BBL JUNE 28 SOOO Excited - Miami, FL

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Hello Dolls!!!! So I'm more than excited to...

Hello Dolls!!!! So I'm more than excited to announce that I will be going to Miami June 28 to get my Brazilian Butt Lift Done By Dr. Ghurani at Spectrum Aesthetics ! I'm looking for a sx buddy ! If you're going to Miami around June 38 please don't hesitate to comment or message me :) I love Dr. Ghurani work from the pictures I have seen ! Ghurani Dolls comment and let me know how was your experience ?

Looking For a SX buddy June 28 miami

Hello dolls . If anyone having surgery around June 28 and want to split the cost of a rental or Airbnb . Please let me know

I have two realselfs account

My other Realself account is Bodytransformation . I forgot the login to one and made another one . I end up getting the information so now I have two . Bodytransformation and Ghuranibeauty.

I switched recovery houses

So I decided to go with Keylas recovery house instead of Claudias. 2 other ladies and I end up getting a group rate and it was cheaper . She seems nice so far . Continue to pray for me and my Ghurani . I'm excited and anxious . 32 more days :) -GhuraniBeauty

Anxious!!! 30 day Mark !

Now that it's less than 30 days till my surgery I'm so anxious . I'm not even nervous . I'm so ready to get on that plane and touch down in Miami . I've been wanting this surgery for over a year . I can't wait to go shopping for all the new clothes post surgery . I can't wait to meet Dr. Ghurani . I look at bbl results pics all day everyday . June 28 hurry !!! I wish my date was earlier because now I'm playing the waiting game . -Signed, Impatient Doll

Wish Pics!!!

If my body look anything like these ladies body afterwards I will be satisfied ! ????

Wish Pics #1

Wish Pics 2

I want that slim thick look ????????????

I'm Cleared To Have Surgery !!!

So I'm all Cleared To Have Surgery!!! I'm so excited and can't wait . #19MoreDays

Ladies do you recommend any of these compression garments ?

I'm looking into purchasing an extra compression garment for post bbl surgery here is the ones I found . Which one do you think I should get if any ?


I'm so Excited !! Today has finally come ! I'm anxious and a little nervous at the same time ! I can't believe I'm FINALLY doing this after years of research and wanting this . I Ask that all of you dolls say a prayer for me :) Before and After Pics Coming Soon ! #GhuraniDoll ??

Before And After Pics!!!

This is the after pic the same day of surgery . Keep in mind this isn't the final results . Everyone says I'm going to have a small waist soon . So far I'm pleased . Thank you dolls for your kind words and prayers.

PART 1: Full Update !! REAL REVIEW

Now that I'm back home and have time to type . I would like to say going to SPECTRUM AESTHETICS IS NOT WORTH IT !!! ???? Let me start off by saying that the day you fly in before surgery is just a day where you come into Spectrum to PAY ! Whether you're doing Care credit or paying in Full they just want you to come in to PAY . You will NOT see your doctor the day before . I didn't even get my prescription until the day of . You pay and then you leave . They tell you they will let you know the time of your surgery before 5:30pm . They didn't let me know until 6 pm . When they told me my time they said 9:30 am . I would've wanted to go earlier, but I was still grateful for a morning time . So, the day of my surgery I'm on my way and while I'm in the car I get a call from one of the staff members at spectrum saying that "Ghurani is coming in late , his schedule is running behind .. Can you come in at 11am for surgery " ???? I'm literally 5 mins away from Spectrum so I tell them I'm already On my way . They said that's alright you can just come in and fill out paper work and get your prescription. So I do that . I stayed at Keyla recovery house ..I will do an update on her later , but anyways Keyla came to get my prescription and then they call me in the back to ask me more questions to get cleared for surgery like my medical history etc. which they could've did the day before , So then they tell me I can go home because Ghurani not going to be able to do my surgery until 12 noon or 12:30. I'm thinking which one is it?! So she says that he's just on his second patient and they have one more person in front of me so I was like the 4th patient . So I go back to Keyla place and I'm waiting it's getting close to 12 so I call them and they said your surgery has been pushed back to 2 pm . ???????????????? I'm literally like Wtf why is it keep getting pushed back .... By this time I was so over it . To be continued .....

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