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Have been interested in a Bbl, for some time now....

Have been interested in a Bbl, for some time now. I decided to go with dr.Ortega, I live in Ny so I will be traveling with my Boyfriend to take care of me post op. I weigh 146lb now. ( before I started to gain weight for the surgery I was 124lb. Yes small) I sent my coordinator Emily my wish pic and she showed them to Dr.Ortega. He said I only have to gain 10 more pounds and I will be a good candidate for a bbl. I'm so excited and just pray for a healthy surgery and trip. I will keep you guys posted.

Super excited !

Super excited ! Just bought our flight tickets and me and my bf just decided to get an Airbnb instead of a hotel so I can be more comfortable. My coordinator Emily just sent me my prescriptions and clearance form.. I can't believe I'm really going to do this I'm so excited... Xoxo

21 more days

Went to my private doctor for my ekg and bloodwork for clearance to get the surgery. Every step closer I'm getting more excited. Can't believe I'm finally doing this. Even my dr was excited for me..

6 days till MIAMI

Super duper excited ! Sorry loves I haven't been updating.. Lately I've just been shopping for clothes for Miami and making sure everything is in order making sure my son being watched and Taken good care of while we are away. I have been calling dr.Ortega assistant Evelyn also triple checking if I need anything else. She said I had to take my ptt test over so after that result is back and I send it back that should be it and I will be cleared for surgery!

Wish pic

Miami I'm Omw !

I can't believe it guys today is the day the 16th I'm going to Miami. . My surgery is the 18th I still wanted to enjoy Miami for 1 day before I wont be able to do as much after. Plus Dr.Ortega requires you to be in the state at least 1 day before surgery. Still can't believe I'm getting my new booty! My I started this journey at 124 I'm going to Miami with my final weighing at 152.2 Ortega asked me to be 156 I'm hoping it's no biggie. . Crosses fingers. I have 2 days i will be stuffing my face until then. Lol. I will keep you gals posted xoxo


Evelyn (Ortega assistant) just called me and told me I'm CLEARED ! For surgery !!!!!!!! I've been waiting all I can say is thank God !


Got the call that will change my life and confidence. Tomorrow I have to report to spectrum at 945am; I'm excited, nervous and still in disbelief that I'm really going through Wih this. I will keep you guys posted as much as possible I just went to target to get my boppy $30.00. Talk to you after my surgery guys xoxo


Sorry girls, i wrote a long post and then when I checked it didn't post. I was so frustrated with that I decided I would just post everything when I return home. And guess what I Am home gyals !

It happened again for the 2nd time . Thank God I copied

The last thing I told you guys was spectrum called me for my surgery at 945am. Later on that day they recalled and said that Dr.Ortega was coming in early so they changed my time for 745am! When they told me that I was nervous and excited the same time. I just wanted to get it over with and I was also nervous that I was really about to do this. 5/18 we arrived to spectrum @720 and we were the 2nd ppl there. The 1st person was a post op for another dr. Anyways... Soon as we got in they charged my card, urine test and told me to follow them. ( we basically waited 2min, lol) soon as me and my boyfriend went to the back they took pic. Ask me to fill out papers and change my clothes. Around 8am the man we all been waiting for arrived. DR.ORTEGA ! When he came in very polite introduced himself and ask me "what I was here for and, Why I wanted to do this surgery". He explained that I didn't have a lot of fat and that I actually had a Lil bootay. Lol he basically said I was gonna be easy to work with. (Wish made me more comfortable) while he was drawing on my body he allowed me to ask my questions I had for him. (I suggest you write some questions down. They have to answer them and it will also make you feel more relaxed to know those answers). The anesthesiologist (I think that's the word) came in and ran down to me what the procedure would be step by step. After he was done and Dr.Ortega answered my questions I showed him wish pic (that he suggested you bring). 5 min later they was telling me to kiss my boyfriend I will see him in 3hrs. I couldn't believe it.. I Walked in the surgery room laid on the bed. 3 min laters I was knocked out. Later on I woke up to a nurse saying "time to go home" I woke up and was like ALREADY?? WHAT TIME IS IT lols I left out the Dr's office at 12 surprisingly everything went type fast. THANK GOD ! Now the pain after surgery 1-10 was like a 6-7 i was more swollen,sore and numbs in certain places. When i reached home.

POST OP. Day 1

That 1st night I could barely sleep I was very uncomfortable and the bed was also hard so that didn't make it any easier. Dr.Ortega prescribed me OxyCodone ,ondansetron, cephalexin (you can google if you want to know what they do) . The next morning I had a post op at 845 and a massage. When we got there it was crowded so they suggested I do the massage first then my post op. Now when I tell you about the masseuse her name is Yazna she is an ANGEL sooooo sweet. You can tell she loves her job. She taught my boyfriend how to put on the faja, compression socks and the foam boards correctly. Yazna also suggested I should also buy the arnica tablets it helps with the inside healing and the Arnica gel is more so for the outside healing. Her hands are magic she took off my faja and I saw my bootay for the first time ! (Love at first sight) Yazna massaged me and massaged a lot of water out of my tummy. When she worked her magic the water/blood. SPLASHED OUT I was in shocked but she said that this is good. This is what we want to happen. When she was finish the same nurse I had before my surgery Came and did my post op appointment. She just checked how I was doing and asked if I had any questions.. If not I was good to go and that my Dr appointment with Ortega would be Friday. When i went home I took my first shower. It wasn't so bad my boyfriend helped me.. After the shower he rubbed the arnica gel, put on my faja, socks foam boards and gauzes. YaZna also said the best way for an faster recovery is to WALK ! so after the shower that's exactly what we did walked the whole ocean drive strip. Still pacing, and in pain.. 1-10 the walking was a 7 1/2 but it was a must. After the walk I was very tired. Laying down is difficult after i get up from laying down anywhere it made me really stiff. Walking and standing was my best bet.

My last post op w. Dr.Ortega

Today makes 3Weeks !

I can't believe I haven't sit in 3 weeks. Directly on my bottom. Today was my first day super iffy but I'm doing it. Sitting on hard things kind of bother me so I'm sitting in only cushion chairs. Other then that I'm ok. I will post pic of me 3 week post op. How does my booty feel? Well it's feeling good just some places are still hard. I tell you when it comes to this procedure it is good to have someone to talk to that has also or don't the procedure. The reason I say this is because being on real self is wonderful. You find people that has done the procedure, doing the procedure and even people that has been to your doctor. It gives you an advantage. I found someone off of rs that when doing the same procedure, same Doctor and the day after me. Connecting with her and after surgery staying in touch we have the benefit of knowing how each other are doing and if the way your feeling is similar to there's. Basically if your going to do these procedures I just suggest you have someone to speak to. Besides RS it works out better.. Xoxo
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