BBL Skinny Girl. Share my Journey

I am getting a bbl in December at Imagenes Surgery...

I am getting a bbl in December at Imagenes Surgery center by Dr. Sergio Alvarez. I sent my pics and was advised to gain min 10lbs max 15 lbs.
Wish me luck on gaining this weight. The struggle is real.

I am 5'11
158 lbs

Share my journey. I am having such a hard time gaining. Hopefully I will see changes by November.

Wish PIC

So here is my preoperative photo. On the left what I look like and the right what I would like to achieve. Maybe, a bit less but same hourglass shape.

Weight Gain

I stepped on the scale today and I am 162. I was 157.2 about two weeks ago. 8 more pounds to go!

I started taking apetimin 3 times a day to increase my appetite. It's hard fighting the sleep spells.
I drink 4 to 6 ensures a day.

Weight gainers.
Detol Tonic (has iron really good for you)

Something easy to eat that can increase weight gain. Mash potatoes.
I have bought so many boxes. I cook it with milk. Add bacon bits, cheese, and sour cream. Easy to cook, easy to eat, and lots of calories. PB&J 's too.

Hope that helps!

Weight gain!

11 days checkin
I gained 10lbs in 12 days.
I have been drinking apetimin 3 times a day. Bread, fully loaded mashed potatoes, double cheese burgers, and 4 ensures a day. I try to hit 3000 calories daily.
I'm aiming for 180lbs. I think by my surgery date I should be there.

Me at 167 pre op

This is me Pre Op. Weighing 167lbs
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

My Dr. will be Sergio Alvarez. I do not see many stories on him. I am sharing mine. I will keep you all posted on the weight gain, surgery, and post surgery.

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