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In 11 days I'll be getting a BBL by Dr. Mendieta!...

In 11 days I'll be getting a BBL by Dr. Mendieta! I've had numerous surgeries in the past (2 breast lift/augs, mini tummy tuck w/lipo) but finally I'm gonna do something about my non-existent booty. My girlfriend had BBL surgery by him 1.5 yrs ago & she looks amazing!! Once I saw her results (and his website gallery), I knew he was the one. I had my consult back in March & scheduled surgery for 2 months later. Being nearly 5'2" and typically weight is 104 (I'm very active & fit) I knew I needed to gain weight for this procedure. When I went to my consultation I was up to 118. Dr M said no more working out & I needed to gain about 5-7 pounds more. So I'm now at 126. Good enough! Yesterday was my pre-op appt. got all my scripts and ordered a garment from them. In the meantime I've stocked up on all the items needed (and then some!). I've got my room booked, 2 weeks off of work, and my DH on-board! Here are some pics of me at my lower weight range. I'll update with more recent (chubbier!) ones tonight. Wish me luck fellow BBL sisters!

Preop Pics - Current weight 125 ish

Ok, here are some pics taken last night showing my total weight gain. I will stay at this weight until surgery next Tuesday, May 20. After that, I'll go back to clean eating and whatever Dr. M doesn't suck out, I will lose naturally over a couple months.

Advice from BBL Vets?

I am curious about something & hoping any BBL vets could shed some light? How is everyone getting post lipo massages? What I mean is technique. If we can't sit or lie down on our backsides for 2 mos post surgery, how do you get lipo massages done without ruining your results?! Did you only lay on your stomach? That doesn't seem effective! I've had Synergy massages done previously when I had lipo/mini TT (14 days post op) and they helped tremendously with swelling & to smooth the abdomen. I'm just trying to get a visual. Thanks!

POLL: Who Showed Their Surgeon Wish Pics?

Curious how many of you BBL seekers actually showed your doctor your wish pics? Did you bring them to your pre-op appt or on day of surgery? Did the doctor even look at them or put in your file? Better yet, were they hanging up in the operating room? I'm also curious as to how doctors really feel about this process? I know it's more acceptable, common, and even encouraged with breast augmentation procedures. Thoughts?

Holy Sh*zot! Sooo painful

Well ladies, I made it through the other side! Had surgery around 8:30am. I'm not going write too much details as I'm so exhausted and my eyes are swollen shut. Lol.

But one thing I'll say - this hurts so much. Definitely not a walk in the park. Laying flat on my belly isn't
horrific UNTIL I have to stand up to empty drains and catheter bag. OMG. Feels like I'm gonna throw up with the slightest movement. Hubby has been amazing. Couldn't have done this alone, no way. Bleeding all over the bed sucks too. I have an appt in the AM to get dressings & garment changed. Not looking forward to that. I'll write more tomorrow.

Day 1 Post-op With Pics

Ok BBL sisters - it does get better! How? By eating frequent small meals!! Yesterday afternoon Hubby made me have some yogurt , followed up a few hours later with low sodium soup. Then before bed I even had a few crackers with cheese. But also remember to drink, drink, drink! I alternate between Apple juice, Gatorade & water. Unfortunately some time last night, my catheter bag started leaking at the valve and hubby had to get creative by taping it up with my ab pads! Gotta love being married to an engineer. Haha. I slept most of the day but had trouble getting to sleep last night. One other thing - take the painkillers every 4-5 hours. Staying on top of the pain is crucial.

So this morning we went back to Dr. Mendieta's office for bandages & garment changing, plus removing the darn messy catheter. Now I'm also wearing the back triangle above my tailbone. We got a good look at the results thus far & snapped a few cell phone pics. I have lotsa bruising & swelling of course. He lipo'd me from the upper back all the way down to the inner knees, and of course my entire torso & arms. I think it looks pretty good & am anxious for the swelling to subside. I have another appt for tomorrow AM to have Dr. M check me out.

Post op Pics continued.

Here's the rest

Urgh it won't let me load more than one at a time!

Day 2 Post-Op Pics / status - Getting better!

Too tired yesterday to post update & pics but here's some from Day 2. I took a shower yesterday AM before going to my 2nd follow up felt sooo good! Unfortunately I did not buy 2 garments from Dr M so hubby washed my garment & compression socks while I showered. However they weren't completely dry in time for my appt so nurse changed my bandages only & told me to hang garment to dry. It was tough getting on latrer! Now that the catheter is out, it seems I pee a lot. Ladies make sure to buy one of those p-eez (standing female urinal). They are a god send. Lol. Was able to have a bowel movement twice now - although it's not pleasant wearing a garment & still being on iron supplement. Yuck.
One other thing - your elbows & knees will become very bruised @ sore esp if you had lipo on them. Bracing yourself up on them get off the bed or couch is really overworking them. But no other choice. Shrugs.

Take a look at this !! Very Gross!

This is a medical picture of 5 pounds of fat! Yuck. Can you imagine if you needed to lose 30 pounds?! Ugh. Hope this motivates you ladies!

5 days post-op pics

Got hubby to take some pics after my shower tonight. Can't say I see much difference or any shrinking. Bruising on my inner thighs down to my ankles is crazy! I'm going to stop wearing the compression socks. I was told by Dr M's office to wear them 5-7 days. I'm still draining about 60 cc's a day so looks like I may have couple more days before drains are ready to come out. They are really sore & red where they're stitched to my abdomen. Hope they're not infected! I'm losing the lipo spot stitches naturally or maybe it's when we remove the garment. Which btw feels like death - so painful to get on and off. I dread it. That's why I haven't taken any pics with cute clothes on. I literally keep the garment on 23 hrs a day.

Finally Got My Drains & Sutures Out Today!!

Well I managed to find a home health care company here in Orlando who sent a nurse to my house to pull my 2 drains & remove all the black itchy sutures! It didn't hurt at all and let me tell you - it feels awesome having them out. Only problem now, the insertion sites look a bit infected. Crossing my fingers they'll heal OK. Looks like doc put the drains right below my old tummy tuck scar.

2 Weeks Post-op Update

Well, I'm definitely still swollen but less bruised at 2 weeks post-op. Few points to note: Take more than 2 weeks off work if possible. I went back yesterday at day 13 and let me tell you it was hard!!! I have an office job and it was pretty much miserable not being able to sit. I stood nearly all day after poor attempts to sit on my buckwheat hull pillow roll. Also, my 35 minute drive was horrific! Trying to balance on the pillow roll and control the car is hard! I suggest you practice a few times. However today I managed to "balance" more on my pillow roll at work but still was super swollen by the time I got home. I swear I'm only losing weight from all the standing around. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have stripper thighs after all this balancing too! Another thing, if you end up wearing the "triangle" (2-3 weeks post-op) be prepared to have work clothes that cover your camel hump. I had to run out Sunday and purchase a few baggy tops & skirts. None of my old clothes fit and/or trying to hid the 3/4 length black garment under blouses is even tougher. I've made an appt to start getting Syngerie massages in a few weeks. That will help smooth out all the knots & lumps in my torso, groin, and knee areas. Other than that, my drain holes are closing up, I haven't seen much reduction in waist size and I think my butt hasn't shrunken too much. I did have someone say at work "what did you do to your ass?". I just acted clueless. Lol. At least it's noticeable under the garment :) oh one more thing, if you haven't bought Epi-foam - do it! I got 3 sheets for now (around $40). That stuff is a godsend! Wow, no more irritation from the garment zipper seam and sleeping on my tummy with that inside my garment feels like a little pillow cloud! Definitely worth the money. So here's my pics taken tonight - after having garment off for 3 hours & very swollen from working all day :(

840 cc's Injected....Plus Other Info

So I found out yesterday how many cc's Dr. Mendieta injected - 840cc's per side. He had told me he took out the entire 4 liters allowed by law. I guess that's all my butt would take. Shrugs. I also asked when can I wear jeans: 1 month. Although seeing I have to wear this full length garment for 2 months, not sure I really want put jeans on over it. Florida is extremely hot & humid, so I'll pass on the swamp ass! Lol. Additionally, I was told to take the iron supplement for 3 weeks post-op so at least I can finish that up next week. Tired of it. Today I put on two pieces of foam to add more compression & help smooth out my skin a bit (until I get my massages), and I had some errands to run, etc. We went out mid-day and the heat was brutal. I thought I was gonna die with all this padding & compression garment on! But I really wanted to see the movie Maleficent. So we took my new little chair and brought it into the movie theater. Hubby set it up by the handicap area and I balanced on it for a bit. But I found it much easier just to stand up & lean on the wall/railing. The chair cannot be on a slippery floor & i swear the theater floors are coated with popcorn butter. Lol.

Ideal Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR) = .7 What's Yours?

Many studies & research show that the ideal waist to hip ratio (WHR) for women is .7 (men find this ratio most attractive). You can search Google to find these articles. Also taken into account is waist to breast ratio (WBR), which should also equal .7. To find your ratio, divide your waist by breast measurement or waist by hip measurement. The ideal hourglass shape is based on this .7 ratio. So even if your small or big, your body shape can still be ideal as long as your measurements are proportionate. I am very pleased to say Dr. Mendieta gave me the .7 ratio :) My measurements are 39.5 - 28 - 39.5! Before surgery my hips were barely 35-36 on a good day. I measured them a few days after surgery and they were almost 41. But I know I was really swollen then so not sure how accurate that was. I've lost a few inches in waist since day of surgery but my waist is still bigger right now than when I'm in shape - about 26-27 inches. I have to really starve myself to get / keep it at 26 though. I truly believe Dr. Mendieta's talent / skill is giving his BBL patients this .7 ratio while they're on his surgery table. I think it helps women stay proportionate whether they lose or gain weight post surgery. Thoughts?

One Month Post-Op!!

Well, I managed to get though my 1st month. It has been challenging to say the least. Although sitting on my pillow rolls and driving to work has gotten somewhat easier. Of course I'm still sleeping on my stomach and yes, waking up with a puffy face everyday! I will be so glad when I can sleep on my side or back again! My small sized compression garment is getting very loose on me. I do not want to order a (or pay) for an extra small. I feel like I really only need MAX compression around my torso now. My arms, upper back, and legs have all gone down - no more swelling. I just need to get this waist smaller! My measurements are about 39.5 - 27.5 - 39.5. I have worn the Squeem waist cincher for 10 hours a day the past week or so. I do use it with foam for comfort. I think I need an extra small Squeem now. Hoping that will help pull in my waist some more. I certainly have a lot more loose skin on my flanks & back since the aggressive lipo :( Not much I'm going to be able to do about that, unless I get a full tummy tuck. I have been using Nivea skin firming & toning gel everyday too. Not sure if it helps. I took some pics tonight and hubby put them side-by-side with me pre-surgery pics. Hubby & I think there is a noticeable difference. I will try to take some pics with clothes and post soon. I did see my family this weekend and my mom kept saying how small my waist looks. I don't think she noticed my butt because I had on a long knit sweater covering most of it. I haven't told anyone I got the surgery except my girlfriend. I'm also very excited because I can now wear denim jeans! But I don't have any that fit me anymore, lol. Time to go shopping!

Squeem or Powernet?

Like I've said ... I've been wearing the Squeem daily trying to get my waist smaller. I also bought the Ann Chery Powernet waist cincher but it's too long on my short-waisted torso. It also compresses my hips & upper butt too much. Can anyone recommend a good waist cincher for shorter gals? The top of the Squeem rubs under my boobs to the point they get raw. I wear it over my compression garment. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks :)

Forgot to upload these pics

These are also from my one month post-op update.

Hard to Find Big Booty Jeans!!

So yesterday I went to several stores to try on new jeans to fit my big booty! I used to wear size 1-4 and rarely size 5. None of my old jeans fit so I tried on sizes 4 & 5/6. It was sooo hard finding any that fit over my big butt that didn't gap 2-3 inches in the waist! Think I'm gonna stick to yoga pants instead for now. lol.

Finally made it to 2 months post-op!

Being free from the "garment prison" and finally being able to sit/lie down on my backside is awesome! So I basically started sitting at 7.5 weeks (52 days post-op) just briefly though. Like 2-3 hours total in a day. I started sitting and sleeping full-time on my back at 8 weeks (56 days post-op). Sitting and lying on my hips and butt really hurts!! It feels like I have rocks under my skin. I'm sure it's a combo of scar tissue & the transferred fat. But wow, it is uncomfortable! FYI: It helps to move around or shift in your chair every 20-30 minutes. I also stopped wearing the garment at 8 weeks. I try to wear the Squeem waist cincher at least 8 hours a day too. Since my last update, I have had 4 Synergy massages (endermologie type) and will get 2 more before Aug 1. It has helped tremendously in getting rid of my lipo bumps/lumps & smoothing the rippled skin. Definitely worth it! My weight is about the same since surgery date...about 125, but it's weird, I don't look overweight! I still swell up easily if I consume too much sodium. I'm going back to the gym this week & will slowly take 5-10 pounds off over the next 6 months. My measurements remain unchanged since last update: 39.5" - 27.5" - 39.5".

Advice & Suggestions on BBL Recovery

My advice to others getting this surgery & what worked for me: (1) wear the garment your doc provided - trust their knowledge, it's crucial to good results (2) put NO pressure on your butt for initial 2 weeks post-op & then after that, only sit/drive with the special buckwheat hull pillows (3) NO tight pants/jeans for 6 wks (4) eat a high protein/low sodium diet but do NOT try & lose weight for 60 days post-op, just maintain your weight so you don't lose the transferred fat (5) don't obsess about your results, especially in the 1st month, your body changes on a weekly basis while the swelling goes down (6) most of all - enjoy your new figure!

Back to the Gym - 10 weeks post-op

I am now 10 weeks, 2 days post-op. I have been back at the gym for 1.5 weeks now and oh, it’s harder than I anticipated! It seems when I work-out the areas that were lipo’d, the tissue & skin just burns & burns for days. It’s a bit different than the usual muscle soreness/burn you get with working out. It feels more like a fire burn sensation. Weird. But I am firming up fast and muscle definition is more pronounced than before the surgery. I will post pics of my progress again at 12 weeks post-op. I am back to eating clean again, watching my caloric intake, doing less intense cardio sessions, and more heavy lifting weights. I still wear the Squeem 8-10 hours a day (well Mon-Fri) hoping to get more of a waist-reduction but honestly I don’t think it’s gonna happen. I’ve never had a small waist-line (even after a tummy tuck) and I believe it’s cuz of genetics more than anything. Shrugs. However, I am seeing more fluffing going on with my booty & it’s certainly not getting smaller. I have a very hourglass curvy, esp when wearing the Squeem. I get sooo many stares, cat-calls, and whistles and people telling me I look like Jessica Rabbit or a gorgeous little Barbie doll! LOL. But yeah, I’m loving my new booty!

Absolute Must-Have Surgery Supplies List (WITH PRODUCT PICS)

I was asked to provide an absolute list of items needed for surgery, in order to prevent waste and overspending. So here are my essentials and what I really used/needed, including pics. Most were bought from Amazon.

1. Vitamedica Surgery Program Recovery Kit (with Arnica tablets, or buy separately, read instructions carefully, start 2 weeks prior to surgery & take 2 weeks after)
2. Vitamin C 500 mg tabs (start 3 weeks prior & continue for 1 month after)
3. Ferretts Tablets Iron Supplement 325 mg Ferrous Fumarate (this brand is gentle on tummy and really kicks your iron level up, start about 3 weeks prior & 3 weeks after)
4. Stool softner & liquid magnesium citrate for constipation (got both at Dollar store, only used softner)
5. Hibiclens Antimicrobial Skin Liquid Soap, 8 Fluid Ounce (you will use this night before & morning of surgery…I also used it sparingly when I cleaned around my drain wounds while showering)
6. pStyle (female urinal to stand while peeing, I recommend buying a few, keep one at work, couple at home, etc. it sucks carrying it around everywhere! Make sure to rinse after each use)
7. 2 Garments – purchased from my surgeon
8. Depend Underwear Silhouette Maximum Absorbency for Women 12 Count (wear these over your garment only while you have your drains in. just tuck the drains into the waist band. Don’t let your drains hang to the ground)
9. Medline Sterile Abdominal Pads 5 x 9 Inch Box of 25 (these are essential while you have your drains in, they protect your drain wound and absorb drainage. fold them in half, cut a vertical slit in the center and slide your drain tube into the slit, if you have heavy draining, you may need a bigger box)
10. Chux pads to lay on in car, around house, in bed (I bought 25 & used half, you may need more depending on drainage, got these at Dollar store, basically doggy training pads, or get a cheap plastic shower curtain and/or lawn trash bags cut open)
11. Alps Fitting Lotion, 4oz bottle (this is a luxury but glad I splurged…rub this all over your body to assist in putting on your compression garment and socks…at least for first 5 days while you are sore, my hubby thanked me as my garment slide right on up)
12. 2 Suction cups with hooks (stick to walls in shower and gently hang your drains on them)
13. Traumeel Pain Relief Ointment, 100 Gram Tube (start using after your 1st shower and continue applying to bruises for 2 weeks, helps with swelling and pain too)
14. Jolastic Washing Solution or Woolite (use a gentle cleanser for your garments, hang dry, helps retain compression)
15. 2 maxi dresses (I bought mine at Ross for $10 each, nothing fancy, only wore them when I went to appointments or grocery store)
16. FOOD: Protein powder and/or Muscle Egg (drinkable flavored egg whites-high protein), yogurt, unsalted crackers, cheese, low sodium soup, oatmeal, fruit, Gatorade, water, light juice…buy straws and use non-spillable cups! (eat this initially, then regular food…continue high protein diet, chicken breast, turkey, etc)
17. 2x2 gauze pads & tape (use after drains come out to absorb add’l leaking, change frequently, or use Steri-strips…per surgeon’s after care instructions)
18. Biodermis Epi-Foam (start using once your drains come out, or sooner if you can fit it in your garment, I had to wait as it was rubbing on my drains. I bought 3 pieces and interchanged them daily up until 8 weeks post-op, def helps smooth skin & provides cushion to lay on, you can hand wash them)
19. Liberator Wedge & Ramp, TV Tray (a luxury indeed but glad I splurged…I used the wedge or ramp when I watched TV, ate meals…yes I laid down and put the TV tray at the edge of the bed or couch & propped my chest up onto the wedge. It made watching TV and eating much easier)
20. 2 Sachi Organics Buckwheat Cylinder Neck Pillows (starting using these to “sit”…usually at 14 days but you may need to sit briefly sooner than that)

I suppose this list seems extensive but everything on the list I used in at least the first 14 days after surgery, and a few prior to. If I had to repeat the surgery (heaven forbid!) I wouldn’t remove anything but I’d add elbow pads. Mine are still dry, rough and sore from laying on them. I few things I wasn’t prepared for that I needed about 2 weeks post-op was clothing to accommodate my full-length garment, esp work clothes. Waist cinchers are optional but wait to buy & wear 2-3 weeks after surgery so you know what size you truly need.
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