BBL with FISHER! Surgery Date TBA - Miami, FL

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So this is the big news girls! I will be having a...

So this is the big news girls!
I will be having a bbl with liposculture (fat transfer) THIS OCTOBER! Totally went with my gut feeling and decided to push back my mommy makeover with Dr. Freiman to February 2015 instead of this December (too close to bbl) I AM STILL GOING TO FREIMAN FOR MY MOMMY MAKEOVER! I love his boobjobs hands down the best results BUT Dr. Fisher is soooo it for me and my butt lol, I don't mind having the bbl with him at Vanity miami this October and later completing my mommy makeover at cg cosmetics (love Yadira!) so that's what I've finally decided!
I hope you girls don't think I'm driving ya crazy on purpose lol I just know what I want! And after it's all said and done I'm hoping for a banging hot body to boot!

Mel Ortega??!!!

Omg! I can't stop researching this procedure! What do you girls think about Dr. Mel Ortega?! I'm torn because I know he works at CG cosmetic as well (doing mommy makeover with Dr. Freiman there) so should I stick with CG cosmetics? Instead of go to Vanity with a whole different coordinator and all... I love my coordinator she's so sweet so I'm not really trying to have 2 "teams" lol what do you girls think? Is Ortega aggressive with lipo? Big booties on smaller girls? I'm 5'5 and 142lbs (not really trying to gain anymore weight) so I need drastic lipo! Small waist and big butt can he achieve that?!! Or should I stick with fisher?!!

OMG!!! September date!

I'm now scheduled for September 2014! That's in one month omfg! Super excited but now I have to get all my supplies asap lol what garment/faja is best for a Brazilian butt lift ladies?!!

I forgot to say...

Went with Fisher at Vanity Miami! Soon to be *Fisher doll* pics coming just wait on it ;)

Pics I took for my other review..

I have these pics in my mommy makeover blog but thought to post it here as well (way more appropriate)

Enjoy my flat little butt (can't wait to see the difference next month!)


I. Just. Can't. Wait!
I'm soooooo ready! But scared! And excited! And... Every damn emotion in the book right now :)
What to do? What to buy? I'm trying (so hard) NOT to over buy shit and end up NEVER using it LOL
I am def a hoarder type sooo I need help with what's the most necessary instead of what "might" be necessary before I buy completely, haha!
Anyways... One month til BBL and counting! I've finally received my iron (I'm anemic so I really need it) and vitamin c.. oh and I'm taking prenatal multivitamins instead of regular vitamins because it's the best! It has breast and hormonal balance properties, one of the best if not THE best multivitamin I've ever taken, pregnant and non pregnant.
I'll post pics of all I've ordered so far incase any of you dolls were looking.. Also, will be doing labs next Friday at Vanity Miami and meeting FISHER :) & also paying the remaining half to lock in my surgery date! I can't wait!
Oh wait , I've said that already..


My measurements I took today are: 36-31-41 and I weigh 144lbs.

Trying to gain at least 5 more pounds before surgery to have more fat for that a$$ lol

Music about big beautiful BOOTY!

Lol title says it all, I'm in love with these top songs on Billboard right now! Nicki Minaj Anaconda video gives me life! All about that Bass from Meghan Trainor is so catchy as well and now Jlo with Iggy Azalea titled Booty. Lol it's like, the year of the butt! And I am soooo happy I chose to do my bbl now rather than later when I am sure it will cost an arm and a leg to do and even more exclusive than it is becoming now! So just wanted to update a little about pop culture and all my fave music right now is def booty music I will be listening to before and long after my body gets sculpted by Fisher & Freiman! Ttyl Lovelys

Year of the Booty in Pop Culture!

Official surgery date set but I'm pissed..

The day after my 23rd birthday I will be going in for my bbl with Fisher @ Vanity Miami! Super excited! More so because I finally have an official day.. Went today in person to do labs and needless to say, horrible customer service. Scheduled for 11am was there til 2pm and didn't even meet the doctor.. Was extremely upset about that but will be meeting with him next Wednesday (that's if the bubble headed coordinators have their shit together) I give the service and wait time an F. But at least I came in there knowing what to expect, a lot of upselling on products I could get for half off anywhere else, thank god I have Realself because if I was a newbie I would've been wasting even more money just by listening to these "coordinators".. chile please. Anyways, besides that, I'm happy I will finally be getting my bbl done in a months time.. Hopefully everything does well because I really can't take another mishap from Vanity.

Selena @ Vanity Cosmetics

Is a doll! I love her, she's my coordinator and even though yesterday did not go very well it was not her fault, she did talk to me and responded to my questions, also her email response is fast. (Which I love because I'm more of a writing down my feelings type of girl lol)
I woked up today thinking let me call Vanity and make sure my surgery is set for the 16th of October and long and behold she emailed me the response I asked yesterday night, like 10 minutes before I called so I stopped freaking out.. Maybe it's the stress and anxiety that has me so picky and overthinking everything.. I just want everything to go great, I mean... My life is in their hands so I need to have communication don't I?!
So yes, it's official! One month and 10 days away from my new booty :)

Lab test results..

I find it odd that I can't know my own test results.. I emailed my coordinator about it, if I could somehow know my results whether good or bad and she told me everything caned out good so I don't need to worry about it... Hmm.. That wasn't the question I asked though, I'm glad it came out well. But if I asked for MY test results shouldn't I get it or at the least get a call? I don't know how vanity work sometimes... Then she tells me, oh the results are only shared from doctor to doctor not with patients unless it's bad.... Never heard that one before.
Anyways, I'm glad my blood caned out good and I'm glad this iron is doing it's job just thought it odd that I can't see my own test results ttyl dollsxo

Hasan Vs Fisher.. Help me decide!

OMG so here I go again.. Changing my mind. I've seen so many Hasan & Fisher Dolls and I can't decide now! Initially I was all for fisher (willing to pay that extra cash too) but now.... I've seen some of Hasans work and OMG! Why did I have to see it! Those girls look amazing :)
Tiny waist and bubble butt, that's my goal.. Though I'm more interested in the tiny waist, who do you think gives the best bbl's & lipo? Aggressive lipo a plus.

BBL on my BDAY

Can't wait! My surgery has actually been changed to my bday (a day before my initial date) at first I was nervous, didn't necessarily want to be in pain on my birthday! But I've learned to see it as a sign! New year, New me, literally! So I'm counting down the days to both my bday and my new booty and now I'm double excited :)

Officially One Month To Go!

Today is September 15th! One more month til my birthday and bbl at Vanity Miami! Yay! & to make it more freaky I'm writing this review at 10:15 am :)

Bitches got some nerves. If your here bashing

Bitches got some nerves. If your here bashing a place without a FULL review than get your hating ass on! No one likes an ignorant ass child. & for you to claim bbl is a harder procedure than breast augmentation or tummy tuck etc without being in the position of or being a board certified plastic surgeon doing the surgeries your damn self than I suggest you keep your "opinions" to yourself. I have friends that are doctors and any day is a stressful one. I'm sure, like any other profession, any one with a brain will know that.
Stop feeding into trolls online butchering someone's name without prove and with nothing but a bad attitude towards everyone. We're all here to HELP one another and if you can't do that with an honest review than we don't need your kind! Promoting another doctor like she works for her chile please. I've seen this little "act" too many times. Each doctor on here have their own unique process of doing things as I'm sure each patient does! No more of this foolishness, I hope all you dolls have a wonderful surgery and recovery :) ttyl loves

Counting down the days..

Omg! Almost 2 weeks & I'll be a certified fisher doll. I'm trying to keep the stress to a minimum, just working to pay off my remaining balance by next week. Totally can't wait, I mean, I dream about this surgery on a daily bases.. Can you say obsessed ;)
Just getting last minute details in order and ordering my fajas soon. Just think, in a little under 3 weeks, I'll have a butt! To be envy & admired by all haha

Depression.. Should I switch to Dr.Hasan..

OMG am I crazy? So I'm thinking of switching last minute to Hasan (1k less than fisher) I don't know what to do.. Should I? I just am having a hard time personally and financially and I really am confused now :( don't know if I should even go thru with this anymore

Happy OCTOBER Dolls!

Are you excited or what?! It's october :) my fave month of the year (primary because it's my bday month and halloween) but now, it's also my fave because in exactly 2 weeks I will be a Fisher Doll!!!
Love love love it.
Everything is working out thanks to God, keeping the faith, and you lovely dolls. Thank you for giving me that little bit of encouragement I needed. I love this site, it has become my go to for everything from bbl to mommy makeovers to just reading and learning about others experience.. So Anyways, I'm getting everything in order. Only thing I have not yet purchased is the fajas. I know I need vedette 929 for stage 1, right after surgery, should I get a medium or small? I'm 5'5 & 145lbs. Also what about stage 2? I want something that will be super tight on my stomach and back (smaller waist the better) but obviously not tight on my bum, this investment is too much to lose lol. Let me know ladies! Any tips would be greatly appreciated & thanks in advance!

Surgery Date TBA....

Major change of plans dolls! I'm not going for my bbl next week (as we all hoped) BUT I see this as a good thing, a silver lining, I'm frankly not ready yet.. My surgery is PAID in full but because of my work situation and personal life I won't have the freedom or peace of mind that I want honestly. That's the ONLY reason why I'm not going to go get fishered (lol) next week.
In other news, happy birthday to meeee (one more week & I'll be 23!) that's something to be happy about right?!
To be honest I don't feel sad that I have to move my date (hoping for December time) I was upset initially, I mean seriously, who wouldn't be? But I've learned that everything happens for a reason & this is just not the right time for me & since I'm doing this for ME it's only right I follow MY intuition and do what I feel is right for ME :)

So that's all! I've ordered my faja and with that I'll have all my supplies so all I'm going to do now is patiently wait for my turn to booty land & maybe even gift myself a new car for my bday what do you girls think??!! #Flawless ;)

I'll review in FULL detail after surgery! (Love his bbl's so far..)

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