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I'm 5"3 117lbs ...I normally have a flat stomach...

I'm 5"3 117lbs ...I normally have a flat stomach but am trying to plumpen up for this procedure. It is not east for me to pass the 117 mark (normally 112lbs) so I'm hoping that I can still get some results. My surgery is only a month away and although I can't wait, a lot of these recovery stories are making me nervous :(

Exactly What I Want...

I want some serious curves from a side profile. Currently 26 days away from sx. Weighed myself today and went down to 115 :( never thought it would be this hard to gain weight. Started drinking Ensures today...hoping to put in 10 lbs!

This is Insane :(

So within the past few days I've LOST 4 lbs :( I've been drinking Ensures with every meal and eating EVERY carb in site. I'm 24 days until sx and hoping to gain 10 lbs. Really going to try to stuff myself EVERY meal. No way at 114lbs am I going to get the results I want and I am not trying to spend all this $ for no reason. Ugghh.


My doctor does not provide compression garments and when I was asked what to bring I was told they will send me to a local shop the day before the surgery. Well I would like to bring some with me b/c I'm sure the ones online are cheaper than what I find there. This is the one I would like to buy but should I get a small or extra small? I'm normally a small but I'm assuming my butt will be bigger and waist smaller so I'm all confused lol. Also, do you guys recommend also getting epi-foam?? All input will be appreciated!!

Miami Nurse??

I've seen some of you ladies mention a Jamaican nurse, can someone please send me her information or any other nurse in the Miami/Coral Gables area. My sister-in-law and I will be traveling from NY and will both be getting surgeries on 7/3. I'm doing the BBL and she's getting breast implants. I know we can not take care of each other :( I mainly concerned for the day of the surgery, getting back to hotel after the surgery.

9 days left

Only 9 days away from my bbl with Dr. Freiman. I've only been able to get up to 120lbs. My coordinator told me that I already have some projection and with Freiman's sculpting I will look great. I'm nervous that I don't have enough fat to get my desired results. I don't want to go huge but I do want a noticeable change especially with all this $ I'm spending! I haven't seen too many of Freiman's bbl's on here so that also gets me nervous :( I was told that he would be the better choice over Ortega for my small frame. As the date gets closer I just get so worried about my results. It has been hard for me to even gain a couple lbs and I know you have to keep that weight on after the surgery to maintain the results. Uhhh just wish the day would come and go already!

Switched to Ortega!

I'm sure Freiman is a GREAT doctor but all I see on here on him is BA's. I just switched today to Dr. Ortega and am keeping the date of 7/3 which is only 8 days away! I'm hoping he can do wonders with me being that I can NOT pass 121lbs for some reason :(

Just a couple days away...

Leaving for Miami in 3 days and sx is in 4. All ready and just can't wait to finally see my results!! The anticipation is driving me crazy!!


Got here this morning and as we were waiting a woman came in who looked like she just recently had a BBL and she was NOT happy. She said something about her drain leaking and she looked like she was going to pass out. Not something I needed to see on surgery day! I was scheduled for 12 and it's almost 1 but still waiting. Two nurses tried to put IV in but they couldn't. One said my veins are really small. Now the 1st place they tried on my hand hurts pretty bad. Can't wait for this all to be over!

I made it!!

So Ortega came and did my consult right before I went in. He told me that he would pull from my arms, thighs, stomach and back to get as much fat as he could. He said as long as I had realist expectations I would be happy. He asked me if I was more interested in hips or projection so he knew where to concentrate with the little fat he would pull out and I said butt! I went it weighing 120. The anesthesiologist came in and did my IV 1-2-3 with no pain. His last name was Diaz and he was such a sweetheart. Next thing you know I was waking up in recovery and first thing I asked is if I can turn on my stomach. I was SHAKING uncontrollably. I had some pain. I'm fine now. No pain just a little soreness. My butt went from 36 inches to 40 and he told me he pulled out 1,360 cc's. So far I'm loving it. The no sitting thing is of course annoying but surprisingly I'm sleeping fine on my stomach. I will post more pics tomorrow. But this is a before last night and now.

Pics not posting

Loving it!

Today I feel completely fine. I made sure I walked a lot and am drinking a lot of water. Ortega did his thing, this is exactly what I was looking for, hope it doesn't go down too much.

Another one

2nd day post op

Yesterday I was really sore and it felt like my whole body would cramp up after laying down a while. Walking definitely helps! I walk and drink water as much as I can. Took off the faja for the 1st time to shower and I didn't get dizzy or anything but putting it back on was a bitch! I also put the lipo foam in so that didn't help. Today I'm fine just really itchy. Oh I went for a car ride while laying across the back seat and I was seriously sore after. I'm avoiding car rides as much as I can. I wasn't planning on having my arms and thighs done so I have no clothes to cover the faja :( all I have is tank top maxi dresses. Wearing 3/4 sleeves all summer is going to suck but not much I can do about that. More pics to follow.


Can someone tell me how long I'm supposed to wear this triangle on my lower back?


This part sucks. It's day 3 post sx and all I can do is pace back and forth in the hotel or lay on my stomach/sleep. It was such a pain to put back my faja on the other day that I'm dreading taking it off again to shower. I'm trying to not sit at all (even with the boppy pillow) till my flight home on Wednesday. Just wanna go back to my normal day to day already :( my butt hasn't changed much since after the surgery.

Day 4

Took my 2nd shower today. Did get a little light headed once the faja came off. My arms and thighs are the most bruised out of all the places. My butt looks about 3x bigger than my normal size. Still happy with results but wishing this recovery part was over already. Feeling good but I have no clothes to cover up my bruises/faja. Going to attempt going to walmart later, let's see how this goes!

One Week Post Op

Still loving the projection I was given. Feel like it's perfect for my small frame. It looks bubbly but also natural. Trying to see if I can find someone on Long Island who does the massages. My belly button was looking a little weird so I heard if you stick a marble in it looks better once it heals. I put one in today, let's see how it goes. The arms on my garment don't seem to be tight enough. I could have just had them sewed but instead I bought some compression socks, cut off the feet and am wearing them under the garment. Other than that nothing new to report, still trying to adjust to this no sitting/recovery life.

Not huge but what I wanted...

I think today is day 9. Went out last night for the first time and my butt looks HUGE with the garment on. Def got a few stares lol. Without the garment it looks no where as big but I do have a better side profile in a dress which is exactly what I wanted. In hoping fluffing will take place soon and I will have even better results but I'm being realistic. I was only 120 the day of surgery so I knew I wasn't leaving with any really drastic changes. I do wish I would have been able to gain more but it just wasn't possible for me. Even after having 2 kids my body popped right back into shape with little effort on my part so my metabolism is just really good. Today I tried on a dress for the first time with a garment. It looks good, very natural. Just praying my butt doesn't go down anymore! Measured 40 inches after the surgery and today I'm measuring 38. If it goes down anymore then I will feel like I spent all this $ for nothing.

Save your before pictures!!!

Sometimes you really have to go back and look at your before pictures to really see the changes. Earlier I was a little upset with my size but looking back at my before pictures really made me realize how far my body has come!

3 weeks

2 days short of 3 weeks and I must say it's gotten a lot easier. Still wearing triangle in my back for S curve and marble in my bellybutton. Butt is getting soft and all bruises are gone. Sleeping on my side now and I'm so much more comfortable than on my stomach.

3 1/2 weeks, no garment

Went out this weekend for a couple of hours with no garment and I absolutely LOVED how I looked in my dress. My husband even mentioned how it's starting to jiggle :)

One month post op

Loving it

Almost a year later

So far so good. I do wish that I was able to gain more weight before surgery but for the little fat I did have Ortega did a great job. My butt does goes numb after sitting for awhile or sitting on a hard chair. I would love to go for a round two but I don't think I will ever have the fat or the $ lol.


My sister in law just had a BBL done and her expierene has been completely different from mine. She had it done 3 days ago and can barely move without wanting to pass out. Well she took the faja off for the first time and she has these huge indents in her stomach...two of them. And they are hard almost like scar tissue. She sent pics to her doc and they are saying she is fine. They also told her she doesn't need the massages. Has anyone seen this before and will her stomach go back to being normal and flat?

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