Best Surgeon for Bbl on Thinner Patient - Florida

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Hello ladies, I am highly considering having a...

Hello ladies,
I am highly considering having a bbl done with Dr. Enrique Hanabergh Jr in florida. He has a 5 star raiting, but doesnt have a ton of reviews. Also, the pictures of his work that I have seen are great, but they are all takenight only a month post op. Has anyone out there had a bbl done with him who is at least 6 months post op, if not longer? I'm wanting to know if a good majority of the fat transfered stayed long term or if the majority of it was reabsorbed. Do u feel he is worth having the procedure done with?

My first choice for the surgery was Dr. Matthew Shulman in NY but he quoted be $16,500 which I can't currently afford. So I have been search other doctors.

Hello ladies, I have been doing lots of research...

Hello ladies,

I have been doing lots of research the past few months on the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. I am looking for a certified plastic surgeon in the USA that is well versed in this procedure. I am looking for someone who has zero cases of bbl related deaths and also someone who had good long term results with at least a 70% retention rate of the fat transfered into buttock and hips. There are some very good doctors out there, but they are charging 15-25k, which let's face it, most normal working citizens can't afford. I am looking for a good surgeon that is more affordable and within the the $8,500 range. Any suggestions???????

Best Surgeon for Bbl on Thinner Patient

I have somewhat narrowed down what doctors I think would be best for a BBL. I am 5'5", now 140 lbs after my weight gain, and am wanting the best and safest doctor I can get for this procedure. I love dra durans results, she is amazing at getting a super snatched in waist and ridiculous curves and projection. However, I am not willing to risk having this surgery done outside of the states. Plus I have heard many negative reviews about her bedside manor and the ability to reach her and her staff if you should need them post op.

I am thinking about going to either Dr. Llorente, Dr. Jaimie Schwartz, or Dr. Dass to have the bbl procedure done. Thoughts???? I do like Dr. Matthew Schulmans work, as well as Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, they are a little bit out of my price range. Would you say they are any more superior to the three listed above? Ie, worth taking more time to save up more money to have them do it? Anyone else you all would suggest looking into?

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