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Hi ladies :) hope you all are doing great...

Hi ladies :) hope you all are doing great!! I just wanted to write a quick review about my bbl. Well I am 5feet 7 inches 125 pounds. At the time I decided to go for bbl I contacted couple doctorers and have been told that I don't have enough fats in my body to achieve the desired look I wanted. Finally one doctor gave me some positive reply. he did lipo on my flanks tummy n little bit from the back as I said I was size 4 from the get go and had not much fats. Doctor told me he will put 800cc to 1100 cc in each cheek. I was happy


Ughhh I think I did some mistake white writing .. It didn't publish sorry about that !! I will write again. Anyway the doctor did my Lipo from flanks,tummy,and little bit back. He did his best to extract every bit of fat I had in my body cause to be honest there was not enough fats present from the get go. So he injected 1100cc fat in each but cheek which I have been told but I kinda doubted . It seemed like 800cc in each. I could see the difference every single month my butt started to shrink a bit and in 4 months the only difference I could see or compare to my old pictures was 25 % . So basically when doctors tell you that 70% fat will survive n 30% will die in bbl procedure that's a total BS . Only 25% to 30% last and that also I am pretty sure would disappear over the corse of time . Now when I saw the situation of my butt getting smaller I thought my best bet would be butt implants. My couple friends have done this before and to be honest there butt looks great!! So I went for my butt implants surgery got 450cc implants (oval ) they are looking great. I am 6 days post op . The pain was way lesser than bbl cause in bbl the scrape the fats out of your body by a large cannula , and than make incisions in your body to inject. After put paddings in your body and provide you a v tight garment to wear over the top of bandages paddins . So I don't know about others every person varies but in my case I did my laundry the 3rd day post op butt implants n cleaned my house a little bit. My pain tolerance is a little higher than normal people lol I guess but honestly the pain n discomfort is a lot lesser.

Butt implants after bbl

After bbl I got butt implants and God danm ????I exactly wanted this butt..
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