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Hello RS dolls! I am going to have bbl/lipo today...

Hello RS dolls! I am going to have bbl/lipo today with Dr Fisher. I have been on a emotional roller coaster dealing with this since March. Originally I had planned to go to Duran bc I mean, have y'all seen her work?! It was a no brainer, I had my surgery and flight booked didn't think twice about it, I was so damn antsy lol. Then after I really sat down and thought about it, going over seas to have SURGERY when complications CAN happen, of course we hope that they don't but the reality of the situation is they can! One very common one being blood transfusions. Is there screening and handling of blood the same as it is in the US? What are the nurses processes for making sure they infuse the right blood? Communication has to be frustrating bc the primary language is not English, it was all a bit much for me PERSONALLY. Then after that I came back on RS and seen 3 diff girls who got infections from Duran and I swore it had to be a sign, so I cancelled, lost my deposit, and $200 from the flight but I was fine with that. I'm not bashing Duran or anyone who goes to the DR bc honestly y'all look amazing!! But for me and my piece of mind I decided to stay in the states. Do what's best for you at the end of the day! After more research I decided to go to Dr Fisher, his work seems consistent, he's board certified, and has a lot of experience. In July I called Vanity, asked about cancellations and got an appt scheduled in September. Make sure you ask about specials before you book!! I didn't, and later seen on IG that they were having one and it was too late. I am here now in Miami, I brought my sister with me and we are staying at a hotel. I go in for surgery at 1:30pm and I am sooo nervous!! I want a natural look I hope and pray he does not give me a stripper booty!! I'm on my way to Vanity now! I'll keep u all posted.

Post op

Hey luvs thanks for all the support. I am now post op day 1. My surgery went well. I arrived to Vanity at 1:30pm, purchased my garment which was $120 and they sent me straight back to pre-op. The garment brand was Diane if you want to buy online I think they are $70 I purchased mine there bc I didn't want to risk it being the wrong size. My garment is a XL and Fisher recommends it not be too tight bc risk for burns. When they took me back to pre op I tried on the garment, took naked pics, and put on my gown and compression socks that they provided for free. I stayed back in there until 4pm and then Fisher came back and did my consultation. He is super nice, and listened to me tell him a thousand times that I did not want a bubble stripper booty lol. After speaking with him the anesthesiologist came in and asked me some questions he was also very nice. Right after that he took me in the surgery room started my IV and I was out. I woke up dying of thirst, freezing, and super sore. For the car ride make sure u have a long pillow to lay on!! It saved my life!! The night of surgery I was in a lot of pain but it was tolerable, the worst part of the pain is getting stiff from laying in bed. I thought I was going to be in sooo much pain based off of what I read on here, one person said the pain was worst than child birth, I did not experience that kind of pain at all...the worst part of recovery for me so far has been feeling dizzy and lightheaded. I also threw up last night bc I took all of my medications at the same time, don't do that. Today, I am doing a little better. I can go to the bathroom by myself, and was able to walk into my follow up appt without feeling like I was going to pass out. Fishers assistant said I'm doing very well. At the follow up appt they just checked my drain and my incisions and told me it was ok to take a shower today and put my foam under my garment. I took a shower all of 1 minute and got super dizzy so I had to get out. My sister had to finish wiping me off while I layed in the bed. I wanted to take some naked pics for u all bc the garment does my body no justice at all. I will take more pics when I'm feeling a little better. My butt is huge and I'm praying it goes down lol. I'm falling asleep as I write this so I'll update u dolls more later.


Ok, so I am over here going crazy. I am day 6 & I absolutely hate how wide Dr Fisher made my hips. I had hips to begin with and specifically asked that he not make them any wider and they are huge. He did not give me a stripper booty, thank God but my legs are too skinny for these hips he packed on. I have been crying for the last hour I do not want to look like the Kardashian clan with their unproportionate bodies!!!! I know I'm in the beginning stages of healing but I can't see my hips going down much!! Is there any kind of reconstructive surgery you can get afterwards?!!!!! I'm sick to my stomach:( I wish I would have never went

2 weeks post op

You guys anxiety after surgery is REAL!! I have been up and down trying to convince myself that I like and don't like my results. What really sent me over the edge was when I got home from FL and my child told me mommy you look wide:-( I died!! The goal was to have a more natural look, I just wanted minimal changes. I looked in the mirror and HATED my hips which b4 surgery was my favorite part of my body. I had a melt down, I cried, looked in the mirror, cried again, ughh it was a bad day. My legs are not very big and I don't want to look funny, I just want everything to match and to flow. I had to pull myself together so I prayed and tried my best to get rid of every negative thought as soon as it came. Well, I am at 2 weeks now and my hips have gone down 1 1/2 inches and look a little better than they did at first. Im still not 100% happy with them though. I'm hoping that their still swollen and go down some more but if not I can live with them for now but I may get liposuction on my hips in the future if they don't. Recovery is no joke, I think I over prepared for the pain and under prepared for the body changes and all the stipulations "no sitting" "garment for 3 months" etc. It probably doesn't help that I haven't gotten out of the house, mostly bc I hated the way I looked. I But anyway.....
Week 1- I noticed a big change in pain and moving around better on day 3. Sleeping still sucked bc I was getting so stiff from laying in bed. I had surgery on Monday and came home on Friday. My drain and stitches were removed Friday b4 I came home. I was able to walk through the airport ok, but the flight was horrible. DO NOT get the Dr Miami booty buddy. It was fine for the first 5 minutes but then it got so hard it was miserable. I ended up sitting on the part that supposed to go behind your back bc I couldn't tolerate it. If you are flying alone I would recommend you get an isle seat bc you will want to get up frequently bc u are so uncomfortable. Sleeping for the first week I lined up pillows in 2 rows and slept on them and put a soft pillow under my head. My hands got numb a lot in the beginning but has started going away now, not completely though. At around day 5 I just took my pain pills at night.
Week 2- Day 8 I didn't feel as stiff when I went to bed. At day 8 I was no longer taking pain meds at night. I went to a local plastic surgeons office for seromas (will discuss on diff post) I have had them drained twice now. Swelling still prominent, but has went down some.
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