BBL Round 1: 4 month Post Op pics

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Hi all I'm new to here but I finally found the...

Hi all I'm new to here but I finally found the courage to open this page and share my overall experience with the Brazilian butt lift procedure.

My boyfriend and I have been looking into this procedure for almost a year so. Can imagine the amount of research we have done and knowledge we gave gained. Upon typing "brazilian butt lift surgery" first result that populated is doctor constantino mendieta. His website amazed me before I even knew the price I knew I'd be getting my surgery done with him. I didn't look at other sites and other doctors who performed the BBL but no one matched up to the results Dr. M PROVIDED.

June 13th

My boyfriend and I went to the office for our consultation, beautiful place of business. Like a mini palace. The staff was exceptionally friendly, Colleen and Angel. Made me feel very comfortable. There was no wait time to see the doctor. Meeting doctor M. He was not at all intimidating he was very warm and personable. We room the before picture weighing in at 174 and 5'6. He showed me what my body would resemble after the surgery. Moore hips and more ass! We discussed how many cc's I would want inject and he told me to not lose ANY weight (but of course I want to lose 10lbs) I left that day feeling a bit reassured. I put 2000 down on the surgery with expectations to pay the remaining 7750 on my pre op visit

From 6/14 to 7/31 I've been up and down, nervous anxious and overall scared about the BBL. My boyfriend tries to soothe my anxiety but I'm terrified it won't go as planned and I won't be satisfied with the results. Receiving the packet from Mendieta office helped ease my mind slightly. Their information was very detailed, I bought all the necessary things for before surgery: multivitamin, iron, vitamin C I began taking these daily 3 weeks in advance. I also shopped for post surgery things: cylinder pillow, plastic sheet liners for the drains, arnica pills for the bruising, pressure garments, gauze pads, bandage for the incisions etc. I shopped for a few lose fitting dresses so I don't have to slide jeans on while recovering. We booked a hotel nearby the facility so we can return for our 1 day post op.

July 31st

Post op I'm pretty nervous going in here because we are literally 14 days from surgery day. I met with the staff again, who are pleasant as always they collected my remaining balance and I met with the doctor who again made me feel so much better about the BBL. I'm excited now all over again. I showed him my pictures that I aspire and he said he will do everything in his powers to give me the ass I want! My boyfriend is happier than a kid in a candy store. I took my prescription and we were on our way back home

July 5 th
I have begun my 9 day cleanse which includes fruits vegetables and my lemonade drink (raw lemon, cayenne pepper and Mable syrup) it's rough, because you're always hungry but the success comes at the end when you drop the weight or inches you desire.

July 7th I'll update you as I get closer to the surgery. I'm getting anxious more and more daily!!!

Nervous 3 days away!!

3 days before my BBL surgery and I'm waking up every morning with a racing heart. My family is giving me back lash about spending nearly 10k for the procedure but I can't care too much about the world's opinions, after all, I'll be enjoying my new body.... Not them!

I have bought all my final things, arnica pills, cylinder pillow just came from amazon. All I need is my Merderma scar geland the walker so I can stand on my own the first couple weeks.

My boyfriend is so supportive, he had already packed my bags for the hotel and asking me every second "are we forgetting anything else baby?" then I start thinking maybe I am forgetting something... Oh boy anyways I've been calling Mendieta office almost daily with new questions I'm sure they're annoyed but I rather that then to be misinformed on anything. Good day all!!


Sorry all, dates are wrong from first review. JULY 5TH should be AUGUST 5TH and JULY 7TH should be AUGUST 7TH


Down 5 lbs since starting the cleanse. Lookin forward to day 9.


Just got a call from my doctor office they won't clear me for my BBL surgery because my doctor has went missing in action and is the only person who can sign off on the clearance letter. I'm now a nervous angry wreck!! I got my labs done three weeks in advance just so I could avoid this crap! So now I have to run to see a another doctor during my lunch break to day with my surgery less than 2 days away!!?! Please pray for Me...

Pre op picture

I carry all my went in my flanks and abdomen.

All of my supplies!

If you have questions on any of the medical supplies ask away and I'll answer :)


I just called called by Andrea, after completing my last labs and having my primary care physician clear me for this sx I am now confirmed for tomorrow morning 7am sharp. How exciting!!! Packing ym bags now to head to Miami, got the rental car, confirmed hotel and will resting for a few hours before I leave. Last night I literally got 4 hrs of sleep that's how much my heart was racing. I woke my boyfriend up from bed turned on the TV and watched the notebook. I cried like a newborn watching the ending of course. Now I am happy... I'll post an update after surgery depending how I feel tomorrow. Wish me luck


Just coming here to release my emotions. I'm beyond scared, I cant believe I'm less than 12 hrs from my surgery!!! Still I can't imagine myself I'm a bootifulllll body, I feel like I'll be a depressed failed story. Please pray for me RS that I'll get some banging results by mendieta. 10k us not cheap!?? Alright night night guys I'll try to catch a few zzzz's before this drive.

Sorry guys I couldn't update yesterday

was dying after surgery. When I got there at 7:30 they took my before pictures started my IV which I cried for (phobia is needle) then I laid on the bed and slept for an hour until my nurse anesthesia came and we had a wonderful talk about my personal life, what I do for a living, why I'm doing this surgery how's my overall health and she made me feel so comfortable her name was Ellen. My nurse was Valerie and she was sooooo sweet she watched me cry sniffle and held my hand through the whole pre op. After the two nurses washed my body and laid me on the surgery table which seconds I snoozed and woke up in the recovery room where I immediately began to cry. I don't something with me and anesthesia just overwhelms me lol. Valerie told my boyfriend your girlfriend is a whiner butt she is absolutely adorable lol. When they dressed me and sat me in the wheelchair I was wheeled out and saw my doctor mendieta. He was so receptive, I say hey doc, so how many cc's did you get in me, and he replies your fat was HARD so I got all 4 liters of fat out but got 900 cc's into my butt. I felt sad because I truly wanted 1100 but I'm not complaining your body can only handle a certain amount and that was 900 for me. I am padded from neck down. Gauze pads are filled with blood my drains are peeking like crazy and I'm wearing a huge adult diaper over my garment to hold up m. Drains. My ccatheter is a pain in the vagina literally!! I feel like it wants to rip out. I cannot wait to have it removed. Like Pronto.

Moving on I got wheeled into the car and I had to keep my legs up while I stayed on my stomach it was the most uncomfortable ride with miami traffic and some of the pot holes on the roads. My boyfriend was so attentive to my pain. When we got to the hotel which I do recommend you staying at "the best Miami hotel" should be called "the worst miami hotel" the people are rude were. My boyfriend laid me down on my stomach with the white towels underneath me, I of course leaked like a mutha. The pain wasn't so bad. I took a percocet and slept every 30 minutes waking up. I had an unsalted cracked and drank plenty of water.Every hour I got up on all fours so I could stretch my arms ad back and have my drains poured out into a bucket. Laying on my stomach hurts like hell though I since I got liposuction in my flanks upper back and upper stomach. I can't wait to have my first post op today to see what I really look like I'll post pics then.


So I jus got my post op done. Nurse Valerie was awesome she was very patient with me while I cried my way out of the garment. It was the most painful experience ever!!. I sobbed like a child My boyfriend of course tried to be encouraging as much as possible. I had my catheter removed with the most burning sensation and then got a pain shot. They cleaned me up and put on my new clean garment, I was so dizzy from all the moving u nearly passed out. Dr. M. Came in and told me he could only get 900 cc's in each ass checks because my fat was Luke concrete due to the lipo I had last year. And 200 cc's in each hip. I can tell u this ladies my body is swollen beyond recognizition. My stomach is bigger than my pre op and my back fat is even more swollen. I'm using foam pads to place in my garment so the swelling can decrease quicker. My butt and hips is not what I imagined even with the swelling it still looks flat. I'm sad and disappointed but every one keeps saying once my body swells down I'll see more projection... I'm afraid once my fat reabsorbed and my swelling is down my ass will be flatter!! After my drains are removed I'll take pictures and post. Wish me luck this pain is no Joke!!!

I'll admit

Hey lovies so I have taken this garment off to shower worst pain ever thank god for mommies, my body helped me put back on which wasn't as bad. Showering is the most tiresome thing you will do ever! Typically I shower twice a day but in my current situation I may have to shower every other day when I have assistance and the swelling minimize because I am dying of pain. Getting in and out of bed is a sport and I have a platform bed.

I had some vegetable soup my mother made me, yummy and some saltine with no salt. An plenty of water. Now I'm watching family guy on Netflix nothing better than corny funny shows lol.

Anyways to update you on the body, I am looking great. My love handles are GONE even with the swelling . My booty is plump I know it won't stay this way but as long as my body remain curvaceous the way it is I can have no remorse because like doctor M says your ody cam only handle so much. Plus if I need more I'll go back in a few years. Honestly ladies the next thing I'm getting done are my boobies. Maybe not by doctor M. Sine he's pretty darn expensive but my sister and I are looking into doing this around March 2014 afraid I've healed. I want to take pictures and post and I promise to do so but I want to at least give my self of a week to heal no point in seeing me now with foam padding every where.

Day 3 should be interesting...

I'll update again tomorrow day 3 should be interesting...

Sleeping is a real pain in the Arse!!!

Through out the day I get aches and pains that even the percocet can't help. But negative seems to hurt the most are the drains and stitches now. They itch and always feel like they're being pulled out of me. I cannot wait til Tuesday for my nurses to have these suckers removed. I took a shower day 2 which I nearly blacked out in the shower, so today I'm having my boyfriend shower with me to hold me up. Every bit of movement you make takes the life out of you. I've Ben rake the antibacterial mediation so my labia doesn't swell like some of the other bbl sisters I notice on here ***fingers crossed *** I'm excited to have the garment taken off today to view the swelling and see just how advance I am in my recovery. I've been doing everything they asked. Ensure, low sodium foods M, more fruits, arnica tablets and of course walking frequently.

Sleeping hurts simply because you're in the same position for hours at a time. So I find my self disturbing my boyfriend my getting up on all fours to stretch out my back and elbows, boy does that hurt!!! I pee in a bucket because the bathroom toilet is too low for me to squat.

Next thing on my mind is getting my garment resized. Granted I love the cloth and quality by Marena but there selection is pretty low. My current garments areblack

To be continued

My current garment are black and knee length, also has its own bra it (which that part I like!) but when where a dress you can. Easily see he length of my garment so km taking it to a seam seamstress and A. Have the length on the legs shorter and B. Cut out the butt it's too tight. I know Doctor. M says different and so does my boyfriend but I need to look like I have a plump booty for 900 cc's.

Yesterday I cried again because I was so depressed at the idea of not getting the results I want. I felt like I need to starved self to stay this size, in 23 years I have never had a body without love handles guys!! It's my body genetics... So to not have this and have hips and plump booty is glorious to me, and i refuse to let my self go by eating he greasy foods I once ate or drink alcohol like I used to as well. I rebuke this nonsense in the name of Jesus and declare my self forever sexy!! Please pray for me Bbl ladies because only you know the emotional roller coaster ride one has after such a traumatic procedure. I love you all for sharing your stories for being supportive and this is as real as its going to get. My results I'll post today is as real as it will get as well. Smooches!!!

Just pics day 4 post op

Absolutely getting a revision by doctor M.

I thought about it: 900 cc's were administered in my ass about. Between the swelling going down a d the fat being reabsorbed I'll be left with make 600-700 cc's if I'm lucky. My hips has 200 cc's and maybe 60-70% of that will last. I'm not dissatisfied at all with my lipo, but the pep talk my doctor and I had before going in was to have the maximum, not less than 1200 cc's in each butt check and 250-300 cc's in each hip. This didn't. Happen and that part I am unhappy with. Hope this journey gets better. I see him Tuesday for post op so I'll for sure be asking about t a revision.

Drains are kicking my A$$

The drains hurt beyond belief, you stand wrong they feel as through they're being ripped out of you. I've been walking around with maxis pads in my garment just to avoid friction with the drains. I cannot wait to have this taken out today during my post op today.

My measurements are

Hips 45
Waist 35 sad.... I know I'm swollen but geeezeee.

So I'm getting a waist cincher to wear over the garment for extra compression and develop those curves even quicker. The foam pads work great but going out with them isn't sexy one bit lol

I'll keep u posted

Drains and stitches removed!!!

I must fully disclose with you all that I am a huge baby! Getting those stitches removed and drained pulled from my rear and from pubes made me cry like a newborn. My nurse Norma laughed but I had no energy to laugh. When the stitches were out I felt like a kid who was rewarded a lollipop after a dental cleaning. I was so happy,pure bliss. Now I can lay on my stomach without worries of ripping My drains out. The pen wounds itch and sting like hell but definitely worth it. My nurse applied gauze pads to my rear and pube and then but the foam board pad to my abdomen and then I put the garment on. HURT LIKE HELL!!! I didn't get the massage, because my boyfriend and I bough all i need to the best massages.

Arnica gel,
Rosemary essential oil
Lemon balm essential oil
Mix it all together and apply it to all my pocket fat. I'm not excited about it but I know it needs to get done to feel better.

Also on my way home from Dr. M. OFFICE I located an alteration store called alterego alteration off of ponce DE Leon in coral cables. The lady doesn't speak much English but she is super sweet and very family with altering compression garments. I'm having her shorten the length on my garment from knees to the upper hip, also cutting out the buttock. I want the butt out garment because my butt is overly compressed in this marena garment. I'm picking up the garment Thursday after my next post op visit so I'll let you know how it goes.

Also I may order my Squeem tonight, if not I'll go to a compression garment store in Boynton beach I'll let u know how it goes. Night lovies

Friend and family

They all think I came so far from where I was. Which uncanny see from my pre op pics to now, my post op pics... Glad they're happy their energy feeds off on mine

Valium Do not take

Ladies if you do not NEED to take a Valium please discontinue this medication I researched it further and it makes you depressed. I kept wondering why I was so grouchy, moody, in and out of cry spells and found that Valium and he generic forms is the cause. Then I spoke with a her hard provider and they confirmed this. Do the world and your caregiver a favor and no Valium if you don't Need it. Just sharing a tip. Not medical advice

Today I freaked!!!

Sure you know from my posts I've been an emotional wreck pre and post surgery so you can just imagine how angry in was at mendieta office after learning the two marena garments I purchased for 150.00 each are NOT real compression garments. The fabrics are polyester and spandex. Apparently anything spandex is not made for post surgery stage 1.... Well the staff at mendieta office failed to tell me this so I had to purchase a fajas from Slender boutique in south Florida. It was even cheaper than what I paid for the marena at 130.00. Also does the job of the waist cincher as well. I was happy and sad. Sad that I paid 300 for some stupid garments and happy that I finally have the right garment.

I have swelled up more and even gained weight, just totally upset. upset the garment has the butt cut out and gives me a lot of projection and compression. See the pics. Don't judge the swelling in the garment. Because I have foam pad and a abdominal board to flat that swollen tummy.

No garment on, picture

Today was fun!!!

My last follow up in Miami with mendieta of was the office busy, seemed like everyone was checking out at the same time. But it was fine because I met someone of the BBLssisters from RS. I was so excited talking to them. Btw for those who don't believe the mendieta profiles are in fact true because there aren't any pictures, I can confirm the profiles are 100% true. they're just shy but they look absolutely gorgeous!! Mendieta makes miracles happen. Now on another note for the ladies who've been having issues with the he marena garment, pplease return it. Its not for stage one mendieta even confirmed it. Its not going to compress your swelling enough which you will need done in the first few weeks. So I got my refund on the garment and purchased a larger size in the fajas because the medium was cutting of my circulation. The abdominal board is excellent to weather underneath the fajas as well too.

Next, get those massages whether you do it yourself or have someone else do them, but only the liposuction areas so you don't kill the fat cells In your ass.

So the doctor confirmed I am not getting a revision at all. I can however get a second bbl at the price of 8000$ also he evaluated my breast and says I'll need a lift and augment. Which will cost me 10k for silicone implants. Great!!! I love mendieta but his prices are jacked, so I'm going to shop around for another surgeon that can give me the boobs and injection of fat in my hips and ass.

Anyways that is all for now

Follow missg2dag on RS

Please follow my cousin missg2dag and provide her support as much As possible. She will. Be getting the gastric sleeve done 9/7 she will need as many prayers as possible.


I'm almost done paying off this 10k that I put on my fiancé Amex and I'm already considering going for round 2 bbl (need more ass) and silicone implants with lift. I just spoke with my sister and we are considering Dominican Republic for our procedures. Either Yily or Duran. I love their work, but I love even more their prices 5k for my total package vs 18k mendieta is trying to offer me. Holy cow!!! Anyways I'll keep you all posted as I recover more. But my Brea job I am definitely doing by February 2014 so stay put you will see more updates, photos and information.

For the stiffness

Day 9 you will feel ever so stiff. Causally stretch as much and as high as possible. Do. NOT BEND DOWN touching your toes while wearing the fajas because you WILL ruin your garment and material.
Btw ladies who are interested in buying my style of fajas you can purchase it from this website. I have a large which I may have to get sized by a seamstress to be a medium within a few more weeks because my swelling is drastically going down with a board and drain massages.

I'm just so excited I can't contain myself. I played dress up today and clothes that were to tight fit absolutely perfectly and smoothly. I can't wait until I can hit the gym again to shape up my arms and inner thighs.

Back to work

First day back to work and the stares are non stop. Granted I ha desk job, but every time I stand up I seem to have all eyes on the new booty. When I left the place two weeks ago only a hand full of people knew what I was getting done, I return and now everyone knows just by my new "ASSets"!! A sistah got booty now. I'm happy with my results so far, even with the swelling.

HOWEVER I have lost an inch in the rear. Now Buenos, I'm at 44, went from 45. Oh well part of the BBL journey

Swelling swelling swelling!!!

Any other BBL sisters on here experienced abnormal swelling their first few weeks post op? Seems like my swelling is getting worse than better... Hopefully I'm not collecting more fluid than I should be

Magic potion

Sooooo after searching Hugh and low I found the perfect remedy for the stiffness, abnormal swelling and bruising. Last night at Walmart I found this gel called Zims Max Freeze Gel, ingredients Aloe Leaf, Arnica Montana, Tee Tree oil. This topical gel goes on real smooth, leaving e skin cool like you've been sitting in a fridge. What I do is massage it into those hard lumpy areas in a circular motion or a downward movement. Then I add rosemary essential oil on the swollen area and lastly I finish the routine off with benadryl extra strength anti itch relief. Boy do I feel good. No itching!! No stiffness. I would advise putting some super maxi pads on the swelling areas and then your Ab board and then the fajas. I'm stuffed like it's winter but gladly I have the coldest AC system in my office lol or else it would be a problem.

I hope this works for you because it certainly did for me! Good luck

Altered Marena Garment

So they call the Marena line "compression garments," but I beg to differ. Its more like a shape wear. So I had it altered at the waist so It would be slightly tighter and shortened I length to wear with dresses. Its nice to wear when you're doing laundry and activities, I'm not gonna lie. The fajas is wayyy to thick to do a lot in. So I'm happy with the results my seamstress gave me on this garment.

3 weeks post op

So I am feeling much better, recovery is definitely mental more than it is physical. This is my pic without garment and just a sport bra on, you can see the wrinkles and creases my fajas caused.

Fajas vest

Hey dolls, just to update briefly. So was sick of wearing the full body suit fajas so I purchased a fajas vest with the wires. Honestly I love it. It doesn't ride up or roll up. Even better, it alleviates my butt of the compression. That feels great! I wear dress and pants fine without it seems like my butt is any smaller. I also bought an ultrasonic portable massage from eBay with the ultrasound gel. It gives a warm cooling sensation relieving me of the liposuction discomfort and it's supposed to rid Me of the scar tissues, lumps and bumps I've formed since surgery. I'll keep you updated.

Last, I want you dolls to be very careful withyour post iop care. I know pre op is more exciting and post op is rather annoying but its probably more important than anything during the entire journey. Lately I've been feeling very well and drained, couldn't understand why I was experiencing some much fatigue until I went and saw my boycott and he let me know my blood levels were far too low. I'm now taking iron routinely and vitamin C. I won't say I feel like my old self but I am able to continue with my day without feeling sick to my stomach like I'm going to pass out.

Starting Lymphatic massages next week!

6 week post op

Not much has changed at 6 week post op, aside from my activity level. I'm getting back to my normal self. Saturday I did a fivemile hike in Peters Canyon, back to dining out, dancing. I'd say I'm 80% there, doesn't feel like I've had a Bbl except for the moments I have to sit on my cylinder pillow. The vest I purchased isn't bad, it does cause itching where the bars in the vest stops. Its a bit shorter for my torso, however. Overall I'd have to say of al my garments I like my butt out fajas he most. It shapes my butt, lifting it and making it look plumper. I also ordered a steel bones corset. Its very tight. My posture is perfect and my waist is "IN" I bought it for about 75.00 from orchard corset. Mine is pretty long about 13 inches in length underbust, does a better job than a waist cincher.

My visit to my LMT was good. She did a electro drain massage and to flush my tissues of excess fluids. But next week I'm visit mendieta to help out with the hard lump areas and get a ultrasonic massage as well as manual draining. I'm excited for this journey to be over so I can get to round two. It truly is as bad as it seems in the beginning. The first 2-3 weeks is the hards hump to get over. Everything else is bearable. Anyways until further notice I'll update as I go along

Waist training

Sorry I've been away, I've been getting my life in order between work, traveling and recovering. These past few weeks having been fun. I've first sat, been dining, dancing and having amazing see!! Ladies once you start feeling better, waste no time in getting it on with your man because it just gets better with a bigger assss!

I bought a steel boned corset, size 26in, that I've been wearing as a waist trainer as well as a Squeem size small. I'm running on a treadmill and keeping my caloric intake to 1200 daily.
Firming cream *** please buy one, Nivea, Jergens, Almay, Olay you will need this to retract the skin that forms after lipo so please start as soon as you can. I bough my bottle for less than 6$
Ladies yours results will only last as long as you let them. I'm feeling great and looking even better.

Lastly this surgery will cost you a grand over the actual surgery fee. Between medication, massages, post op garments and healthy eating you will definitely spend more than you expected. So ladies please save save save your money before doing this, because there are no corners to cut in a BBL. Love you all!!


Hi there! So I've exchanged my long lined waist training or set for the average length 10inch waist corset. This fits way better bad sits nicely on me. I wore it all say to work and with the 16 flexible and steel bones it felt very comfortable.... Now with that being said, ya girl has made the decision to get ROUND TWO with Dra Duran in Santo Domingo, DR. I've played about researched her and feel completely settled with letting her work wonders on my body. I know I don't have a long way to go after have my waist sculpted but I still have some aggravating back fat and I am in need of HIPS! his lady does wonders. And in the groups everyone who is Duran verts confirm just how great her after care is. I'm excited April 21,2014 it is, myself and my good friend. I'll start a part 2 bbl journey blog and log my events about Dra Duran next week. For now, I'm going to bask inn the excitement! #TeamBigBooty!

Cs-411 waist training corset


Change of mind Change of heart...

For months I've been participating in surgery groups,, hence, why I've been inactive on here. After researching countless of doctors, from Columbia, Dominican republic, Mexico and the states I've decided to keep my ass home. In Miami. No need to go out the states and risk anything happening to my precious life. I commend all my grill friends who have done it in Dominican Republic, but I'm just not ready regardless how attractive the rates are. If I were to go to DR the ONLY doctor I would go to and recommend is Dra Agustina Hilario Durán. Her work is amazing, speaks for her and her bedside manners is excellent per the surgery groups. I've spoken to her myself and she is very pleasant, not the least bit arrogant, like a few others. Anyways so with that being said I've decided to give my doctor Constantino Mendieta a fair second chance to give me the butt I truly desire. So round 2 with him it it December 30th. That about 4 month post op from this initial bbl. This time the workl will be done to my arms, inner thighs, bra rolls and chin. He has told me to gain 5-10 lbs!! I told him no way!! All my hard work, eating right, exercising and waist training is not going out the Window. >_<

Mendieta team are AMAZING they call me every other week to check on how I'm healing, providing recommendations to speed my recovery and enhance my results. For those curious no I am not paying full price for 2nd bbl which makes this even easier for me to accept. I belive in my heart this round is going to be smoother. I heard the second time is always easier than the first. A few of my girls who are on round 3 says it's a walk in the park. I'm looking forward to that walk lol. Chat later lovies!

Deposit sent! Date October 30th

Just sent my deposit over to Angel @ 4 Beauty. So the journey begins, eating beef liver, spinach, beets, kale to get my iron up. Yuck! But what ya gonna do!? Last time I went into surgery my hemoglobin was at 11.6 and I was sooooo weak post op. This time I need to be at a solid 13.

I scheduled my endermologie eatments pre and post op. The nurses at 4 beauty recommend I start treatments 4 weeks before surgery to promote circulation , break down my scar tissue and get my Lymphatic system up to speed so I can heal quicker. I'm game!! anything I'll do to avoid the painful recovery I had two months ago. This woman charges 95$ a session but her technique is so worth it. Results

Good news!!! I lost an inch on my waist since starting my waist training 30 to 29. Hoping I'll lose another half inch to an inch by December 30th! Ladies all i can say, is cinch, cinch, cinch that waist post op,, Liposuction alone will not get you a 24-26 inch waist... My bbl sisters with no waist has vouched this.. I recommend a steel boned corset wear it minimum 8 hr days.

On a side note ladies I'm loving the skin I'm in, I'm wearing the sexy crop tops, tight leggings, bodycon dresses that I never used to wear. Mentally prepare yourselves for that change you're about to encounter, between your friends, family and significant other, you will feel the heat and the hate. Out the gate girls were throwing shade and now my boyfriend is becoming overly jealous when we're not together, like when it's me time or girls night. He constantly scold me about attention I'll recieve the from stray men. I think after a while it will be old new and they get over it but just know you will experience those moments and just embrace it because it only means you're doing something right! *****Xoxoxoxoxo****


Wearing my Vendette latex waist cincher. I use this to work out. It pest roll up, slide up but the wires do sort of dig into your back. Nothing serious however.


Ooops sorry hehehe. Anyways round two I want more shelf. Period!

Booked hotel!

Ok so last time I booked my hotel at the "Best Miami hotel" is the crappiest place on earth... Between the construction, kids banging on doors, and rude staff who charged you extra to sneeze, piss and pass gas. Not being extreme but it's true, definitely not a place for recovering. I called the ESA a mile from Mendietas office and since my company has a corporate account with them, I received a pretty decent rate and even better accommodations. My room will be at the very corner on the top floor as far from screaming kids as possible lol.

For some reason nearly 4 months post op my hips are still extremely sensitive to touch. I've been rubbing a textured cloth, penny and my hands on them twice a day for 30 seconds like the doctor's recommend, so far nothing yet. I hope this doesn't persist, very uncomfortable feeling.

I'm counting on my moisturizing regimen to help my ass and hips take in more fat... We'll see. A few of my sx girls says Palmers cocoa butter "oil" will make the booty soft and jiggly, hence, taking more cc's. Its going on 3 months since I've been religiously applying this stuff to my body so I'll let you know if I take more than 900 cc's this round.

The two hard spots I had in my left butt cheek is gone! This causes for celebration. Not my butt is equal and soft to the touch. :=)

SX date change!?

Mendieta's office called with some gloomy news.... Apparent they're shutting the OR for the holidays on Dec 30th so my surgery has to be rescheduled. Sucks, because the dates they offered would be before thanksgiving or right after thanksgiving IF I want to have it this year... So I decided to have it January 7th that way I could have a great Christmas, thanksgiving and new years. Only bad part is I'll need to cancel my valentine's trip to Mexico. There's no way after 6 weeks I'll be able to wear my bathing suit and have fun in the sun. It literally took me 10 weeks to fully recover from bbl 1. Plus this time around I'll be wearing compression arm sleeves and fajas below the legs... CAN U SAY HOT HOT HOT!? >_

Photo playing dress up

Trying on my body con dress that just came in. Waist is official 29 post op from a 35 pre op. So next round I need to be at a serious 26! I'm actually wearing the darn corset an waist cincher together right now. I live by this!


If you haven't read above I went into my first bbl at 11.6 hemoglobin level. This is sooooo dangerous considering the amount of blood you lose during and after surgery. Mendieta requires a combination of things to operate on you, bmi also a factor so I guess he figured I was healthy. He's also aware of my anemia disorder, it's hard for me to build blood cells regardless. So I've gotten on this regimen to build my hemo in less than 6 weeks. This includes

+Nutriblast for breakfast (2 cups spinach or Kale and beets /fruits pumpkin seeds)
+Geritol!!!! (Yuck, tastes like lead and cows blood)
+vitamin C
+folic acid

Its a lot to consume I know but I need to be at 14 hemo this time around. I refuse to compromise my health and neither should you ladies .

Beef liver (Yuck )

I tried the whole Beef liver thing Ughhhhhhh boy was it nasty! "But it's soo good for you" they say! So why don't they eat it! Yuck!

Geritol chased with vodka and tonic

Official wish pic

In the past I wanted delishis body but now I found the perfect hip to wait ratio I want. Not too big to too small.


Hip to waist ;)

Changed my hotel-Massages

After mendieta office changed my sx date to January 7th I decided to move my hotel from the ESA 4 miles away to the Hampton inn that's only 7 minutes walking distance from the office. Yay!! Now all I need to is getting my two lymphatic massages in prior to sx (Massage envy has lymphatic massages at 39$) for an hour massage, check their website,I can't post it here. It's cheaper than 60-100 $ massages that everywhere else is charging. I'll let you know in December how they feel

Update picture of my front

So yesterday I took this pic in my maxi dress. No garment on (kinda stopped wearing that thing months ago) I asked my FB girls what they thought, if I needed more hips on round two to get the look I'm going for, or if I should just continue to waist train. And I got a 75% saying to waist train and 25% says a little more hips. Keep in Mt mind Mt measurements are 36-29-43 I'm thinking if I lose 3 more inches on my waist I'll be wear I want to be "hip to ratio wise" someone else said I should add laterals. So I'll consider that.


Month four of my journey -Complication-: Where mendieta injected the fat into my hips hurts like hell. My nerves were damaged and now very sensitive like a burning sensation. I expressed this to him last Month at my post op appointment and he assured me it was my healing stage and it would go away well fast forward to today >>>>>>>>and I'm still hurting!

Taking every supplement under the sun....

32 days AWAY! Yes, I am one of those pre op dolls who take EVERY SUPPLEMENT UNDER THE SUN! Right now I'm taking:
vitamin C 1000 mg
1 multivitamin
1 table spoon of Geritol (raise hemo, 18mg of iron)
15 Graphites pellets (reduce scar tissue)
120,000 SPU Serrapaptase silica (reduce fibrosis)
3 cups of raw spinach or Kale

I think that's all off the top of my head, anything else I remember I'll share later. I'm making sure my 2nd BBL is the smoothest possible

Officially 30 days away!!!

30 days until I'm on the other side once again, I am sooo excited. Not for the pain but for the results. I'm getting my new butt out marena garment for maximum results! Also buying the sleeves, I need a beach chair to cut out the bottom and sit during recovery. Let me tell you laying on your stomach becomes dreadful after a while. I need more lipo foam, arnica tablets, most of my supplies I have left from round 1 so I don't need too much.

On another note here's a beautiful picture of khole kardashian. I love hersilhouette

Quick pic

Marena garment

Spoke to Marena group gave them my measurements 36-29(maybe 30 after lunch  43 1/2 and they recommend a stage 1 MEDIUM FBHRSS. What I like about this model:
1. Reinforced compression in abdomen and back
2. Very thin lining in the butt (hardly any compression)
 3. 3 hooks in the front
4.3/4 sleeves (arm lipo
 5. 134.00 bones Not bad for level of comfort this bad boy will give me —

Christmas wish!!

*****Serious curves***** her body is my Christmas wish! Please deliver Mendieta!!


My skin is prone to keloid naturally. From my first liposuction procedure 01/2012 I was left with some bad elevated scars aka keloids. I have about 12 identified raised scars on my body that Itches and super sensitive. Even have one in my ear where my ear was pierced. So I met with my dermatologist today and we've began steroid therapy to flatten and rid me of these ugly scars. She uses Corticosteroid injections directly into the scar . they sting upon entry, like a bee sting, but that's about it. She band aides you up and send you on your Mary way. It took all of 15 minutes. minutes I'm scheduled once a month for the next 5 months or until they're gone which may be sooner. Thank God I have insurance because without it that visit would cost my 800.00. Ughhhh. On another I'm dreading having to do this all over again after round two and I develop the same damn scars again. Anyways any questions PM me

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Part 2 of this review

I'll be posting in my 2nd review for my Round two. Please follow my journey there.????Thanks in advance dolls!???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Mendieta is amazing at what he does. he's sweet, huggable, loveable but slightly expensive. He gave me curves I never had in 20+ years, but not the desired booty or hips I truly wanted. I received 900 cc's and 200 cc's in my hips... it's always busy in the office wait times can be prolonged, but not to the point of complaint. He spends enough time with you to make you feel comfortable without wasting time. Because in business "time is money" and no one has money to lose. His nursing staff check on you via email and phone weekly. I rate him a 5! Part two I'm having my second bbl with him again. So far he's been pleasant as well as the staff. Can't wait to update you guys!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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