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Hi RS Family, I'm starting my BBL journey finally....

Hi RS Family, I'm starting my BBL journey finally. I've gotten Brest augmentation on April 1st 2016, by Dr. Larsen in Atlanta where I reside, so I feel now I'm ready to start on the very last thing I wanted to do. I'm really thinking about Dr. Alverez in Miami. Didn't really want to leave ATL, but the prices are really good in Atlanta with great doctors who give great results. Initially I've been looking at Dr. Hassan but I've seen people who were not so happy with the rescheduling of their appts last min. And the horror stories of vanity. Any advice would be much appreciated . Here are my current before photos.. I only really want more hips and a more rounded buttocks... Barely have much fat , should I try to gain weight?


Still searching

Still searching for a bbl doctor... any suggestions

Consultation Date

So today I got my consultation date with Dr Alvarez in Miami on December 2nd.. very excited. I'll keep you guys posted.

Before Photos

Looking to get a smaller waist with more hips and a rounder buttocks. Nothing big just shapely

Surgery Date

Hi Guys, so I paid my deposit to hold my date which is Jan 5 2017. So ready to get it over with and excited to get rid of these love handles at the same time. Looking for a lymphatic massager in the meantime. Any suggestions?


Hey y'all, did my labs and check up on yesterday. Got my Medical Clearance still waiting on labs, doctor said it will take 3 days to come back. Hope everything comes back okay. Anyway ordered all of my surgery gear. Just have to find an inexpensive bbl pillow. Well wish me luck.

Facility Switch

Hi Dolls, so today I switched from Alverez Plastic Surgery to his new facility Mia Aesthetics. Initial date was Jan 5 but now it Feb 13th, being that Mia Aesthetics Grand opening is Feb 1. Also they are running specials that are cheaper than Alverez Plastic Surgery and will grant you the special. Good looking out Jessica and Lena, they are awesome coordinators . Same Doctor different Facility, better Price. Ttyl


Here are the supplies that I've gotten so far. I need to purchase a bbl pillow for travel. If I'm missing anything at all, please inform me. Thx dolls

Excited and Nervous

Every night I've been staying up late reading bbl experiences on real self. I'm obsessed. Not sure why I nervous especially after having a boob job and that was a piece of cake. Anyway I decided not to spend so much on a bbl pillow and just get a memory foam pillow or 2 and see how that works out. I won't be staying in a recovery house, much rather a hotel . A friend will accompany me. Well ttyl

SX Buddy

Anyone seeing Dr Alverez for surgery Feb 13-16... at Mia Aesthetics , looking for sx buddy to share hotel cost. I'm also bringing a girl friend to assist in recovery..


Booked Massages with 305 Post Surgery Massage. They were running a Groupon for $26 for one hour massage. I purchased 2.

Weight Gain

So today I am 136pds hoping to gain more. I am only 5'4". I'm always seeing reviews on bigger women but I love to read a few on women my size. Give me an idea of what I'll possibly look like. Looking to get more hips not really a huge butt.

Last Pre Op Update

Hi guys it's almost that time. So ready to get this over with. Please pray for me as I will do for all of you beautiful women. Hopefully I'll gain a little more weight in 2 weeks.

Redo Labs

Hi a little frustrated. Today I received a call from Mia Aesthetics saying that they didn't receive my Labs from the initial clinic that I was going to Alverez plastic surgery. So once I emailed my copy, she said my labs have to be redone. Because labs have to be within 30 days and I did mine back in December. I get it and all but it's like 7 days before surgery and I so hate needles. So ladies just be mindful, Labs, EKG and medical clearance must be done within 30 days of surgery or the anesthesiologist won't accept you.

Date Change

Super frustrated. Mia Aesthetics had to change my date to Feb 21st now. I feel like I am back at square one. Today got my medical clearance and now I have to do another EKG and Labs, because my last ones were done in December and they have to be within 30 days of surgery. My physician was also frustrated, he feels that my results won't be any different and my insurance covered the first EKG and Labs but will not on this second go round which will cost me a pretty penny smh. Can my day get any worse and why are they just calling me today saying I have to redo everything. Surgery was scheduled for Feb 13. If anyone in the Atlanta area knows of a clinic that won't cost so much for these test, please let me know. Thx dolls

Waiting for Labs

Hi RS. As you all know I had to redo labs. Did them earlier this week along with EKG. I got a little faint when my blood was being drawn. Never experience that. Anyway got a call from the nurse saying I had to come back the next day to give another same for PT and PTT because the blood clotted in the tubes. Super annoying. Did that yesterday so now I'm just waiting on results so it can be sent over to Mia Aesthetics. What a week!!!!!

Labs Cleared

Finally done with Labs and EKG. Cleared and Faxed over. Feb 21st is almost here. More excited than scared. Only thing I fear is waking up during surgery. I read about people that experienced it just hope I don't.
Dr Alvarez

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