10 weeks post op Dr Perry

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Hi ladies, so im new here and have been...

Hi ladies, so im new here and have been researching this for awhile so now i am ready to take the plunge, im schedualed with Dr. Perry in Feb 2013. I am 30 years old 5'8 and currently weigh 190 pounds. Dr Perry was very informative over the phone as well as being very warm and friendly. I have posted a couple before pictures of myself and will keep everbody posted as the day draws nearer. Thanks Ladies i love this site and everyones input!

SOOO..I haven't posted in along while bit im...

SOOO..I haven't posted in along while bit im always on here checking in. So basically these past few months I've been trying my hardest to pay all my fees off in cash which I just did last week paid remaining balance to Dr. Perry I've also really been trying to loose 20 lbs and I've managed to shed 12 of that. Been of my bc for about 7 weeks only using spermicide and LOW AND BEHOLD WHAT HAPPENS?? Preggo with baby #2.. Im in shock as I literally just found out today I just had that feeling jus like last time.. I tell you what it really is true that when uoi aren't trying for it that's when it sure enough happens. This time last year o was so focused on getting pregnant again and of course no luck LOL.. I have to call Norma at Dr.Perry's ASAP and see what I can do I mean So confused im fully paid up so will he postpone it for a year I wonder? ?

4 weeks post op dr.Perry w/ pics

Hello haven't updated in a looong time..had my surprise pregnancy baby on September 22nd 2013..waited my 6 months postpartum time before having my
Long awaited BBL on 4/7/14 with Dr.Perry, ill wait til 3 months post op to give my final review on it..but for now I added some pics of me 2 days 5 days and 4 weeks post op..ill add my before pics from Dr Perry's office tomorrow

4 weeks post op Dr. Perry

5 weeks post op development of scary looking boil

So at three weeks post op I noticed a small red tender area on my lower right buttock, well I emailed Dr.Perry one weeks later and then

5 weeks post op boil development

Sorry didn't posst correctly..anyways I developed this boil at three weeks post op and have been put on antibiotics to hopefully clear it up..I've tried emailing Dr Perry but haven't heard back yet so idk but im kinda worried cuz its so black in the center

got a response from dr.Perry about my boil and added pics

He did reply by email last night regarding my boil. he said he thinks its a good idea to take the antibiotic hoping that that clears it up. I've added some pictures I took this morning of my boil but also of my body from a couple different angles. I will say that I am very pleased with my liposuction how my waist and stomach are contracting I hope it only gets better. and overall my butt is definitely improved in the shape from what it once was. I do want more volume in the central portion of my butt so I will be most likely doing a touch up fat graft later this year. I'll speak with Dr Perry about it and see what he has to say.

newer pics and brief update

So im at my 10 week mark which I hope means that I can soon stop obcessing about more volume loss after my 12 week mark! I did loose alot of volume but honestly that was all in the first 3-4 weeks..I am overall pleased with my new shape. I have more curves than o ever had and more options for clothing now, however nothing is perfect so I do need to have a revision to add more umph to my rump. I received my quote from Dr. Perry's office for 4,800 for revision. Im still healing from that boil I developed and had to have lanced and packed..ill need to use a fade cream on it once it fully closes up because it is going to leave a scar clearly.. Im still going to wait til 3 months to give my final review on everything but I did add a couple pics for now.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

i found him on this site and talked with him over the phone about it and feel very confident in his ability to give me my desired result.

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