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I have been wanting to get this done for about 6...

I have been wanting to get this done for about 6 years now. Initially I was gonna go to Constantino Mendieta in FL back in 2007 but at the time he was charging 15 stacks! I was like wow I am from the PG county area in MD and I was like okay 15 stacks just for the surgery not including flight or hotel cost was just to much.

I tried working out dieting and even a personal trainer for less than 15 stacks. After doing all the workouts and loosing weight my booty just wasn't where it should be. I had two kids one tummy tuck which was done terribly by Dr. Gary Burton in bowie MD. I was so frantic to go back under the knife he ruined my life if you asked me and never tried to give me back my money he only tried to fix the problem but couldn't, I wish i could have sue him but in Md its considered elective surgery not medically necessary so i couldn't do medical mal practice and most attorney wouldn't take the case at that time and If I decided to go hire a lawyer I would have paid more that the outcome of the case in the end. Because of this I call Board Of Plastic Surgeon and filed a complaint against him I hope no one ever goes to him because he is not skilled in doing a tummy tucks and replacing the navel. I will post pictures of my before and afters to help anyone who may be considering going to him for this kind of procedure. I was so hurt and crushed once I saw my final results I wished I would have never chose him as my doctor I am still living with regrets until this very day and its been well over 5 yrs :( to be honest I have been trying to find a doctor who could fix my belly button and none could because of how he did the surgery, very sad and heart broken.

I am going to continue looking for a doctor who can fix my belly button, even though I have been looking for years and couldn't find a doctor who specializes in belly buttons , except for this one doctor who no longer practices in Virginia, his practice is closed and he is now retired which sucks 1000%, Sorry for venting but I had to get that off my mind.

Back to my Brazilian Butt Lift, I am considering this bbl with Dr. Perry, I like his work based on the reviews on RealSelf and pictures, before finding out about him I also was gonna go to Dr.Salama but his dates are to far out like next year 2014 that way to far, and Dr, Jimerson his work is nice but he went up on his prices I scheduled my consult appt back in november 2012 and I called to check on the prices after reading on RealSelf about this new change in prices to see if I could be bumped up for my consult and a member of his staff said the price has changed from $8800 which is what they originally told me and I would have to put down some high amount like $2000 to secure my spot for the old price unless I will have to pay the new price which is like starting at 12 stacks. I was shocked because I never got an email with any changes about the price going up, so I was wondering when they were gonna let people who already scheduled an appt know about the new prices which I think is crazy because most people ask about approximate prices before scheduling a consult to see if its something doable.

With that said Its up in the air for Dr. Jimerson still have my appt date for my consult and will update on that soon and as for Salama his work needs to be tighten up when it comes to the lipo on the back and bra area and his scheduling dates are nuts but other from that his bbl looks great. Dr. Perry I am still waiting for him to get back to me with a quote. I will update soon once I hear back from him hopefully it will be sometime this week.

I finally spoke to the Doc!!! I really like Dr....

I finally spoke to the Doc!!! I really like Dr. Perry he is a no rush kind of a guy, listens and answers any question you have and most importantly he doesn't try to pressure you into making a decision. :) he quoted me $7700 I am not sure why the price is up after seeing other peoples quotes but okay if that's what he is charging me then for the most part that's his price. I didn't want to ask as to why the price is up to make it seem like I am looking for a bargain, because really its no bargain when it comes plastic surgery since I want him to do a good job and not discount the way he is going to perform the procedure ya dig :) I am not saying he would its just my personal opinion, I rather pay what he ask or find another doctor before I have to seem like I am looking for a bargain. The price is good compared to what most other doctors are charging so I am happy and not complaining :) Now I just have to pick a date, get a list of things I am going to need and find a nice hotel with a reasonable price after all he did recommend that I say 7-10 days 10 being what he wants. I will update again with my progress as soon as I figure out my date. Now all I need is to find a list of things that I will need to take with me for this BBL along with healing items for scars any recommendations?? or any forums that I could find this info?? Please help :) (((((Muwah))))) Smoochez

BBL Update

Its been a minute since I've updated. I saw Dr Jimerson this April, he is charging me 15,500 for lipo of the full back which included the bra rolls, abs, arms and inner thighs and fat injections to the hips. I was like WHAT WHOA that price is way out of my pockets, I am working with like 8k the max 9k!! I cant fake I like his work, he does great work, he gives good projection but lately after reading other reviewers journeys I realized his lipo is not as aggressive compared to Dr. Perrys. I want no bra fat and not an obvious BIG BOOTY that looks like I had work done. I am mainly concerned about not having any bra rolls. With this being said I am leaning towards Dr. Perry . I have been doing more research on Salamas work and I do see that he has gotten a lot better with his Lipo skills on the bra area, the only thing I still don't like is that he doesn't give hips. HMMMM... WELL LADIES as of now it seems like Perry Is the DOC! will update again when my decision is final :) SMOOCHEZ
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I choose Dr. Perry based on reviews I found on Real Self.

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