The Real Deal Experience of a BBL - Week 8 Post - Miami, FL

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Hi Ladies, I am 26 5'6 currently weighing 180...

Hi Ladies,

I am 26 5'6 currently weighing 180 (I wanna drop to 160) and I am researching doctors in Miami for a hopeful surgery day in August.

I have reached out to

Dr.Pazmino who is having a special and quoted me for $7500 (lipo area was abdomen, flank, lower back)
Dr. Jon Harrell who I was able to talk to and he quoted me for $6000 (his lipo area was very front of abdomen and back area)
Dr. Perry emailed me after I sent him my pics and quoted me for $6200 (lipo area was arms, inner thigh, the knnes, the back, the flank and the abdomen)
Dr. Salama (lipo area abdomen, flanks, and back) and isn't available till Feb 2013

Based on this alone I am leaning towards Dr.Perry- seems like I'll get more for my money. His work on this site and his seem Excellent and his resume is good as well. Hoping to lock in a doctor and date by next week.

Excited to really be BigBootyChica <3 Any info, questions, etc please feel free to ask.

I got my doctor- Dr.Perry!!! I am hoping Aug 20...

I got my doctor- Dr.Perry!!! I am hoping Aug 20 (which I booked with Norma Dr.Perrys assistant) just need to clear it with work. Planning to take off 7 business days from work and possibly stay 6 days over in Florida.

I chose Dr.Perry because of the good reviews I read here, what he is offering for his price (Back, Stomach, Flank, Arm and Knees), Consultation was good- he even called me on a Saturday and we spent a good 30 mins discussing what I want out of this. He gave me the complications, his recommendations, and of course his sale pitch by saying I will be Kim K's rival and who don't want to hear things like that lol. I am excited and will be booking hotel/flight next week.

If you lovely ladies who already have had a BBL can start giving me recommendations of things I should start getting ready with or where I should stay would be lovely ( I am going with my aunt and mother who haven't been to Miami and I would like them to somewhat be near south beach so they can enjoy themselves).

Will come back with a shopping list prior and a confirmation on the date.

Willingly to share my experience because the lovely ladies on here helped me tons!!!

K I still haven't booked my ticket but my deposit...

K I still haven't booked my ticket but my deposit is put down and Aug 20 is my date with Dr.Perry.

I am going shopping to start looking for clothes while i am out there. Planning to buy dark colored maxi dresses, yoga pants, sweats, and a couple of the gels that many people have recommended for the itching!

Any suggestions please send my way...I am leaving 5 days after my surgery and was wondering any recommendations for the seating arrangements.


Woot Woot 35 days left!!!

Hi Chicas, My hotel and flight have been book...

Hi Chicas,

My hotel and flight have been book. I will say this please do not wait last min to book. Even if you aren't sure if you are going to do this if anything at least you get a vakay if you change your mind last min. I recommend buying when you put your deposit or close to that day.

It took me all day yesterday to find a package and the priceline website was not working so I had to pay a lot for both at least I consider a lot. The total was a little under 1700.00 for 3 people.

I am staying at the Embassy (free breakfast is included important because it even outs in cost) and it's about 5 mins from where Dr. Perry performs surgery. A $10.00 cab ride. (I'll come back and be exact). The room is a 2 room suite with a fridge and microwave. It has a couch that opens as a sofa bed. I got the one bed king (by mistake). But I think it should be fine. It will be 3 of us.

I am flying jetblue and flying into Fort L. (BIG MISTAKE) Unless your going with a driver and getting a rental but since no one is driving, My options are a $75 dollar cab ride (one way). I am thinking of getting a rental for one day. I arrive a Sunday and thinking of returning it on Monday to the MIA airport right before my Surgery (which is 10 mins away and the hotel has a free shuttle to and from) for any Sunday activity. The rental is quoted for $38.00 which isn't bad. I mostly want to visit South Beach and go to a nice restaurant before I am disable for the week.

This Saturday I am doing my physical and will pay full once I am able to send in my results.

This is all happening so slow and fast at the same time...Sometimes I am hype and can't wait but other times, I am thinking omg this is a lot of money!!!!

Okay I read a lot of reviews and I know it will be painful and I know you need certain things but I never saw a review that listed out expense to the tea which is VERY VERY IMPORTANT (at least to poor ol me)

Expenses Thus Far
$6200 BBL
$1637 (Flight for and hotel for 3 people)
$25.00 (Boppy pillow Amazon- no shipping lol)
$20.00 (Luggage the little rollie type lol from walmart and this was a cashier mistake it really cost $50)
$84.00 (Clothes- I went cheap as I was told you don't really need anything fancy I got 2 maxi dresses, old lady pjays, 2 pair of sweats, regular pjays, slippers, tank tops and leggings) Of course this was optional as I had a lot of clothes I could have taken

Total = $7966.00

I still need the prescriptions, garment and expense while I am out there. - Will continue to update all of the expenses.

Hopes this help and despite it all I am still very excited...only wishing I would have planned this out so the expenses don't all hit me at once.

19 days and counting

My questions to ladies who have done this..What foods are best (working on a shopping list)


Okay very last Min- I changed my mind and decided...

Okay very last Min- I changed my mind and decided to go with Dr.Salzhauer.

I am paid and ready to go. The hotel I couldn't get a refund so I will be staying at the Embassy (20-30 min drive per google). My cousin is also joining me so she can drive so I'll save some money with cabs and what not.

Medical clearance was approved.

I know people will wonder why the last min change it was nothing personal with Dr.Perry and his performance but for what I want I just didn't feel 100% going to him. I just feel more comfortable with Dr.Salzhauer and the staff at Bal Harbour (shoutout to Brickhouseny).

They have sent me a shopping list, things to do/not do prior to surgery, I get 2 garments and I believe they mention a nurse coming to visit (which I did not get with Dr.P). The staff is very attentive and I almost feel like they never sleep because I get speedy responses.

Right now I am at 11 days away and it's just dragging now that I am set to go. An Update to cost

In addition to the 7966.00
1300 extra for the BBL with Dr.Salzhauer- a total of 7500.00
28.00 for the Bromelain (from Amazon)
75.00 for Parking (cousin is going to help with rental)


Just a couple of more stuff left to get.

Next steps- finish packing, confirm flights/hotels (try to get a double since I have an extra person now), need a food list.

Later Chica

Oh I'll be posting my before pic again I am just waiting to be closer to surgery.

Any questions feel free to ask.

K ladies I am 7 days away and I am hype and almost...

K ladies I am 7 days away and I am hype and almost ready.

I have most of my packing done and just need to get the misc stuff like lotions and what not.

I also filled my prescription the staff at Bal Harbour thought I'd have a problem filling for the vicodine and the xanax but I didn't. The total was 130.00

so my total is at 9,499.00...

I have been running at least 3 miles a night to get my self in a better space and hopefully be at a solid 180 for the sx.

My advice thus far is to take all the cost into consideration...I flew out thinking the prices was better then doing it home in nyc...But truth is it's coming out to be the don't let price be a factor in your decision making... I am posting a before pic

I am packed and ready to go!!! I leave Sunday...

I am packed and ready to go!!! I leave Sunday morning and Surgery is Monday at 9:30...Ladies I need PRAYERS!!!

Beaching it tomorrow and will Post how I am...

Beaching it tomorrow and will Post how I am feeling hopefully on Monday after I am back to the hotel...Wont have a computer so pics will come once I come back :)

Hi ladies, it has now been 24 hours since I am...

Hi ladies, it has now been 24 hours since I am post op and I feel amazing!!! I love my booty swelling and all. I am on my phone and can't post pictures but he gave me exactly what I wanted. I took 4 pics and 3 pics he said ehhh but one pic he said that I can do which is the girl that is laying down with the stipe panties that a lot of ladies have up. I am in love with my body. Recovery has been smoothed and I am slowly getting off the pain killers.

Pics to come once I am back home.

I am back home after 5 days of being in Florida...

I am back home after 5 days of being in Florida and I feel great. I been slowly weening off the pain killers (pills ain't my thing) I took one for the flight but now I am good and probably won't use it.

I've added some pictures. The recovery was smooth and very little discomfort to what I expected. The doctor said he put about 900-1000 cc in each cheek. He also said I am ahead of recovery schedule at day 4 I looked like I was on a day 8. I do feel like I have lost volume but I am not upset about it since its starting to look really natural.

Well ladies Pics speak louder just let me know if you have any questions. Dr. Salzhauer was worth it and he has my recommendations.

Will update some more pics in about a week or so.

Happy healing to those going through recovery.
Good luck to those still waiting ;)

Blah- I take back my words today I am feeling like...

Blah- I take back my words today I am feeling like dang this thing look regular and I am also feeling like is all this effort for recovery is/was worth it........I hate being bed ridden and walking around at a turtle pace and laying on my stomach is not the business. I also wake up frequently to use the bathroom (which I know is very good) but still kinda annoyed.

Since I been back home I had a good cry lol...Not because of pain but because this is truly an emotional rollar coaster you build all these expectations and then your stuck in bed for some time with a funny feeling in your ab area lol.....Recovery for me has been tough simply because I am not at all used to just doing nothing and in a certain position.

I am in the I wish it was bigger phase and I hope eventually it takes a nice shape and fluffs out once it softens.

Until the next update- Later

Okay ladies I decided to wait a while since my...

Okay ladies I decided to wait a while since my last post because I wanted to collect my thoughts and provide you guys the real deal. I am going to break it down for all those who want to read and I hope I serve of some REAL help for those who are next

Week 1- You are swollen, excited (that you got a booty and that your alive lol) the pain medication mix with the anesthesia has you high as a kite and your laying down majority of your time...Doing very minimum anything. At this point you don't really have an opinion all you know it's that it's BIG (due to swelling) and that the pain is so so so (because honestly it's not a pain you'll feel more like a discomfort/pressure) so your initial reaction is "okay I will give it a chance to see what it settles to be". You need physical support because bending down is uncomfortable, maybe cleaning yourself and dressing your self might be difficult. But over rall you just went through a major procedure and your body is on recovery mode.

Week 2- It is an emotional roller coaster. Some of us will either be home or in a hotel room and cabin fever starts to get to us. We start to regret it and wonder what if. We start to feel like it's not big enough and we start to be very paronide to not lose any fat cells. We are walking on our own hopefully showering/dressing on our own. Bending still hurts and swelling and bruising is still very prominent (although Bruising clears up every day so it just depends on how often your putting the arcia). The dumb ass garment lol is our best friend and we feel like we can't live without it...While it bothers us it just feels weird when you don't have it on. AGAIN I REPEAT EMOTIONALLY you are missed. I can't tell you how many times I was in tears....My period also came earlier than expected and that def did not help. I needed validation from others, I felt guilty, and I felt silly for being so "vain". At times I felt it was to big and at times I felt wth this is so small...You start looking on RS and comparing your new results to people who are 6-8 weeks post op and you feel bad cause "you don't look that good". Towards the end of the week you start to find a routine with your garment, your hopefully back to work, your out the house and being more "independent again", you only sit on a pillow/boopy. Some people will notice and think you got a "vacation glow" others will ask you your secret and some won't even notice. But again towards the end you start to fit into your new skin.

Week 3- You like your results but you can't help to compare yourself to others on R.S to other big booty girls. Your feel the booty is shrinking (but reality is the swelling is going down)....Your adjusting to a new garment cuz the original one is too big....your counting down till you don't have to carry a boopy and till you don't have to wear a garment...Occasionally you get pains but manageable...Bending down is still uncomfortable and a rough day can swell you up...You have good days and some bad days but more good than bad....

I will stop here cuz this is where I am at. Now My thoughts on BBL and stuff I DID and notice!

*This board is very Dr. Salama focused and a lot of his patients come here and advocate how GREAT he is...I will not disagree the man got talent and all of his results even the ones who aren't pleased LOOK GREAT...However I hate how when other girls want to venture out to other Drs. she doesn't get the same support. At the end of the day we all have a common goal to get a good bbl done why hate and throw shade on the different doctors. I am here to say to those who haven't undergone surgery...Yes be proud of your doctor whoever it is but follow other girls who are going with other doctors just to learn about their different techniques....I followed so many stories all different doctors just to get tips and advice from all aspect. Plus I enjoy reading the journeys because from each I took something.

*I did not follow all of my post op rules. At 2 weeks I took a long drive 3 hours each way with my boopy but then had to sit with no pillow for about 5 hours. I found no huge immediate difference. I don't wear my garment to work. I work in an office and honestly I never got a smaller size so I wasn't prepared when the one they gave me just didn't fit no more. So NOW at almost 4 weeks I got a new one. Trying it on tonight Lol. I did not cut the butt out. I figure the doctor knows what he's doing if he would not comprise his name and recommend something that will f up his job. I didn't take all of my antibiotics because the side effects were just BLAH. I took the iron pills for about 9 days and stopped as well.

*I am not going to lie I don't have the biggest booty but I am loving what my shape is coming to be (please see pics) its natural and no one has noticed but everyone has said DAYUM you looking good those work outs are helping.

*I have not gotten a massage but I am planning to get one since I have swelling n the stomach I am just in NYC and everything is over priced.

I'll end it here the point of my post today is to one point out this is an emotional/physical rollarcoaster, support is what we should all hope to get and receive not just be on a teamdrwhatever but on TEAMBBL cuz thats what we are all here for, some rules are meant to broken and everything will be okay :p lol.

I've posted some pics and will have them up for a week.

Any questions please ask away!


BBC ;)

I am 4 weeks and promise to be back around my 6...

I am 4 weeks and promise to be back around my 6 week marks...

For any questions please pm me...Good luck to those who haven't gone through procedure and happy healing to all those on recovery!!!

8 weeks Hi ladies I see I have gotten some...

8 weeks

Hi ladies I see I have gotten some Pms and new comments so I figure I am over due a review. I promise I will respond to pms sometime today and will load pics for you girlys tomorrow morning. So here is where I am at.

Feelings- I feel great! My confidence is at 100% I didn't realize how insecure the lack of booty had me but now I feel like roarrrrr =] my emotions are stable whereas the first two weeks I was all over and really 50/50. I feel natural,look natural and it was a nice change I am 100% I did this and would recommend any friend to get a bbl as well still recommended my boo Dr.Salhzauer.

Physically- I still get sharp pains in the morning when I get up out if bed. I can bend down and it took me a while to be able to bend down like 4 weeks. But now I would say I am 90% physically. My scars are still visible I should note that they are kinda healing and that I have not applied anything for that. I heal good so I am letting my body do its own thing. If I only had one I could pass it off for a scar from falling or whatever but since it's like 6 of them and they are all kinda perfectly placed its hard to explain that lol. I have two stitches at the corner of my vayjaja I am not too worried cuz only person coming close to that is hubby and he knows the deal.

Reactions- when I first came home the people who knew and got a first close of the booty like a pic or I showed it to them personally was like whoa it looks great. People who knew and I didn't show pics or show it to them was like "umm so I guess in a few months we will see results?!?" At work no one knew, nobody said anything. Now fast forward I saw a friend who doesn't know and she was like "omg we gotta work out look at that donkey" she had not seen me in a while so I was like what are you talking about girl I just be hitting the gym ;). Now at work a close coworker notices the men looking at my booty and these are corp dudes and I dunno they usually are boobs type of dude. The females will ask me how is much weight I have lost because in the summer I started planting the seed of "dieting and hitting the gym" they can really see the difference of my "hard work". I will tell you a funny story I travel with a gurl on our road trips over the summer I would get subway part of my "summer diet" and she would get a Big Mac...I spent 2 months away so when we met up again she didn't say nothing but when it was time for dinner she said "so what do you get from subway" I am looking at her like girl this is a sandwich place lol but I guess she also felt my "summer diet" was working ;) my aunt always says she feels like she's taping a scene for the kardashains with how people react to me lol hahhaha.

Booty talk- okay I am very happy with how my body has been healing. I did not have any messages and half assed it with the garment. I do feel like the garment is very important so don't do like me. I wear it off and on but really see how it helps with shaping. Dr.S and company are not really helpful in this area they don't encourage it like I think they should and he gives you two but they both the same size I would have preferred two different sizes. My booty is big and honestly I don't see much different in volume from the start to now. But you guys can tell me. I have big thighs and it's to my advantage and dis advantage. Advantage I look very natural I don't think you will second guess my booty. Disadvantage because it takes from the look of the booty. Like my booty/thigh are kinda 1 and that was one of my issues prior which I should have gotten some lipo done on my thighs but whatever. So I don't have that "shelf" that some girls get. I do have a nice juicy filled up booty. I do feel like it's pow and I love it. My shape aoooow I love that too my waist to hip ratio insane. My belly womp womp. It's not so flat like I see some of the Salama girls at 6 weeks when i reached out to them they told me I have to give it 3 months but I don't think this is still water weight or me being swollen. I did have a big ol belly though it was huge now that I look at pics. And my clothes have this huge vacant spot in the stomach lol. So I am doing my part and trying to eat less and I have started the gym! I am going to get a personal trainer cuz I ain't losing my booty oh hell no!

Well ladies I think this sums it up for me it's almost been 8 weeks and I am very please with the experience. Will I have a round 2 umm yeah maybe in like 20 years after some kids :) questions as always free free to pm me.


Great team at Bal Harbour.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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