An honest account of my BBL experience with Dr Jimerson (pls excuse typos - the meds make me loopy)

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My reason for getting a Brazilian Butt Lift has a...

My reason for getting a Brazilian Butt Lift has a lot to do with reshaping, while adding only a little extra size. Although I don't have a big butt to begin with, I don't want a BIG one either. It looks great on girls!!! It's just not for me. However, I still want a butt I can be proud of!:D In all honesty, I hadn't considered a BBL because I always heard that you had to be 15-20lbs above your ideal 129lbs, I was only 5lbs.

I tried doing it myself so for about 1.5 years of consistent squats I realized that it would probably take me another 3 years to get closer to what I wanted, that's if I was lucky enough to get it right. That's pretty demotivating because I wasn't sure that I would get that lucky..squats build your legs and I didn't want to look like a bodybuilder for the sake of my ass:( The other problem was that as soon as I started to lean out, the little bit of size I managed to get, would DISAPPEAR:((( Now I'm stuck between being unhappy with my weight or being unhappy with my butt, I suffer with cellulite so being even 1lb over weight isn't ideal, especially because I live in Florida and spend a lot of time at the beach in my bikini. My equally important reason (maybe even more important) for going through with this is, because I have always been pretty sporty, I've never had a waist so just the lipo part of the procedure will probably make me super happy!!!

Miraculously, I found this website and probably read it day and night for two weeks straight lol. I want to thank all the girls for their outmost honesty! No matter how many doctor websites I read, I would have never been comfortable to go through with it until seeing it directly from the girls' side, without marketing hype and vague outlines (no pun intended). So for this reason I decided to contribute, I assume I am not the ONLY one in the world who wants what I want so maybe this will help someone.

Some more wish pics

I have been doing a lot of research about what I want and it seems that I am aiming for hi-def lipo with butt augmentation. Anyone who is interested in looking more toned and athletic after lipo should look into that.

I decided to change doctors because Dr Jamirson is one of the best sculptors. I had to "fight" with his team about the fact that I didn't want a big, fat a$$ but now that they have accepted what I want I am truly excited about my consultation with him tomorrow.

First Day Post Op. My Experience with Dr J and His Staff

Had my BBL surgery yesterday morning and the pain was as bad as I imagined. I was hoping that it wouldn't be that painful because I stopped taking pain meds 2 days after my breast aug. You can't compare the pain!! So here is my experience: I got on the fast track list so my surgery could be scheduled anytime they had an opening. 2 days after paying, I received a call from Sarah to ask if I could make July 1st work, which gave me 10 days. I have so many things planned for the last few months of the year that I wanted to make sure I got through my 6 weeks recovery before September so I agreed. At this point, I hadn't even met or spoken to Dr J which made me feel uncomfortable so I asked Sarah to arrange for a Skype consultation so that we could 'meet' before the day of the procedure. Well, all I got was a 10min phone call which was rushed and he was talking to other people in his office during it because the whole practice was flying to Vegas for a week. Speaking to Dr J didn't alleviate any of my apprehension, in fact the lack of interest in the BIGGEST surgery of my life made me even more anxious. I understand that Dr J does these procedures every day, but I don't and I paid $15k to do something slightly different to most girls get so I had no idea if he understood or if it was even possible. I got off the phone and literally prayed to ask for protection and help during this very scary time which was getting scarier by the day. Then I went on Dr J's website to look at the pics of his work to calm myself down some more. So to add to the fact that I was going for surgery with a Dr who I had a very brief and distracted 10min conversation with, I was told that they will be returning on Sunday after a week of Vegas and my surgery was scheduled for Monday 9am. I prayed again, that they will not be hungover and mess my body up completely. At this point, I am sure most of you are wondering why I didn't back out...well, the timing couldn't be more perfect and I was hoping that his skills would more than over compensate for lack of bed-side-manners. My pre-op was also not going to be with Dr J because I needed to have it on Friday (for surgery on Monday) and he was still going to be in Vegas. I was told that I would have it with one of the nurses, out of the whole office only 3 people stayed behind to keep things running. OMG I thought this couldn't get worse but it does. I assumed since he was unable to see me at all before the day of surgery, he must have asked his righthand-nurse to stay behind and do the pre-op, boy was I wrong!:( The lady who I had the appointment with had only worked there for 6 months, she was also leaving this practice to work somewhere else and this was her last day and she wanted to be out of there at at 3pm (because that's what time they close) my appointment with her was at 2pm and she still had another lady to see after needless to say, I got nothing out of the appointment except for signing a bunch of liability wavers so that their a$$ was covered, never mind mine:( When I walked out of the office, I sat in my car and cried! They also make you sign a ton of liability contracts that say that you can forfeit the whole payment if you cancel or reschedule last minute so what I decided to do is go in on Monday and if I wasn't comfortable, explain this whole situation to Dr J and ask for a refund or to reschedule for a time that they can actually treat me like a patient, instead of some nuisance. This gets worse, Monday comes and I arrive at the office at 8am as instructed and there is no one at reception, so I called the office line and told the gentleman who answered that I am here to have surgery and I'm standing at reception, he says hold on and hangs up on me. A few minutes later a temp nurse arrives at reception and asks if anyone is here because she is temping there today and this is her first day so someone needs to take her to the back, I told her that I called about 5 minutes ago and someone must be coming, although I am not certain of that because the guy just said hold on and hung up on me. We wait for 5 more minutes and she gets fed up and calls one of the nurses cellphone, that nurse answered and told her that she will be right there to get her. I thanked her and we both exchanged that look like 'what-on-earth-is-going-on-here?' When she came she gave me a cold/impatient look and told me that someone will attend to me soon. I thought that maybe she is just in a bad mood because she is tired or upset she was one of the three left behind so I try not take it personally. She then proceeds to greet the temp nurse with such warmth that I was dumbfounded, they walk away laughing and I sit down in shock!! In one of the contract's you sign they say that if you are 30min late they will charge an additional $500, it was not past 8:30am and I was still sitting in reception waiting...I was wondering if I should ask for the $500 discount since I was there on time and they were running late?? So finally the temp nurse comes to get me and takes me back, I was so happy to see her because she was the FIRST person who treated me feel like I was a person. The b**** nurse came to me and started asking me questions and when I answered and my answered were not what she wanted to her, like did I bring my meds, is someone coming to get me, what time etc, I said I didn't bring my meds, yes someone was coming but at 3pm she started scolding me like a kid and she was my teacher, saying that they cannot keep me there that long and didn't I read all the instructions that say clearly that I was supposed to do abc. I told her that I read all the instructions twice and I didn't see what she was referring to. I asked her to print them and show me because I always stand to be corrected, by as far as I know, the instructions didn't mention what she is referring to. She did and brought the page to me with such attitude that when she came back to speak to me, my voice was shaking because they had intimidated me so much. She wasn't just busy or bossy, she was rude!!! I was already so anxious and they were treating me like s***. Anyway, I showed her that the instructions weren't clear and I understood them to my best ability since no one had given me the time of day and even though I was in the operating gown, I still haven't even had my pre-op. She actually apologized and I could see that even she was shocked. The temp lady said it's good that I stood up for myself and she couldn't believe what I had just said. Sarah, my co-ordinator also never came to see me, not even once to say hi. I had a bunch of other nurses come to me to praise their practice and to tell me that I'm in good hands and that they treat their patients like family...I almost chocked when I heard that! At this point I was just waiting to speak Dr J. The aneista-nurse came and she was great, she actually made me feel like someone there cares. Then Dr J came and he was good too. Not great but good, especially after what I had experienced with his staff. Basically to cut a long story short, they all have such blown up egos that if you are prepared to go through being bullied, then go for it. If you don't have think skin, rather don't put yourself through that because the law of attraction works in mysterious ways, and you don't know what that kind of intimidation and stress could turn into. I personally didn't get everything I was hoping to get out of it because I forgot to mention some things because I was so scared.

Post-Op Supplies

So I thought that I would upload some pictures of everything I had bought for my surgery since it's quite a bit more than what I expected. Also be prepared to spend another $350 on meds if you don't have insurance. The blood thinner injection were $250 alone.

Items bought on Amazon

I'm going to list them left-to-right, top-to-bottom.
- Stage 2 compression garment: Vedette
- AminoSculpt: Amino acids with collagen, better than eating protein for wound healing.
- No rinse body wash and shampoo. If you have a drain like I do, you cannot shower for 2 days after they remove the drain, which only happens at a week follow up appointment.
- EFA's is omega 3 which is great for skin
- Gauze for changing dressing
- Foam roller. This one is actually trigger point roller but I already had it so it works:)
- Cica-Care is for scars
- Tylenol extra strength for when I'm ready to go off the hydrocodone
- Alcohol wipes for the injections and other disinfectant cleaning
- Bramelain for swelling and bruising
- Collegen Ampules to rub on skin later on
- Invicible scar cream
- Anti-bacterial cream
- Arnica for bruising
- Travel pillow that I am going to your for my ass instead of my neck. I already had it so I am going to try this first and only get a bobby pillow if this one doesn't work.
- The Stick - this thing is amazing to massaging yourself with!!! I'm not there yet but I will be using this thing 3 times a day once I've recovered enough.
- Pads
- Cold pack - I would suggest getting at least 4
- Thingy to help you pee
- Disposable panties.

I also bought Easy Move Herbal Tea to help with the constipation. In my opinion it works better than stool softeners but it's not as strong as laxatives. You don't want something that strong if you get lipo on your tummy and flanks. The contractions would be way to painful to handle. You can get it at Publix, where the detox teas are.

Review of Actual Work

Above I described the experience. That is not to say that the result won't be good. It very well could be, and in the end that's the most important thing. I can't tell right now how it's going to come out but I asked Dr J to go aggressive on the waist with lipo and I am pretty sure he did because out of all the places he lipoed: flanks, abs, inner thighs, saddlebags, inner-knee...all I can feel like my waist. It feels like a combination of being beaten with a stick, cut with a knife, and burnt with a blowtorch. Last night, my first night after op, I fainted from the pain in the middle of the night after I used the bathroom. However tonight my pain is much better. I can't wait for tomorrow. It hurts but the painkillers make it bearable, I have to take mine every 4 hours. And I am not a baby - when I had breast aug. I stopped ALL pain meds on the third day, not even an ibuprofen.

Additional info for op preparation

For the nurse assistant, I used and just advertised under senior care category because they don't have post-op and explained in my Heading and Description that I was looking for BBL post-op help...I really believe this is the way to go because I received over a dozen replies ranging in price and I could pick and choose who I liked and who fitted within my budget. You don't need to pay to submit the advert but if you want to get in touch with any of the people who responded, you will need to buy a month subscription for $35 to get the details and/or have the ability to email whoever you like back. For me it was worth it. I also went to to find a place to stay because a hotel for 10 tough days seemed uncomfy.

Second Day Post-Op. First Massage.

Today I woke up and felt much stronger. Tiana came to do a 2hr massage: 90min lymph drainage and 30min neck and shoulders because the sleeping position is making my neck very stiff. The massage was great and not painful at all, I almost fell asleep. I had to take my garment off for the massage so I decided to wash myself down, even though the nurse said I can't shower until next Wed. I didn't shower, I kneeled in the bathtub while the water was running out of the bottom faucet and soaped up my washcloth with Dial soap and the rinsed it off and wiped the soap off. This way I could put a new clean garment on. Jill, the lady who I hired to help me as a nurse assistant, went by the store and pharmacy to get a new compression garment and supplies to change the bandages. It wasn't easy to get the new garment on, I think the fact that I was out of it for 3hrs made it a little harder than usual, but it wasn't bad and I wouldn't say it was painful...just tough because it's so tight. I got lightheaded at some point but that happens to me regularly because of low blood pressure so it's no big deal. Once the garment was on, I felt like a new person!!! While naked I got to see my shape in a full-length mirror and measured my waist. Even though it's only second day and there is a lot of swelling, I am super happy to see how I look! My waist measured 27", which is the same as it was before surgery...I can't wait to see it once I'm no longer swollen!! I can't conclude on my butt yet because it's all bandaged up. It's definitely bigger and rounder. I think the shape will be great. Although, I'm a little nervous to see how the cellulite will look once the swelling has gone down. I asked Dr J to fill in one big indentation I had on my butt from a cortisone injection I had when I was 15 years old, that I could never get rid off no matter how lean I got, that dimple was always on my butt, it was also in the worst place because no bikini bottoms would cover it unless I wore boy-shorts but even then you could always see it through my clothes. I see the spot where the dimple was is blue so I am hoping it's bruised because of surface level fat that he injected. If Dr J was able to remove/fill-in that dimple for good, this surgery was worth it just based on that!!! Here are some photos:

BBL Day 3 Post Op with Dr Jimerson

BBL Day 3 Post Op with Dr Jimerson

3rd day seems to be no different to day 2. I tried to stop taking the hydrocodone yesterday, and replace it with extra strength Tylenol but I'm still in too much pain to do that. I have reduced the dose though, day 1 I was taking a painkiller every 4 hours, last night and today, I'm only taking one every hours. I'm also placing cold-packs on my butt, lower back, flanks, tummy, and inner-thighs about 4-5 times a day. I recommend on the internet that you should do it hourly, 20min on, 40min off, but I'm not doing it that often because that's just too much lying down. I might try though tomorrow for a day and see how it goes.

I decided to take the bandages off to see my butt and to change the dressing so here are the pics of day 3. My measurements: waist 26.5", hips/ass 40.5", upper leg 21.5" - all have gone down by about 1/2 an inch. In my opinion my ass is too big...I really hope that between the swelling and reabsorption of fat will bring it down to 38" or less, my waist I would love to go down to 25" or less. This will give me a hip-to-waist ratio of 0.65. Let's see what happens!!

Also someone told me that on day 2 they got super hungry. The complete opposite has happened to me. I'm sure its the meds but I am seriously not hungry at all. I force myself to eat fruit with the drugs not to get nauseous, and I also drink my Amino Acids with collagen religiously...that stuff always helped with got getting super sore after a heavy workout by rebuilding the tissue quickly, and I am pretty sure it will do the same with the injured tissue from surgery. I'm also drinking fresh organic fruit and veggie juices to help my liver and kidneys work the toxins out of my body. I think it's helping because I really do feel like I could go back to work today if I absolutely had to.

I've been ready to go for a walk for 2 days now but it's raining!:( and I can't drive anywhere to walk indoors so I am stuck walking around the house, which isn't keeping me as active as I would like to be:( I'm thinking of doing some very easy yin yoga poses to increase circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Nothing more that meditation with focusing on breathing in different easy positions. Yoga is known to help with recovery and I think if I take it super easy, the breathing and additional light movement should help. Especially since I can't go for a walk like I would like to.

***To elaborate on my experience with Dr Jimerson and his staff*** **PLEASE READ**

A girl sent me a private message to ask me to explain in more detail about my experience of Dr J. I replied and thought that instead of it staying hidden from everyone, I'd like to post it on here so empower everyone to make a well informed decision when choosing a doctor. Knowledge is power, so here goes:

"She didn't mention why but we all conclude something based on the other information that is provided. Leaving after 6 months is not a good sign and the fact that she was the person who I had my "pre-op" with is a joke. Especially since the "pre-op" didn't entail anything but signing a bunch of legal documents. They run a tight ship for themselves so I can see and respect that the business side of their practice is thriving but seems they have crossed over to the business side a little too much and have forgotten that they are in a people business, the major lack empathy and care left me winded.

Dr J was acceptably attentive, nothing to complain about, nothing to praise. Unfortunately because of everything that had happened before my meeting with him, I was so shaken up that I could barely communicate what I wanted. It's a significantly stressful and overwhelming procedure to begin with and when you add being treated so carelessly and even rudely, it just throws you off completely.

My suggestion is to bring the strongest and most supportive person from your family or friends to be there with you because you will need the extra emotional support after dealing with them. It's also tough because I didn't exactly want to piss them all off by giving them a piece of my mind because they were about to change my even standing up for myself with the extremely rude nurse, took a lot to get there.

I understand that we are their "inventory" but they actually made me feel like that. For example, the rude nurse just about told me that if someone didn't come to get me at 1pm then they wouldn't have a bed for me after that because they have other patients. WTF??? I just paid almost $20k and they can't spare a bed for an extra 2hrs? Anyway, the reason I arranged it that way is because I know that it takes me forever to wake up from anesthesia, and guess what???...I was only ready to leave at 3:30pm!!! I'm pleasantly surprised that I wasn't kicked out into the street after 1pm after how that ________ (fill in the blank because I can't bring myself to swear) carried on with me.

It's really a classic and sad case of rising to technical excellency and forgetting to stay humble and caring. To them, these surgeries might be no big deal because they do 2,3,4 a day, but to most of us it's the biggest surgery of our lives, plus it's a pretty penny too, and lifetime change that may or may not end up being what we wanted. A lot of sensitivity is a MUST, they don't even have a little, they are far in the negative. I wouldn't take away from his technical (still to be concluded) and business skills, but there is a lot more to running a great business/practice. I know, I've built a successful business. I'm also not a cry baby so everything I'm saying is not a hyperbole!

I don't want to put you off because from his before and after pics he looks like the Leonardo Da Vinci of butts but I wish they didn't make their patients feel bullied:("

My First Walk!

I found an umbrella and decided to go for that much needed 20min walk. It was great!! I'm going to try do at least 3 of those a day and while walking I realized that the light rain is better than sun because the cooler temp will keep me from retaining even more water. This was a good test to see if I could actually go to work on day 3 and my answer is yes. I'd probably make silly mistakes because of the meds but my body could withstand it. I decided to take a photo of me in pants...I have such a huge butt...its ridiculous lol. I've done research and I understand that it will come down so I'm not freaking out. I'm giving it 6 weeks before I judge it.

Oh, I forgot to mention earlier that I have a drain and I've been draining 25mil daily until tonight, which was 20mil and today the liquid turned from red to yellow. As far as I understand this is all good signs.

Seriously, today (granted with painkillers) doesn't feel much different that how I sometimes used to kill myself at the gym. Except I would need to suffer like this for months or even years to achieve the same result...and I can't even say that it would sculpt as precisely as what's been achieved with surgery. It's truly amazing. I just really hope my butt gets smaller.

4th Day Post Op and Speaking with Dr J

Today I feel great. I always wake up in the most pain and then when I get moving it subsides. I took 1 painkiller and 1 muscle relaxant this morning at 7:30am.

I had a massage scheduled with Tiana at 8am and as I was taking the garment off for my massage, the tube for the drain stared pulling out so naturally I got worried and decided to call the office to see how detrimental it was if it accidentally came out. I called at 8am and reached the answering services, after giving a gentleman a bit if information and insisting that I wanted to speak to someone right away, he connected me to Dr J. Which I thought was pretty good, in comparison to what has happened until now. I explained to Dr J the situation, I also said that I was draining less than 20ml a day and the liquid has turned yellow. He insisted that the drain should stay in and I should do everything possible to keep it in but if it came out ACCIDENTALLY then it's ok. On that note, I waited for Tiana and between the two of us, we were able to remove the garment and leave the drain in tact.

The massage felt more sore today than the first time but I still wouldn't call it painful. I have a lot of fluid retention in my waist. However the rest of my body where I had lipo is starting to form scar tissue. These are the lumps that the girls write about. After Tiana left, I washed myself down ahhhh:) Then I used Evening Primrose Oil and massaged the scar tissue. It's possible to reduce it and even eliminate it if you massage those spots daily...I plan on doing just that. Before putting on my garment, I decided to take some pics so that's them.

I removed all dressing and overall I was happy, except for one thing. Just like the indintation on my left cheek, which I could see while the bandages were still on, I had a similar one on the right cheek. Dr J seemed to have filled in the left one and forgot about the right, even though he circled it before the op. Because I have more fat in my butt now, the indentation is a lot more visible:( I'm going to speak to Dr J about doing a small fat transfer to it under local anesthetic...I already have a donor site in mind. Hopefully he will agree because it's detracting from the overall appearance. Overall my cellulite seems worse than before the op which is disheartening but I'll give it a full 6 weeks before making conclusions.

Jill came today at 2pm and took me to Publix. I sat in the back of the SUV with the seats down, on a towel, on my knees...felt like a puppy lol. It was great to be out though! I stocked up with enough water to last me 11 days and today I looked at my supplies and realized that I only had enough left for 1 day! This means I've been drinking well over a gallon a day. Hmmm.

I also didn't take any more pain meds after the one at 7:30am. I hope this post makes more sense;) I feel good, the pain is mild even without the meds. There is only one place that feels like I'm getting tazered every time I move - that's an incision mark on my cheek. I did some research and apparently that's normal and just a nerve playing up. I'm putting anti-biotic ointment on it just in case.

Some more things that happened today....

So as I thought, the pain meds were keeping my hunger at bay because today I ate significantly more than the previous 4 days. I didn't pig out but I definitely didn't need to force myself to eat.

Oh, the tip of my tongue goes numb every time I make any kind of meds...even an anti-biotic. Strange side-effect but then again, I'm sensitive to drugs. The hydrocodone dangerously good. I felt calm and productive the last two days. I was given oxycodone when I had my breast aug 2 years ago and those painkillers did absolutely nothing to my sense of being but hydrocodone made me feel great. That's probably one of the reasons I decided to stop taking it as soon as I could manage without it. I don't have an addictive personality and most of can probably be attributed to my fear of getting addicted to something and my drive to stay as naturally healthy as possible. I slept from the time I came back from Publix at 4pm until I wrote the previous post. I wonder if it's because of withdrawal from the painkillers. Again, I'm super sensitive to synthetic drugs so this might only apply to a few other people but I thought I'd share anyway.

I also want to take the time to thank everyone who was commented and sent me private messages. I know I haven't replied to a few people since yesterday. I promise I will get to it tomorrow! Today, I am super sleepy.

Wishing everyone a wonderful night! xoxo
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

See review for info. It's really too much to explain. If I had to summarize in one word, I'd say: arrogant.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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