Bbl by Dr.Llorente at New Life Plastic Surgery Miami Fl

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Looking to make magic out of this long neglected...

Looking to make magic out of this long neglected body ! After my last child I gave up on me but now it's time to get it together ! I originally paid Vanity cosmetics also known as Broward cosmetics and who knows what else but after the doctor I was going with had a death on one of his patients I decided to get a refund and go with a Doctor Who I didn't find any faults with. Then I spoke to his patient Cordinator Elena and she is where actually made me seal my deal. She sympathized with my situation she's understanding she explained to me how their system works at NewLife and a huge difference here compared to anywhere else because I also had a procedure before at CG cosmetics and it was nothing like the experience I'm having so far here, here you actually have her personal cell phone number she communicates with you 24 -7 through Instagram or her cell phone.. I asked her after surgery is there an emergency number I would call other than 911 and she said of course you will have the doctor's number as well as you already have mine!!!!! So WOW what a difference The other places after they get your money you never hear from them again at CG cosmetics I wasn't even able to see the doctor afterward for my check up they sent a stranger in and told me he was my doctor which I knew for a fact to my doctor was because I stalked him through the Internet before I had surgery so I clearly knew what he looked like . So hands down compared to anywhere else I've encountered in Miami NewLife and Elena is the way to go!

Before bbl side view

Side view with blur over tattoo. Ready to get rid of pot belly and add roundness too my butt . This is me 5'2" at 148 lbs my goal weight is 168 so I can have my maximum amount of fat to work with , with a BMI at that point of 32 . Which is max BMI for BBL with Dr.Llorente

More wish pics

Love these hips and booty

I have not met him yet but his patient Cordinator Elena is absolutely amazing ! she goes above and beyond . she's accessible 24-7 through phone call ,text message or Instagram. I cannot rave about her and off she made me feel so comfortable but I will post more about that on my next update .

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