. That would be ridiculous, as under Florida law ANY licensed doctor is legally able to perform cosmetic surgery. Are we all clear on that now?

Next. Yes. Everyone who has chosen Hasan and done their research ALSO knows that someone died under his care from a BBL. It is common knowledge and pops up instantly if you google his name, which anyone considering surgery should have done before choosing their doctor. No, this did not happen last summer, and no his license is not suspended because of it and that is not why he is gone right now. This happened 2 years ago. A 51 year old woman tragically died after suffering from an embolism immediately after her BBL. Vanity, nor Dr. Hasan has tried to cover this up in any way. In fact, Dr. Hasan did several news interviews and explained exactly what happened openly. You can easily find and read his explanation for yourself. Embolisms are a KNOWN complication that can result from liposuction and the BBL procedure. As your age increases and your list of pre-existing medical issues get longer, your increase for these complications also increases. If you have surgery with Hasan, he takes time in his pre op to explain all the possible complications to you. The reason for this is because, even in people who are young and in perfect health, these things have been known to happen. Once you hear the laundry list of things that can possibly go wrong, it's up to you to decide whether that's a risk you want to take. Dr. Hasan was very thorough and made sure I understood the possibilities with regard to complications. In the end, I took the risk, as most do. I came out fine. She did not. It's awful what happened, but his license was not suspended or revoked and he was not found guilty of any malpractice. Period. If he had done something wrong, he would have been dealt with through disciplinary action or even possible criminal charges. He wasn't. This was just an unfortunate event. An event that she was warned could occur.

Some are posting that they "heard from a friend of a friend" that the family of this woman is in court battling Hasan for money. I have no idea whether this is true (I doubt it) but the fact is, if they are doing this, they will lose. When you have surgery at Vanity, no matter who your doctor is, you sign papers saying that you understand that your doctor DOES NOT have malpractice insurance (totally legal in the state of Florida, and many doctor's elect not to buy it) and that you will not pursue legal action should complications arise. Ethical or not, these are the papers you are asked to sign. And if you want your surgery, you sign them. The same as I did, the same as the woman who died did. So can we all PLEASE stop posting "DID YOU KNOW THIS MAN HAD A DEATH" on EVERY single Hasan dolls page? If they are on RS, THEY KNOW. How could they not know? People never stop running their mouths about it. People die in surgery every single day done by 100% competent doctors doing everything 100% right. That is the risk of any surgery, period.

Okay rant over. I have just really had enough of the petty bullshit and bold faced lies going around. This man is a wildly talented surgeon that produces some of the best results in the USA period. Quit trying to make his dolls feel like they have chosen an incompetent, unqualified stooge as their doctor.

Vanity on the other hand, if they keep playing all you girls better go burn that place down lol! I sincerely hope for ALL you future Hasan dolls that he comes back soon for you. I know he'll give you the results you are after. For all his haters, don't bother commenting, I've heard everything you liars have to say and I'm bored of you. Unfollow me please.

10 Weeks Post Op

Hey dolls!

So I didn't do a 9 week post op review because, frankly, not much had changed. I am now 10 weeks post op and my body is seriously unbelievable. I was really scared for a long time that my stomach would wind up looking like Tara Reid. Not because it ever did, but because of how aggressive Hasan's lipo was on me. Usually when doctors are THAT aggressive you're left with some lumps and bumbs. That man literally sucked every drop of fat out of my upper body. I have nothing left. I am skin and bones and muscle. And I am perfectly even and smooth. My skin retracted perfectly and, aside from the lipo scars (which are fading) you would never know I had work done on my stomach. He is a master at lipo, I have no words. It takes a real talent to be able to lipo that much fat out, get that close to the muscle and bone and have a perfect result. And it gets better every week. Waist is now 24.5''!! And I weight 157lbs! My lowest weight ever was 136lbs and my waist was 25.5 at that time, so I'm almost 25 lbs heavier but a smaller waist.

Now for my ass. I also have no words for this thing. It is so big, and so round. It is literally beautiful. I have a perfect upside down heart shape from behind, great projection, and very even results. My booty has cellulite, but I had it before. It's in the same places, so it didn't make it worse or better. But I knew it wouldn't so I wasn't expecting it to. Frankly idgaf about my cellulite anymore because my ass is so great! It is still holding strong at 44''. Havn't lost any volume since 2 weeks post op. My whole life I never thought I would be a girl to ever LOVE her body, but damn I LOVE this new one!! I would seriously kiss Hasan if I could get my hands on him. It sounds so vain but it seriously has changed my life. My confidence is through the roof and I am way more comfortable being sexy for my husband.

I didn't want to sit at all until my 3 month mark, but there have been 3 times where I had to. I had a family dinner (about 3 hours) and no one in my family knows I did it, so I had to pretend everything was normal. I had a training day at work (full 8 hours) but my chair was really soft and I was mostly able to lean forward on my thighs the whole time, and I had a work related coffee date as well for about an hour where I can to sit on a hard chair. But other than those 3 times I have still kept completely off of it. Stomach sleeping only still. Shape/roundness have not been effected by the sitting, and trust me, I was obsessively checking for days afterwards to make sure it wasn't shrinking on me lol. It makes me feel more confident that the fat is going to stick around. But still going to do my part with no more sitting (except when I HAVE to) until 3 full months.

Tightness in stomach and sides is completely gone. Still have some tightness in lower back if I'm out of my garment for too long. But I routinely go 6-8 hours with no garment and there is almost no swelling, so that is good. I have even slept without a garment a few times and I'm alittle puffy in the morning but nothing major. As soon as this 3 month mark comes and my lower back finishes healing I will be golden!

Nothing else for now, any questions feel free!

Save Your Money!

So being involved in this community and on IG I am forever seeing girls posting lists and lists and lists of all the stuff they are buying and taking with them for surgery. This is a major expense in life and I am one cheap mf'er so I'm gonna make a list, in my opinion, of things you just do not need to spend excess money on, or at least I didn't. I guess it's the difference between things I NEEDED to have and things it would have been NICE to have. I'm sure some will disagree, and that's fine, but coming from my own experience, here it is:

1) Recovery Homes: Now this is not for girls who are travelling alone. You WILL need help post op so if you're making the journey by yourself, then a RH may be right for you. But, if you have someone you trust coming with you, save your money! Airbnb and Homeaway have some unbelievable properties in Miami for SO cheap. We stayed in a 1 bedroom house, with full bathroom, kitchen, living room, outdoor patio area, hot tub (granted I couldn't use it) for $65 a night. And there were even cheaper ones than that when I was looking. This cuts WAY back on expenses. Even if you stay in a regular hotel, you're stuck eating out every meal which also adds up. With a house and a kitchen you can do a quick grocery run pre-op and then you're all set in the cheapest way possible. The guy I rented from even gave me a coupon code for Enterprise so I got a CRAZY deal on my car rental. As long as you know the person you're bringing is down to help you in very personal ways (i.e. showering, bathroom, dressing) then you'll be fine in a regular rental. DO be sure they know what to look for in case of emergency though, if you're passing out repeatedly, running a fever, etc, they need to know to get you to a hospital.

2) Fajas: This is probably the #1 money waster I see girls going through. Girls buying 5 and 6 $100 fajas trying to find the perfect one, omg! There is a big misconception that you need a NEW garment for phase 2 healing. All phase 2 means is that your skin has reattached and your body is ready for more compression. You only need more compression on the lipo areas, and very little on the BBL areas. Chances are your post surgery garment (mine was a Diane 2393) will continue to fit perfectly in the butt area. You'll only need it smaller at the top. GET IT ALTERED! My tailor charges me $7 a seam and I have it taken in every week as I continue to shrink. This way, you know the fit will be EXACTLY what you need and you'll save $100 every time you lose an inch in the waist. I'm 10 weeks and I still wear my post op garment every day, but it looks very different now than when I bought it. The problem is this: Girls want that MAJOR compression in the waist, but big enough to fit their new butts. This simply doesn't exist! We paid THOUSANDS of dollars to have disproportionately small waists and BIG butts. Of course nothing is going to fit perfectly, thats what we wanted! ANY faja you buy in any size is going to 1) fit perfectly on your butt and be too big in the waist or 2) give you amazing compression in the waist and squish your butt. You're going to have to stuff it with foams or get it altered anyways, so you may as well just use the one you already have. My waist is down from 29'' to 24.5'' and I have not bought a single new garment.

3) Supplies: Omgosh the bags and bags of stuff I see girls hauling! Aside from the essentials (faja, foams, board) I needed very little when I was in Miami. I did use a lot of chux pads, alcohol swabs, period pads (for stuffing my garment when I was draining), antimicrobial soap (Hibicleans) and that is basically it. And I bought all that stuff when I got to Miami for really cheap at Walmart. All I packed from home were 4 dresses, flip flops, my vitamins, a half foam roll for sitting post op, toiletries (shampoo, makeup, lotion, toothbrush, basically all your travelling essentials) and my purse. I had to go out after surgery to get some laxative pills due to not being able to poop after surgery but that was just a quick run to the pharmacy. I really can't imagine what else I would have needed. I feel so bad for these girls hauling SUITCASES full of supplies and all I think is OMG you are going to be so sorry when you're post op and you're dragging all that crap through the airport, most of it unopened and unused. Even if you have more supplies, chances are you won't need it immediately post op and can be left at home until you get there.

Now again, this is just me and what I found to be true for myself. I just thought I'd put it out there because I see so many girls doubling the cost of their procedure with all the extra stuff they get. Including accommodations, car rental, flights, all supplies and massages I think I probably spent $1000 over the cost of my surgery. So this can definitely be done on a budget, don't get intimidated by the amounts that you see some girls spending. If you're determined enough you can save all that cash for new clothes lol.

On the opposite hand, here are some things I WOULD spend money on:

1) Good massages: Yes you will need them. And if you're paying for them, you might as well pay someone who knows how to do them properly. Some girls get massages at their surgery centre and the therapists can be untrained and very ineffective at getting the fluid out. Find a place with a good reputation and spend your money there.

2) Car Rental: Again, this is for girls who have a trustworthy person coming with them. My recovery was very mild so my husband and I spent a lot of time out and about in Miami. The taxi prices are unbelievable there. The Ubers are less, but it will still add up if you want to be out a lot. We were able to go to places over an hour away from our house (beaches, malls) that we wouldn't have been able to see if we were having to pay a taxi to take us. The car rental places are very conveniently located in the Miami airport for pickup and drop off so that's good too.

I guess that's basically it! I just wanted to offer a little help to some dolls who may be trying to do this on a budget and are freaked out by the amount of stuff you think you'll need to save for. Any questions, feel free to ask!

11 Weeks Post Op

Hey girls!

Another week down! Biggest update this week is that my waist is now down to 24.5''! I cannot believe that seriously. Every time I think it can't possibly get any smaller, it does. I have no clue, other than Hasan is the snatch master. Also, waist is now officially smaller than my thighs... smh... Thighs measure 25'' EACH. Damn fat ass monster thighs lol. Although now that my butt is big I don't hate them as much. But my silhouette is definitly a little shocking when I wear a tight top, when you can really see how tiny my waist is then BAM my ass and thighs.

Also, immediately after surgery booty was 45''. At about 2 weeks post op I dropped to 44'' and have been holding steady at 44'' since then. Then all this week I have been measuring closer to 45'' again. 44 and 1/2'' for sure. I havn't gained any weight, but what I HAVE noticed is that my butt has definitely started to soften up and drop a little. I didn't really notice it until I took a picture from the back and noticed that my cuff game was suddenly much stronger! I was like, omg where did all that cuff come from? I always had like a half cuff, like the inside part. But now it stretches almost completely across the bottom of my cheek! Happy dance! It doesn't really look or feel different to me, but it must be dropping a little for that cuff to be coming in like that. I DO NOT believe in fluffing at all. And I definitly wouldn't call this "fluffing" in the sense that most girls think of it (like suddenly your butt just gets bigger after 3 months) but it definitly is dropping and settling. So whatever you want to call that.

I still use my foams/board/triangle/waist trainer/faja whenever I'm sitting around the house or sleeping. Anytime I'm out of the house and working I'm in my thong garment. I have allowed myself to sleep with no garment a couple of times and honestly, I'm a little tight and stuff, but the swelling was not too major. I find I can go longer and longer out of my garment without swelling, so that's encouraging. Still not sitting or sleeping on my back/sides. Definitley looking forward to the 3 month mark when I can start! Still working out hard with weights, upper body only. It feels SO good to be feeling strong and toned in my arms again. I felt like I was starting to really lose muscle tone in my arms and was feeling a little flabby for a while.

As for pain/stiffness, basically none unless I'm out of my garment for a long time, like I said. Then I start kinda getting lower back stiffness/burning. But for the most part I feel back to normal. I have most of my feeling back in my torso, aside from my lower back where it's still a little numb when I touch it. My hips grafts are FINALLY started to not feel pinchy anymore. I was starting to think they would be sensitive forever. But they seem to have settled down, took them long enough.

That's it for this week! Later girls!

3 Months Post Op!

Hey dolls! Here (a little late) for my 3 month update.


Waist is down to 24" Ommmmmgggawd!
Booty holding strong at 44.5''!!
Fat thighs: 25.5'' smdh lol

Well since arriving at 3 months I have started sitting for little bits of time throughout the day. Nothing too major, 3 minutes here or there. At this point I'm pretty used to kneeling or standing but I'm trying to break it in a little lol. Still sleeping on my stomach though, again mostly out of habit. It feels weird to sit. Not pain, but like I sat on something accidentally that needs to be moved lol. I'm just not used to the feel of the extra meat down there.

Started back to working out for real at exactly 3 months, I couldn't wait, I was dying to get back at it. I'm doing a program with lots of lunges/squats/jumping drills so I was a little concerned at first but it's been 8 days and everything is status quo with the booty. The first day of the program was an INTENSE leg day and I haven't worked legs in 3 months so literally for 2 days after I was LIMPING around like Frankenstein ommmmggg my poor booty and hamstrings lol I thought I broke my shit for sure hahaha, but after a couple days it loosened up like usual and everything is fine. No change in booty measurement, but still trying to do more weight lifting/muscle building than cardio to avoid losing any fat. If my butt suddenly starts shrinking I will be stopping immediately. I am not running yet, Hasan really scared me about how running can affect the butt. I am doing a steep incline walk on my treadmill for 30 minutes a day with weights on my ankles and in my hands, just to get the heart rate good and high without stressing my bum too much. I have noticed some sharp pulling/burning pains in the top of my right cheek when I jump. It kind of freaked me out but it sort of feels like nerve pain so I don't know if it's just my nerves waking up or what. I'm keeping a close eye on it though, and if i start losing volume or anything, I'll be stopping with the high impact stuff.

I am still wearing my full tank/foams/board/triangle/ace bandages/waist trainer/faja ALWAYS when I'm at home. When I'm not working it's 24/7. When at work or out of the house still just using the thing garment. I think this regimen is why my waist is still shrinking so much and has gotten so small. I know it's a PAIN IN THE A** but compression is key dolls! Swelling is definitely lessened, but I still do puff up when I'm out of compression too long. Stomach and sides feel basically back to normal, but my lower back still burns, swells, and gets really tight sometimes. Bah!! I just want to be healed!

Nothing else to really report. Got some jeans from fashion nova and LOVE them, ordered 3 more pairs lol! It's warm out finally here so wore a crop top to the grocery store and my gawwwd the stares!!

Have a great day ladies!

5 Months Post Op!

Hey Dolls!

So I'm sorry I never got around to doing a 4 month post op review, but I am about 5 days away from being 5 months post op.


Waist: Still 24''
Hips: Still 44.5''
Fat Thighs: Still 25.5'' each

So no change in my measurements at all. No, I do not believe in the "fluff" myth lol. What has definitly happened though is that my butt has dropped a little. Immediately post op it was very high. It's still perky and high, but has come down and I now have a cuff, where I never had one before. I think I first noticed my cuff around month 4. Other than that, the shape is the same.

My abdomen feels 100% normal and I have no lipo lumps or bumps. I did self massages 2 x a day until 3 months post op, then I quit. My sides and lower back are no longer numb, but have a burning sensation when I get swollen (yes I still swell when I'm out of my faja all day or over night). My booty is for sure 100% soft and jiggly. That shit is straight out of control back there when I'm in a light jersey skirt, even if I'm just walking normal. My husband is like omg control that thing! Hahaha! The bottom half of my booty cheeks feel totally normal, like nothing ever happened. But the middle/top have ongoing burning/stinging sensations that almost feel like the hot lava right after surgery, but in the butt. I'm 99% sure it's just nerve pain and result of my nerves reattaching and growing into places they never were before so I'm not worried. My hips are the only area that are still numb to the touch. There isn't pain, but it's totally numb still when I run my fingers over them. They have not shrunk down at all, still wide and beautifully curved.

For month 3 to month 4 I sat intermittently for only short periods. Just trying to get used to the feeling of sitting on my butt. It felt like I was sitting on something. Around month 4 I started sitting normally and basically all the time as usual. I am used to how it feels now, and it doesn't feel abnormal at all. I still sleep only on my stomach, never on my sides or my back. I think this is why my hips have held up so well, girls are sometimes too quick to move onto their sides. I have layed on my back and sides briefly, just kind of rolling over. I know at this point I can't really hurt my booty, but with the burning/lighting feeling in my butt and the numbness in my hips, I just plain don't like the way it feels laying like that. It's really uncomfortable and I prefer to just continue to lay on my tummy. I do hope one day I can sleep on my back again, I am a total back sleeper 100% of the time so this has been extremely difficult.

I have been working out every day since my month 3 mark. That's still going great. No change or shrinking of the butt. I still am not running though, out of paranoia. I do a steep incline walk for 30 minutes and then about 45 minutes of weight training every day and it feels great to work my body.

In terms of diet, my weight is about 3-5 lbs above my surgery weight, depending on the day. I track my calories and try to stay around 2000 a day. I am happy with my body shape and don't want to lose weight, but I do NOT want to gain weight either. I'm not trying to mess up my results. If I start getting into the 5lbs gained range I do the 3 day military diet and get myself back under control, then resume eating normally.

It is finally summer here and the attention is REALLLLL!! Winter had me feeling incognito with all my heavy pants and puffy jackets and stuff. But these warm temperatures have me in crop tops and dresses and skirts and people are staring like I cannot believe. Like borderline disrespectful, blatant gawking lol. Makes me want to jump down their throat sometimes lol. One girl tried to start a rumor at my job that I got butt implants... girl bye. No one knows about my surgery and people at my job like me better than her so they all came and told me right away and I called her out. Other than that, no one I know has mentioned anything, even though I catch them staring and wondering what is going on lol. I'm lucky that I am, and have always been, a total gym rat. So the gym excuse is easier for them to believe.

Thats about it for now. I am totally one million percent in love and satisfied with my results!

1 Year Post BBL (final entry)

Long time no talk ladies!!

I am officially a little over a year post op from my BBL. I am still one million percent happy with EVERYTHING. Everything feels totally back to normal, even thought my hips took FOREVER to lose that numb feeling, almost 9 months! I now sleep on my back/sides as often as I want to. I'm used to the feeling now and it doesn't seem strange, or like I'm sleeping on something unnatural. I was really scared after I first started sleeping on my hips and butt, constantly checking if there was any reduction in size or shape. But everything has held up 100% and I don't worry at all anymore. I completely feel normal and natural and like this is my body now.

Hips/Booty still measuring 44.5, sometimes 45 on a chubby day lol. I stopped wearing my faja and wraps 24/7 at around 6 months post op. When I stopped, my waist measurement was at 24'' and stayed there for a while. But it has gone back up to 26''. I haven't gained any weight or stopped working out at all, but it's simply just from not wearing the compression anymore. I wore my foams/board/ace bandages and faja for SO long and SO tight that it basically worked like corset training. My floating ribs came forward and made my waist smaller than it naturally is, bone structure wise. But when I stopped that 24/7 severe compression my ribs slowly moved back into place and I gained those inches back. It doesn't bother me at all, but in the future I might get into corset training if I want to get back to that really exaggerated small waist again by moving my floating ribs back.

I just really can't say enough how much I love this procedure and Dr. Hasan. You really can have the body you want if you take the time and find the right doc.

Next I gotta talk my husband into letting me get boobs LOL! Good luck girls, and take care of yourselves!

Dr. Hasan is EVERYTHING! I am 1 year post op BBL and I haven't lost any volume, I have a perfect upside down heart shape and a waist that is so snatched I can't believe it! I could not have dreamed of better results. Vanity is messy, poor communication, and I didn't like that I HAD to pay via bank transfer to a random account number and hope they got my money. I only met Hasan for 10 minutes before surgery. He was polite, honest about what I should expect, and told me what he could/couldn't do. I never saw or heard from him again, although Vanity did call several times to see how things were going. The fact is, I don't care about any of that because my results are perfection. I would rather have these issues and a perfect body than a clinic where I was doted on but didn't get the results I wanted. You get what you pay for clinic-wise, but I would have paid double what I did for these results, he is truly amazing. I cannot express how happy I am. I only wish I could thank him in person!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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