BBl with Fisher in March 2015 -Miami, FL

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Hi Real Self. My name is Rose. I'm a 21 years old...

Hi Real Self. My name is Rose. I'm a 21 years old pharmacy student that lives in Minnesota. I've been strolling and debating on this website since I was 14 and finally decided to take a step forward in my journey. Because I've had babies, the urge to get a BBL and breast implants and or lift, (depending on cost) is a must!

My budget for both procedure is $8,000. I also am planning a really expensive wedding for July 2015. Because I have a supportive man, who is an "ASS" man himself, we are in this journey together to make sure I feel comfortable for my big day. It's always been about him and our kids but 2014 is Rose's time to shine.

The doctors I'm debating on is either Fisher in Miami and/or Campos in Mexico. They do good work but I am affraid at the thought of their prices and that Campos is in a different country. I intially sought out Jimerson in Atlanta but scheduled a BBL with Salama in Miami few months prior to finding out about our second baby who is now 4 months. With the new addition to our family and the engagement, money is tight as we are paying cash for my procedure. My inspiration is RnB singer K.Michelle. Her voice and booty is AWESOME! I am thinking of at least 500cc in each buttock in case of absorption. Like my man always say, "If you're going to do something, do it big. Either do it big or go home!" For once I am taking his advice amd seeking a booty like K.Michelle. If anyone is interested in giving me advice or reassurance, please feel free to do so.

Deposit made...Procedure scheduled!

Hi there again,

After debating on which doctor to get the procedure done by, I chose Dr. Fisher with Vanity Cosmetic in Miami. His results are exactly what I'm looking for and fantastically priced as well (5k). My procedure is scheduled for December 12th, 2014 so if you will be doing your procedure with Dr.Fisher from December 10th through December 17th, I would be honored to be your surgery buddy. In my initial review, I wanted 500ccs but after researching and looking at results in that area, I've decided to go with at least 1200ccs to ensure I get great results after re-absorption.

I hope to achieve a proportionate shape as I have broad and muscular shoulders and arms. I am grateful for my slim waist and hips that I've gained from my 2nd birth. However, because my shoulders are broad, my big thighs and semi-flat booty doesn't look right. From the front, you would think I have a decent sized butt, instead my lower back and butt seems to be joined together. As a result, I am looking for a shelf booty. I want that obvious distinction from my lower back to buttock area. I have a somewhat nice shape already but Dr.Fisher could help me tweak it up a bit. I was charged extra as I requested extra fat drawn from my arms.

All I can say so far about Vanity is that they seem to strive to make you happy. I had one bad experience so far with my coordinator. She charged my card double than what I requested her to do. After telling her, she still denied it. I verified with my bank and sent her the info and she refused to get back to me. I don't know what that was all about to be honest. I don't know whether to really call it stealing or if she felt guilty at the fact she made a mistake but she never got back to me til this day. Luckily I demanded a supervisor and she credited the overcharge to my balance. My advice is to be careful with tracking your money and who you are dealing with. Always have supporting documentation. Our lives and money are in these people hands just always remember that! Be your own advocate! I will keep you ladies posted!

Best regards,

Surgery swap anyone with Fisher?

Hi ladies,

I can't believe how close it is to December. My procedure is scheduled for December 12th but due to the extreme work load in my Human Anatomy class, I want a later date to ensure I do great on my final. Is there anyone who is scheduled with Fisher on January 7th or 8th? I would really appreciate it if we could swap.

Finally figured out how to upload pictures!

2 Weeks Left Until I'm Fisherfied!

Hi again ladies,

I have ALOT to update you guys on. I was able to switch my date from December 12th to January 9th luckily. To the lady that was so kind to switch with me, because of you I was able to focus and aced my finals and got accepted into nursing school! (I'm too geeked!) Also, I have paid my balance in full, secure a spot a new body recovery services with Monie, and only have to purchase a ticket! I cannot believe that I'm actually going to do this. I've been wanting this for a very long time and it's finally happening! Below is information on the recovery house.

Here is the link,
Her contact info is +1 786-334-8859
She's an RN and seems to have very much experience with post op care. Her prices are $155 a night which includes nurse and cna at all times, a driver, 3 meals a day, 3 massages, and supplies are provided. It's definitely cheaper than Vanity Recovery House and what really stood out to me to me is that there's ACTUALLY someone who's with you at ALL TIMES unlike what I've heard about Vanity's recovery house. From what I see on the website, the house is clean and nice. Also a real self sister (cocopuffs09) who recently had work done by Hasan a few weeks ago posted pics of the food, room, and review on the recovery house and it sold me!

I took my lab December 19th here at home in Minneapolis and will be contacted December 22nd by Fisher's assistant. A blood work was order to test various conditions such as red blood count, pregnancy, hiv, and a couple others that I cannot remember off bat. His assistant seems really nice.

Now that fall semester is over and done with, I have more time on my hands to aid you ladies on your journey as well as mine. Remember we are here to help each other!

More Pics!

Real self has been slipping today! I've been trying to upload all day.

Wish Pic!

Current Pics

Since I secured a date with Fisher in September, I've gained 15 lbs. You can clearly see in the first few photos of me I was much smaller. Here is my accurate weight. I plan to take an appetite suppressant along with dieting and also hired a personal trainer to get me ready for spring break in March. I'm insecure when I'm this size. Although I love my curves at this size, my arms is EXTREMELY huge. I have a muscular top and as a result, I'm getting arm lipo from Fisher as well.

Surgery may be canceled!

Hi ladies,

Fisher's assistant, Giselle, called me on Monday, December 22nd and reported that my pt/ptt/inr was a tad bit below normal. I asked her if it was a major problem and she said it shouldn't be but to be on the safe side, I should redo it. I also told her that I have been anemic all my life and I'm extremely worried about it. She said it would be fine. Not thinking anything of it, a few days later here am I on a real self sister's DareToBeDifferent page. Lurking on her page, I found out that a former and now deceased sister has died due to low hemoglobin level. I'm a nursing student and my teachers have emphasized it plenty of times that hemoglobin is EXTREMELY important. After lurking, I researched to see whether the lab test I failed is related to blood level. I learned that the test is structured to determine how fast your blood will clot. Although not directly stating a relationship to low blood level (anemia), you can certainly assume the correlation. Whose to say if being an anemic will determine how fast your blood will clot. So on Friday I will purchase iron-rich foods and schedule my labs to be redone for Monday, December 29th, as well as seeing my primary doctor for a medical clearance. Although I haven't heard of any death by Fisher's hands, you can never be safe. Like my mother always told me, "Know thy self." I know that I anemic and have two kids with troubling fathers. It would be a DAMN shame to die over achieving a bigger ass. It's not worth it ladies. Don't rely on just the assistant. Do your own medical clearance.

I will update next week when I receive final lab results and medical clearance.

Best regards,

Did I mention that Amie was my Ultimate body inspiration?

After looking through boutique websites on IG, I seen a model amazin_amie and now I know why she calls herself that. Everything on her is PERFECT! It's obvious that she has done a buttock augmentation but it looks SO NATURAL and that's my goal. I want MAJOR projection without looking too fake.

PREVIOUS vanity patients PLEASE READ!! I need help. Surgery may be CANCELLED!

Hey ladies,
Let me say I'm in tears and beyond speechless! I redid the test (pt/ptt/inr) that Giselle, Fisher's assistant, sent me. It was abnormal slightly by .3. Giselle said that I would need a medical clearance from my primary doctor. Apparently this lab order determines how fast your blood will clot. My hemoglobin surprisingly is normal so I'm not an anemic at this time. I guess my question to any previous patients who've had an abnormal result for this lab order, what was your remedy or final result? Did you cancel your bbl or were you prescribed any meds to help with a high inr result? I'm mad because I just feel like this is a scare tatic from Vanity to stall me or take my money. It's always something with this company! When I tell you I'm a HEALTHY person, I am! I do not use recreational drugs, only drink occasionally (once every 3 or so months), natural births, no known diseases. As much as I been to the clinic while being pregnant last year especially, I would think that I would be aware of any possible hemorrhage or blood clots. I do however have horrible cramps and bleeding last longer with periods but cannot seem to understand why this test is a bit high. My period ended a week and a half ago so I don't know if that is playing a factor in my bad result. I am scheduled to meet my doctor tomorrow to go into detail about this lab order and she will give the final say on whether or not I should go and get this procedure done. I'm sooooo pissed because I feel like they're playing games with me. I asked if my doctor said no if I could get reimbursed and there was a slight pause with hesitation. Any nurses or previous patients on here with similar story to mine, any advice?

bringing in the new year with bad news but a great resolution!

Hi real self sisters,

I know many of you are getting all dolled up for the new year celebration. Unfortunately, I'm not due to several reasons. Since December 19th, the day I took my original set of lab orders, I've had an elevated pt/ptt/inr lab result (see previous updates). Today, I finally met with my primary care doctor to get a medical clearance. I took an in DEPTH version of the pt/ptt/inr again and also requested an EKG test to evaluate my heart. Although I initially went to get a medical clearance for my elevated result, I requested the EKG for several reasons. When I was 9 years old, my dad died right in front of me. His death was sudden and was labeled as an "unexplained death". Now that I'm much older and in the health care field, I believe he died of a heart attack due to similar symptoms that I'm having myself. I've noticed as I age (I'm only 22), I got sudden chest pains that is EXTREMELY excruciating and shortness of breath. Since I'm investigating this possible "excessive bleeding" that Fisher's assistant presented to me, I also wanted to pursue my heart activity. Although I could be cleared by January 7th, I've decided to cancel my surgery and postpone it until May of 2015. My reasons for this decision are below :

1). The time I could get cleared is too close to the surgery date (January 9th). I would be doing ALOT of last minute things which will increase my stress level and no one wants to go into surgery while stressed.

2). My doctor is really concerned about the EKG and told me she doesn't think I should proceed with the procedure until I can get my EKG results which I wouldn't even be able to do until January 7th due to the new year and it's limitations on staff.

3.) FINALLY, I came down with a TERRIBLE fever and chills. I'm to the point where I might go into the ER. My doctor MOST DEFITNITELY ain't clearing me now!

Being a Liberian, I am a firm believer that GOD sends us signs through difficulty. It's obvious that he doesn't want me to go and do this surgery. At least not right now. I'm all sorts of mad, sad, frustrated but it's LIFE and I have to think about my kids, my family, and ME most importantly!

So what is next for ROSE?

Rose will first fight through this sudden sickness and continue to find answers on why my pt/ptt/inr lab result is elevated as well as follow up on my EKG. If my results are not concerning or if I can alter it in anyway, I will also prepare myself for my postponed surgery in May. I will change my diet, work out, being healthy PERIOD! I'm almost certain that doing all this will reduce any complications during my future surgery.

I will get my results for both the in depth pt/ptt/inr and EKG test sometime next week. I will make sure I let you ladies know how I'm doing and how my journey is coming along. Although it's a lost to me, any ladies want an earlier date, January 9th is now available.

Attached are pics of me in the beginning of this year and pics of me currently. Beginning of this year I was around 150 lbs, now I'm 178 lbs. Did i mention I was also 5'2? Yea it's all bad lol! I've let myself go probably due to the stress that comes with being a full time nursing student, with two jobs, and two kids but I will get the old Rose back. It's not just about looking good but it's about feeling and KNOWING that you're good. Being healthy is my main goal for 2015 and it starts now! To the ladies who are planning on doing any procedure, PLEASE do yourself a favor, get healthy and be honest with your doctor and /or surgeon about ANY concerning family or personal concerns. A BBL is not a SIMPLE procedure! Do your research!

God bless,


Hi ladies,

Just when I thought there was no way in hell I was going to get cleared, I got a phone call early this morning from my doctor's office saying I can proceed with the procedure. Unlike the previous bloodwork I've failed, this one was IN DEPTH! As a result, she found that my "abnormal" pt/ptt/inr was minor and was probably because of my heavy menstrual cycle (to no surprise, I'm on my period now). She confirmed that I DO NOT have any bleeding disorders, liver disease, nor a high lack of Vitamin K; all of those factors which could have caused an elevated pt/ptt/inr result. Basically, my family history of heavy menstrual bleeding was what caused the elevation of the result. However, she says she recommends that I start taking folic acid and iron to raise my hemoglobin level up as well as increase my intake of Vitamin K. Both of those will help reduce the risk of bleeding as much during the surgery. And as far as my EKG result goes, I wasn't able to schedule a "STRESS" test to see if I'm a candidate for potential cardiac arrest. I wouldn't be able to schedule an appointment for the EKG until January 7th or 8th which is REALLY close to my surgery date ( January 9th ). Because of the short notice of what I should do to reduce my risks of bleeding a tad bit more than usual and any cardiac arrest, I still decided to put my surgery off until March 9th. By this time, I would have gotten a good amount of iron, folic acid, omega-3, lost 15 lbs, and of course gotten my EKG results. I'm not in any rush to get this done. It's better to be safe than sorry.

The booty journey continues!



Last minute verifications

Hi dolls,

Attached are photos of Vanity's pre-op checklist, pre-op instructions, and Fisher's license (to reassure me that everything will be ok!). Definitely look at the pre-op instructions bc you don't want to get charged for something so simple like forgetting to confirm surgery!

3 days pre-op!

I'm getting so anxious! I lost 7 lbs (174 to 166) which is really good considering I'm short (5'1) so the weight loss is apparent. Most of the weight loss was in my tummy area.

1 Post Op!

Two word ladies,

PAINFUL and WONDERFUL! That man Fisher is a beast! Photos do no justice for his talents. He's definitely the waist snatcher and BBL king! I got 1300 ccs and 300 in my hips! He gave me what I asked for! I wanted a Deelishis (Flavor of Love) and Amazing Amie (video vixen) and he did the best he could. I'm definitely returning in December for my tummy tuck and breast lift.

I will do a review sometime this week to talk about the pain and my EXCELLENT and CARING caretaker Magdalena! I'm so happy I found her at the last minute.

3 day post op and already thinking round 2

Good morning dolls,

Words cannot explain how painful this ish is! I thought after having 2 babies with no epidural that this will be a breeze but I was dead wrong. The soreness from the liposuction areas along with the stiffness of the booty, is too much to handle. I was told by Fisher and most girls that I should be walking and feeling good by day 4. Walking is another topic that I do not want to get into right now. It's so hard to walk with this load.

I absolutely love what Fisher did to my waist and hips but then again not really because he even said it himself, you already have both. My concern was the same as his, my ass was flat in certain areas. He tried his best to fill me out but I really wanted that all round bubble butt shape. Looking at my pics closely, I can still see some flatness in the middle part of my booty. It seems that I lost volume as well smfh. My booty also seems like a wide load which I told him I didn't want. I honestly think he did the best he could but knowing my anatomy of my booty, it's hard to stray from it despite the procedure. Am I the only one tripping? I'm thinking of another round in December of this year to get my ultimate goal.

Yayy! Booty is finally dropping!

Hi ladies,

Today I'm 4 day post op. Fisher was right, by day 4 you start to see the light lol. I'm feeling a tad bit better. I'm so happy I'm going home tomorrow. I spent my last day in Miami shopping! Everything I put on was PERFECT! My body made the clothes instead of the other way around. Boy my shape is starting to form and I definitely can't wait until the fluffing fairy visits me. I cannot give Fisher enough credit. He sculpted me so well. All I can remember during my preop with him a was him looking at my wish photos of Deelishis and looking at my body and saying it's possible. I can literally say he achieved my goals for the most part but is it just me or do I look TOO wide? I mean I did have hips already with big thighs but my hips are a bit TOO much. I guess when you're short and trying to get your body to look like Deelishis or Amazing Amie, you have no choice but to look wide.

Tell me what you think ladies!

Magdalena's Recovery Home

Hi dolls,
I said I would make a review strictly regarding the recovery home I stayed at during my post op. This is my experience with Magdalena so please do not let my experience stop or make you book with her. This is only a guide. No one told me to do this. I stayed with her 7 days and 6 nights. The review is below.

Magdalena's Recovery Home
Star Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Contact: 786-443-1856
Price: $250 first night of surgery, $100 each night following after that.

Magdalena arrived on time to pick me up at the airport when I arrived on a Sunday. Although there was a mix up with the airline losing my baggage, she kindly waited for me despite the hour long wait. When I arrived to her home, she showed me the private room, the bathroom I shared with her, and introduced me to her daughter Sandra and ChineseAssasin (real self sister). She prepared a nice steak dinner with a soda on the side. After dinner, I gave her in cash $550 since I was originally supposed to stay for 5 days and 4 nights. (I will go in details why I stayed an extra two days).

Day of Surgery
Magdalena prepared a nice grilled melt breakfast sandwhich. After breakfast, she drove me and ChineseAssasin to Vanity to get our prescription, paperwork, and preop pics done early. She was a good translator when it came to Vanity's staff (since they were predominantly Spanish). She knew Vanity's routine from top to bottom and told me things I thought were very helpful. After surgery, she checked on me EVERY hour. She made sure I was not running a temp and made sure I was taking my meds on time. She worked for her money this night.

Days following surgery
She continued to make sure I was taking my meds at the right time but her concern for me, I felt she was slacking. When it came to helping me drain or shower, she made me feel almost like I had a disease. She was making me feel like I was the laziest person in the world. Anyone who has done this surgery knows that the first few days is NO joke. I had to fetch help from ChineseAssasin to help me with showers and help me with garment. Because of the pain, I stayed an extra two days. Magdalena was like hounding me down for the extra $200 way before the last day I had planned to stay. Her whole caring front changed. There was even an incident where I went into her kitchen and used her refrigerator to pour water into my bottle. My bottle was a tad bit close to the faucet and she said "Baby other people are here. Not just you." I know for a fact the top of my bottle did not touch her faucet and even if it did, I don't think you should be telling someone who's paying you some shit like that. For God's sake, you have clorox if you really felt that I was carrying a disease. That really hurt me and worse of all I was in pain. I had to hold my tongue because I was in her house and somewhere that I didn't know anyone.

The Food
I'm not a picky eater so I ate EVERYTHING. It was pretty good. I got tired of the ham melt for breakfast each morning but other than that, the food was tasty. It was a good portion. I enjoyed it but didn't think it was something you should feed someone right out of surgery. It seemed like it had too much salt. ChineseAssasin is a professional chef and was very judgmental. I remember she and Magdalena having a conversation about seasonings and how she prepared her food. She told me that Magdalena was using low sodium seasonings so that made me feel better.

It's obvious that Magdalena knew the guy who was doing my massages. They were whispering during my massage in Spanish so I was not comfortable at all. She insisted on this guy. He charged $60 and was WACK! He was very rough and didn't know what he was doing. If you're supposed to do lymphatic massages, why the hell are you massaging my legs and arm? He was massaging me up and down so I knew he wasn't good. I looked up lymphatic massages on YouTube and you can clearly see the massager is supposed to do a downward motion to get the liquid out. I can tell Magdalena was getting a cut out the deal because she didn't want us to use anyone besides this guy. My view of her started spiraling down because I felt she was risking my life of getting seromas all because she wanted a cut from the massages. Once again, it was about money.

She's a HORRIBLE driver. I have an older mother so her driving didn't bother me until after the surgery. I was trying so hard not to fall out the back seat that I forgot how much pain I was in. She would slam on the breaks and that hurt my stomach as well as pushed me almost to the floor. She NEVER took us anywhere besides the airport and Vanity. Anything else, we were responsible for.

I would rather get a family member to help before going to Magdalena because she's not a nurse to be charging that type of price. I was there and heard her telling several girls three different prices. Some $100, $110, and $120 smfh. It's so crazy because a week before I booked with her, she charged a girl $80 but charged me $100. That's that money hungry shit I'm talking about again. She never cleaned the room I was in. The first two days were the best days out of my stay. She's not bad but she's not top notch either. One thing I do appreciate it though is that she checked up on me when I got home because when I was leaving I was in so much pain.

Tell me what you ladies think.

Would you stay after after reading this?

10 days post op

Attached are photos of my second week post op and photos of Magdalena recovery house food. Real Self was acting up early so I couldn't attach it to the review I made specifically for Magdalena.

16 Days Post Op...Round 2 in December 2015

Hi ladies,

The second week of surgery is like heaven. I feel almost completely normal. Still swollen here and there but my waist have gotten soooo small over the last week that I cannot believe it. My booty has dropped and it feels almost as soft as it was before the procedure. Today was one of my booty good days. What I mean by that is it looks as big as I want it. Some days it looks small and some days it's out there. I scheduled a round 2 today for December of this year. Fisher did a superb job on my waist and hips but I wanted more projection and volume. Considering the anatomy of my backside, flat at the top and big/rounder on the bottom, even with Fisher magic hands, the top and the middle is still a bit flatter then the bottom. I'm going back to achieve a fuller and equal appearance. I cannot tell you ladies how much compliments I get since I did this procedure. Females are hating to hard to where they've defriended me on fb and unfollowed me on Instagram.

Tell me what you think ladies!

Flatness and Uneveness

Can you see the difference now? Oh sit I cannot believe I was that flat. This pic is so embarrassing! Hands down Fisher did his thing but one cheek is bigger or shall I say fuller than the other. At the top, middle, and towards the side it's flat. Pictures never do any justice but that's why I'm going back for Round 2.

3 Weeks post op

Hi ladies,

This will be my last upload for a couple of months. I will definitely upload in the summer to show my fluffing results. Although I do feel my booty getting rounder, fluffing might be present already. I have to say, Fisher gave me the waist of a goddess. I'm really thinking of writing him a thank you card. My sisters and aunts are all going to him in December lol.

1 Month PO Dr.Fisher...Booty got FLAT!

Hi ladies,

I'm so mad words cannot explain my anger! I lost ALOT of volume (well over 30%)! I even dropped 15 pounds since surgery which is a big no no! In order to achieve good results, your body must either stay the same or gain weight. This definitely explains the volume lost. The crazy thing is that I'm eating normal but I read about surgical stress and I believe that's what happened to me. I'm currently trying to increase my meal portions to gain more booty and hips back. I don't look bad but I don't see that much of a difference from how I was prior to surgery. My waist is what tricking people to think I have a big as because it's soooooo tiny! I did this to achieve a more proportionate shape since I have muscular arms and a wider chest. Fisher definitely helped me out but I'm starting to think my expectations were farfetched. Worst of all, I was lied to about how much cc's I received. I was told 1300 but Fisher records showed 700 (a big difference)! I've moved round 2 from December to August. I need a banging body for my 23rd birthday! I'm so embarrassed. There's already rumors about me having shots or implants and now with the volume loss, more rumors are bound to come.

Lost ALL Volume! 2 Months Post Op Fisher

I am so mad writing this. This was the worst decision I made. I love Fisher and his work initially but weeks after the procedure, it was definitely not worth the money and pain. I'm not going to him for round 2 because I am going for a certain look. He only gave me a smaller waist. My ass looks the fucking same! Everytime I walk pass a mirror, my ass looks smaller. I'm thinking of implants. The BBL is not for me! A complete waste of money!

For those who think I'm exaggerating, take a look at the pics and compare them to the first 2 weeks post op. You be the judge!

2 Months PO Dr. Fisher Update!!!

Hi dolls,

I think the fluffing fairy as we call it on here visited me over the weekend. My butt looks juicier,rounder, and softer (it jiggles now yayy). It was never really small but I did lose a lot of volume from the first few weeks after surgery. I'm just a little over 2 months and I'm liking the new shape. Note, when I have my garment on, my booty looks HUMONGOUS but without it looks more natural. I've gone from big booty rose to "noassatall" to now video vixen because of my waist/hips to booty ratio. My waist is extremely small. I cannot stop getting compliments, mean mugs, and females unfollowing me on IG lol. Fisher you are the man. You have to be patient with this process because there are some days you regret doing it and some days you can't stop looking at your new body. The closer I seem to get to month 3, the stable my booty seem. Thanks for the advice on fluffing ladies.It turned out to be a BOOTYFUL story after all!

Fluffing is REAL!!! 3 Months Post Op Fisher

Hi ladies,

This week will make it 3 months since I got the BBL with Fisher and my booty is POPPING! Fluffing is definitely real. I love my shape and love the way my booty jiggles (it never used to in the past). I still am sore and experience lots of bloating and lumps are present. I haven't used the arnica gel since I was 2 weeks post. I will start to reduce some some of the stiffness. Overall, I love my new assets. Below is the name of the nude booty lifter panty that I purchased on Ebay a few days ago. Let me say it's the BEST shape wear I've ever purchased. It doesn't shift or move and it enhances your booty 2-3 inches immediately!!! And it wasn't only $35.

***Moldeate Panty ****

Take care!

1100 cc 4 months post op Dr. Fisher

6 Months Post-op Fisher

6 Months Post-op Fisher
Hi ladies,

It's been a minute since I've been on here. Where do I start? OK for those who been wondering, I'm 5'2 and currently 162 lbs. My measurements are 36-30-42. I'm still a bit stiff on the sides and sensitive too. My booty has definitely fluffed; however, I'm currently seeking a discount on a tummy tuck or some money back from Fisher as I was left with one hip slightly wider and one cheek bigger than the other. I do believe Fisher did a good job considering what I came in with but symmetry is key! I'm looking into fat graft plus buttock implants for round 2. Top of my list is Cortez in Houston ($12,500), Stanton in Beverly Hills ($9,500), and last resort, Gongora in Baja California ($9,500 all inclusive with stay, meals, and caretaker ). I absolutely HATE my butt shape due to my body type. I have projection but it's kinda flat. at the same time. As a result, I constantly wear a butt lifter which sometimes makes it worse with one cheek being bigger than the other. The shape of my butt with the shaper sometimes give me a boxy look! This time around, I'm looking and researching really well to get what I want. I'm also in the process of trying to get a tummy tuck and gummy bear breastfeeding implants by December of this year to enhance my new booty next year.

Take care ladies!

1100 cc Fisher: Butt Lifter Video Request

Fullness Butt Lifter
Hi ladies,

I'm still debating on whether round 2 will be implants with fat graft or another bbl. I'm so desperate for the assignment of my dreams to the point I'm looking at doctors in DR! I guess I'm living proof of BootyGreed! Anyways, lately I've been getting questions about which butt lifter I wear the most. Attached is a screenshot of the product from Amazon. You can get it on Ebay as well. Average price is $15 and it runs very SMALL! I'm 5'2 and around 160 lbs and a Large holds me tight so I recently ordered an XL.

9 Months Post Op Fisher

Hi ladies,

It's been a minute! I think this is my last post until June because that's when I plan to do my second round.

Where do I start? Fluffing is definitely real! I have GREAT projection; however, I lost most of my hips and my butt isn't full as I would like it to be (this is my reason for round 2). I definitely see what ppl mean by being patient with this surgery cause my new ass have gone through many phases.

I still have a few spots that are semi stiff but overall, my ass is back to normal. I hate the lumpiness on the sides that the liposuction left. It makes me look bulgy and bulky at times.

I've been on a doctor hunt and was even deciding to go to Medellin, Colombia to see Henao and/or his cohorts but it seems that if you don't know how to speak Spanish, they don't make you a priority. I'm sure, Duran would love to take my money lol. I decided to go with her because I feel that she could give me more curves, hips, and a better silhouette! I got a quote of 7k for a BBL with a TT and BA/BL!



9 Months Post Op

9 months Post Op
9 months Post Op
Hi ladies,

I forgot to upload a video giving a good idea of what I'm working with. You will clearly see I have enough ass (projection) than curves (hips). My second round with Duran (Fisher did my first round) is to create more curves and give me volume. However, I am still greatful for what Fisher did for me so don't let me ruin his name by any means.

Tell me what you ladies think. Your advice is more than welcome.



My Booty Made One Year! Fisher Post Op

Hi ladies,

I have soooooo much to tell you guys!!!! I tried to send my deposit a couple of times to Duran via Xoom and it got returned each time. Around that time, I got a call from my in laws who told me their friend went to Duran and got a horrible infection and almost died. And how the doctors are overbooking and letting someone else do the surgeries. All of this must be a sign from GOD so that was the end to my Duran journey.

I also managed to gain 15 freaking lbs since December. My face, neck, and arms is fat but my booty looks AMAZING!!!!!! I've decided to go back to Fisher for another bbl and tummy tuck. I'm hoping he can give me at least 800 cc in each cheek and more hips for sure! And of course aggressive lipo! My waist is still small but my upper torso is large. He left alot of fat behind in that area.

I've decided to get a breast lift with silicone implants here in Minneapolis. The average price here is $6,300 while Fisher price is $5,500. Adding transportation and hotel, it would be almost the same amount if not more than doing my breast at home. I've been to a couple of doctors and decided on high profile 550 to 600 cc silicone implants. It's pretty big but I've learned my lesson about swelling after the bbl. Better to go big at first and not get disappointed after swelling goes down. I will be doing my breast in June and bbl with Fisher in November! I'm really comfortable with him and love his work so that's who I'm sticking with. Due to finances and top priority, the tummy tuck has to wait until next spring. It makes no since to get a tummy tuck when I want a second bbl round.


Dr. Grawe 712 cc Round Butt Implants

Hi ladies,

It's been a while since I've updated. After scheduling and cancelling two bbl procedures (one in DR and in US), I've decided to go with Dr. Roxy Grawe in Columbus, OH. As most of you know, my first bbl was done by Dr. Fisher at Vanity Cosmetics in Miami, FL in March 2015. Comparing my before and after pics, Fisher really transformed me. Despite his good work, he did not meet my goals. It wasn't necessarily his techniques but more so the procedure itself. Prior to the bbl, my butt was deflated in the middle with no projection whatsoever. During my pre-op with him, he said the bbl will only enhanced what I already have. In other words, I can't expect to have a round full butt after the procedure because I did not have one prior to surgery . Fisher gave me enough projection, adequate hips, and really good lipo to my waist! I'm doing butt implants with Grawe because my butt lack the round/full appearance that I seek. Fisher gave me an excellent start but the implants will definitely take me to the next level. I had the option of doing the largest standard butt implant (712 cc) or doing custom (larger than 712 cc) which would have made my quote to be $9,100. Because I have a good start, I did not want to have a diaper booty so I decided to go with the largest standard. My surgery is paid in full ($7,517), and is scheduled for August 5th! I'm so excited. I cannot stop thinking about it.

I'll make a separate review for Grawe soon!
Let me know what you ladies think!


712cc butt implants Rescheduled BUT New Boobs????

Hi ladies,

For those who follow me and know my Plastic surgery journey, knows that I have a history of slightly elevated pt/ptt/inr. Last year right before my bbl with Fisher, my blood work showed up as being abnormal. Therefore, I could not get cleared for surgery and had to reschedule after being seen by a hematologist. Well sure enough, the same thing happened again and again before my butt implants surgery that was scheduled for August 5th, 2016 with Grawe in Columbus. Literally, I got cleared on August 4th which would have been my preop with Grawe but because I was going to do alot of last minute changes, I decided to do my breast now as the doctor is 10 mins away from me in Edina, Minnesota. Dr. Christopher Kovanda of Kovanda's Plastic Surgery and his staff went above and beyond for me at the last minute. My balance was pretty much paid off. And because I cried and showed my interest in the surgery, they were able to accommodate me and even got an early surgery date and a nice implant size despite the last minute bs. I got 700cc Mentor UHP (Ultra High profile) and a breast lift to go along with this big ass booty of mine. I am definitely happy and I'm only 8 hours post op lol. I went from a 36B to a 36DD! Love everything about my chest. I only paid $6,019! I definitely think I got my money's worth. At least now, my mind is taken off of the fact that I will be doing my butt implants with Grawe in December. I will write a separate review for Kovanda! I'm in love!


700 cc Mentor (UHP) Ultra High Profile

Periareolar 700cc Silicone Mentor UHP Update

700cc Silicone Mentor UHP
Hi ladies,

I'm 13 days post op. I had a periareolar incision and crescent breast lift with silicone 700cc Mentor UHP (Ultra High Profile) breast implants. A breast augmentation is a million times better than a bbl. It's more like the feeling you get after labor and delivery. It's definitely harder to breathe with the new pressure on your chest and back. My chest was extremely tight the first few days. I was super swollen but reduces day by day. I experience muscle twitches and tingles constantly throughout the day. Sometimes my muscle jumps which causes my implants to jerk. A few days post op, I ran a slight fever and got inward fever (that post baby feeling). Some days I wake up feeling normal and then there are days I get up and feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest. You DEFINITELY have to learn how to breathe all over again.

Everybody noticed a dramatic change in my posture. Some even say I look smaller (currently 170 lbs and 5'2 inches). I've even been told I look more proportionate as I am a thick muscular woman. I have broad shoulders with muscular arms and my new breast definitely take away the attention from my shoulders and arms (THANK GOD)!

I've attached several pics!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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