BBL and Full Torso Liposuction May 2017 Baby with Dr.Calva

Hi Dolls, Like most of you I've been stocking this...

Hi Dolls,
Like most of you I've been stocking this website for quite some time and I'm finally ready to book my procedure for either the end of Feb, or beginning of March. So I want to give yall some history about myself I'm a mother of height is 5.2, and last I checked I was 189 pounds. After giving birth to my child I had gained 30 pounds from my pregnancy, then I managed to put on another 30 pounds after that. It seemed like I could never get back to my original weight in high school which was 130. The closest I got to my original weight was 160 pounds and that was freaking devastating because I'm an attractive young lady and carrying all this weight has made me very self conscious.
So I'm taking back my body and sculpting it, into shape because 2016 is going to be one hell of a good year for me!!!

Why did I choose the bbl + full torso lipo + arms

I wanted to touch base on how to choose the best procedure for you, while getting the most out of your money.....So If you ladies take a look at my before photos you can clearly see that I have a hanging tummy. Well I hate my tummy hangs and Ive always wanted to have a tummy tuck for quite some time,But after looking at other photos of women who had a hanging tummy but got a Brazilian butt lift I noticed that their tummies went back to normal except for saggy skin in some cases. Well that got me thinking whether not I should consider BBL instead of a tummy tuck. Ultimately I chose the BBL over a tummy tuck because I would see more results for the BBL then a tummy tuck. Unlike the TT the bbl would help my whole body get sculpted rather than just the front of my stomach. I wanted my booty looking right, my stomach flat, my waist snatched, and my arms smaller. So ladies keep all this in mind when choosing. Ill eventually need a TT the doctor said but I already knew this because of loose skin but that's fine with me :) as long as the rest of my body is on point.

I hate to upload these photos but that would be so F up^ knowing if it wasn't for other ladies uploading I would be in the dark so here goes nothing

Changed doctors going with James Macadoo at vanity

I wish I could update just my doctors name instead of doing a new post lol.
So dolls I wanted to post an update on my journey.....I ended up switching doctors and now I'm going to be a Macadoll and not a Ortegadoll!

Don't get me wrong both Doctors had great results, but Vanity had a better special and Macadoo was my first choice anyways. I locked in my price on Saturday and I'm hoping my surgery date will be sometime in April. Originally I had planned on having surgery at the end of Feb, but at the last min I found out a family member of mine was getting some work done too now we're going together :) so I had to switch my dates around because she's going with Fisher and he's booked up like nobody's business lol.

I'm back ... :)

Hey ladies...I know I've been missing in action and I did not get the procedure done as planned for last year..why you ask? I ended up spending the money saved for the procedure last year and after I had no money I decided to go next year 2017....Since my last post I gained 11 pounds and reached a weight of 198 :( but I got back on track in November 2016 and since then I've lost 11 pounds so I'm at 188 now and im hoping by May 2017 when I plan to get the procedure done (for real this time) I'll be at 165 0r 170..I was told not to go past 175 by Eres aka Vanity but I think I'll still have enough fat for them to use lol ;)

I've also changed doctors since Macadoo isn't affiliated with Eres aka Vanity anymore....I chose Dr.Daniel Calva. He does great work better than Macadoo in my opinion and watching his videos I've been able to see first hand how he cares for his patients and sculpts them in the operating room.

I've also been researching recovery options and have a lot of info to post on that but I'll do that another time since this pecking on the iPad takes forever!

Ciao ladies

Soo ready for May 17

I'm getting impatient waiting for May lol I want my butt and flat tummy! Dr.Calva is the truth y'all I'm tryna tell ya . Still haven't decided if I'm doing a recovery house or hotel? They both seem to cost the same amount, but I'm wondering how long I should hire a nurse for? I'm thinking 3 days but I've seen other girls say they were doing 2 days with a nurse? Idk so much to consider but most of the posts I've seen say there walking around on their own by day 3. Idk any suggestions would be appreciated. I'll keep yall posted on what I decide.

Weight update!

So I'm currently at 184 pds down 3 since my last post :). My weight goal is to get to atleast 165 by surgery day!! Anywho I've decided to stay at a RH for 3 days and then a hotel for the rest of my time in FL. I haven't decided what RH I'll stay at since their all high ass hell lol....I've heard good reviews on Keylas, Claudias, DollsRecoveryHouse etc im just not sure. One pro for Claudias is that she doesn't have a deposit requirement but I'm afraid come May she may forget me lol idk.....also ya girl has been actively buying supplies for the trip and Amazon has the best prices compared to Walgreens and Walmart. Here's another pic of my docs work, ughhhh May can't come quick enough.

Watching out for me

Ok so I'm doing research 24-7 into this surgery, because things can go wrong at a moments notice. I want to be prepared as best I can, especially after hearing bad surgery stories :( from other girls... So the first thing I checked into was if my Doctor was board certified...and Yes he is... the website to check your surgeons credentials is

2nd thing I'll be checking into is if my doctor carries malpractice insurance in case something goes wrong and I have to be admitted to a hospital etc?? I'm asking my doctor that question personally not any receptionist at Eres. The doctor and the clinic are two separate entities. I also found out through research that FL does not require their surgeons to carry this type of insurance. Damn shame if you ask me considering that FL is the plastic surgery capital of the world.

I also found on another girls page who had a horrible experience afterwards with Dr.Salami (I think that's how you spell his name) She was told by the clinics lawyers that she wouldn't get a refund for her surgery since she signed the papers. However there is something you can do , and this was posted as a reply from another member "if you choose to pursue other Legal action you can file a complaint against his license both Board of Plastic Surgery and his medical License." Just like the girls did who were almost killed by Dr.Ompule (again I don't think I spelled his name right but he worked at vanity aka Eres) and his license ended up getting revoked or suspended for a couple years I can't remember which one the State of FL ended up doing to him.
In order to file a claim You have to go through the States board website for this where your surgeon performs.

Hope this information helps some Dolls when preparing for their surgery!

Hey RS sistas

Alright y'all I been grinding since Nov trying to lose about 35 pounds before surgery and as of today I'm down 18 pounds!! Go me go me lol, this ish ain't been easy because I love food and not being able to indulge in sweets hurts :( ....anywho I thought I'd update y'all on a few things. I officially secured my date for May 18 with Dr.Calva I'll go in for my pre op on the 17th of May. I already requested to be his first patient of the day with Eres but I plan on informing Calva himself just to make sure Iam.

So far my interactions with Eres has been cool, but they've taken for ever to give me a simple updated invoice every time I make a payment. I have to keep on them and call them everyday until I receive it and I learned to do that real quick when people from Eres would tell me " I'll send it as soon as we get off the phone " then I never got it.

I pretty much have everything I need for my supplies just need foam boards, tank tops, bathrobe, slip on shoes, ab boards, compression socks, maxi dresses, and vitamins to take before surgery. I'm so excited can't wait ???? !!!!


Alright y'all I'm fixing to do some venting cause I'm alittle annoyed right I just tried on these knee high boots I bought for Valentine's Day and these damn boots barely come over my thick ass thighs plus the boots are to light for the sweater dress I bought I'm feeling like this despite losing almost 20 pounds I still feel fat. I can not freaking wait for my ass to be snatched by Dr.Calva , and to finally have a tiny waist. Now I gotta go back to the drawing board and rethink my outfit for V day.. ok that's my vent for the day y'all.
Mel Ortega

Opted for Doctor Daniel calva

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