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So after months of creeping on this website I...

So after months of creeping on this website I finally decide to make an account!… Allow me to introduce myself I am a woman with NO booty haha. I was blessed with some curves and hips. But nothing to back it up! For years I would talked, wished, and talked some more about the Brazilian butt lift but never really had the courage to do it. Family members and friends always said I was crazy to even consider getting this surgery done. I found that everyone around me was changing my mind and basically making my decision up for me!! No good. It wasn't until I came across this site that I felt like I was at home. :) It was you my, realself ladies that made me came to my decision. After reading blogs after blog I finally decided to call up Dr. Salamas office. I was heart broken when I found out that he was booked until Sept 2013 :(. But Cynthia who I absolute love! (A complete sweet heart) informed me about Dr. Rami Giharani. After hearing her talk so highly of him and hearing his accomplishment and degrees and how she would have her OWN family member go to him made up of my decision to book with him. Especially since I saw his work on asiangotbooty103112. Umm can we say AMAZING!!.
Anyways I’m rambling on, to wrap this up. I’m 24 years old 5’4 160 lbs.

Measurement 38D, 29, 41.… Oh and I'm scheduled for June 2013!!!… Love to hear from you all. I’m a research Junkie so I have to know EVERYTHING about this procedure. Tell me your experience, pre-op, post op, advices, etc!!! Talk you all soon xoxo

Who is on this band wagon with?!??. Still a little...

Who is on this band wagon with?!??. Still a little nervous that I only saw one of Dr. Ghurani result. Don't get me wrong the results i saw for aisangotabooty is bomb.com! but seeing more will give me a piece of mind. I have been seeing a lot surgery scheduled with him within the next few weeks and months....So ladies please hurry up and have your surgery so i can see what an amazing job he will do :)

Hello  my real self Ladies! So I had my visit...

Hello  my real self Ladies! So I had my visit with Dr. Ghurani today, everything went really well. I had a ton of questions for him and wanted to share some of the info I received today from Dr.G himself! I spent 2 hours talking to this man. God bless my amazing BF for being patince with me while I had Dr. G answer ALL my questions. Love you baby! :).. so sorry if this blog is a lil long! I wanted to make sure all of my questions were answered! Lol... Here it goes most of the answers....

He has privilege to work out of Aventura, Mercy and University Hospital. 

He has only been doing BBL since the beginning of last year, he did a lot of then in Orlando.

He recommends at least 4 weeks of NO sitting!!

He recommends 10 Lymphatic massages. He doesn't have his patients start until the 6 or 7 day after surgery. He said our skin will been very weak after this surgery. And prefers the skin to have a rest period before rushing the  massages.

Recommends wearing the compression garment for 8 weeks. He does NOT recommend a waist clincher. Or a really tight hard to breath garment. The reason for it is because HE shapes the body during the surgery, the compression garment does not! The garment controls the swelling. Also the waist clincher can mark up the skin and even form blisters. (remember ladies we recovering from liposuction. There is literally a wand like device going in us and sucking the fat out! This is very hard on our skin! No need to add more stress to our bodies)

They are only allowed to lipo 4000cc (4 liters) of fat. Think of two 2 liters soda bottle. That's how much the state of Florida allows

How do you make sure the same amount is given to each butt cheek?
They count the cc's.

The surgery is done in an accredited state licensed surgical center.

NO ONE has die from this procedure. (the first question I asked) god for  bin 

Why do a hand full of girls have one butt cheek bigger then the other?
The body didn't accept the fat. Or they didn't follow the doctors post op instruction seriously! You cannot sit on your asses for a couple of weeks ladies point blank period!

I don't have a lot of pre op things to do since I'm 24. It Varies from age.

Touch up surgery is Possible. Speak with nancy or Cynthia for your price. It's not expensive as your first BBL. (let's hope this doesn't happen to anyone!)

You can resume sexual activities after 4 weeks! :/

This one is for Asians & Latinas our skins are a pain in the ass. The scars are not noticeable but might require us to take some medication to heal them. Meaning we might have our lipo scars darker then our skin color but the doctors will give us meds to stop that from happening if they see it. Doesn't happen to everyone though. Remember ALL of our skin are different!!!

He wants you to be health so try to stick to low carbs, high protein, lots of veggie. ( this is Not for my ladies who need to gain weight though!!)

If you gave back dimples will you lose them?
Dr. G said  I could possibly lose mines. He said I won't know if I lose them until after the swelling is completely gone. Which can take up to 8 months to a-1 year.  (I know silly but I love my back dimples! It's ok though, I'm ok if I lose them if it gives me my booty! Don't judge! lmao!

Stop taking any herbal vitamins that begins with the letter G (green tea, etc) a month or more before surgery. They thin out your blood. Even fish oil thins out your blood. Just be smart of the vitamins you take ladies.

He worries more bout the patients health. Yes he will try his very best to give you the body you want. But remember ladies we all have very different bodies, skin, genetics, health, weight, height etc. so just because you see some girl get some result doesn't necessary mean you will be getting those exact results! you have to be completely realistic with your self! Don't expect to go in there coming out as Barbie or Kim Kay, or even any of our real self ladies. 

Ok that's it for loves. TTYL xoxo

Excited, SCARED, Nervous and Anxious! Yea that...

Excited, SCARED, Nervous and Anxious! Yea that pretty much right!. I'm 51 days (7 weeks) away to a new booty! I can't believe its happening so quick. I was originally scheduled for June but unexpected GOOD things happened so I'm set for Apr 11. I will put before pics up soon. If any ladies are scheduled around that date let me know!! :)..

So I'm feeling like I should lose weight for my...

So I'm feeling like I should lose weight for my surgery. I'm currently at 165 at 5'4. The three people who knows about the sx thinks I'm good at this weight... I don't know. I want my surgery to come out good. And i see a lot of girls complaining that they had more then 4 liters of fat on them. I don't want to worry about losing weight after this procedure, in fear that i'll lose volume :(.. I'm Definitely not the type to be lazy and expect to suck every fat out of me. That's why I don't mind working out and eat a little better... So I'm 7 weeks away until my Surgery and I want to drop 15-17 pounds so i can be 150ish or 147ish.... I see Dr. G Mar 19 so if he thinks i need to gain or lose weight I'll do so. Until then 150 here I come... Let go!! LOL

Here are some of my wish pics. I'm not trying to...

Here are some of my wish pics. I'm not trying to put a whole bunch of wish pics so I narrow it down to 4 from 50 haha. I love all of these girls shapes and butts!... These are the shapes I'm looking for

Hey my beautiful BBL ladies! So yesterday I had my...

Hey my beautiful BBL ladies! So yesterday I had my pre-op appt. I signed all my paperwork, got my package and boppy pillow! ish just got real!!! lmao. Now for the waiting game 19 days until sx. So freaking excited!. Took mama dukes with me yesterday so she feels a whole lot better about the procedure.... O ladies just a 411 because I didn't know this they give you compression socks the day of your surgery! Confirmed with Nancy yesterday.... I will put up my before pics and measurement soon!
Until then


A week from now I will be having my BBL with Dr....

A week from now I will be having my BBL with Dr. Ghurani. I can't believe how time flew!!!

Its almost most here ladies! in 10hrs I will be...

Its almost most here ladies! in 10hrs I will be having surgery with Dr. Rami. As I promised my before pics are posted. I actually decided to gain weight, about 10 pounds to be exact because as you can all see in my photos 70% of my fat goes to my booties..so here it goes before measurements & weight
5'4 168 pounds
Under chest:35 (double D)
Waist: 33
Hips: 42

Please keep me in your prayers ladies :)
I will keep you all posted!!


This surgery is no joke ladies. Today I'm finally...

This surgery is no joke ladies. Today I'm finally feeling a lil bit better. The first day was the hardest! I never been in so much pain before. Thank you all for your prayers. I will be having my first massage tomorrow. Dr. Ghurani really did give me my hour glass shape. I willbe posting pics once I get the energy.

Okay ladies so I'm 5 days post op and feeling so...

Okay ladies so I'm 5 days post op and feeling so much better. There was complication with my BBL. Not because of my health because I am 24 and very healthy. Let me explain... So after my surgery on Tuesday I went home and couldn't keep anything down not even water or Gatorade! The moment I ate just a little but or drank I threw up. I stop taking the Percocet after day 1 one. My body did not like it! The first night was horrible to the point that I regret it the whole thing. I bleeded threw my garment every hour the first night and my face was literally the color yellow! My mother panick cause she knew something was wrong so she called Dr. Ghurani and he advised her to bring me in the next day to the surgical center so he can see me. When I got there the next morning we found out my freaking drains were not draining. It was not working! The stitches around my tubes were stitched too tight that it was preventing the drainage to work properly. I became ANEMIC!! They had to hurry up and give me two IVs to bring my blood back up. All I can remember was my mother crying and upset. After I finish the IVs I was feeling a lot better. (I did NOT have a blood transfusion, just IVs to boost my blood) They finally fixed my drains and I was out the door... Ladies who are having this surgery you should make your drains are working! I can't even imagine what would have happened to me if I didn't go in to see Dr. G. I am doing a WHOLE lot better, I'm 90% back to my old self. I'm not putting the blame on anyone. I'm just so happy that nothing happen to me. I did take photos but my iPhone or iPad is not letting me upload them!? If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. Thank you all again for your prayers. I will continue to try to figure out how to put picks up..

Ok pics are finally added. I will added more as...

Ok pics are finally added. I will added more as soon as I can ladies. I love my results couldn't have been more happier. I didn't tell Dr. Rami how many CCs i wanted, I told him to make me better but not to give me a nicki or Kim K booty.

I just had my first massage and believe it or not...

I just had my first massage and believe it or not ladies it wasn't that bad! It was less pain then my foot tattoo! Yes there was pressure but it was quick. I feel so much better and have so much more energy. I had the pleasure of meeting Runabooty and her mama :). Wish I had more time to talk to them!! She looks great!!... The brown garment is so much tighter then the light brown one. You wear the light brown garment after surgery and get the brown one after your first massage. Definitely feeling like myself today :)... If you ladies have any questions ask away.

I wrote a long review and realself didn't post it....

I wrote a long review and realself didn't post it. to some it up quickly. waist is 28 from 34 booty is 45. I COULDN'T HAVE PICKED A BETTER DOCTOR! Dr. Rami is amazing and will make you beautiful. he ask me the day of my surgery what kind of butt i wanted and i told him no Nicki or Kim K!!.. I told him not to give me a ghetto booty!!! I would say my booty now is like J.LO: natural and a lil big not like Nicki or kim K... I haven't sat on my booty once not even with the boppy pillow or yoga mat expect for my massages, in which i had 8 with elite plastic surgery. I get driven everywhere by my BF and mom. I know kinda crazy but i refuse to sit on it until six weeks out!! this tuesday will be four weeks! i will be wearing my garment for the full 8 weeks. I started in a 3XL garment now in a medium which fits me loose. but i will not be buying a garment i will be using my medium still and buy two corsetts in small and x-small!. My hips are naturally wide and a medium was hard to pull pass them so i can't even imagine a small garment with my hips. lol... & i'm sorry to say this will be the last photo i put up until realself changes so that we ARE ALLOWED to delete our OWN photos!. I don't like how they don't let you delete your photos anymore. this photo of me in a green dress was taken yesterday. booty still full :). hit me up if you have any questions ladies.
Oh and can i say my stomach is so freaking flat,!! I cannot pick up any fat what so ever!!! lol


8 months update

Sorry for the late update ladies. Life got very crazy. Anyways my booty is still looking good. I never lost volume. and my booty is complete soft and juicy lol. The small little hard bumps I had (which dr.g said it was normal) went away! :) my booty is completely soft now. I absolutely love it! Oh ladies and the hype about your significant other getting jealous is real! Lol...me and my honey are still together though! Love that man!... I added 4 photos two before so you can really see the difference

8 months pics

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I picked Dr. Ghurani, after searching and researching Doctors. ... Him and his whole staff is amazing. I couldn't have picked a better doctor!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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