BBL and Full Torso Liposuction 2016 Babe with Macadoo

Hi Dolls, Like most of you I've been stocking this...

Hi Dolls,
Like most of you I've been stocking this website for quite some time and I'm finally ready to book my procedure for either the end of Feb, or beginning of March. So I want to give yall some history about myself I'm a mother of height is 5.2, and last I checked I was 189 pounds. After giving birth to my child I had gained 30 pounds from my pregnancy, then I managed to put on another 30 pounds after that. It seemed like I could never get back to my original weight in high school which was 130. The closest I got to my original weight was 160 pounds and that was freaking devastating because I'm an attractive young lady and carrying all this weight has made me very self conscious.
So I'm taking back my body and sculpting it, into shape because 2016 is going to be one hell of a good year for me!!!

Why did I choose the bbl + full torso lipo + arms

I wanted to touch base on how to choose the best procedure for you, while getting the most out of your money.....So If you ladies take a look at my before photos you can clearly see that I have a hanging tummy. Well I hate my tummy hangs and Ive always wanted to have a tummy tuck for quite some time,But after looking at other photos of women who had a hanging tummy but got a Brazilian butt lift I noticed that their tummies went back to normal except for saggy skin in some cases. Well that got me thinking whether not I should consider BBL instead of a tummy tuck. Ultimately I chose the BBL over a tummy tuck because I would see more results for the BBL then a tummy tuck. Unlike the TT the bbl would help my whole body get sculpted rather than just the front of my stomach. I wanted my booty looking right, my stomach flat, my waist snatched, and my arms smaller. So ladies keep all this in mind when choosing. Ill eventually need a TT the doctor said but I already knew this because of loose skin but that's fine with me :) as long as the rest of my body is on point.

I hate to upload these photos but that would be so F up^ knowing if it wasn't for other ladies uploading I would be in the dark so here goes nothing

Changed doctors going with James Macadoo at vanity

I wish I could update just my doctors name instead of doing a new post lol.
So dolls I wanted to post an update on my journey.....I ended up switching doctors and now I'm going to be a Macadoll and not a Ortegadoll!

Don't get me wrong both Doctors had great results, but Vanity had a better special and Macadoo was my first choice anyways. I locked in my price on Saturday and I'm hoping my surgery date will be sometime in April. Originally I had planned on having surgery at the end of Feb, but at the last min I found out a family member of mine was getting some work done too now we're going together :) so I had to switch my dates around because she's going with Fisher and he's booked up like nobody's business lol.
Mel Ortega

Opted for Doctor James Macadoo

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