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I thought long and hard about making this post,...

I thought long and hard about making this post, mainly because my experience with a particular recovery house in Coral Gables had traumatized me. I won't use this post to focus on the negative but the positive which is Dr. Ghurani, Thania Ross, Gloria Mombya, and all of the helpful staff at Spectrum Aesthetics.

First, my doctor gave me the body I wanted! I'm still in awe of his work, his technique is amazing & his personality is too. I can't express enough how much I'm thankful I went with him because I saw other girls with other doctors, and while their bodies looked good the overall care provided was lacking.

I ended up having some complications with fluid loss and Dr. Ghurani and Thania went above and beyond to make sure I was ok. When you're in another state it's so important to have that superior level of care. I had the cell AND home phones and they let me know to call anytime if there was an issue.

I'm just a few days out from my surgery but everything is shaping up nicely. My measurements before were 34-31-41, now they're 34-33-44, sometimes I hit 45. The 33 is due to swelling but I can tell this waist is gonna be in the 20s tiny!

This review is pretty much sheer gratitude to my amazing surgeon and his nurse, if you have questions I will do my best to answer them on here or privately.

Here are a few tips that helped me recover in no particular order. I made a longer list and can send it if you ask.

PEE CUP! (regular cups work too)
THICK TOWELS (roll em and place under thigh, you don't need a boppie)
Something to grab dropped items (I didn't have this but needed it real bad!)
MUSIC (it's medicine)
Thin pantyliners (helps protect shoulders from being cut by your garment, also works as a cover for your incision holes)
SHORT NAILS (it's just easier and gentle on your skin when you have to adjust your garment and compression socks etc)

There's more but again, I wanted to make this post about Dr. Ghurani and his staff, just amazing people that know what high-quality service is all about. They truly made me feel cared for and I thank them so much for my new body & everything they've done to make my experience as straightforward and stress free as possible!

Extended Recovery List w/Pic

How I recovered

First 3 days needed help, putting on garment, compression socks & comfy socks, transportation, help if in pain, or feeling like I'm going to pass out, massages, making breakfast & lunch, didn't need or want dinner.

Lots of water, GATORADE, Ensure (staying hydrated is key, liquid calories like Ensure helps when you can't eat regular meals)

Ballerina tea helps you go to the bathroom!

Colace stool softener is good also if you can't go #2

Protein & vegetables only, no salt or sugar if possible because you will swell up bad.

Music! It's medicine. Listen to your favorite songs.

Head phones or ear plugs! You might be irritable, tune things out to relax & rest.

Communicating w/family, friends, significant other if possible.

A good shower goes a long way! Take it easy with the shower and going to the bathroom; it takes a lot of energy out of you when you're done so be careful. Feels good but very tiring.

Have help with laundry.

Need a separate bag for dirty clothes if you're staying in a recovery house.

Have a separate bag for trash if you're staying in a recovery house.

Lysol spray for towels, pillows, sheets, or bedding pads if staying at a recovery house.

Hand sanitizer!

2 compression garments are helpful. When one is being washed you can wear your other one.

PAIN PILLS! Motrin was most effective, Oxycotin made me stiff and sore & didn't work. Ugh.

Positive Attitude!

Sit on thighs as much as possible if you need to sit.

Roll 2 towels underneath thighs in chair so your butt hangs over the rolled towel. You don't really need to buy a boppy.

Wrap 1 towel in chux sheet for when you need to sit on the toilet. It should look like a tootsie roll. Have the waterproof side of the chux on the outside so you don't get the towel wet.

Look & listen to things that take you to a happy place.

Set reminders for pain, antibiotic, nausea pills etc, get app if possible.

TAKE Blood Pressure/Heart Beats Per Min as needed!

Clean incisions with Peroxide & Qtips

Cover drain sites with non stick gauze or non-stick bandaids



Stretch a little if you can

Use your non injured limbs as much as possible for strength.

A FAN in case you get hot

Short nails- makes things so much easier when putting on garments, socks, etc

Do not eat anything that will compact in your stomach a week beforehand. Bread, pastas, avoid gluten, etc to avoid constipation after surgery!

PEE CUP! You can buy one, or simply pee in a disposable cup & pour it out in the toilet.

Something to grab things you drop

Scissors because you may need to cut your chux sheets or garment etc

Tank top or a firming tank top that won't roll up. You can wear this under your garment.

Mid or Full length mirror, helps with putting on garment & checkin out that new bootaaay!!!

Measuring tape (you will become obsessed) Try to measure after your 4th week when your results aren't fluctuating as much. Don't be sad if you lose inches. Remember you won't see your permanent results for a few months.


Thin Panty liners to prevent garment strap burn

GOWNS, loose light easily opened gowns

By day 4 I was a bit better. Put on socks & garment & went to the bathroom with no help.

It helped to put compression socks on first, then tank top, then garment, then foams.

Having my feet elevated in bed was very helpful.

Be prepared to get another garment around week 4. You'll be a lot smaller but still need good compression on the waist. The Vedette Evonne thong shaper will help with that.

I took my drains out myself! It wasn't bad at all. I cleaned the sites & tiny scissors with alcohol. I snipped the thread holding the drain & carefully pulled the drain out. Pressure helped push it out faster too. It took about 10 mins for both of my drains. I put Peroxide on the incision sites & covered with non stick gauze & changed as needed.

I gently washed the sites with Hibiclens.

As the sites healed, I started using Scar Guard 2x a day.

I use a rolling pin to do self massage & also have a large balance ball for self massage of my tummy & back.

I also got 3 lymphatic drainage massages & will be getting more.

At 4 weeks the lumpiness in my tummy is gone, and my back isn't as painful.

My butt has gone down by 2 inches but I think it will come back. My current measurements are 34-29-43.

I plan on waist training to get the waist down to maybe 27 or 26.

Stretching is helping relieve the tightness & softening up my tummy & back. The butt is big, full, not soft as I want yet but it's very jiggly & bouncy.

TMI Alert, I got it in several times the 3rd week. The bf was grabbing too much, had to tell him to stop. The booty is still sore/tender especially around the lower back upper hip area. Be careful if you decide to get it in.

If you have more questions feel free to message me!

Thanks & happy healing!
Koncrete Rose

Before Pic

Just smh @ this lol

Dr. Ghurani is professional, personable, and his work is AMAZING!!!! He's a cutie too! He will keep it 100% real with you & let you know he wants to give you your OWN shape, not wish pic shapes. He's very easy to talk to & makes you feel completely comfortable. I'm in love with my new body/booty! I may need a booty bodyguard though cause I can't go anywhere now without being followed and complimented lol

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