BBL with Omulepu - Miami, FL

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I am new to RS...I've been stalking the site for...

I am new to RS...I've been stalking the site for months but just joined. I am scheduled for BBL with Dr. Omulepu for 4/15/15. I am staying at the RH as the "all inclusive package" with Spectrum included the 4 nights/5 days in the price ($4800). I am excited and nervous! I live in Atlanta and have been to a consult with the famous Dr. J. curves (Jimmerson); Dr. Gordon; Dr. Okoru (loved this place); and Dr. Allison Maske. I have also done email consults with Dr. Disla from the D.R. My mother was a patient of Dr. Gordon for TT procedure and absolutely loved him and the excellent treatment she received. My cousin went to D.R. To Dr. Disla for a mommy makeover (txt and bbl) and she absolutely loved Disla. I pray my experience with Dr. Omulepu in Miami is amazing...

34, No Children-want a Nice Ass

BBL Scheduled for 4/15/15 with Dr. Omulepu. I am told by Spectrum that he is awaiting testing for board certification-he is not currently board certified. My quote is $4800 this is lipo to 12 areas, fat transfer to hips/butt; labs; 1 compression garment; anesthesia; Drs fees. + 4 nights/5days at RH (transportation to and from airport and procedures, 2 lymphatic massages, 2 meals daily). Visit spectrum-aesthetics website for the current deal which is $4900.

Exactly 1 week to go!

In a week I will be transformed by Dr. O. I can't wait to meet him personally and to see the results of his work!

BBL PIllow

So I purchased the BBL Pillow from
It was $99 and with tax and shipping $119. It's a tiny hard little thing....but I'll let you dolls know how it works post surgery...

One more day!!!

So Monday the doctors office called to ask if I was in town early as they were prepared to take me sooner! Dang it! Oh well! In 1 day I'll be in Miami meeting with Dr. Omulepu and my body will be transformed! I can't believe my time has come. Praying for GODs blessings & mercy to be with me....


I'm here at Spectrum and so far very organized and smooth! I'm waiting to meet Dr. Omulepu in this comfy private room. Karla at assistance4life RH works here too! She picked me up from the airport and drove me about 10 mins and we were here! She's goin to pick up my mess as well while I'm in surgery! I'm nervous as shit! The anesthesiologist tried to run the IV but my tiny little veins ????

Home sweet home

What an interesting experience...I cannot wait until m cmletely healed so I can tell if it was truly worth it! My experience with Spectrum, Dr. omulepu and his team was great for the mos part! Also Karla, Maria, and the other caretakers at Assistance 4 Life RH took such amazing care of me! The massage therapists were caring, empathic and efficient... And on the trip home the Delta crew was amazing! GOD has his hands wrapped tightly around me during this process!!! Now, I will be honest and say i felt like I got hit by a bus after the surgery... And you must drink a gallon h2o daily but to use the bathroom you have to literally do a push up or two since your bottom half is stiff... Your poor arms get so sore from lifting your body... Ok enough for now. GOD bless you dolls!

Total meltdown-removing JP drains alone

Ladies, wherever you go to have your procedure done, please do yourself a favor and stay long enough to have your drains removed! I did not do this (as I did not anticipate having drains because my coordinator told me Dr. omulepu did not use drains but this was not completely true) *the drains are a necessity- but when you are no longer draining they must come out to prevent infection. So I came home on day 5 with drains and although the Spectrum staff assured me I could get anyone to remove- No one would! I called general surgeons ( they are your best bet if you have dr. I send them your operating report), I called urgent care, ER, OB-Gyn, pcp and because I was technical still under Dr O's care (because of the date of the surgery) no one would take them out. I remember Dr. O and staff say how simple the removal is and I watched a YouTube clip... Then I attempted the removal of the abd tube by cleaning hands and sterilizing scissors, cutting the stitch and removing it and then I was ready to pull the tube out. I freaked out when I pulled and it didn't come out, and it hurt like bloody murder! At that point I lost it and had a total meltdown! I called Spectum immediately in tears demanded to speak with Dr. omulepu (I haven't spoken with him since he left the f/u to take a call and never returned despite his promise). Layla answered the phone and said Dr O wasn't in (I was crying and asking why he would send me home with drains, no referral to a doctor in ATL who would remove drains, etc) but she told me to stop crying and assured me she could walk me through the removal of the drains right then and there... Once I was able to calm down she asked me to be sure the suture was completely removed ??, wiggle the tube, take a deep breath and pull! I did and because of the pain I couldn't. I told Layla I'd call her back, hung up and called mom crying and while talking to her I took a deep breath, tugged and the damn drain slid right out... I cried like a baby(in total praise and anxiety). I called Layla and thanked her and she told me how to clean and care for it! I told her I'd call back once I had someone here with me to remove the drain in the back. That one came out so much easier and less dramatic as I knew what to expect! What a freaking experience that NO doll should have to endure. But the good news is you really can remove the drain at home. If you ever have to, remember the tube is. Jackson-Pruitt(JP) tube and although it appears round, the 3-4 inches in your body is flat, and rectangular with holes -not round... So when you pull, you're pulling a rectangle through a small round incision... I pray this helps someone!

So far, so good... But I've only been in contact with the care coordinator Emily Ron; and the RH owner Carla via text.

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