Has Anyone Had a BBL in Miami with Dr. Freiman of CG Cosmetics?? - Miami, FL

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I am nervous and excited to be doing something for...

I am nervous and excited to be doing something for me. I have recently joined the Real Self family, and I must say... some days are overwhelming on here, but usually great information. I only interviewed 3 doctors, but I think my zeal to have this done in a short window, ( I've saved all my Vacation time to get 3 weeks off) made me pick Dr. Freiman of CG Cosmetics. It was actually his coordinator Dayo, who is amazing, and kind, and I felt so comfortable with her that I chose him. ( I know..shes not the one holding the knife..lol) The thing is I haven't been able to find much about his work on here. That could be very good or very bad? Not sure how experienced he is doing the BBL, but haven't seen any horror stories either. I am also new navigating the site, so any help would be great.


Okay Dolls. Surgery is a serious event, and although we want great results, we also want safety. I am torn. I have been addicted to RS and I love reading the reviews, seeing pics, and getting great advice. So help me with this if you can dolls. I have a few days to cancel my appt with Dr. Freiman of CG Cosmetics without a huge financial penalty. Here is my dilema... I can barely find reviews on Dr. Freiman about successful BBL's. Most of the clients are kinda disappointed with how little he lips, and how small their butts are. The complain of losing volume fast. ( if you have a different experience please share) On the other hand my other choice is Dr. Hasan at Vanity. He is actually a dermatologist, he is NOT Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, BUT....... his results speak for themselves. He will snatch that waist, and fill out them hips and have that a$$ on Fleek! The Dolls have nicknamed his procedure HASANIFIED!! Also there was a casualty on one of his patients last year. This could happen to any Dr, I know, but the news really shined the light on his lack of education in the area. I just feel like I want the best results, but I also don't want to pay the ultimate price..
Also, how does Vanity look on the inside? The pictures make it look like a ghetto little store front clinic. CG Cosmetic is not that much better from the outside, but once you get to the back it looks ok.

So dolls, what would you do in my position?
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