Can't wait for my BBL!

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Hello ladies, I just joined RS. I'm interested in...

Hello ladies,
I just joined RS. I'm interested in the BBL procedure. Been researching a TON of different surgeons. OMG, what a frustrating and tedious process!!! As soon as I think I have narrowed it down to the right surgeon, I have doubts based on negative reviews. I am now strongly considering Dr. Sergio Alvarez. I really like his work and patient reviews. This morning I contacted his office and spoke with Lena. She was really nice and helpful. Lena answered all my questions. I reside out of state. Therefore, I completed the online virtual consultation available on Dr. Alvarez's website. I should hear back from his office within the next 24-48 hours. I'm hoping for a sx date some time in Jan or Feb 2017. I really hope Dr. Alvarez is the one for me. I really don't feel like searching for another surgeon. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Surgery Date Set/Looking for Recovery House

Hello all,

My sx date has been set with Dr, Alvarez! Going in Jan 2017. I am sooooo excited. Now i am now searching for best recovery house. I'm considering Miami Escape or Assistance for Life. Any thoughts from anyone who have stayed at either location. Thanks!

$4500 for BBL - Great Deal

FYI, Dr. Alvarez currently has a special going on for hos BBL's. I got quoted for $4500 which includes the BBL and lipo to 12 areas!!! The 12 areas include abdomen, waist, and back. I'm not sure how long the special will last. Can't beat that!!! Besides, I'd be afraid to pay anything less LOL After all, you get what you pay for!

Assistance foe Life Recovery House???

So now my friend and I are considering staying at Assistance for Life recovery house instead of Mayda's. If anyone has had a good or bad experience at Assistance for life, please let me know. Thanks!!!

Recovery House Selected

After searching and reading many reviews on various recovery houses, my friend and I finally decided on one. We are going with Assistance for Life. Based on positive reviews read and our interaction with Assistance for Life, we believe we chosen the best RH for us.

Anxiously Waiting! Preparing in the mean time :)

I'm soooo exciting for those who recently had their procedures and are recovering well. I'm also excited for all the soon to be Alvarez dolls that are having their procedures in the next few months :) It's been really cool following a few journeys. The advise from others has been very helpful in helping me to prepare for my BBL. I've really found a lot of good ideas here. So far I've purchased a gravity lawn chair and cut a hole in for my butt. I plan on using that to relax throughout the day. As far as sleeping, I'm a side sleeper. Since I'm planning on having fat added to my hips along with the BBL, I know I won't be able to sleep on my sides or back. So I started practicing sleeping on my stomach. Unfortunately, that caused neck, breast and back pain, urrggg!!! Luckily I found a great idea from one of the Dr's answers on this site. He suggested using a cot to sleep on with a hole cut in it for your butt. What a GREAT idea!! So I purchased a cot the other day online and will cut a hole in it when it arrives. Even though I'm a side sleeper, I have no problem sleeping on my back so the cot will be perfect! I ordered and received my BBL pillow, very happy with that purchase. I also purchased my pre and post op vitamins, pstyle urinal, arnica cream and tabs. Another bbl vet recommended bringing dark maxi dresses. Therefore, I purchased several black maxi dresses. i think I have pretty much everything I need. Now, I just have to wait 4 long months LOL If I come across any other good ideas I'll be sure to share. Bye for now :)

Before Photos

Just a couple of before photos. I''m 5'5" tall. When I took these photos in Aug 2016, I was 180 pounds :( I plan on losing at least 10-15 pounds before my sx date which is on Jan 10, 2017. I'll post more before photos in November. (Sorry no head shots for privacy)

Wish Pics

I love Lira (Galore) Mercer's shape!!!! All my wish pics are of her LOL

Me Before 2 years ago

So this is a photo of me 2 years ago, not bad. Pretty much let myself go after a crazy marriage and divorce. Now it's time for me to get it back together!!! My goal is to get back to around 150, but with a little added booty and curves.

Weight Loss Before Sx

So I was 180 a few weeks ago have been in the process of losing weight before my sx date. I'm currently 175 and had planned on getting down to about 160-165. Then I became concerned and wondered if I would lose too much weight before my sx. So I contacted Lena to see how much weight I could lose based on my height and desired goal. She recommended not to lose anymore weight ????. So I guess I'ma just have to remain at 175 until my sx. Im just not comfortable at this size, I'm 25 pounds overweight. But I understand I have to give Dr. Alvarez some fat to work with!!! I was just hoping 10-15 pounds would be enough lol.

BBL Journey on Instagram

If you'd like to continue to follow my BBL journey with Dr. Alvarez, I'm on instagram as mss.blessedlady

Best wishes to all you current and future BBL dolls!
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