Brazilian Butt Lift with Mendieta/Salama

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I am 5'2 and 150-155 lbs. my goal weight is...

I am 5'2 and 150-155 lbs. my goal weight is 125-140 (depends on how I look post surgery). I can lose weight naturally but then I won't be able to have as much fat transferred for my bbl. After my bbl I will work at losing the last bit of weight. I want a flat tummy with a hour glass shaped waist. I want a large back side and I want to keep my thighs thick. I will eventualy get a breast lift but not until my stomach is flat.

Flights Booked!

My flights are booked for my consultation. I arrive June 6th. I am starting to hear more and more people saying Florida has a limit on how much can be liposuctioned but Georgia and Texas do not have a limit. I of course want to be safe and healthy after surgery but I can't help to think if I am paying $10,000 I want to make sure I look good. I am thinking I need to lose some weight. I am 5'2 and 156 lbs. I was 148lbs 6 months ago but that was with working out and dieting. My heaviest I was 209 lbs in 2009. One step closer.....

Juice Cleanse

I am soooooo uncomfortable and ice only gained 5-7 lbs. I don't know if I can feel like this much longer. I'm going to hold off on the wait gain till closer to my surgery date. I'm going to do a juice cleanse for 3 days to help kick start my weight loss. I meet with the Dr on June 6th and hopefully I don't need to gain weight. :)

One week till consultation

One week till I get on a plane and fly to Miami to see dr. Mendieta. I heard his price is going up in July. I'm sad because the $9850 was stretching it. Not sure how I am going to save $11000. Hopefully if I put my deposit down in June I can get that rate. Well besides my consultation I am happy to be in Miami all by myself for a week. I need major relaxation after this past year. I will actually be seeing If another doctor will see me just for a back up in case Dr. Mendieta becomes to expensive.

Meeting with Dr. Salama

I fugured if I am flying across country for my consult with Dr Mendieta I would get the most out of my trip and have booked a consultation with Dr. Salama as well. I just want to make sure I am making the right decision. Dr. Mendieta is referred to me my family so I know he is a great choice but he is also more expensive and I will be paying in cash. I will pay more if I feel after my consultation Dr. Mendieta is the a better choice for me. I do have to say Dr. Salama's waist are sooooo tiny!

Wish Pics

Consultations Wednesday and Thursday :)

I am currently in Houston waiting on my flight to Ft. Lauderdale to see Dr. Mendieta and Dr. Salama. I cant believe in just two days I will see the two men who are famous for their BBL's!. Hoping to spend sometime on the beach and relax as well. I have stuffed my face for the past 3 months and the weird thing is I haven't gained actual weight. Now I have gained PLENTY of fat because my clothes don't fit and my double chin is back. I am excited to here the recommendations of each doctor on the best weight to be for this surgery. i know it will be hard to cut the crap I have been eating but it must be done! If anyone is 5'2 and around 150 lbs I would love to hear your feedback on either how your surgery went or how your pre op is going :)

Met with 1st out of 3 doctors.

First doctor looked at me and said I need a tummy tuck :( That was expected but it was still hard to hear. She showed me how long my scar could be. I decided I would rather to the BBL first and then tummy tuck and breast augmentation a year later. That way I can really see how much skin i need removed. I see Dr. Salama and Dr. Mendieta Wednesday and Thursday so we will see what they say :) Miami has been rainy and grey very much like Oregon. I tried to layout but I got rained on. People must have been thinking I was crazy but in Oregon we get no sun except one to two months worth. Hopefully the weather will clear up :)

Dr. Salama's Office is amazing!

I had my appointment with Dr. Salama this morning and I have to say that I was very much impressed with everything. 1st) the office is in a medical plaza with urgent care and cardiologist offices. 2) Staff very professional and nice. 3) Dr salama is very professional and knows his stuff! I have an appointment with Dr. Mendieta tomorrow but I am set on Salama for now. His prices are fair and his staff is wonderful. Dr. Mendieta's before and afters seem conservative not sure why...

Now for his recommendation. I have lost a lot of weight and because of that I need a tummy tuck. I have heard that recommendation from two plastic surgeons now and although it is true it disappoints me everytime. I hate tge idea of a scar but i guess it is what it is....Then he said he will do BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) 6 months after my tummy tuck. He said vice versa is not his recommendation due to the extra skin that is left after lipo. Also he said swelling from lipo takes a year to fully go away. If I have tummy tuck first I can do the bbl 3-6 months after. This makes sense. Also I asked about the tummy tuck scar and he said he goes very low and also explained why some scars are bigger and longer. He said mine should be low and average length. I asked if losing weight would make it easier and he said "not really" he said I would look better but surgery is the same. I asked about gaining weight for bbl and he stressed not to gain unless HE SAYS TO. So girls although its fun to binge on food please wait for instructions from your doctor. He said after my tummy tuck he will let me know if I need to gain. Now I just need to pay deposit on my two surgeries and the lose 15 lbs.

Front view

Pic posted of my stomach

Front view pic

Front view

Side view

Side view

Dr. Mendieta

I had my appointment with Dr. Mendieta this morning. Now my decision just got a lot harder. Dr. Mendieta says he doesn't recommend a tummy tuck first and says he recommends bbl then if my stomach bothers me and the compression doesn't help my stomach after lipo then we can do a tummy tuck! Exact opposite of Salamas recommendation! I don't want a tummy tuck either but for $9,000 I would be sad if my stomach didn't look some what better. Also Dr. Mendieta is more expensive and his price goes up after June. So I have a lot of thinking to do...

Dr. Mendietas office was just as nice as Salamas except a little more high tech where he takes your before and after pics and puts up on a screen and photo shops where he is going to liposuction then where he will inject the fat. Dr. Salamas was more of a medical office setting. I liked both. It was nice to see the before and after and it helped with imagining the finished product. His staff is great and his office very busy with lots of clients :)

Nancy from Dr. Salamas office just called and I asked if dr. Salama is willing to do bbl and not tummy tuck first and she said yes. Ugh now I'm stuck! Lots of thinking to do on who to go with. Tummy tuck is for sure on hold!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Just booked my consultation with Dr. Mendieta on June 6th 2013. Hopefully I will have my BBL in early 2014. I am looking for a flat tummy and a hourglass shape with a very round prominant back side. I Have a lot of fat in around my abdomen and I really carry most my weight in my mid section. I have lost 60 lbs. naturally and would like this to surgery to help shape things that have lost their shape. I have never had plastic surgery before and I am nervous about how the healing process will go. I will still workout and eat right to maintain my results. Looking for people who have had surgery with Dr. Mendieta and how they look before and after. I will be traveling from Oregon to Florida for this procedure. I can't wait to see the doctor. Any tips would be much appreciated!

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