BBL with Fisher 2-26-16 - Miami, FL

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Like everyone else, I've been stalking RS for...

Like everyone else, I've been stalking RS for over a year. I was back and forth on if I was even going to do this and finally decided I'm getting it done. I was originally scheduled with Dr Hasan but there is some shady mess going on between Vanity and Hasan and I don't think he has a family emergency. It's a shame because Hasan's work is something else. Well that's water under the bridge and I have Fisher now. Fisher was my second choice and is board certified so I guess it's for the best.

I got to Miami yesterday and because of the weather I didn't get to the room until midnight. I have my pre op appointment today and I'm hoping everything goes well. Fisher had me redo a portion of my labs and the results should be in today. He better clear me for surgery because I spent so much money to get here. I will keep yall posted as much as I can. I posted a few pics of my body. I'm 5'9" 165.

before pictures

Hoping Fisher can snatch this waist and give me my booty.

Today is the day!

Today is the day. I woke up this morning ready to get this thing done. My surgery is at 12 so I spent the morning looking at other peoples wish pics. I have a few on my phone and was back and forth on if I even wanted to post them. I don't know if their body is going to be my body, I just want my body to look good. I've always been into fitness so this journey is less about losing the weight and more about gaining curves. I'm asking Fisher to give me a natural round looking big booty and curves. I don't want it to look unbelievable, but you should say "Damn" when I decide to walk in to a room and shake what my mama/Fisher gave me!

I will be keeping you all updated

I made it back from booty land!

I made it. Hubby is taking care of me. I'll give more details later but im glad I'm ok. Pains at a 7 and I'm gonna get some rest.

Surgery Day :/ :)

OK so the day of surgery I got up ready to get it in. Like I said before my surgery time was 12pm. Of course I get there a little early so Fisher wasn't waiting on me. Well after waiting and waiting and waiting some more, I finally was called back to meet with Dr. Fisher at 4pm :( That's right 4 feakin' pm.... The place was ridiculously busy. He was very apologetic and told me there were more surgeries scheduled than usual. I was basically just waiting on a operating room. Even though it took FOREVER he was really cool. I didn't feel rushed at all. I figured if I was waiting that means he wasn't rushing to get to me and giving his attention to his patient . I guess that's good because I wanted him to take his time on me and do it right.

Fisher marked me up, took some photos and we talked about what I wanted. I didn't want it to look ridiculous or fake. I showed him some wish pics to give him an idea but I really wanted something nice that fit my frame. I added inner thigh to the surgery and we got started.

The anesthesiologist came and asked me a few questions. The last thing I remember him saying was "don't worry, we are going to take very good care of you" (It was almost like being in a movie lol). The next thing I knew I was waking up with a big booty, cold, and with my garment on. I went to the recovery room and didn't leave Vanity until about 10 or 10:30. It was a very long day.
I'll add a photo in a few. I'm writing the review on my laptop and the photos are on my Hubby's phone.

A few pics

I still have marks from my c-section but the doc said it may flatten out. If not, I may need a mini tummy tuck.

Money saving tips

Here are a few tips that may help you save money

I think it's ridiculous that the faja was not included in the surgery. During my pre op appointment they mentioned that I would have to purchase a garment. My husband said I thought she was supposed to get one for free. I chimed in with yeah since I paid for my labs I thought so too. The receptionist said she would look into it and check my notes. She came back and said it would be free. Thank God that worked because I already spent enough money.

Lipo Foam
Do NOT buy your lipo foams from vanity (over priced). Go to the faja boutique in the next shopping center and get them 2 for $25. Vanity charges $20 per lipo foam and you need 3 of them.

they make it for you out of gauze pads.

Pee Cup
I purchased a pee-ez thinking that I would be able to use it. Nope, way too flimsy. So I got a plastic urinal (like the old folks use). A life saver because it is difficult to pee in the faja.

BBL pillow
The actual BBL pillow that Vanity sells for $120 was too expensive in my opinion so the we made one from a large swimming noodle with a few pieces cut out (I will post a pic), for $6 from Walmart.

Pics didn't load on the last update

On the road to recovery

I'm still swollen and far from done with healing, but I like what I see so far. I went back to Vanity today to have the tube removed. I was very nervous about it coming out and I was anticipating it hurting... a lot. Fear not ladies, it's not that bad. I felt the tube move across my midsection, and it was weird, but it didn't hurt!

I thought it was weird that they said not to wear my ab board for three weeks. Has anyone esle heard of this? I thought I was supposed to have it on.

getting better looking better

Hey ladies
I'm sorry for not updating sooner, but as soon as I got home I got busy. Well I'm not in much pain at all and I feel that my booty has dropped a little bit. I can still see areas where it is hard and high. Ive been told it will soften up and drop so I'm just patiently waiting.

What's funny is I've seen dolls on here saying how pictures really don't do their booty any justice. They are so right. I feel like what i see in the mirror and on the camera are two different things.

A few more

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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