BBL for Type 2 Diabetic - Miami, FL

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I hope someone can answer this for me. I am Type 2...

I hope someone can answer this for me. I am Type 2 and very well controlled. I'm nervous that once they see this on my health screening they are going to deny me surgery. I have already paid my deposit and so I hope this doesn't stop me from doing this. Because I knew this was something I wanted to do, I took control of my illness, has anyone heard of being denied the surgery?

Medical Clearance

So I just got off the phone with the rude Medical Asst in the office and was instructed that I will need to provided Medical Clearance from my primary care doctor and have a EKG because I'm over 40. Anyone had to have a EKG for this reason?

No Medical Clearance :-(

So my primary doctor would not give me medical clearance however it's not for my diabetes but because I had a hysterectomy in December and she doesn't believe my stomach in healed enough to with stand Liposuction at this point. She says it normally takes about 9 months to a year before your stomach and the nerves are back to normal. I was disappointed but I realize my health is more important than a big booty..So my journey is delayed for now.....Thanks ladies for all the support, I will see you in a few months.
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