My BBL Journey w/ Dr. Blinski - Miami, FL

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I've had a strange start so far. I originally...

I've had a strange start so far.

I originally signed up early February with coordinator Liz for Dr. Osak Omulepu. I paid 300 dollar deposit and paying the 5k on care credit 2 weeks before surgery date. My sx date is locked in for May 4th.

That 5k will get me the normal 12 area lipo w/ BBL and I'm adding both arm lipo ($800) the chin/neck lipo ($400) and 1 syringe of Juvederm for my lips ($660). I get to stay in a recovery house for 5 nights 6 days. 1 garment. 3 lymphatic massages.

Fast forward to TODAY. I was bored at work and decided to google my doctor to read some of his reviews...NEXT THING I READ is an article about how Dr. Osak Omulepu's medical license has been REVOKED!! Apparently he punctured 4 different women's internal organs during their providers over the span of 2 days in early 2015. The Board was calling Dr. O highly incompetent because he is not board certified and that they will be doing further investigations. That document I read was dated Feb 26, 2016. So relatively knew. (It's a low key blessing this happened before my surgery. It scares the shit out of me. This is my life and my body we are talking about. )

But what trips me out is that the team at Spectrum knew about his situation before the article so why the HECK didn't anyone call me and tell me I need to rebook with someone else?!?!?!?! Good thing I took it upon myself to email Liz and set up the same date and price I originally planned. Otherwise I'd be shit out of luck come surgery date!! But the caveat was that only 2 of Spectrums Doctors matched my original plan of action. Cost and date. Just one issue-

All of the doctors there do great work so I wasn't too worried at all. I asked myself who is this 4th Doc since Dr. Omulepu is so outta there? The website lists Dr. Ortega, Dr. Ghurani, and Dr. Llorente. Dr. Llorente was the other choice I mentioned above but he wasn't available until much later. I took off work so I needed to use the other surgeon. So who the heck is this mystery Doctor you ask? Come to find out his name is Dr. Sergio Alvarez. He isn't listed on the site yet but I imagine is he is helping out with the work load since homeboy got fired.

I googled this man of course. And come to find out he is one of the best plastic surgeons in the Mi Yayo according to many articles. He has his own clinic and is opening another amazing one in Spain as well. Impressive!! The only BAD THING is I can't find many pics of his work. From Twitter, IG, to his website. I am still going to do a lot of homework and ask my coordinator to send me pics of his BBLs. I also tweeted him so we shall see. Although minimal, I have seen beautiful work from him nonetheless.

It's safe to say I'm happy that I'm in great hands but I'm just overall freaked out because of the situation with Dr. Osak and the fact moons from Spectrum contacted me (they aren't great with communication with pre op patients from what I heard of so I'm not surprised). I'm not whiny cry baby though and I know eventually I will have all the info I need and everything with my reconvey house will be fine.

As far as Dr. Alvarez is concerned - I really need him to be aggressive with the lipo and understand the fact I want a lot of butt projection. Dr. Osak was known to give rockin, curvy bodies so ....yea. :(

I'll keep updating and posting body tigress pictures but until my next update I posted a pic of my face. I have a pretty decent body at best and actually a somewhat nice backside so I have a good starting point. I've seen bigger women have work done at Spectrum (and cheap, dangerous clinics you should NOT go to in the DR.) and come out looking like QUEENS with BAWDY baby! So I'm hella excited for my outcome.

Let me know if anyone of y'all ladies have surgery around May 4th, just need a surgery buddy, simply ask questions, know anything about Dr. Sergio Alvarez, got snubbed by Dr. Osak, or if Spectrum failed to contact you to change docs.

Moving right along.

I got an email from Liz this morning answering all my annoying questions. LOL God love her.

She confirmed my date with Dr. Alvarez and gave me the contact for the recovery house. I will be staying at Assistance 4 Life. Karla is great and has been accommodating so far since I'm adding two more days to my stay. 150/night. Adding up to 7 nights 8 days. I wanted to make sure a full week passes before I get my buns on a plane back to OKC.

But their website leaves a lot to be desired. I really want to know what I should for sure but and bring with me. I know they provide transportation to/from the airport, clinic, massages, and store runs. Provide 3 meals a day and a snack. 1 garment and Socks. I'm sure they have pads and all that good stuff but honestly IDK. I need to harass Karla some more and have her draw up a list of things I need that they don't provide. I don't want to go on a shopping spree and come to find out they already have there. Instead of a boppy or beach chair I am going to order Dr. Miami special BBL cushion seat. It's like the Rolls Royce of butt seats (google it!). And I can use that at work and in my car for as long as I need to. And it doesn't look like anything but a seat cushion for comfort and posture. None would be the wiser.

Anywho...I've decided to stay in the shared room so I can have someone to talk to and complain with LoL. I didn't invite anyone to come with me anyways.

On another note -- yesterday when I was freaking out about Dr. Osak and the fact that I couldn't get in contact with my coordinator, I sent my pics to two more Doctors for a virtual consultation. Dr. Wilberto Cortes in Houston. Whom is AMAZING. WOW. but his all inclusive price (minus the recovery house and massages) is $10,600. That's pricey. The other is Dr. Salama. You all know his work. BBL with ONLY 3 areas,recovery house (a super nice one that provides everything, btw), massages, and garments is around 9k. I applied for 12k on my Care Credit card so I don't mind paying all the way up to that much. Everything is in my price range but considering it's only 6k (was 5k but I'm adding chin, lips, and arms) and I get a good surgeon does excite me but worries me at the same time. I don't want him to crank it out because I'm not paying that much you know what I mean? I'm going to make it super clear that I want the waist cinched in, projection, and round hips. I will pay as much as I need to get that.

Just a little curious...

Is Dr. Salama the only person that does BBL's? LoL! I feel like he's the only Doctor whose transformations I see on here. I wonder how many surgeries he does a day. I don't think I would be comfortable with a surgeon that did more than 3 a day.

That's just me though---I was shopping around as I mentioned before and got to talking to Nancy @ Elite and she is amazing and if I went to Salama it would cost me a little over 9k to do everything I wanted and stay at the recovery house.

I am still excited to go to Sergio Alvarez. Definitely lucked out there. Just wish I could see as many photos of his work as I do of Salama. LoL

Too many good Doctors!

So after surfing thru IGs #BBL hashtag seeing if I can find or stumble across anymore of Dr. Alvarezs' procedure pictures I came across another amazing BBL doctor...not as famous all all the other doctors in Miami but his work has to be my FAVORITE so far. Like the best body work I've seen besides Dr. Miami (Salhauzer). His name is Dr. Blinski and he is dope. ---I have decided to add pics of his work for you all.

I talked to a coordinator today and sent my pics so I will hear back from him tomorrow on what surgery dates are open. Not many people know about him and I think I can get an end of April date instead of May 4th.

He charges 5500 for his BBLs and a 500 deposit to hold your date. Idk how much extra I'll need to pay for arms and chin but I'll find out tomorrow.

Eek! I might be switching Doctora ladies.

Changed Doctors on a whim!

Welp. It's official my friends. I will be going to Dr. Blinski instead at the end of April.

Only reason why is because I just can't find many of Dr. Alvarez patients. I know a few are out there (and their bodies are insane don't get me wrong!) but none past the first couple of weeks or months mark. I need to see how his work holds over time before I commit.

Plus...going in a week earlier changes everything.

So if anyone wants to take my date with Alvarez at Spectrum let me know.

Recovery House Chronicles - Countdown Begins!

My boo Jackie from Dr. B's office sent Over my labs and locked in my date - April 28th!

As for my recovery house - For only $1400 am going to stay 7 nights/8 days at BluCove recovery house. I chose this place because the owner,Debbie, is an actual RN and not just a caretaker. I get 4 lymphatic massages performed on site (I also have 1 at the office that was included in the surgery price), transportation to anywhere and everywhere I need to go, 3 full meals a day w/ snacks, large bedrooms, extra large bathrooms, wifi, cable/Netflix, and laundry services.

You can pick a package or choose to stay however many days you choose. It was between there and Miami Escape. Dr. B actually recommends Miami Escape but they charge a lot more than BluCove and they don't offer the same amenities. Miami escape is run by care givers or CNAs and only 1 massage for 400+ more bucks. I'll pass.

I actually wanted to stay at Bella Donna recovery villa but they haven't responded to me yet. They are like the Rolls Royce of recovery houses. LoL

But to keep it REAL -- If I could have someone with me I would have loved to just spend the 100 bucks on an Airbnb room for a week and just thug it out with my best friend or one of my real self sisters. But trying to decide what supplies to bring and worrying about how easy it is to catch staph infection...scares the SH*T out of me. So I guess I have to toss out a rack just to be on the safe side, I will. I applaud the women that take care of them self at a hotel and remain safe! Cheers to you.

Anyways--the countdown continues. Next I am going to be ordering my BBL pillow (don't know if I want to buy a legit one or just a boppy. Help!) and getting some little supplies here and there like my Arnica cream blah, blah.

Going to take advantage of my other deposit.

So, I was looking at pics of me from a few years ago and got an idea to get my old body back and to look better than ever.

Instead of just losing my deposit at Spectrum - I am going to schedule a lipo of the inner/back of my thighs. Maybe even touch up a few places Dr. Blinski can't get to this go 'round.

Not to mention, you only have to wait a few months before you can go under the knife again. :) it's going down.

Moved my Surgery date up!

Holy. Freaking. Crap.

Jackie told me to call her ASAP so I sure did. She asked if I was interested in moving my surgery date up to the 19th! Apparently, their regular anesthesiologist won't be working on the 28th so they are moving girls around that are having work that day.

I had to check with my recovery house first (BluCove & Miami Escape- I still can't decide even after my last a dummy!) and she said it's all good so I guess it's go time!

Girls, It's really right around the corner now! I better hurry and get my flight and my Dr. Miami BBL pillow like right dang now.

BBL Pillow and RH update

Ok, since I had an extreme switch of surgery dates it's better that I go with Miami Escape instead.

I'm super happy about this actually - and since I am staying in April the cost went down $300!

Anyways, I was going back and forth about what BBL pillow to get and I've decided to go with Dr. Miami's pillow. There are two different components to this pillow which can be used in a variety of differs ways. You can detach the bottom part of the seat if you want to be less conspicuous.

Go to if interested.

It's Go time. Officially!

Labs came back. Everything's fine. Idk why I was so worried.

Looks like I'm his first surgery on the 19th. :)

I just need my BBL pillow and my Amazon order of creams, pills, and potions to get here like today!

Dr. Miami Booty Pillow!

Since I was going to be sitting on this for some time I wanted to get the Rolls Royce of BBL pillows. It's the same price as most pillows on the market ($99) and 1000% more sturdier, comfy than a donut or Boppy. I sat on it and it is amazing. I love the back support. I can even lay on my back with this and be completely comfortable and know that my butt is out of harms way. LoL The back support is attached by velcro so if you don't want to use it and be less sho can do that. Comes with a cute little carrier with the Dr. Miami logo on it. Please invest in this! Totally worth it.

In depth list of post op supplies!

This list is for me and what I prefer. Of course, some will vary between each persons needs.

I am attaching a list of what my recovery house is providing, what I bought already, what I ordered off of Amazon, my stage 1 and both stage 2 faja's (I was lucky to score my friends that she didn't use!).

It's also important to bring a thick robe with you to surgery because you will be freezing for a while. It doesn't hurt to buy a thin one as well for lounging around. Only bring/buy granny panties if you are going to be on your cycle. Don't waste the money on them. Just bring a couple of baggy pajama pants if you don't like your cooka hanging out. A razor won't hurt either as long as you have someone to shave for you. It will be hard for you to bend and stretch, etc. I will also have aresole Secret deodorant spray for my pits and undercarriage in case the baby wipes don't do their job!

As for ab boards-I was given the "butterfly" shaped one and I find that one to be most effective.

I'm here!

Touched down last night. Stayed on the beach at an Air BnB - it was dope. Now going to Miami Escape to drop luggage off and then go to my pre-op appt. :)

Pre-Op + Miami Escape

Pre-Op went great. The girls in his office are amazing and really accommodating. Dr. Blinski- you can just tell he knows his stuff. He has 35 years of experience and he is a foremost expert on lipo. You can't deny his eye for shaping a body.

He only does ONE BBL a day/surgery days. You do not want to go to a doctor that does more than 3 a day. Especially like all the Doctors at Vanity. They will do up to 7 or more a day and give you an infection! So ask those questions before you choose a doctor.


This place is dope. Dr. Blinski's team recommend this place because he did it's the cleanest recovery house he had seen here. He doesn't have an affiliation with this place/gets any kick backs so you know he means what he says.

Danni (the owner) is cool as shit. Sherry and Jocelyn work here as well and are so helpful.

But the pictures will speak for themselves. Do yourself a favor and book here.

I'm alive!!!

Don't let anyone fool you...this was the MOST painful thing I've ever had to experience my WHOLE ENTIRE Life.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bar NONE

But knowing me, I had to be a "rockstar" and diploid outer of the "triage" area after a few hours of hollering and moaning. But Danni said I'm doing great. Not one ounce of blood on or around and vital signs we're perfect. So I guess it was a team idea for me to move. Some women need to be in traipse 2-4 days actually--all depends on her body and the quality of the surgeons technique

Well let me get back to the surgeon and his steam. Dr. Blinski and his team have been working along side for decades now. The anesthesiologosit make me feel so comfy.

Bam!! I'm up and am in MISERY! I Wasn't crying but I know how much I was harassing that poor nurse. She's so kind. She had to give me the maximal allow age of dosses of IV Demerol because my pain tolerance level is so low. She also let me pop a Percocet-finally a little relief.

Honestly, it was the BBL pillow you're so posed to sit on is what's killin you. Totally hard to relax. Don't think you can just avoid buying them - it's dead serious out here! keep off your buns! :that's why I love those pink blowup beds here at Excape.

Anyways. I may have forgetten a few things I wanted to say but I'm going to do some before a after.

I got pics!

He gave me my hips, lips injection,arm lipo , butt projection, a killer overall shape. I wanted a slope and not an over obvious selfh buttocks. Si yes! I'm happduc

Regular standing.

Just a pic!

Backside and Lips

I am sorry I have been staggering these posts so erratically. Between being high on meds, staying busy, and my boyfriend Prince dying, I have been off the chain. LOL I re-read my other two long winded posts and Zooomg!! I sound SO crazy. Why no one stop me?! LoL anywho don't mind that version of me my loves. But since I am healing so quickly, one of the fastest turnarounds he has seen in 40 years, I can stay or go home. He prefers I stay of course but apparently I am knocking this recovery process out the park. One just has to know It's ALL about his swaggy technique and all of Dr. Blinski's surgical team. I cannot stress that enough. Talk about a well oiled machine!

Update 1 week post Op

So tomorrow is 1 week post op and I'm feeling like I've been out of surgery for 3.

My nerves are regenerating around the numb areas and that causes me to itch and have that slight burning sensation. But that means I'm getting my feeling my all over my body so I'm not complaining!

I have to wear the black garment 23 hours a day for at least 2 weeks. Then switch to the Spanx and waist clincher there on out for however long I want. I can sit down normally week 3 so I'm just itching for that day! It's pain in the ass (literally) lying on my stomach 24/7. My Bbl pillow really is making it easier for me though. It was a God send on the flight back and in my car.

I've been taking my arnica pills and using my arnica gel and that's getting rid of the bruising much faster. Also started using scar cream on the incisions that are closing. I really don't want my body marked up with scars everywhere :( but that's the least of my worries at the moment.

Anyways! I am going to post some pics in the next few days. I am filling out my clothes so well it's INSANE! Dr. Blinski killed it :))

360 Turn Video!

Let's see if this will upload. I tried on some jeans and a crop top with my arm garment, body garment, and 4 foams still on. :)

Update Picture!

Just a little update. I'm 3 weeks post op tomorrow. :) Belly is flat as a board and booty is getting softer everyday. Still a little numb but exited I can fully sit on my butt tomorrow. 3 more weeks and I can work out again!

Mini Rant & Rave

So I check back from time to time...I take the time and look at the girls who have had botched surgeries and sometimes I feel guilty that mine came out better than I could have imagined. It's sad there are doctors out there who don't give a damn about the work they do. I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Blinski I cannot say it enough! I'm going to be going back to Miami this summer and plan on visiting everyone! Also, I just saw another Blinski doll bring this up and I think I said it before in one of my earlier reviews but it so crazy that the girls that go to Vanity, Spectrum, Beverly Hills, and even the DR to have the same exact thing I had preformed come out so bloody? I didn't have ONE single drop of blood come out. Anywhere. And that's so bizarre to me that the girls that I was with at the RH look like they got shot! Not trying to be funny, but I do notice the more the girl bleeds the tougher her recovery. I guess Dr. B needs to hold seminars on lipo technique lol Anyways--that's just my little rant and rave.

Forgot to add...

So my 2nd stage surgery garment are Size spall Spanx (the kind that look like long board shorts and goes all the way up to my boobs) and a waist cincher I bought off of Amazon. WORKS LIKE A DREAM AND 10000% more comfy than a faja. And less noticeable I might add.

Almost 6 weeks post op!

I'm sitting down fully now. Booty is 90% soft. Belly (lower gut area) is still pretty numb but my stomach is still in a position to mold so I'm shrinking all the time. I over do it on my compressions and garments because I want the smallest waist I can have. I know they say after 6 weeks you don't need to compress but NEVER STOP! Maybe not the 23 hours you did right after post-op but wear some type of compression as long as you humanly can. Do it at home when you're just relaxing but if you can wear a comfy one at work during the day. Do that too. Buy multiple type--waist cinchers, Spanx, Fajas, etc. so you can switch it up and double up on garments at night. You spent so much money and time trying to get a nice body and you would be doing yourself a disservice by getting too comfortable and lazy after week 6. Keep. The. Compression. Going. Forever! Just a little side note - I get a lot of questions asking who my Doctor was and how much he cost, if my belly is bumpy after the lipo, ect. You can clearly tell who my doctor is because I mention it literally on every post. It's Dr. Blinski in Miami. His prices went up now that he is in more demand so you have to call his office and get the info you need. He also has an IG page (@Doctor_fixit) that shows all his amazing work.

Well past 6 week update!

Well I finally made it! The magical 6 week post op date. Now I can finally work out and live my life normally. Am I tho? NO lol I still wear my compression garment and Spanx every night as long as I humanly can. I also wear my waist cincher to work if I'm wearing a looser shirt. I plan on doing this foreva. Lol literally. I have lost 5 inches in total so far in my waist because of the dedication so now I'm addicted to results. Plus, it seems to help with the bloating. I still drown myself in Bio Oil after a shower and cover my scars with it and a different scar cream in the morning and at night. Now my scars are almost gone thanks to those oils/creams. Still a tad numb/tender on my belly but my butt is 95% back to its original softness so I'm excited. My boyfriend definitely appreciated that. LoL I also, out of habit, sleep on my stomach but I drive completely on my butt and sit on it as normal.

3 month Review

Hey ladies! Well I'm still doing great!

As for my body...the numbness and tenderness have all subsided. My booty is pretty much staying put. My waist is still shrinking and mold able and I basically live in a waist cincher.

It's been a while! 6months POST


Sorry I fell off the face of the earth. But I'm just living. You can see updated pics of me on my personal IG PAGE. (Private message me for it and I'll send it right over)

Also ladies - please stop being fooled into going to see those bums and bozo's at Vanity. When a doctor promises you 12 areas and will charge you more for extra- RUN! You can only pull out 4liters of fat in Florida. And all of that could be just in your abdomen ALONE. So by the fact your doctor is tying to suck so little fat out of a million diffierent places you cannot possibly get the results you want or deserve.

I just had that on my mind. More facilities do that than just Vanity and you should avoid those places like the plague. It's not worth saving 500 bucks and playing Russian roulette with your body and life.

Round 2 - LIPO only.

So I have some extra money saved and I totally have decided on round two.

It's crazy how much more I desire even tho Blinski gave me everything I could imagine plus some. In Florida you can take out a max of 4 liters so I know there was no way everything was going to get sucked out. I spoke to Jackie and if you're a frequent flyer with him you can get a great discount on Roubd 2 and beyond.

I want inner thigh lipo, more arms, back and more belly. Basically an all over touch up.


So I was bored at work today and was looking through recovery house reviews and I keep seeing over and over that so many people are having issues with care takers stealing their pain pills?! Is this a real issue. I can't believe I keep reading this over and over.

I switched to Dr. Blinski in Miami. I meet him on the 18th but I spoke to him a few times. He's a tough cookie but he know his stuff.

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