BBL Part 2: 3/13/13 was my SX with Perry - Miami, FL

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To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please...

To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please click here.

Ok girls, here's the skinny on the day. I woke up, showered and headed to Perry. He is SO cool and down to earth. I love everyone there. The nurses, Norma, the anesthesiologist, etc EVERYBODY feels like friends/family. Like I've known then for years. He took me back to change and mark me up. The nurse sits with you asks you questions etc (she had ver butt done in July and she looks amazing btw), then the anesthesiologist comes in and asks more questions and goes over your history. She was cool, honest and we laughed so much. One thing about me is that I'm a jokester. I love to laugh and make other people laugh. Especially in uncomfortable situations. Oddly enough u really wasn't nervous at all. Everyone kept commenting on how cool and relaxed I was. I did get nervous when they took me to the OR and put the IV in. Then I was nervous for 2 minutes before I was out.

I woke up on my butt and it was painful. Like laying on rocks. But more so than being in pain I was THIRSTY!!! You can feel where they put the breathing tube bc your throat is sore. Your mouth is so dry and your throat is super dry. I asked for water immediately.

Ok girls here's my updates for day 1-4 post...

Ok girls here's my updates for day 1-4 post op:

Day of 3/13:
Ok girls, here's the skinny on the day. I woke up, showered and headed to Perry. He is SO cool and down to earth. I love everyone there. The nurses, Norma, the anesthesiologist, etc EVERYBODY feels like friends/family. Like I've known then for years. He took me back to change and mark me up. The nurse sits with you asks you questions etc (she had ver butt done in July and she looks amazing btw), then the anesthesiologist comes in and asks more questions and goes over your history. She was cool, honest and we laughed so much. One thing about me is that I'm a jokester. I love to laugh and make other people laugh. Especially in uncomfortable situations. Oddly enough u really wasn't nervous at all. Everyone kept commenting on how cool and relaxed I was. I did get nervous when they took me to the OR and put the IV in. Then I was nervous for 2 minutes before I was out. I woke up on my butt and it was painful. Like laying on rocks. But more so than being in pain I was THIRSTY!!! You can feel where they put the breathing tube bc your throat is sore. Your mouth is so dry and your throat is super dry. I asked for water immediately. I woke up to them talking about food and someone said beef jerky. I said "beef jerky?" And everyone started cracking up. I was laughing. I woke up happy chipper and became pretty alert pretty quickly. When Nedege arrived the helped me up, which really wasn't hard, and put me into the garment. It really wasn't painful, tbh. It just wasn't. I received a medium. Dr perry was there every step of the way. From the minute I walked through the door to arrive for surgery, til the minute I got into nedege's car. He wheeled me out there ladies!!! He's really the BEST!!! Getting into Nedege's car was fairly simple. You lay on your stomach, but you have to lift up and kind of hop in. Really the only thing working against me. Post-op I felt pretty good, considering, besides anesthesia. I got back to the hotel and walking sucked bc I felt very nauseous. I'm not a puker. I don't know how people do it. I started dry heaving and pushed air bubbles. No food/water. Once I got those air bubbles out I felt immediately better. I came back to hotel and Nedege got me situated. I didn't sleep. I made calls, texts etc but my vision was very blurry from anesthesia. So if you RS girls got some wonky texts from me, I'm sorry. Lol. I was starving and asked Nedege to get me food. I told her I wanted Burger King. Dr perry said it was ok so she went. It's very weird girls. I expected to be laid up and miserable but I'm not. I pee by myself, eat, walk, lift my legs, use my upper body to get up pretty easily it's strange. I have taken one codeine pull 2 hours ago. Not for pain so mych but bc i wanted to sleep. But codeine really doesn't do anything for me, which is why I asked perry to prescribe me Percocet also. Those are for the massages. I'm not looking forward to those. Damn!!!! Drink aLOT of water. It's going to help your throat and dry mouth, EAT, and get up as much as you can. I notice that if I lay down for 30-45 mins straight I get stiff and sore. WALK!! I still haven't slept yet so I'm going to attempt that now. I foresee me getting up a lot to walk/avoid stiffness and pee. I forgot to me mention: I weighed myself at Perry's office before sx and I weighed 135.4. So this past week being sick end stressed brought me down about 8 lbs from where I was a couple weeks ago. But my nurse said when I got out of surgery that she had never seen so much FAT on a thin person. I had a LOT of fat on me. I'm going to confirm with perry how much he took out, but I asked him to take out the legal limit, and suck me DRY! Lol. I'm hoping inevitably I'm down to a 24/25 inch waist. He said 1600cc's per cheek and I believe 200 per hip for a grand total of 2000ccs. I told him I trusted his judgement although it sounded like a lot. I also reviewed my pics with him before surgery bc I told him I wanted "petite curvy" and he looked at me like "what? who?" In my mind petite curvy means 5'4"with a cute little waist, hips but not BIG hips (like 37-38 inches), and a bubble/shelf booty. He said my pics were all curvy not petite so I'm glad we sorted that put and decoded what I meant. He got what I meant by petite once I explained it. I'm very swollen now but I can already see such a difference in my shape/silhouette. I couldn't be happier at this point. I love this man!!!! Goodnight ladies!!!

Days 2&3 post op: Hey girls, today is post op day...

Days 2&3 post op:
Hey girls, today is post op day 3 for me. I'm rocking it like a hurricane, lol. I feel great. Today was definitely tougher than yesterday, I'll be honest. Yesterday I woke up really stiff. I also couldn't fall asleep the night before (night of surgery) until 6:30am. Sleeping is difficult bc of the position. I am usually a stomach and side sleeper but you cannot sleep in your sides if you have hip fat transfer so it's ONLY stomach for me. Your arms fall asleep so easily so you literally sleep face down. It sucks. But I'm getting better at getting comfortable each time I sleep. Anyway, you wake up very stiff. That's the hardest part. It's not painful for me, so much as I'm stiff. But once you get moving you're good again. I had first massage with Eric yesterday and rocked it. It felt good, actually, and everyone was shocked I didn't cry or tell them to stop. I can't explain how it feels except to say that it's almost orgasmic. It's definitely a pleasure/pain situation lol. So it's odd. Came home and slept, ate etc. I cannot stress enough the need to EAT, drink and take your vitamins girls. These two things I truly believe are what has made me the post-op tank that I've been. EAT!!!! Woke up and had first shower today. It felt good. Skin was very itchy feeling and I was very sore/sensitive from the massage yesterday. I ate, drank took two percosets and prepared for the massage. I'm not going to lie, today's massage was much harder on me. It was draining. The shower had made me feel tired, then going directly to the massage was killer. Eric is great though. And the girl who also massages me is fantastic. Everyone is so nice. I really, really recommend them. They're assertive in doing their job, but also empathize. That was important to me, which is why I chose Eric over Miriam. We found a pocket if fluid right over my pubic bone and with some work we drained it! The blood/fluid just pours out. It's crazy. I lost 3 lbs of fluid within a day from the first massage. How cool is that. I couldn't be happier with my results. I'm bruised, exhausted, doughy feeling etc but I'm enamored by my results. It's such a transformation and I'm SO happy with everything thus far. How I look, Nedege my caregiver, the surgery, the massages, dr perry and his team, ALL of it. I'm actually going to be sad to go back to NY. I'm going to miss these people. They've become family to me :( I'll update again tonorrow AM after my 3rd massage.

Hey girls. I am SO SAD right now. I'm packing up...

Hey girls. I am SO SAD right now. I'm packing up my things and preparing for my checkout in the morning and I'm not happy about it. I have absolutely had the best time here, and fallen in love with these people. I love them! They're the sweetest, most positive, nicest, compassionate people. I feel like crying just thinking about leaving tomorrow :(

Today Nedege picked me up and we went to South Beach. It was my first day sitting up in the drivers seat. I used a boppy pillow and a blanket rolled up behind my back for the drive. South Beach is beautiful!!! I live on the beach in NY/Queens before hurricane Sandy wiped out my home, but this beach was different. The water is gorgeous. The weather, beautiful, and the people were SO nice. I wire a maxi dress which was strange bc I noticed people (especially men) staring at my body. But I couldn't flaunt it bc my arms are green from bruising. Lol. Can't really conceal that. Lol. Ugh!!! I don't want to go back to 38 degree weather tomorrow. FML. Lol

We ate lunch at this cool bar/hotel called Clevelander. It was cool. We stood at a tall table and are, so I didn't have to sit, and it was pretty inconspicuous. Lol. I had a blast with Nedege. She's really like my sister from another mister. Lol. Going to miss her sooooo much :(

Went to Perry for my final post-op appointment after lunch. He was great as usual. I love his carefree, laid back personality. He's so cool. I asked a million questions. Just to clarify ladies: you cannot drive until 10 days to 2 weeks post op. he doesn't like fajas bc of the way he lipo sculpts, which is very close to the skin. He says these garments indent the skin bc of his particular technique, but says wait 4 weeks post op to use one if you're going to use one. He says my waist is going to shrink even more, considerably (I'm in a small garment, 27.5" waist already 6 days post op), but that my hips and butt probdbly wont shrink much more. Maybe another 1/4". I'm excited about that. He says most volume is lost up to 7 days post op, but bc I'm 6 days already I should be good.

I drained a LOT and really took my massages like a champ. It hurts at times ladies, but you have to bear the pain and let them DO THEIR JOB. No matter how much it hurts. Eric and his staff blew my mind. Just their professionalism and empathy alone was top notch. I saw the way my body transformed after each massage. And knew the way I felt after each massage. I felt like Wonder Woman. If you're not exhausted both physically and mentally after each massage, you're not letting them do their jobs. Stick it out.

I had my final massage with Eric tonight. I cannot recommend him enough. I absolutely LOVE him. He has magic hands, ladies. The best. Plus he wants you to talk. Wants to get to know you, wants to take your mind off what exactly is going on in that room. Lol he gave me over a 2 hour massage tonight, which was mind blowing. It's literally a pleasure/pain/orgasmic experience ladies. By the end I could barely stand up straight, or see straight. I was spent, so tired. When I left I felt sad. Him, Carlos, his wife, and staff are such wonderful people. I'm so happy to have gotten to know them all. :(

I'll update again tonorriw night once I arrive back in NYC, and let you know how the flight went. God, I soooo don't want to go back to my shitty, negative living arrangement. Pray for me girls. Lol :(

Hi girls. So I flew home yesterday. Almost cried...

Hi girls. So I flew home yesterday. Almost cried when Nedege dropped me off, not going to lie. I enjoyed my experience and time in Fl SO much and I was dreading coming back home to the drama and negativity. I was not excited about coming home.

I had a middle seat on flight back. The guy next to me threw a fit bc I asked him to sit in the middle and give me the aisle seat. Lol he was moved to a different seat altogether and I got to have two seats. Yessss!!! Also met this lovely Italian woman flying back to Rome. I got up a few times to go to the bathroom and roam around. Sitting made me paranoid but it was ok. My booty was unscathed. Lol

Got home. It was difficult to go back into mommy mode. My daughter is only 4 and doesn't understand. We let her sleep in our bed last night bc she missed me and when I was putting her down and prepping her for bed, she kicked me twice by accident in the hips/butt. I yelled out "ohhh" and she started bawling. She doesn't understand that I'm fragile and has just missed me. She says I hurt her feelings (I yelled out, not AT her, but I get it), and told me to leave. I slept on the couch. Total mind fuck....

Today she went to pre-k and I got to sleep after getting her ready. Woke up around 1pm, ate etc. she came home and BOOM I was in full blown mommy mode all by myself. She asked me to get her something from upstairs and when I was bringing it down I FELL down the stairs!!! Are you kidding me??!?!? I screamed bc it hurt So bad. She started crying hysterically and I had to console her, but in reality I was worried about my butt, in so much pain, and on the verge of passing out. Once I consoled her I ran to the mirror to check out my throbbing right cheek. I massaged it and made sure it was ok. I literally feel like that was my "snap the fuck out of it" moment. And since then I've been up doing lots of mommy/daughter stuff. I can't let my CHOICE to have elective surgery make me lazy, take away from my daughter, or scare her in any way. Being a mother comes first. I come second.

I decided to switch garments bc this garment is basically tore up. I bought a strong/firm control vedette thong garment after consulting Norma this afternoon. She said it would be a good idea bc the hip holes in my garment are creating creases/dent in my right hip. So in going to switch it up. I also ordered that Wahl handheld massager that MD recommended. That's all for now girls. I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight. Lol

I just measured myself: 27" waist and 40" hips....

I just measured myself: 27" waist and 40" hips. When ordering my faja it's saying I need a 2xs for waist and xs for hips. Which size do you ladies think I should go with?

Damn, I love my ass ;) That is all. Lol

Damn, I love my ass ;) That is all. Lol

Hey girls, I have a bit to update but not enough...

Hey girls, I have a bit to update but not enough time right now. I'll update later tonight. But for now I've updated pics.

I'm two days short of being 3 weeks post op. I...

I'm two days short of being 3 weeks post op. I would say I'm 90% in love with my results. There have been a few moments where I have been extremely critical of my results, but then I go to sleep with my foam/board in and wake up VERY flat and smooth and I am HAPPY again, LOL. For instance, Saturday I spent 9 hours total in the car, and out doing things. That was killer for the body. To make things worse, I've ordered 4 fajas and NONE of them have shown up yet. One was to be delivered last wednesday, was trackable, ON the truck to be delivered by USPS and then BOOM, they don't bring it and the USPS has no idea where the hell it is. It's things like this that annoy me, not so much my results. I will say this: Perry's garments suck. I get it, he wants us girls to wear flimsy garments because he doesn't like that the thick fajas can leave marks in the skin etc. But they also shape and compress the hell out of you, which is exactly what you need post op. He told me to wait 4 weeks to use a faja, I'm waiting 3. From wearing this Maidenform garment that he provided (which is a Small, and I need like an XS or an XXS at this point for good compression in the stomach area) doesn't come in anything smaller than a SMALL. So, on to the faja I move. I bought a Vedette thongs shaper which is strong compression, thick like a faja, but it literally EATS my ass. And digs into my crotch and I cannot use it for longer than like an hour before I want to jump off a building, LOL. But the way you feel in it, SO TIGHT and put together. It's hard to explain. I can't wait to get my fajas. My seroma on my lower right side under my belly button has gone down considerably since I've been stuffing my garment with everything for tight compression. I now have a seroma on my lower back where that "triangle" is above the butt cheeks/crack area. Know where I'm talking about? My stomach is FLAT, but my back is SO SWOLLEN. I need compression and I need it fast.

I've been using the massaging technique Eric showed me and using a rolling pin to massage myself. My daughter has been home all last week and will be home until wednesday for spring break, so I haven't been able to get a massage yet since I've been home. Hopefully Wednesday will be my day.

My only complaint about my butt is the lack of roundness and fullness on the lower part of the cheeks. I dunno, it kind of slopes off on the sides of the butt into a V. I think this is because of the garment to be honest. Not Perry's skill level. The area that is flattened is the area that wasn't cut between the hip cuts and the butt holes cut by perry. I wish he'd issue girls a different garment, bc this one really sucks.

At the end of the day, I got exactly what I asked for. My butt is an apple bottom/shelf/bubble butt. I didn't want fullness in the lower part of the cheeks. That isn't what I initially asked for, and that's not what I got. In retrospect I wish I had asked for a little more fullness on the lower butt. But maybe a round 2 is in order. I dunno if I would do this all over again though, bc I really do for the most part love my results. My body is sick, and will only get better in the next few months, and my butt is BOOTYLICIOUS without being too crazy for my body shape/size. I'm happy!

Just want to say good luck to the girls going in...

Just want to say good luck to the girls going in for surgery tomorrow. Also, just got off the phone with Nedege. Love her. And I'm so happy you ladies are living her as much as I did. Also so happy Eric and Carlos's business is blowing up. I'm so happy to see hard working people finally getting their time to shine. Still living this bootayyy! It's only hard in the middle today, softer and jiggling. I want to hug Dr Perry for literally changing my life. Goodnight girls ;)

Any of you vets know anything about a triangular...

Any of you vets know anything about a triangular pad or foam etc that I can put on the triangular area over my butt cheeks/lower back? It was very prominent after surgery but has since filled with fluid. So it's puffy and lumpy. I'm thinking something there along with compression will help it go down. My stomach is looking flat, but my back is very puffy. Should I be putting foam in the back of my garment too? What about a board? I've been on point with my stomach, but now it's time to focus on my back. Thanks ladies!

I can't believe it's been 4 weeks already. Whew!...

I can't believe it's been 4 weeks already. Whew! How time flies. Overall I'm sooo happy with my body. Perry really transformed me, which has drastically improved the way I feel about myself all around. I'm eternally indebted to this man!

Sunday was a bad day for me. I still hadn't received my fajas. One is STILL "lost" in the mail *rolling my eyes at USPS for that one*, the other way too small so I had to send it back for an exchange, and the third was never sent (error on their part), and I've since been refunded. What a perfect storm of disappointment for me. The garments that perry gives suck. I used them for 3 weeks before I buckled and bought the Ann Chery zip front garment. It's much better than Perry's, but still not as good as a faja. They are like butta girls. Lol. Anyway, back to Sunday. I didn't have my garments yet, and it was laundry day, so I went garment-less all day bc I needed the two that I had clean for my rotation. I live in NYC and send my laundry off. They said it wouldn't be done until 11pm. Ughhh!!! I went ALL DAY!!! I thought, no big deal it'll be ok. Boy, was I WRONG! By 10pm I was almost in tears. I felt so fat, bloated and swollen I started buggin. Hard! I was critiquing my body so badly and I was PMS'ing hardcore, so all around it was no good. I got my garments back and stuffed them with my board/foams and woke up still swollen, but not nearly as bad. Monday was still hard emotionally, but it's since gotten better.

Monday I made a comment on MD's page in response to her comment about a possible round 2 for me. I received a lot of texts/messages about this. First off, I was hormonal and very depressed about my garment less Sunday (seriously girls I looked like a busted can of biscuits by 11pm lol). Luckily my real faja arrived and i cannot tell you hiw much i love it. So much better thsn perrys garment. Or even the Ann Chery garment.

I mentioned possibly doing this again, but I also said I would not make any hasty decisions until the 3 month mark when I'm fully healed. I think it's unfair to say you hate your body before the 3 month mark. I also think you have to be realistic about your expectations BEFORE going into sx. If you start with a square, flabby body like I did (love handles and NO ASS), you cannot expect to come out looking like Yaris Sanchez in one shot. My wish pics weren't Yaris, but you get what I'm saying. BE REALISTIC!!! I wanted petite curvy, and I got that. I will say that the first week post op your ass is huge, and you are kinda shocked by it at first (I really was bc I started with nothin in the back lol), but then you kinda get used to it. Then the swelling goes down, it softens, gets jiggly, and drops. It's the harsh reality, ladies. What if looks like on day 7 is not what it's gonna look like on week 4. BOOTY GREED IS REAL!!!

My only real gripe is my fat under the brains and armpit (front and back area). Perry did lipo it on the back. But directly under the armpit I'm not numb, so I know it wasn't lipo'd. That's kind if it'll rotating to have a trim body and fat spilling out over your faja and bra. It's gross. I'm hoping with diet and exercise I can get it right. If not, THAT is why my round 2 idea came in. To lipo that area aggressively, and instead of just wasting the fat, to transfer it to my butt again. Like I said, BOOTY GREED IS REAL lol. In NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM was my comment on MD's page a testament to my dissatisfaction, unhappiness with my body/butt, or a did on Perry at all. Like I said, this man changed my life and I'm in love with my results.

Moral of the story ladies is that you MUST give this procedure and recovery 100% dedication. You cannot start complaining 2 weeks post op that you're unhappy bc how you look then is not truly indicative of how you're going to look at 3 months. Your body goes through MAJOR trauma. Give it time, rest, and follow your drs guidelines and post op rules. I went garment less, which is a no no (not bc I was trying to break the rules, but out if necessity of having clean garments), and have since learned my lesson.

Watch your salt intake, watch your diet, start working out once your dr says it's ok. Be healthy. You don't just suck the fat out and call it a day. This is an investment and it requires maintenance just like anything else. I started working out again today, on my week 4 mark. I burned 1000 calories in cardio. I own a cybex arc trainer and have always trained balls to the wall on it. Today was no exception. 1000 calories equates to about an hour and 15 minutes on level 100 resistance (which targets the butt/legs), and at different inclines (climbing and skiing today). WOW!!! I didn't realize how hard I worked until about an hour ago. My ass HURTS. Not a bad hurt. Like a good, building muscle, workout hurt. I'm do excited to get back into my healthy eating habits and gym regimens. I know that by the 3 month mark I will be healthier, have a smaller wAist, and be much more toned. You can't just get lipo and expect to look a certain way. You have to WORK FOR IT and do your part. Perry did his part, and now the rest is up to me ;)

Hey girls. I went to an engagement party last...

Hey girls. I went to an engagement party last night and lets just say this ASS was the topic of many conversations. Lol. I came clean to a few people after a few drinks (my in laws). They were very supportive and said I should be proud of my new body instead of being worried about what people might say. That was refreshing to hear. Usually women are other women's biggest critics/haters. I'm happy with my debut ;)

I also wanted to update my measurements. I took...

I also wanted to update my measurements. I took these Thursday night.

35.5" bust
26.5" waist. If I pull tight it goes to 25.75" (that's crazyyyy)
39.25" hips
And in the center of the booty I'm 41.25"

I'm so happy, ladies! You have no idea. I finally have the body I've always wanted!!! :)

Round 2???

Hi girls! I know it has been a WHILE since I've updated my profile. I just wanted to take a few months off to really enjoy my results and watch them transform into the "real deal" before posting again. Plus, I wanted to let the drama subside, lol. Anyway, I am GREAT. Very Happy. I'd say I'm 75% happy with my results. Here is what I think, in all honesty:

Dr Perry was amazing pre-op and during the first couple weeks post op
NEDEGE**** (you can't top her)
Eric & Carlos at M&M Medical (massages, follow ups, etc)
*My body has COMPLETELY transformed. I feel/look 1000% better in my clothes.
I finally have an ass. LOL.

The scars. It's summertime and they are visible. It's not the worst thing in the world, but they suck. I know other Docs don't have the same method/scar placement (some hide the scars so they won't be visible in bathing suits. This is a big con for me now that it's summer).
Dr.Perry is virtually impossible to get a hold of post op. He has blown up within the last 4 months, so he is BUSY, I get it. But I have his cell number. Which he responded to my first couple weeks post op (seroma question and bc I fell down the stairs etc). Now, he's virtually vanished. I've only been able to "speak with him" thought talking through Nedege. Ughhh....
The Lipo on my lovehandles/stomach area was SUPER aggressive. Which means that I look dramatically different in those areas. However, I am not satisfied with the lipo that was done on the upper half of my body. My arms and chin look GREAT. I am SOOOO glad I did those areas. But I have this trim waist (with faja and vest on) and this bulge of back fat in my back area above my waist. My back fat hangs over the upper part of my vest/faja, and in my armpits. It is SO gross, and it doesn't coincide with my trim mid section. This is why I'm contemplating round 2.
Fluid build up STILL remaining in my triangle area right above butt cheeks in lower back. Squishy. Can't get a hold of Perry for recommendations.

You can't win em all girls. I realize this. And I know that many girls contemplate or end up going in for a round 2 to get what they want. Overall, I'm pretty content with the shape of my butt. My butt has dents in it (cellulite, etc), and I'm ok with that. I actually think it kind of gives it character. That doesn't bother me. But the part that does throw me off is the lower area of the "heart" that should flare out kind of boxes out (I'll have to upload a pic). But in my faja and in yoga pants it looks perfect. It's only naked that you can really notice this. But I also said "NO saddlebags" and this is the area that I think would have been saddle bag territory, so I guess I got what I asked for.

I am still 1000% content, and I think the surgery was worth it. I wouldn't have changed my experience or my doctor for the world. I feel/look a million times better. However, I do know that I would like to have my back lipo'd again, and I feel like WHY waste that fat, if I could have it reinjected into my butt (booty greed strikes again). I also have a small "dent" in my right hip that could use a minor fill in (nothing major, but if you're going under why not fix it, right?). I am by no means a micromanager or perfectionist. I just figure why waste the fat.

I am at the stage now where I feel comfortable REALLY working out again. I just started last week. I've been randomly doing cardio (not a set cardio schedule), and I've kind of been neurotic about the possibility of my butt shrinking. But when I'm not active and sedentary, I gain weight or get soft. Hence why my back and underarm fat is how it is. By no means is that Perry's fault. So before I make any decision on a round 2, I am going to tone up, then see what that results looks like. I started doing cardio along with P90x ab ripper x and some of the arm workouts from P90x. My cybex arc trainer gives me enough butt/leg workout for now (bc I'm still super worried about my ass shrinking), but later down the road I can incorporate the plyo and legs etc.

I think that since I've already gone to Perry, I know him, trust him, and love his work. My only REAL negative with him is that I can't get a hold of him now to really ask his opinion on a round 2, and the scars. It's summertime. I recommend that if you're gong to Perry get it done at the end of summer or early fall, that way you have enough time in your garments (fajas for most, which are thick, hot, and make you sweat. No bueno for the hot summer months), and enough time to let those scars fade. I've also been really bad about wearing my garments for the last month or so. It's been so hot it's almost unbearable. Plus the constant compression started to make me have acid reflux. It sucked. So I wear the garments sporatically, and notice that when I do, I def look/feel smaller. I am a size 4 now, with no garment on. With garment on I have 38 inch hips and 25 inch waist. Without, I don't know bc I haven't measured. But in J Crew shorts I wear a 4. In Yoga pants I'm a small. If my hips were smaller I'd be a 2, but I love my hips the way that they are ;)

So, here is my question to you ladies; Do you think it's worth it to pay $4500-$5,000 to go in for a round 2? Should I leave my upper body the way it is? Should I just do the lipo and not transfer to the butt? If I did, gauging by my back fat/pics do you think there would be enough fat to really make a difference/warrant another surgery/cost of surgery? These are things I wish I could ask Perry.... :(

What do you think girls? Go for it or not? Dr Perry again or should I try Azurin? He does AMAZING back lipo. I don't want my stomach touched. It's good how it is (since I've had a baby, anymore lipo would be ripply/saggy), so that removes my initial doubts with Azurin. love his work. Love Perry's work (but not the scars). Or go to the DR??? Or just leave my body alone? LOL

Additional pics, what do you think?

Spoke to Perry about Round 2...

Hey girls, it's been a while, and since my last update I HAVE been able to get ahold of Dr P. He said based on my pics he could probably get about 500 cc's more into each cheek which would take me to over 1500 cc's in each cheek total. Here's the kicker....$5000 for full back/waist lipo again, and $5800 to add some lipo of the stomach area. He seems to think it's not really ALL that necessary or worth it. He says "you're a 9, after this you might be a 9.3". So do I want to spend almost 6 g's more to be .3 hotter?? LOL Plus hotel again, airfare, food/supplies, Nedege/nurse, etc? It seems like a lot of money for perfection, LOL.

So in the meantime, I've put on a bit of weight. I just bought the Focus T25 by Shawn T and I am ready to start my new program (just arrived today). So I think I'm going to tone up and get my diet right. If I don't love my results toned up (back fat might go away BUT maybe at the expense of my butt shrinking ughhhh), then I'm going to start saving for ROUND 2 ladies. That is my final decision.

For my Round 2 I obviously prefer to go to Perry, bc he created a masterpiece out of a TERRIBLE pre-op body, LOL. But I'm also considering Dr Azurin (who I also really considered for round 1 too). I'm reading a lot about dr Baez in DR, and Dr. Duran. Besides being CONSIDERABLY less expensive, do you ladies know whether their work is amazing??? I'm looking for a very trim upper body (lipo on sides of underarms/upper bra rolls/backfat area, waistline to be SUPER small. If I can get to a 25 without the garment on I will be a very happy lady, and serious projection. My booty now looks like a normal person's butt. Which says a lot considering where I started from. But I wanna look BOMB when this is all finished. If you ladies have any doctor suggestions feel free to chime in.

Yes, my indecisive, vain ass is back, lol. 6 months post op.

Hi girls. I just wanted to say hello. I just hit my 6month post op mark Sept 13. Feeling great. I've started Focus T 25 and cardio regularly and have lost 8 lbs total. I'm feeling good. Most feeling is back. I still face some numb, sometimes tingly areas. Usually on my lower back/flank areas. And sometimes my incisions on lower back are itchy. Very weird. But arms, chin, thighs are 100% back to normal feeling. The lower stomach and flanks are the only areas that are still a little off.

Now that I pretty much look like what I'll look like permanently, since it's 6 months and most swelling gas subsided, I wanted to say a few things. First, I asked for petite curvy and that's what I got. I'm a size 4. My hips make me a 4, not a 2. I love my shape mostly, but there are a few things I definitely want to improve.
My left hip looks great. My right hip has a dent in it now. Not sure when this happened. There was no kind of trauma, etc. so I'm assuming the fat cells there died or swelling finally went down there. I could see a small crevice firming there, but now my right hip seems to have deflated. I look off balance in a tight dress. I can tell. Not sure if others can, but I can, and it makes me nuts! Lol

Also, cellulite is real! I never really had it beforehand. Or if I did it wasn't noticeable. My ass is dimply. There are a few areas with crater dimples in them, which I think is kinda cute and gives it character. But they'd are two spots where the dents look bad. Bad enough that I'd want to correct them. I also feel like my butt looks great, but the hips he added kinda makes me look square-ish or boxy from the back (refer to bikini pic posted previously). Or maybe the hips added kinda looks like two fat lumps on my sides. Again, hard to explain.

Overall, I love my body, but want to make it a 10. After working out I'm down to a 26/27 waist (tight or loose with measuring tape). I want as smell of a waist as possible. Also this braline/armpit/upper back fat has got to go. I'd also like my waistline taken it a bit more, and some more fat trimmed off lower back/flank area. My upper abdomen has more fat in it still, than my lower abdomen, which I feel is usually the opposite in women. Usually we have a "pooch". My pooch is above the belly button, and it grosses me out. Not sure if lipo is the answer. Maybe a TT is the only real solution if its little fat and mostly skin.

The struggle: if round 2 is in order who do I go to?
Azurin doesn't do belly lipo but gives great asses. Doesn't inject to hips.

Perry is my doc and I love him. But he's going to charge almost $6k for a REVISION. That's a lot of money for a revision IMO. Being that I spent $7400 the first time. But he knows me, what I like, my body and I feel comfortable with him. Hmmm...

I'm reading that Yily is basically a mean snob. Lol. I took a long break from RS. Not reading reviews and recently just came back to look into round 2 docs. When I had surgery in March everyone and their mama was team yily. Now there's like a backlash against her. Lol. But her waists are todiefor, and her bodies are sick. She is a master sculptor. I'm also reading Cipla is unclean??? Is this right?

Duran gives SICK asses. From what I'm seeing. Her waists aren't as contoured as yilys, but yilys asses aren't as beautiful as Durans, hmmmm???

Then there's Baez and Robles. Which I know very little about. I know Robles does the best TT of the DR docs IMO. But Baez I'm very curious about. Anyone know anything about her?

Again, my biggest concerns are getting majorly sculpted up top. Braline, armpit fat, upper back fat. Creating the smallest waist imagine able, and fixing my dented hip and evening them out.

Who would you choose and why? Or should I stick with Perry?

Reading some disturbing things about DR...

Like CIPLA closing due to unsanitary conditions. Yily and Duran perform surgery there right? Robles too? I know it closed and just reopened. I read a few blogs with pics of blood on curtains, blood on doc scrubs from previous surgeries, bacterial infections in the body from cannula that wasn't properly cleaned. Yuck!

Most disturbing was a girls blog who never updated. The girls are saying she's dead. She went into cardiac arrest or embolism or something. Fuck! I think it was a Cabral patient (god knows that mans license should've been revoked years ago for burning those girls).

I also read about 3 deaths in CIPLA lately. Is this rumor true or false? Also, was one of those deaths Duran?

Yily is pregnant and due Dec. I'm honestly thinking if I DID feel comfortable e Pugh to go to DR for round 2 it would not be with yily. I prefer Duran's bodies. But not ruling out Robles or Baez yet. I emailed about 6 docs today. Waiting back for pricing, evaluation of wish pics, etc.

Still not ruling out Dr Perry again, although $5800 seems like a lot for a revision. JUST the bbl. also emailed Azurin. I just love his work but again, what about my stomach.

I wanted to add some pics of me now. I'm what is call "skinny fat". Lol. I'm 138 lbs, size 4, 34E breasts, 27" waist. Nothing crazy. But I know I could be a 24" waist at least if the fat/excess skin weren't an issue. These pics should explain a lot...


Really considering Azurin for around 2.

Any dr Contreras girls out there???

I've heard contreras is the man in the DR (even better than Cabral) at bodies and his breasts are the BEST I've seen besides DR Azurin. Anyhow, I know he has a checkered past, like many Dominican doctors. But do any of you ladies know anything about him? I'm just curious.

BBL Part 3

To read part 3 of my BBL journey, please click here.


Hello ladies! Since last time I've posted, I have gone through a lot. Christmas really killed my body. I own my own business, so to be able to take off for chrstmas through NYE I had to work my ass off in December. I slept very little and ate like complete crap. It was bad. Then I went back home to ST Louis and really did some major damage with the diet, lol. forward to now and I have become a beachbody coach, really reevaluated my fitness goals and began a weight lifting program. I know I don't care about the number on the scale, but i want to SEE muscles and definition in my body.

I'll be honest, once I had sx with Perry I got REALLY small once the swelling went down. I had a really small waist and looked "petite curvy", just like I had asked for. But I really didn't maintain that bc I was eating garbage. From about April-July I ate whatever I wanted and it really killed my figure. Perry was right when he said that liposuction doesn't fix any "fat" issues you have. It WILL come back if you don't take care of yourselves, ladies. You have to workout, eat right, etc. I was REALLY worried about working out and watching what I ate bc I DIDN'T want my butt and hips to shrink. But i really did more harm than good to my figure by NOT working out. Lesson learned, and now I know what to do, eat, and overall how to conduct myself after my round 2.

Yes, you heard that right...I AM going for a round 2 at some point. I am not 100% certain on a date OR a surgeon yet, but as of now I'm throwing around the idea of sept/oct and possibly in DR with Cabral. If I had to say right now, today, THIS would be my plan. I do still have some reservations about CIPLA and DR in general, but moreso if I could find a sx buddy flying out of NYC I would probably be ok. I don't like flying, especially with the hassle of customs and being freshly post op coming back in to the US, so I am a bit worried about that. I just remember what my flight out of MIA was like, and imagining doing that alone, with customs, back into the US doesn't sound appealing to me at all. LOL. But we gotta do what we gotta do for perfection ladies!

If I had to pick one thing I wish I had done differently, it would that I should have done it sooner. The only other drawback that I can find is that I don't like the scarring. I have bullet holes down my back. Really the only ones that are that noticeable are the ones on my lower back and braline. But it's noticeable when wearing a bathing suit, naked (obviously), or a low back dress. It can be embarassing, and I don't want to have to explain why I have them to family or friends. Like I said, I wanted natural for round 1, so having these scars doesn't coincide with the "natural" look IMO. But besides that, I am very happy with my results and wish I had done it sooner.

Overall, I am SO HAPPY with my results, my surgeon, and overall my life the past year. I can honestly say this surgery changed my life. How I look,how I feel, how other people (especially men) see me, etc. I can also say that this sx will most likely cause problems for you ladies if you are in a relationship. Men know other men, and they know that you're going to be getting attention, and they DON'T LIKE IT. They can mask it with "I'm worried, I'm concerned. You have kids. I'm scared for your safety".....etc etc. But the bottom line is that they don't want the attention. No part of it, for real. So just know if you're going in for round 1, your relationship will def suffer. Be prepared for that.

That being said, I know round 2 is going to be hell for my living situation. I still live with my daughter's father and we are a work in progress in terms of where our relationship stands. I DO intend to have a round 2. He knows this, and surely doesn't like it. But he can either be supportive and reap the benefits of my new body (wink wink), or he can be a hating ass little bitch like he was last March, and he already knows those consequences. You do NOT get to reap those benefits if you not only aren't supportive, but threw out threats and insults about me not only as a mother, but as a human being in general. I'm going WAYYY into detail here, but all in all, ladies, just know that men don't like this surgery at all. And if you are in the small 5% of women who really do have ride or die bf/husbands etc who support you through anything and everything, HOLD ON TO HIM. He's a rarity according to these blogs. LOL

So, that's where I am now. SX round 2 in the works. Not sure of the Doc yet. Not sure where yet. But it's definitely on my mind. I think Perry gave me a great starting point, and I DID get exactly what I had asked for (natural and NOT too exaggerated), but for my round 2 I want a little more. I think if I can look almost too good to be natural...where people kinda take a second look, or wonder "hmmm did she have work done or could that be real"?...THAT is what I want. LOL I can honestly say that finding the balance between being a professional, a mother, and wanting to be taken seriously at my daughter's school/by my clients/not look like a circus freak and not looking too undone, blah, or boring (bc lets face it these sx's cost a lot of money and the recovery can be brutal) is the hardest part. You want to get your money's worth, but also don't want to look like a circus freak. I just say save wish pics, KNOW which body types you find attractive, and listen to your heart and intuition when it comes to finding the right doc and body for you. Research everything!!!

Good luck ladies, and thank you for following my journey... XOXO
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Girls, you will never find another doctor like this one! I'm freshly post op, but just this far he's the sweetest, most skilful surgeon you're EVER going to meet.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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