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I am getting a bbl in December at Imagenes Surgery...

I am getting a bbl in December at Imagenes Surgery center by Dr. Sergio Alvarez. I sent my pics and was advised to gain min 10lbs max 15 lbs.
Wish me luck on gaining this weight. The struggle is real.

I am 5'11
158 lbs

Share my journey. I am having such a hard time gaining. Hopefully I will see changes by November.

Wish PIC

So here is my preoperative photo. On the left what I look like and the right what I would like to achieve. Maybe, a bit less but same hourglass shape.

Weight Gain

I stepped on the scale today and I am 162. I was 157.2 about two weeks ago. 8 more pounds to go!

I started taking apetimin 3 times a day to increase my appetite. It's hard fighting the sleep spells.
I drink 4 to 6 ensures a day.

Weight gainers.
Detol Tonic (has iron really good for you)

Something easy to eat that can increase weight gain. Mash potatoes.
I have bought so many boxes. I cook it with milk. Add bacon bits, cheese, and sour cream. Easy to cook, easy to eat, and lots of calories. PB&J 's too.

Hope that helps!

Weight gain!

11 days checkin
I gained 10lbs in 12 days.
I have been drinking apetimin 3 times a day. Bread, fully loaded mashed potatoes, double cheese burgers, and 4 ensures a day. I try to hit 3000 calories daily.
I'm aiming for 180lbs. I think by my surgery date I should be there.

Me at 167 pre op

This is me Pre Op. Weighing 167lbs

In Miami

So I'm in Miami with my little sister. Got Airbnb. My sis is here to care for me. So I will go into Imagenes today to get my labs done.
Now I'm the type that does not prepare at all for surgery. So I have absolutely nothing. No faja, no anything that everyone lists. I buy things as needed.

I am going to go to a faja store in SW Miami. Imagenes sells 1 for 100$ I can get 2 for that price at this faja store located at 8300 SW 8th St Miami.

Surgery is on Monday. I am a bit nervous but excited to see how great I will turn out.

As far as weight gain uugh. I was doing well 170. Then finals came. I studied so much plus stress to pass my classes, I'm now at 165. I hope I have enough fat.

Tomorrow is the Big day

I'm scheduled tomorrow for 8 am. I'm super nervous. I wasn't even nervous for my BA. I think because I didn't know what to expect. Now that I know what it takes to recover, it makes me a bit anxious.
I seem to only have put on 7lbs but that should be good enough.
I will post after the surgery.

Just out of surgery

I went in at 8 am came out at 11.
I was kept in a recovery room for 1 HR.

My experience at Imagenes was wonderful. My anesthesiologist was really nice and cool. A guy named Chris.
I met Dr. Alvarez, we did quick markups and we were off to surgery.
My nurse Marilyn, the sweetest. She was commenting on how beautiful my body was before surgery. After surgery she couldn't help but compliment my outcome. So I'm not sure how many liter(s) has been taken out.
When I was getting marked, he mentioned that he would be lucky to get 1 liter out. However, in the recovery room, I asked the anesthesiologist and he told me that the Dr. was able to get more. He was surprised of how much fat he was able to get out of my little body.

So right now, I took my mess. Pain is around a 5-6. I rather be up walking than lying down. So I'm in my room walking around. I have lots of bleeding, as expected.
So far I can see my hips and butt are rounder. I will take a pic soon.

Pics in garment after surgery

So, I'm noticing pics do not do much justice. So far this is me after surgery in my garment. I will update tomorrow once I'm able to take a shower.

1 day post op

Here is what you need to know post op

You're going to be miserable!
Yup. Pure misery.
Laying on your stomach that has just been lipo for the sake of your new bum.

You are going to drain. Bleed so much for a good 24 hrs. I did not have drains because Dr. Alvarez does not use drains and to be honest, it's the best method. Let your body do what it needs to do on its own. My friend used drains and got an infection.
I drained for 24 hrs, then I urinated everything else out. I was in the bathroom every hour. Your body will do the rest.
You will need arm strength to pull yourself up. Going to the bathroom every hour belive me built muscles in my arms. Pushups for days ( I feel for those getting bbl and arms lipo)

Now, I did say you will be miserable as hell. Don't just stay in bed. Move around go outside and get some fresh air. You will go crazy if you stay in bed.
I went back to work a week after surgery. No point of being home on my stomach.
Arms go numb from sleeping that way. I have tingling in both my hands.

Get ready to itch. You know if you have ever had a yeast infection? That itchiness you just can't scratch? Well, that'sounds how your torso will feel. You will be irritated as hell. Get your Benadryl because I have warned you already. The itch can make you cry.

What else do I need to let you guys know. Try to find creative ways to not have to lie on your stomach. I have sectional couch and my boyfriend split themy in half just enough for me to put my butt in between the space, so I can eat and watch T.V like normal people lol.

My butt
It's only 1 week and it's big. Looks like I've been doing squats for 20 years. However, its hard. Although i heard in a month it gets soft. My torso is shrinking everyday.

I will keep you updated as I am going through my changes.

Side by side pre op post op 1 week r days

Doral Plastic Surgeon

My Dr. will be Sergio Alvarez. I do not see many stories on him. I am sharing mine. I will keep you all posted on the weight gain, surgery, and post surgery.

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