My BBL Journey - Miami, FL

Hi RS Family, I'm starting my BBL journey finally....

Hi RS Family, I'm starting my BBL journey finally. I've gotten Brest augmentation on April 1st 2016, by Dr. Larsen in Atlanta where I reside, so I feel now I'm ready to start on the very last thing I wanted to do. I'm really thinking about Dr. Alverez in Miami. Didn't really want to leave ATL, but the prices are really good in Atlanta with great doctors who give great results. Initially I've been looking at Dr. Hassan but I've seen people who were not so happy with the rescheduling of their appts last min. And the horror stories of vanity. Any advice would be much appreciated . Here are my current before photos.. I only really want more hips and a more rounded buttocks... Barely have much fat , should I try to gain weight?


Still searching

Still searching for a bbl doctor... any suggestions

Consultation Date

So today I got my consultation date with Dr Alvarez in Miami on December 2nd.. very excited. I'll keep you guys posted.

Before Photos

Looking to get a smaller waist with more hips and a rounder buttocks. Nothing big just shapely
Dr Alvarez

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