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Hey my name is Holly it's exactly 6:07 am and I...

Hey my name is Holly it's exactly 6:07 am and I can't sleep I'm tossing an turning cause I can't stop think ok what will this experience be like I spoke with jess from vanity in Miami and she assured me I would be a good candidate after showing Hassan my before pics I'm sooooooo freaking nervous! Bbl

Set up for August 3!!!!

Finally I'm set up for August 3rd! Jess at vanity is absolutely awesome she was very helpful she got me booked right away! So s of today I am 5'7 192 I have to loose 5lb pounds before surgery I'ma shoot for 10lbs. The reason I want this done is I want a flat tummy I don't want to waste the fat so why not put it somewhere where if can be useful lol. Il try to keep everyone updated on my journey il post som before pics so you guys can see how I look with the flubber lol

I just signed in my portal 20 days left!

So I just signed into my portal and its counting down lol! I am 5'7 and 192 pounds I have to loose 5lb in 20 days. I just got into a new relationship and you know what everyone says "it's all happy fat" my boyfriend loves me for me like he literally teared up when I told Him I was getting work but I reasurred him he's going to gonna love the new me too trust me so he's on board. Next week we are taking a family trip to Orlando I wish I could of be hassanified by then but its cool no rush if its meant to happen it will, but I am glad my apt is set for August 3 cause my boyfriends bday is August 31 so I will be set for then#excited

IAso tea for a weigh loss supplement

Just bought some iaso tea to help with dieting hope it works results are great

My portal

20 days to countdown whew:) :)

Wish pics

Wish pic

Not too big like k Mitchell though lol

Can't wait until August 3rd

I m loving All these great reviews and results of the real self fa! big shouts out to Yssrk and Pumkin my favs! Soooo Next week I'm going on a family trip to Orlando and unfortuately I look like this lol I definitely will be wearing a cover up. I have what 18 days left so I'm working out every day with black girls work out two 15 bucks in Amazon this dvd always does the trick I lost 30 pounds in 3 months one time went from 197 to 176 kept it off for a year and a half until I got in a new relationship lol, yall know about that happy fat but seriously I just need to loose 5lbs but goal is 10lbs so I'm going extra hard I'm 5'7 and 192 doc wants me at 187 lets just say I like to over exceed hope I don't lose to much though lol. Doodles xoxo

I lost 2lbs so far can you tell

So I've lost 2lbs so far bmi is 28 is that good I still have 3lbs to go

I'm getting impatient

So I sent my labs in yesterday checked in with them today and this lady was like use your portal to ask questions about any concerns??? Did anyone else have to do this?? I need to know something so I can book my flight smh

Hey real self barbs so guess what


His nephew gave me away

Labs cleared!

So happy my labs cleared but unfortunately I will be coming alone this shit sucks so bad now I'm super scared.#doubts

White Blood Cells

So I had some white blood cells In my labs so hasan wants me to retake the Cbc I have 4days until surgery vanity said it my have been a allergy or something small but I hope all is well I have 4 days left and I've booked my flight already

Nervous wreck

So I've lost the weight and my test came back good so now it's time to pack up, to every one out there don't let anyone change your mind on what you want to do for you. You do what makes you happy you got 1 life to live and every day is a second chance

Im in Miami!!!!!!

So I just got to the recovery home the driver "Raoul" is so awesome. The recovery home is huge and there are other girls here who has had surgery and who are awaiting surgery I think it's pretty cool cause you can kind of interact with its them on they're journey. I went ahead payed for my bf to come down she was taking to long to come up with the money lol,she's more excited than me lol but she will be staying for 7 days with me and we will leave together she'll get here tomorrow after I come out of surgery. Boy am I nervous im the 1st patient at 530am! pray for me dolls cause I'm crazy I'll walk in and walk right back out lol

This is beyond what I imagined

so I made it to the other side! Now it's time to recover! Thank you for all your prayers! It worked!!!! I'm stuck in bed on my tummy until tomorrow 10am then I have to get checked up but I will send you pictures as soon as I can I've been up since 445 am I was Hassan first patient

My first massage so weird I can here and fell the fluid

My first massage was good until I had to stand up and she had to do my stomach it was so uncomfortable but after a while it feels good my garment is drying I'm so ready to get it back on I'm walking around now which is awesome but still very sore remember I told talk how I told y'all I flew my girlfriend down robe with me smh well let's just say she complaining more than me her biological family is here so I guess she wants to spend more time with them and see Miami but on the real like I flew you down here if they were so damn concerned they should have flew her ass down and I could of saved my money word of advice come with someone like your hubby or mother maybe sister these so called friends get really brand new when under pressure

It's so hard to get up

Ladies please work on your upper body strength getting up back and forth is no joke

My first pic

Everyone says my booty was already big I just wanted definition laying like this is the worst I just want to be free lol Irving my booty though

Omg I wasn't ready

So honestly Hassan does not need wish pics he knows exactly wha to do I let him do all the taking and he made my dreams come true he's the truth I'm im love


Right in between my boobs I'm bruising it's so sore could be how I'm laying. But I don't have a choice

Beauty is pain

Omg so my incision closed up so the lady that does the massages had to reopen one and drain me remind you to me that the worst part but I do feel better I guess

I just had my first bile movement

it was horrible broke me all the way down ok so this is so real if your not ready for it then this is not for you this process takes a lot of healing time and support and to put your ass in that perdicament under this circumstance is beyond what I imagined then my so called friend left around 3pm this Afternoon I had nobody to help me so. Now I hope she's enjoying her family cause when we get home I'm done with her ass she used me as apart of the reason to get down here to spend time with her family that won't even come see her she suppose to be suffering with me obviously she came to be noisy figures anywho I'm glad I did my first poop I need stool softener now so it can just come on out next time

This is no walk in the park

So now I need a tighter garment I leave in the am and I have to drain like 5x when I get home I don't know who will do my massages and I'm really irritated this stuff is painful


I know I can drain at home how do I reopen incision below abdomen

Update! Recoverys should be documented i

I know I haven't posted but I just really want to fully recover. I'm finally back home plan ride was only 1:15 min but it sucked my fiancé is sooooo supportive some night I can't sleep cause the fluid then some nights I don't want to get up my eating is ok I guess I just don't want over do it eating the wrong things or eating to late I don't I'm not in Miami so I'm kinda on my own now

Update without garment

So I cried and cried and hated myself for do this all up until today when I tried on pieces I bought years ago when I was thinking working out was going to get me my dream body this is with my garment I'm still swollen an I have a lot of fluid in my back a tummy but laws I still look so good HASSAN IS THE MAN

Earlier at the mall

2 weeks in

Another update I love wearing clothes now

its only been 3 weeks I think I'm still swollen sore and this fluid I'm real close to getting it sucked out its a headache and it burns when I get up. I can't bend down and i havnt been eating too healthy but I'm watching it here some pics

Second stage garment

So my fast butt stop wearing my foams and this garmen is scaring me up and it itches lol bad (I have the garment with the but cut out by the way )so tomorrow I'm having my 8th lymphatic massage done this is getting entirely too expensive I think I have inflamation so I'm going to continue my bromelain and waist train. Sucks not being in Miami where I received the sx I would love to see my doc and that him and of course ask questions. Other than this fluid and this swollen back I get so many compliments on my body and I'm so humble they say you look amazing and I go you think so???? Lol it just feels like a dream it's awesome and so worth it just ready to sit on it now but I have only 4weeks to go shooting for 6 weeks without sitting so we will see here's a pic. For you ladies

I eat horrible :( I'm goin in a diet

I'm glad Labor Day Is over I going on a diet I've be sting reckless hope i don't wake up with a puge

I need a tighter garment

I feel like my stomach isn't smooth enough maybe my garment is to loose


So I'm all healed up and I love my body! I have been working and training this body effortlessly honey. Just know in order to get the shape you desire you have to mold your body even after surgery, compression is everything! Ladies go check out for your garments you won't be dissapointed you actually loose inches off the waist and it's very comfortable unlike Your traditional waist trainers

The best boob doctor

who does the best breast here in atlanta
Miami Physician

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