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I put my deposit with Dr. Ortega for a BBL and...

I put my deposit with Dr. Ortega for a BBL and Breast Augmentation and I plan to have surgery April 1, 2016. I'll have the BBL first then return 6 weeks later for my BA. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I really want this surgery to improve my body and get the butt I always wanted but never had!! LOL. I haven't been on Real Self long but I have seen reviews that have been both good and bad. Please feel free to share your experience with me and I would really love to hear from recent patients. Before and after pics would be great too!! Thank you!!

I decided to change surgeons. Dr. Ghurani/Spectrum Aesthetics

I decided to change to Dr. Ghurani. Its $8000 instead of $5000 with Dr. Ortega but I feel more confident about his work because my friend went to him. I was told Dr. Ghurani only does 3 patients a day whereas Dr. Ortega does 6-8 patients a day. I think I made the best decision for me.

Wish Pics


Am I the only 1 having a hard time choosing a Dr & sticking with it? I see great results from other Dr's then question my decision. It doesn't help that Dr. Ghurani's price is double what some dolls are paying.
I'd like to her from more of Dr. Ghurani's patients, see before & after, etc. Help!! :)

FINALLY...I made up my mind!! I'm going to Dr. Fisher

I have been doing extensive research the past couple months because I was undecided about which Dr to go with. I initially choose Ortega because his work was good but alot of girls lost volume & I don't like that. Next Dr. Ghurani his work is awesome but he's expensive. I have been closely following Fisher. His work looks good, his patients are happy & satisfied and he's very experienced. That's it I choose Fisher!! I sent my pictures and I'm waiting to hear back from my coordinator, Shirley. I'd like to schedule for March 10th or 11th so hopefully that's still available!!

106 Days Till Becoming A Fisher Doll!!

Surgery date scheduled, RH booked & flights purchased!! I'm anxious, excited & nervous at the same time… This is really happening!! I'm 3.5 months away from my Big Day but I know that time will go by fast SO right now I'm getting my list of supplies together. Ladies if there are any "must have items" please let me know. I don't want to waste $ on things I don't need nor miss anything. Thanks in advance for your help :)

Recovery Home

I will be staying at Keylas Recovery Home for 7 days. I choose her because she's been extremely helpful from our 1st conversation plus every review I have read has been good. Of course I'll do an updated review after my stay. I'm only 82 days away from my surgery date & time is going by so fast!! I'm excited & nervous…mostly excited though :)

HELP!! Lymphatic Massages

HELP!! I wanted to hear from any dolls that stayed at Keyla's RH & had massages there. How were they, etc. I'm trying to decide if I want to get a massage package with medical massage professionals or use the person at Keyla's. Thanks ladies!!


I received the email with my RX for my blood work & other preop instructions yesterday. This is getting real!! I'm excited, anxious & nervous at the same time. I will be working on getting my blood work done within the next week & once I'm clear it's smooth sailing!!

Also I will be posting b4 pics soon & I may start a surgery page on instagram because its easier to share your pictures there.

Before Pictures

I guess everyone is hesitant about posting b4 pics but here you go. I'm 5'6 & currently 168lbs. I have wondering if I should lose 5-10lbs b4 sx or just stay where I am. My desired results would be getting rid of my back rolls/fat, a snatched waist, curves/hips & a heart shaped booty. I'm also having inner thigh lipo done.
I'm 30 days preop & I'm waiting on my lab results. This is getting REAL. :)

Just 11 more days!!

I'm so excited!! I thought I would be more nervous - maybe once I'm down to a few days or I'm actually on the plane. I want to post update b4 pics right before my surgery so I do b4 & after pics.

9 weeks post op

I know I haven't been up here to do an update in a long time. Life happened & I've truly had a lot going on. I really liked Dr Fisher and Keylas Recovery home. I was happy with my decision to choose them both. I highly recommend Keylas! She treats you very good and takes excellent care of you. I will be staying with her again for my breast augmentation in a few months. Vanity wasn't horrible but the wait was long. My appointment was 1pm and he started on me around 4pm. They're overbooked & that affects the customer service. I will say that Vanity calls often to follow up with me. Oh 1 more thing... I ended up in the hospital day 5 because my hemo dropped to a 7. I ended up getting a blood transfusion & I was better after that. I hate it happened but I'm glad I didn't delay on going to the hospital. That happened day 5 post op.


I'm still working on my stomach but I'm happy with my results & I don't even think I started "fluffing" yet. Lol
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