BBL Surgery Booked! Deposit Paid! Labs, Xray, & EKG Done! NERVOUS but Excited!!! Team Mendieta!! Yay!! :) -Miami, FL

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Wish I would had found this site sooner!! I'm...

Wish I would had found this site sooner!! I'm having my BBL with none other than Mendieta!!
My consultation went smooth, I waited maybe 15 minutes to see the doc. He was great and as excited as I was :) The CRNA was great!! Didnt meet her as of yet but spoke to her on the phone as I was on Phentermine 37.5 mg for one day luckily I had just started and CRNA said that was a big no no! She lectured me on the the long term effects of it and convinced me to stop!! Plus she said that it interferes with anesthesia! Got labs, xray, & EKG in Miami for $350 with Dr. Miranda loved her!!

Angel - Patient coordinator is awesome!! Andrea surgical coordinator is always available to take my calls!!

BBL with Mendietta is $14,000 but special now is $9850 for first time lipo patients!!

Surgery booked for 01/27/2014!!!!

I got most of my supplies :

Hibiclens antimicrobial skin cleanser
Surgical pads
Ferrous Sulfateb 325 mg iron tabs
Magnesium Citrate
ordered my cylinder pillow from Amazon
Baby wipes
Arnica Gel

Need to get large plastic bags for bed or car in case of drainage, my garments, & arnica pills.

Does anyone know if arnica pills should be started before surgery?

I started my Iron pills.

Also does anyone know when I should begin taking the Mag Citrate?

All my BBL chicas out there holla? :D Any Mendieta patients please share your experience!!

7 more days til surgery!!!!

This week is going super slow. I want to get this done already!! So I am staying in Miami and only got a room for 3 days post surgery because that's all I can afford. I don't know what to expect. I am so anxious. I had a TT many, many years ago and I don't recall being this anxious. Friday cant get here fast enough so I can get my meds at pre-op. ARGHHHHHH!!!!!

4 more days!!

Monday 01/27/2014!!!!!! Wow it was just new years eve....where did time go? I've been so consumed about my surgery that the entire month of January has disappeared lol. Good things to come!! ?2014?This is my year!! God is good & he has blessed me well even through all that 2013 has brought me through he has seen me through it & that's why he will always be my #1!!!!

Cant sleep!!!

There are only so many ways you can sleep on your tummy. Im exactly one week post op from my bbl which is amazibg btw and my boobs are crying for some relief from laying flat on them any suggestions????
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