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Hi Ladies, I'm excited to say that my surgery is a...

Hi Ladies, I'm excited to say that my surgery is a little over 3 months away. I am 41 5'4.5 2 children and weigh 143lb. I'm hoping to put on another 10-15lbs before my surgery. I don't have any supplies, but surgery is paid. I need help finding a recovery house or private duty nurse. Im finding it hard to know which RH has the best post op care and legitimate reviews. So, will the ladies whom have been through this journey please let me know who I should stay with. Thanks

I can help

I had a thought, I will be having surgery with fisher March 1, 2016. I was a medical assistant, and now work in the lab of a hospital. I had breast surgery last year, and had a private nurse. If any of you ladies need help, I would help for $80 a day. I can stay with you in your hotel and provide recovery duties and cook. I can do this a few days before my surgery. This would actually pay for a portion of my post recovery expense. I would probably book the same hotel for my recovery and hire Amy to care for me, unless there is another CNA, or medical assistant out there who is booked for surgery around Feb 27, 2016. In that case we can share hotel and car, and help each other. For more details message me.

Buddy to split costs?

Another thought, Anyone having surgery March 1, 2016 want to split costs and hire a nurse and hotel room? I would think it wouldn't be more than $130 a day each for a nice hotel and Amy the caregiver that seems to have great reviews.



Where's Moni?

I had been texting with Moni from newbodyrecovery, and now can't seem to reach her. It's been two weeks, does anyone know if she's on vacation?

Moni, Amy, or Cosmicare?

Ok ladies, who has a personal review for these 3 choices? I honest feedback please...........

Lipo foam and Garment

Hi Ladies,
Only 2 more months for my BBL March 1 with Fisher. I'm needing some help for buying my lipo foam and first garment. How many lipo foams pads do I need and whats the best garment and what size (I'm 5.4' and 144 lbs). And is it safe to fly back home 10 days after surgery, I live in Idaho and the flight is 10 hours 2 layovers? Please help.......

Keyla's RH

Going to book with Keyla. If any of you ladies have stayed there, give me some feedback.

Vendette 929

Hi ladies,
I got my faja in the mail today, not sure if the fit is right. I'm 5'4.5 146 lbs 36-33-41. I bought med sz 36.The fit is really snug in the waist, seems ok in the hips, kinda tight on the top of me shoulders. Will the foam and drains and selling fit after surgery. It wasn't a struggle to put on either, just the waist I had to suck in to hook it up.

Faja for sale

Hi ladies, I'm 5 weeks away from surgery and just got my Vedette 929 size M in the mail and it's too small. No returns, if anyone is interested in buying it I'm selling it for $55 and I will ship. I tried it on once with panties on. message me if interested.

Trying to find a decent costing plane ticket

I'm waiting for ticket prices to go down.Today on Expedia they are $1,100 round trip. I'm hoping they will drop to $850

25 days until surgery

Hi Ladies,
25 days to go. I soooo excited. I'm having surgery March 1 with Fisher. I have been having a hard time gaining weight. I'm 146lb 5 '4.5 and been eating everything in site + boost shakes 2x a day 360 cal each. I have all my supplies except my XL faja Vedette 929. I will post pre op pics as soon as I can. This weekend prob. My measurements today are 39-36-41. hoping for 27 waist and 46 hips. I know 27 is possible for my waist because at 122lbs i was there.

Some Pictures

Here are some pre-surgery pics

Wish Pics....

Any of these would be incredible.

Feedback Please

Hi Ladies,
Can someone give me feedback on my weight from my pics? Do I weigh enough for a good result close to my wish pics? Fisher never gave me any feedback, and I only have three weeks to gain what I can.

16 Days to go!

16 more days ladies woohoo. I'm now 153lb and going for 7 more lbs b4 surgery. I'm eating like mad. Everyone at work knows about my surgery and they are all like you don't need it. Ok, but this is a want and I've saved all year and guess what i'ts going to happen. I've had no support from anyone on this and it sucks. I'm all excited and alone on this. My husband is against it, but I'm sure he'll have a sudden change of heart when I come home with a bubble in the back.


Hey Laidies,
Does Vanity have a locker to keep our belongings in while we are in surgery and recovery? And do you ladies keep a lock on your luggage while away from the RH your staying in? Also do you take your Faja and compression socks with you to surgery? One more question should I start my Arnica pills and Iron, and can I take them all the way up to my surgery day?

Vanity Sells Back Triangles

So Vanity sells back triangles, does anyone how much they cost?

6 Days

Anyone staying with Keyla, and does she do a Walmart run for us? Also does Fisher tell us what he can accomplish with just looking at us? I really want a bubble with lots of projection. I'm now 5'4.5 and weigh 153lbs, I wish you ladies would give me more feedback, everyone at work now knows so I'm scared about putting up pics that show too much. And guess what ladies, one of my co-workers thought he would just come up to my desk and bitch me out for 20 min and tell me how stupid I am and should be saving for my childrens college instead of wasting my money. He was yelling at me, I was like its my money and I will do what I want. I was so pissed I went to my head manager.

wish pics

Here inn Miami

Hi girls I arrive in Miami last night at 12:35 a.m. I am now at Kayla recovery house and surgery is tomorrow with Fisher so wish me luck ladies

Keyka's Recovery

Hello Ladies,
March 1 was my surgery day with Fisher, unfortunately I had a major anxiety attack right after I changed into my hospital gown. I feel very bad about my behavior and would like to apologize to Dr. Fisher, Keyla, Lisa, and my family. I flew home the next day and rescheduled my surgery for October 20, but what I really want to talk about is how wonderful my short stay at Keyla's recovery home was. The moment I got off the plane Keyla sent me a driver to pick me up, when I arrived at her home I was immediately greeting by the other girls staying with her. It was 1am and thought everyone would be sleeping, but instead we all talked about how great Dr. Fisher was and 2 of the women were 2 days post op and they looked great. Ladies Fisher is the man the incisions were so small, barely noticeable, the hips and projection were like all the wish pics on here. Keyla's home is clean, she had everything we need for post op, and she treats you like family. I called her crying from Vanity when I had my anxiety and she made me feel so calm and assured me that everything was ok. The fresh fruit every morning was excellent and she even cooked me a delicious vegetarian meal the night before surgery (yes I'm vegetarian). Honestly I felt so comfortable there, that's why I've already booked to stay with her when I return to have my surgery Oct.20. If you ladies want to feel at home and receive the care you need after surgery then Keyla's recovery is it. By the way, Vanity was awesome not one issue not even when I freaked out and left. They worked with me to reschedule and no issues there either. So far no complaint's, and you know I was worried because of all the reviews.

4 Months until Miami again

Hi ladies, I'm 4 months away from going to see Fisher again, hoping this time I don't chicken out. Jan trip cost me $1500 lost. Everything was going just as planned and I freaked out at the last minute so this time I'm going to get a prescription for Xanax. I will tell all of you this. The first day is he'll but by day four you fell good. I know this cause I stayed at Keylas and witnessed the different stages of recovery. I will keep you ladies posted and next time can tell you exactly what you need to buy and don't need.

Finally having my BBL with Fisher Oct 25

Hi ladies, I am excited and scared. My surgery with Dr. Fisher is October 25 this will be my second attempt for a BBL with Fisher. Seven months ago I flew down to Miami and was in the pre op room where I had my pictures taken and was waiting for Dr. Fisher. I had a severe anxiety attack and left. I flew home and realized how much I really wanted this surgery. I rescheduled and here I am again. I've had surgery before and anesthesia makes me horribly sick and that what I'm nervous about, I hate vomiting and shaking, and freezing and being so thirsty and fainting. I have complete faith in Dr. Fisher his results are amazing. I'm going to focus on the results to come and finally get the butt I've been dreaming about.

Adding arm lipo and Cell Saver option?

I'm thinking of adding arm lipo. Can anyone give my some information, like is it worth it, results and such. I'm starting to look like a linebacker with this weight gain. Also, the Cell Saver. I'm thinking about adding this option to help my immediate recovery. What do you all think?

Some weight gain pictures

Calling all recent BBL ladies, please give me some feedback on surgery day. From when you got there to when you left. Vanity Surgery patients please..

22 days

So, I haven't really got any feedback or much comments on here. I was hoping for some reassurance about surgery day and what to expect from Vanity and the nurses. If anyone has time to give some information I would appreciate it.

Call Saver

Does anyone know step by step how the cell saver works? Do they take your blood from the lipo and clean it, or blood from your arm and circulate it back. I'm not finding much detail on line about it.

12 Days and counting

One more week of work, then off to Miami for BBL with Fisher. Not sure if it's really good to read about others experiences cause it just makes me nervous. Im staying with Keyla, anyone else having surgery October 25th? Any last minute pre op or post op advice. Has anyone taken any meds to relax before surgery? My Doctor gave me Xanax to take as needed for anxiety.

Surgery in 3 days

Leaving for Miami tomorrow . Packing, have a headache, going to the gym then a massage to make me relax. I know what I'm going to be facing on Tuesday and it's going to be pretty. I've been mentally preparing myself for the whole thing. Any comforting comments would be nice.

Added Cell Saver

Anything for a better recovery. I added the Cell Saver for $525

Mexico or Miami

Help ladies . I am not having surgery with Fisher anymore. Should I use Dr Ghurani or someone in Mexico?????? I need to know if there's any good docs in Mexico for BBL

Ghurani or Otega

Ortega is cheaper, but from videos I like Ghurani's personality. Any advice who's better? I would love to save some money at this point since Vanity is keeping $1000 of my money cause I called in sick last minute. Does anyone know if Ghurani might come down to $4200 for the holiday's?

Mcadoo in January

Hi ladies, watching Mcadoo's recent Facebook videos I decided to book with Seduction. He seems honest and informative. He also mentioned eating vegetarian is better for recovery and fat retention. I will be purchasing my sleeping cot for $29 on and cut a hole in it.He wants his patients to sleep on their back so gravity can stretch the skin out so the fat has space to thrive.




Refund from Vanity

Just got confirmation my refund check is at the post office via certified mail. They sent me a pic of the check. Sent it to me 21 days after i filled out the refund request. I will deposit it tomorrow morning and hope it clears in the next few days.

Making plans for surgery

Here I go again, going to schedule my surgery day this week with Mcadoo, soon as my refund check clears. Also having chin and jaw lipo in 2 weeks for $700 in Utah. This doctor also does breast lifts under local anesthesia. Dr. Rodriguez. I'm going to get his thoughts on the BBL procedure and find out how much he will charge for arm lipo

BBL next Tuesday

Hi everyone,
I'm flying into Miami Saturdaynight and spending Sunday on the Beach. Pre- op with Mcadoo sometime Monday, and BBL Tuesday. If anyone is willing to share their surgery day experience with Mcadoo please comment. I would like to know every detail of your surgery day. I'm weighing in at 158lb 5'5. Did anyone add arms at seduction, and if so how much was it?

I Did It!

Hi everyone,
I had my BBL with Dr. Mcadoo May 9th. I went down to Miami a day before to relax at the beach, and then Monday was pre-op which took all day, they did my EKG, Drug and Preg test and I saw the man himself. I told him I want the biggest orange you can give me. I was very nervous and explained to him how sick anesthesia makes me and he said not to worry they will give me something. He was nice, funny and pre occupied with his computer. The waiting was long the pre-op was fast. He talked mostly on how diet after BBL is very important. NO meat or processed foods for awhile (3 months). He recommended pre- natal vitamins and a sleeping cot with a hole cut in it. It helps stretch the skin so the new fat has room. My weight was 158lb and Im 5'4 1/2. I said I want a Jlo Booty he said you'll be bigger than that and off I went. My coordinator asked me what time I want to have surgery, I asked for 9 she said I'll see what I can do and then later about 2 hours I got a call for 9am surgery the next day. Oh, I forgot also got my first Lavonox shot to prevent blood clots. That evening I couldn't sleep, i ate until midnight and slept maybe 3 hours. Next morning woke up took a shower with Hibeclense soap and off we went. Keyla, my recovery house nurse took me herself. Knowing I've attempted this surgery 2 times before without going thru with it, she wanted to make sure I went in. They called me in and the wait was 2.5 hours. I was ready to run, but I stayed and prayed for 2 hours for help to endure and forgiveness because I was changing what God had given me. I cried and cried. The anesthesiologist came in and put my IV and asked why I was crying? I told him Iv'e had such a bad experience with anesthesia and he said he would give me 2 meds in my IV and little of the gas. I said I'm afraid of the mask and he said I do things alittle different. I waited longer and then Dr. Mcadoo came in for pictures and video. I cried again, he said don't worry I'm going to give you a big round butt, and you'll be fine. Then, waited again. Finally after 2 bags of IV fluid and 3 trips to the bathroom The nurse and anesthesiologist came to get me. I stressed to the post op nurse to please have a heater and blankets for me, and container to vomit in and water cause my mouth was already so dry. Walking over to the table the anesthesiologist said I'm going to give you something to take the edge off, I climes on the table, the nurse put warm blankets on my legs and I was out.

2 Weeks Post op

Let me continue. When I woke up from surgery my eye were closed and I could hear the anesthesiologist say "Where do you think your'e going". I was lifting my butt off the bed because it was very uncomfortable. Here's the weird thing ladies, my pain level from day 1 of surgery hasn't been more than a 3 on a scale of 1-10. All the horror stories I heard scared me, but I didn't have that experience at all. My nurse immediately had a heater and blankets on me and I had no nausea what so ever. I was really out of it and my mouth was so dried out , but the nurse kept wetting my tongue and lips for me. I remember saying please water in Spanish over and over. Then I started shaking and she walked over and put pain meds in my IV. I was in recovery for 3 hours. Dr. Mcadoo poked his head in and said how you doing, I couldn't speak. When I saw them bringing the wheel chair, I was up and ready to go. I got in carefully on a booty pillow and my butt didn't touch the seat. Ok, here's where things get interesting. I arrived at my recovery house and was ready to eat everything in sight. My recovery nurse said no you cant eat yet and I said I need food now my blood sugar was low and I was starting to feel sick. So, she said OK but you going to throw up, well I didn't at all I wasn't dizzy, nauseous or anything. It was like a miracle. My prayers must have been heard cause anesthesia makes me deathly ill and this time nothing. So, I ate and ate and walked around and get this I didn't take one pain pill. no, not one. My recovery nurse said I don't know how your doing this without pain meds and I said I don't want any cause I heard they make you sick. I took Tylenol and antibiotics that's it. So, there was 5 other girls including my friend, and they were all sick, not wanting to eat or get up. Everyone was on pain meds and I was just stiff from trying to sleep on my stomach. I'm 43 and my neck has been having an awful time trying to sleep on my stomach. I feel that's the worst part. As for my immediate results, oh my! My waist is very tiny now even swollen and my hips where 46, but now 44. I started with a waist of 35 now it's 30, and hips were 40.5-41. and now 44. Iv'e been eating a lot. Dr. Mcadoo wants you to eat like your pregnant for three months for recovery and minimal fat loss. He has me on prenatal vitamins. I eat pretty healthy, I'm a vegetarian and don't really like processed foods. I've been eating veggies, fruit, oatmeal, vegan protein shakes with almond milf frozen bananas and blueberries. I eat rice and beans a lot and pasta once a week. Remember, a year and half ago I put 40lbs on for this procedure. So, my flight. My flight was 5 hours, then another flight for 45 minutes. I sat on a half foam roller for take off and landing with a neck pillow behind my back. I let all the flight attendance know I had surgery and one even asked who did my surgery and what his office number was. I then stood on my knees on my seat the whole way, that was way uncomfortable, but I wasn't going to mess up my butt. I arranges for seats in the back of the planes for me and my friend on the way home , as well as wheel chair assistance. Funny thing, the girl whom wheeled my friend said to me, I had my BBL last year, I know what your going thru. I got home and took my own drain out 2 days later. The office sent me a video, it wasn't hard. I have dis-solvable stitches which haven't dissolved yet, and my body looks beaten black blue green and yellow. My husband didn't know Iwas having this so he's not too happy with me right now, and my daughter isn't happy either. But, as for me, I'm so freaking happy so far and cant wait to see the final results. Im wearing my faja foams board and triangle. My doc has my switching to a Ann Chery vest today, but I still wear foams triangle and board for 1 more month. I won't sit for a minimum of 8 weeks and even then I'll use my half foam roller. I will post any new news next week. Let me know if you have any questions.

2 week pics

Sleeping and Sitting

I need some answers

Hi ladies,
I need some ladies that are post op 2 months or more to answer some questions. Mcadoo was my doctor May 9th, and I'm noticing that I still have fat on my upper back and upper stomach. My measurements pre op were 36 -34 - 40. I'm a little over a month out now and my measurements are 36 32 43.5. Can you ladies tell me if I still have a lot of swelling??? I've been doing everything he's told me to do. Still wearing my foams, triangle, vest girdle I haven't slept on my back, don't sit on my butt, haven't done any exercise been eating a lot like he said to and when I asked him how much fat he got out he said he took all he could yet he also said that it was not 4 liters cuz I didn't have 4 liters to take. This doesn't seem right because I still feel fat on my upper back and on my upper stomach also I thought there would be a more dramatic result by now that my waist would be at least down to 30 and I'm hoping that my butt doesn't go down anymore because to begin with I had a muscular butt and it only looks slightly different. I'm irritated because it took me three tries to get this surgery I went down to Miami 2 times before and chicken shitted out both times and wasted my airplane money this time I went down and had to lie to my husband because he was so pissed off at I had wasted two airplane tickets previously that equal $2,000 cuz I came right back and had to pay a last-minute fee for both. My experience after surgery was great I didn't have a lot of pain I have a high pain tolerance I didn't have any vomiting or nausea which I was really happy about because anesthesia makes me really sick. There is probably no way I could do around 2 and if I did would I even go back to him? would they give me a discount because of all the fat left over. I just don't know if this is truly fat or if this is swelling but it's not hard it's jiggly I put on 40 freaking pounds for the surgery and I saved for a year-and-a-half for the surgery. I'm very frustrated. Mcadoo won't let me sleep on my back for 3 months he won't let me sit for 3 months I'm wearing these freaking garments for three months everybody else is sitting at six weeks and here I am I can't sleep, I stand the whole time at work and I was hoping for a really good result. Here I am with all these little scars and feel like I don't have much to show for it. I need those vets out there either McAdoo dolls or any other dolls that are willing to tell me how the progression goes when can I really sit on my butt when can I really sleep on my back when is his swelling going to go down is it even swelling still. Is my butt going to go down a whole lot more cuz if it does it's going to be the same measurement it was before. Please ladies respond, give me some answers I'm really disappointed and really upset right now.

3 week pic

3 weeks post BBL

Can I Lay on my back now??????

Hello ladies,
I'm 6 week post op from my BBL and I really want to lay on my back the sitting I can handle but I really want to sleep on my back I'm so uncomfortable I never get a whole night sleep for 6 weeks now I have not slept a lot night through I Get Up 3 to 4 times because my body is so hot on the front side and I sleep with the air conditioner on can you guys tell me ladies out there that are 3 plus months. When did you start sitting and when did you start sleeping and did it affect your results if I do it now

Pic 6 weeks post

BBL under local anesthesia? ?????

So I just saw on my Instagram feed that my Cosmetic Surgery Center in Miami offers BBL under local anesthesia Dayomie, Macado's former assistant was saying that they offer this does anybody know how much that costs should be cheaper than general anesthesia I'm thinking about around 2 next year and local would be the way I would want to go has anyone had this done

Planning on round 2

I'm almost 12 weeks post-op now from my BBL a dr. McAdoo I have decided that I still have some back fat and arm fat that I'd like to get rid of therefore I will be going back to Miami in about 10 months to have a second round BBL I don't believe I will be going to back to dr. McAdoo since I've noticed he does like to leave a lot of back fat so I am currently looking for another doctor if you guys have any suggestions who does very aggressive lipo and gives very good projection let me know
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mcadoo will be doing my surgery now

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